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  • 3 Penis Pumps For Every Man

    Whether you’ve been going hard all night and in need of a morning boost, or you’re a gentlemen on the smaller size and looking to create more of an impression - there’s a penis pump available out there for you.

    On first look, there’s not a lot to split the various types of penis pumps that are available here at Magic Moments, or at any other online sex toy shop for that matter. However, upon deeper inspection, you’ll find that it’s absolutely vital to choose the right pump for your very specific needs.

    In today’s sex toy blog, we’ll be running the rule over three different types of ‘man-pumps’, which more than cover all bases on your way to full throttle sexual satisfaction. With regular use, a penis pump creates a firmer, larger and more powerful erection, which in turn, not only promises to give your game lift off but will keep your partner coming back for more.

    For The Extra Horny Guy

    Many couples like to include penis pumps as a way to enhance foreplay.
    Not only are they a sex toy for the long game, but the short one too. If you’re looking for a pump to get the party started, The Horny Dots pump has been designed specifically for your pleasure points. Built with a ribbed inner tube, Horny Dots creates sensations of sucking and licking when used, which are a great way to get your pulse racing. Not only does it fulfill the basic requirements of a pump, it ads its own twist that you’ll love!

    For Men Wanting To Go Even Bigger

    If you’re unhappy with your moderate length or girth and wanting to go the extra mile, the XL Super Penis Pumps will comfortably oblige. Built with a larger than average sized tube and extra strong pump, both of these components combine to powerfully pump up your manhood, by generating extra blood flow and a super-strong suction. Deeper probing guarantees an enhanced level of satisfaction for your lover and with the power that the XL generates, you’ll struggle to put it down.

    For The Sensitive Simon’s

    If you’re new to men’s sex toys, or are particularly sensitive in this area, you’ll probably prefer the softly softly approach. For this, the Deluxe Penis Enlarger gently and comfortably beefs up your penis in a slow and seductive way, that doesn’t create over-sensitivity or pain. Boasting all the usual benefits of a penis pump with an extra-sensitive touch, this premium quality sex toy ticks all the boxes!

  • How to Properly Use Glass Dildos

    Whether you’re a glass dildo virgin or not quite getting the most out of your new sparkly sex toy, discovering how to properly use glass dildos is essential to truly getting the most out of one.

    You may have invested in this growingly popular type of toy for solo play, or for use with your partner. However, if you’re a newbie, it’s definitely worth getting to grips with it alone to begin with, in order to learn its true capabilities and feel completely comfortable by the time you introduce it to your other half.

    It’s imperative that you both see and feel how it works and what does it for you, before you let them loose on you in an explosion of passion.
    Letting your partner know how you like it will make you feel much more comfortable when it comes to using it together. You can even show them what you like beforehand, before passing over the reins, laying back and slipping eagerly into heaven.

    First things first when it comes to using a glass dildo, for the first few times especially - always