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  • Bondage to Enhance Sexual Bonding

    Do you feel like you need to enhance your sex life? Would you like your lover to reach orgasm quicker and more frequently? OK, learn a few couple-friendly bondage techniques and you’ll be impressed how spicier, more intimate and deeper your lovemaking will become. In fact, if safely practiced, bondage can fulfill your naughtiest sexual fantasies and bring the lost sparkle back into your bedroom fun. And to help you out, we offer you a wonderful collection of bondage sex toys for beginners, such as Furry Handcuffs or the Arab Strap Erection Ring.

    For those who still don’t know it, bondage is basically about role playing, in which one assumes the submissive role, and the other plays the dominant. Bondage is also largely about exploration of the pain/pleasure boundary. Lots of narrow-minded self-righteous people find this abnormal and even out of line, but all open-minded and unprejudiced couples enjoy the experience very much, as bondage adds a whole new world of art to your sexual escapades. Giving a different flavour to a dulling sexual intimacy, bondage sex toys are becoming increasingly popular in many countries.

    1. Keep an open mind and discuss your fantasies with your lover first. The fact is, even the most prudish woman is actually latent sex goddess waiting to be released from their good-girl prison. If you want to experience successful bondage play, you need to take your time to prepare or in some cases even to educate your lover about it. It must be an activity of mutual pleasure based on trust and consent of both of you.

    2. Start things slowly, indulging in gentle bondage play. Soft bondage sex toys we advise you to try include handcuffs, ropes, paddles, whips and blindfolds.

    3. What makes every day sex boring over time is the predictability of events, so it will dramatically intensify your excitement if you incorporate bondage during foreplay. Take your lovemaking to a whole new level through bondage.

    4. Bondage is always as good as your imagination is, so employ creativity and have fun! All the sex toys you may find useful at our online store will be downright useless if you don’t have the imagination, you know, naughty imagination. So let your imagination carry you away, explore new avenues and do things you haven’t done before. Do you have any idea how mind-blowing your orgasms can be when having an intercourse with your ankles and wrists tied up? Earth-shattering, screaming, self-forgetful orgasms… Are you ready to give it a try?

  • A Few Useful Tips on Bringing Sex Toys into Your Relationships

    If it feels that your relationship or married life is getting lacklustre day by day due to lack of sexual excitement that used to exist between you, then you definitely need to take your time to spice up your lovemaking. Otherwise, the day is not far when your relations can no longer work out, messing up your married life and eventually ending in divorce. What you need is to try and bring that gusto and fire back in your bedroom in order to save your relationship.

    One of the best ways to bring passion and ardent desires back in the bedroom is to introduce sex toys to your lovemaking. However, when it comes to using sex toys, the hardest part is not figuring out how to use them. It is finding a way to talk about using adult toys in case your lover is not as excited about them as you are. Even the most well-hung macho men can come to terms with sex toys once they realise that these pleasure objects are only accessories. Adding a toy to your sex life is not introducing a replacement lover or insulting anyone’s lovemaking skills , it is about enhancing intimacy and pleasure for everyone involved.

    There are so many good reasons to introduce sex toys into a relationship, not the least of which being that a good lover is always looking for ways to keep sex fun, interesting and gratifying. Sex toys cannot help adding more adventure to your sex life, especially after workdays, bills, chores, children and all that everyday fuss have some of the spontaneity out of your schedule. Adult toys will help you discover sensations that you never knew you liked, or never knew existed.

    The easiest way to get you lover excited about sex toys is to be excited about them in the first place. So let your partner in on your turn-ons and desires, because otherwise you risk having your partner see the sex toy as the enemy, rather than a helpful tool. Never be afraid to talk to your lover, instead, be proud and excited about what you want to do. One way to bring a sex toys into your relationship is to take charge and buy one! You may come to our online sex shop together with your spouse and browse through a wide range of great value couple-friendly sex toys in the privacy of your home. Click through categories like vibrators, dildos, anal sex toys, bondage gear and sex lubricants. Keep an open conversation, read the descriptions together and talk to each other about why you would or would not use certain products.

    Order a few sex toys together and when the goods get delivered to your home, wait for a while and when you’re both alone, open the box as a couple. When opening the box maintain enthusiasm and talk how you’ll use your new adult toys together. Then make it happen!

  • Turn Your Sexual Life Around As Early As Tonight

    Modern society is becoming more sexually liberated, and sex toys have already become an accepted part of a healthy and loving relationship. Adult toys are particularly popular with the younger generation of today. They are perfectly normal to use either with partner or alone. Gone are the days when people thought sex toys were something perverse and shameful. Now they are enjoyed by both men and women with no guilt attached. Moreover, today people are buying sex toys and using them together with their lovers in order to achieve better intimacy, understanding, sexual openness and satisfaction.

    The most common sex toys are dildos or dongs. Designed for manual stimulation of vagina, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colour and texture. There are also vibrating dildos or vibrators, designed for intense stimulation on the clitoris or vulva. Vibrators are so powerful that they can bring a woman to a terrific orgasm within virtually no time. These are an absolute blessing for women who have troubles achieving an orgasm through penetrative sex. They are also great to be used during foreplay which is of utmost importance for all women. Choose a vibrator from our amazing range of adult toys and try it out on your woman before intercourse. This will be something new and incredibly pleasing for her, and in a few minutes she’ll be moaning and groaning beyond control, begging you to never stop. At some point you may want to penetrate her, and within a few of your thrusts she’ll be orgasming and screaming with mind-boggling pleasure like never before.

    At our online store there is also a wonderful range of sex toys, designed specifically for male pleasure. Until recently, sex toys have been focused on women, mostly. However, there are a great number of male sex toys now in the market, and the demand for them is increasingly growing every year. These toys are used to help maintain harder erections and improve overall sexual stamina, as well as for solo masturbation or men-to-men action. Some of the male sex toy categories include penis extenders, sex dolls, penis pumps, cock rings, and other novelty items. Some love dolls are actually designed after real porn stars and are extremely realistic.

    There is also a great and perfectly natural opportunity to increase sexual desire and improve performance in bed for both men and women. Either herbal or tonic, aphrodisiacs are used to achieve stronger erection and boost sexual desire. Here at we also offer a nice range of natural aphrodisiacs that will help you increase your sex drive and enhance your sensations during sex.

  • Sex Toys Designed For Ever-Growing Love Life

    Sex toys have proven to be a perfect way to improve a couple’s sex life and, in some cases, to save a declining relationship, as boring and unsatisfying sex is often a hushed, yet critical issue, which, if not taken care of, will inevitably lead to breakup. Lots of ignorant people are under a delusion that sex toys are something to be ashamed of, and, if anything, to be used only solo in a locked room. However, most of the sex toys are great for both solo and partner play, and more and more couples are using them in order to spice up their declining sex lives. Sexual experiments have always been the best way to re-ignite the couple’s passions, and it is adult toys that provide you with such a huge variety of options for kinky experimenting. Using sex toys can really open up a new dimension of sexual pleasure which will promote deeper intimacy between your lover and you. Here, at we offer you a huge variety of adult toys, for both men and women. What you need now is to determine what sex toys will satisfy you the most, and you’ll never figure it out until you’ve tried out a few.

    Even if you are new to the realm of sex toys, you must have heard about the most popular sex toy – the vibrator. Created with women’s pleasure in mind, this sex toy is an absolute bestseller, since the beginning of the sex toy industry. Vibrators come in an enormous variety of shape, size, colour and design. They are perfect to enhance foreplay, and can actually be a real panacea for those women who have trouble climaxing through penetrative sex. The king of all vibrators, the Rabbit Vibrator, is known to give women very intense multiple orgasms, because it’s designed for simultaneous stimulation of both the vagina and clit, which pushes most women to the edge of sweet ecstasy within seconds. Another great benefit of vibrators, which probably explains their enormous popularity with women, is the fact that they are perfect substitutes for real partners.

    There is also a range of sex toys designed specifically for male pleasure. Ranging from fake pussy toys, to all sorts of penis stimulators and enlargers, our online store can offer everything to both enhance your masturbatory experience and improve your stamina.

    It is important to point out that sex, just like any other side of a relationship, needs lots of effort to keep it fresh and satisfying for both partners, especially when it comes to long-term relationships. Becoming open-minded and comfortable with adult toys can bring the excitement back to your bedroom, and you can be sure of having a prosperous and ever-growing love life.

  • Erotic Massage as the Best Seduction Technique

    Attending massage sessions is always recommended by physicians, as a good massage promotes relaxation and healing. However, it can also be a powerful tool to seduce women, for it takes only a slight change in technique to turn regular massages into erotic massages.

    A well-done erotic massage is an excellent seduction technique, which is sure to send shivers up her spine, titillating her senses and allowing her to relax and focus on every touch. Indeed, if you could learn how to give a good sensual massage, you’d be able to turn almost any date into an instant success, that is, unforgettable sex! If you, however, feel less than confident as a masseuse, check out Foreplay Massage Masturbation Sex Guide, which is not available in bookshops, being published by and exclusive to Magic Moments. This sex guide will give you comprehensive information about the best foreplay massage and masturbation techniques. This book also offers advice on the most sensitive and erotic body parts, allowing you to turn a romantic massage into a sensually thrilling experience for your lover, or friend.

    Before starting a full-blown erotic massage, you should get your lady as relaxed as possible. Tell her to close her eyes and breathe deeply. Ask her every once in a while if it feels good, or if there is anything she wants. Always have at least one hand on her body, never lose contact. The key here is to go from a regular massage (feet, back, neck, arms) into an erotic massage (stimulating her breasts, inner thighs and clitoris). Start slowly on the non-sexual regions then gradually move your work closer and closer to her erogenous zones. You want her to anticipate your every touch as much as possible.

    Before giving an erotic massage to your woman, try blindfolding her first, and then, when stimulating her genitals with your hands, add a dildo or a vibrator into your kinky foreplay. Believe us, in a few minutes, she’ll be screaming with pleasure, or even orgasming and begging for more.

    And don’t you forget to use a water-based lubricant, when pleasing her genitals. Every woman is different, therefore you should ask her how she’d like to be touched in terms of motion and speed. Some women prefer to have their clitoris stimulated with your tongue and fingertips, whilst others like it when you rub and lick only their inner and outer labia, because their clit is oversensitive. You should also consider buying a finger vibrator which can help you bring your blindfolded lady-friend to an explosive orgasm during the foreplay which she will never forget.

  • Bondage For Beginners. You Will Enjoy It

    If bondage is what’s been exciting your interest and desire for years, but you’ve always felt unprepared for all those chains, gags, whips and other bondage paraphernalia, then read on this article which will tell you how to work your way into BDSM.

    For curious couples bondage is one of those things that both appeals and puts off at the same time. Very often, the bondage lifestyle is portrayed as taboo and out of control, however, most people do not realize that it takes a great deal of genuine trust, care and commitment to practise this lifestyle. Couples involved in bondage are usually much more open and honest with one another, just try and imagine the amount of honest communication and trust they must share in order to safely play their kinky games. OK, if you think your partner and you share enough trust to engage in such sexual activity as bondage, and, most importantly, both of you want to try it, the good news for you is there’s never been a better time for that with some many affordable BDSM products available at our online store.

    Bondage for beginners begins with deciding who is going to play the dominant one and who will be the submissive. It won’t be an issue for some couples, while others may have to take turns to satisfy all needs. Use Japanese Silk Bondage Rope to bind the submissive, bind wrists together, ankles or both so that movement is restrained, or tie them to a fixed object, for example, bed posts. Add a blindfold to the mix to increase the excitement as well as your partner’s senses. And wouldn’t you like to see your partner writhing in sexual ecstasy while they are handcuffed to the bed post? Indeed, this feeling of control is something out of this world! Bondage kits can give an amazing bondage experience for both beginners and sophisticated BDSM lovers.

    Gags are also perfect for those taking first steps in BDSM. If you or your partner enjoys being the submissive one, a gag will further enhance that feeling. Since he or she won’t be able to talk, they will feel more helpless, having lost the most basic sense – communication – and protection. Many people find this feeling of helplessness and vulnerability to be very exciting and erotic.

    Finding everything you need to start exploring bondage is very easy thanks to bondage kits for beginners available at our online shop. Take your time to pick your bondage accessories together with your lover and get ready to experience the dark and oh so mind-boggling side of sex.

  • Discover the New Dimension Of Female Pleasure

    Haven’t you ever longed for having both your pussy and clit stimulated at the same time? We bet you have! You must have heard from friends or somewhere else how extremely pleasurable the simultaneous stimulation of clit and vagina can be and to what mind-blowing orgasms it can lead. Well, if you still don’t know it, there is a high-end sex toy designed specifically to provide dual stimulation – the Rabbit Vibrator. An absolute bestseller, the bunny vibrator embodies many years of innovative development to create the ultimate female pleasure toy of all times. Being a fantastic combination of technology and multi-purpose parts this absolutely fabulous sex toy can add an extra dimension of pleasure to your sex life, and can be used for both solo and partner play.

    Typically, the rabbit vibrator features a dildo with a small bunny rabbit – an external curve with a smooth pointy end - attached to it. It is the bunny rabbit which is responsible for clitoral stimulation. The dildo part usually features a rotating tip to ensure an overall stimulation of your vagina, giving you amazing sensations once you’ve switched your bunny friend on. And what is most important for a large number of women, your rabbit vibrator will last as long as you need! Most women, using this sex toy, achieve multiple orgasms until they’re totally exhausted with pleasure. So just make sure you have fresh batteries to replace the old ones.

    The Beaver. The beaver is a rabbit vibrator designed specifically for the girls who are more sensitive in the clit area. It features only one clit stimulator, and is made to provide less intense sensations than the rabbit vibes. The Dolphin vibrator is much like the beaver, except it’s completely waterproof to be used for kinky bathroom fun. The butterfly vibrator is like a smart combination of the two mentioned vibrators. And you will never know which one is best for you until you try them all out on yourself. So check out our amazing range of all kinds of vibrators, and pick up your pleasure bunny friend. Of course, nothing is ever going to replace a real penis, but once you’ve tried the rabbit vibrator, you will realize there is no substitute for it, either!

  • The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

    The concept of a sex toy is no longer associated with something that is specifically designed for women’s sexual satisfaction only. Today, with the emergence of male masturbators, male sex toys are becoming increasingly popular.

    Perhaps, one of the best masturbators ever created is the one called fleshlight. Ideal for self-pleasure, it is called so due-to the flesh-like material used in its inner sleeve, as well as its design resembling a large flashlight. The fleshlights feature a soft, flexible real feel skin sleeve, intended to give a natural sensation of penetrative sex. These male adult toys are so popular because no other toy can provide the comparable feel and durability as the fleshlight. Also, such masturbators can help men improve stamina and delay ejaculation, as you can choose the tightness of the channel and several distinctive sensations (anal, vaginal or oral) for added enjoyment. These male pleasure toys do not require any sort of power source to make use of it.

    Unlike the famous fleshlight, there are a variety of ‘hands-free’ male sex toys. The robotic blow job masturbator is winning so great a popularity among men, because this toy requires no action on your side. You just need to turn it on and feel your penis being sucked off until you explode. This male sex toy features hard-stroking pleasure beads which along with ultra-soft mouth sleeve and multispeed vibrations, deliver the most realistic sucking experience ever.

    Lots of men find sex with masturbators or sex dolls much more satisfying than real sex with their girlfriends or wives, because they don’t have to worry about pleasing anybody. And this in its turn helps you concentrate on your own body responses and pleasure. So why not take your masturbation experience to the next level, and enjoy all the sweet benefits of modern pleasure-giving technology?

  • Sex Toys Are the Tools to Re-ignite the Old Fame

    Recently we read an online sex survey that left us totally flabbergasted. It says that 98% of the people involved in the relationship admitted that they are not happy with their sex lives because they’ve become too predictable. And indeed when it comes to marriage or long-term relationships most couples often expect their sex lives to take care of themselves. So thinking, they tend to follow rather a boring and predictable pattern when having sex: no excitement, no element of surprise and of course no adrenalin rush, which would otherwise mean a great, passionate sex – you always know what is coming. No matter how hot your relationship is in the beginning, the flame will eventually burn out, and it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a good sex life. Many think they know everything there is to know about having great sex and satisfying their partner, but there is definitely something that you haven’t tried. You have to realize that a boring sex life does not mean a broken sex life, so start working towards improving intimacy in your relationship.

    Here at uk we are committed to helping people enhance their sex lives and we’ve already helped thousands of couples whose sex life started to decline. We have a first-hand experience to know for sure that sex toys are a great way to spice up your love life and re-ignite the old flame, so we’ve put together some of the most effective sex toys that can’t help spicing things up in your bedroom. Here they are:

    Vibrators are one of the easiest and most effective ways to jazz things up in the bedroom. These are not meant for girls alone, both men and women enjoying using vibrators for solo or partner fun. The vibrator is a perfect foreplay tool by means of which you can easily get her juices flowing, wanting you beyond control, which can guarantee a very hot sex after. There are also the clitoral vibrators that can be used during intercourse for ultimate pleasure.

    Cock Rings have improved sex life of thousands of couples around the globe. They are a small ring that fits at the base of the penis shaft. By binding the penis and testicles, they prevent the blood flow from leaving the penis, keeping it rock hard. Most cock rings feature clitoral stimulator to provide an extra pleasure for vulva during penetrative sex. Some of these adult toys come with a vibrator attached, to stimulate both penis and clitoris. With such a cock ring your woman will shake with pleasure every time you penetrate her all the way.

    Massage Oils/Lotion. A nice massage is no doubt one of the best ways to excite your partner and get him in the right mood. Choose some massage oil with a heating or tingling effect and surprise your lover. Lay her down on the bed and give her a nice relaxing massage using plenty of oil. It’s almost always a 100% guarantee that she’ll be more than ready to return the favour in more ways than one!

    Lingerie. In order to excite your man with lustful desire, nothing works better than putting on some sexy lingerie. Slip on a corset with a matching thong and some thigh-highs and he’ll be pouncing all over you! This is not really a sex toy, but it still remains a very good means to keep your sex life fresh and spicy.

  • The Danger of Boring Sex

    We all think that sex is the most exciting activity ever, because it is, or at least it should be. But talk to middle aged and married ladies, and many of them will confess how boring their sex life is, and how they’re never satisfied in bed. Indeed, after you’ve lived with your partner for many years, sex can become boring, pretty much like the same old routine. To some it may even seem like a job or a chore. Boring sex always leads to the individual feeling of dissatisfaction, which will eventually cause general unhappiness. The greatest danger of boring sex is the end of the relationship, and if you want to avoid it, you need to spice up your sex life as much as possible.

    Probably, the best thing that you can do to spice up your love life is to keep an open mind and communicate honestly with your partner. She or he may be unaware of you finding the sex boring. Approaching this subject may not be easy, but if the relationship is good, you will talk it over.

    The next thing that is sure to enhance your lovemaking is to add an ally into the mix. We’re talking of course about sex toys! Playing with them doesn’t mean that your partner cannot satisfy you, but the feeling you get to experience is definitely different and should be explored. So take your woman with you to the store and buy a toy or two together. Or if you don’t want to leave your home, the best choice will be to visit an online sex shop, like ours. Here we stock a huge variety of top-quality adult toys, ranging from simple dildos and more elaborate vibrators to edible underwear and bondage kits.

    If you are feeling more adventurous, choose a few sex toys and, perhaps, some sexy outfits for role playing. Then invent your own adult game and in the end let the winner take all the spoils! Try out sexy outfits, like Genie Costume or Naughty Nun Sexy Costume, and you’ll have hours of kinky delight, role playing to your heart’s content, and experiencing the most explosive orgasms you could ever dream of. In fact, with the selection of adult toys available at our store, there is no place for boring sex in your life. So check out our online store and buy an adult toy of your choice to forget about boring sex for good.

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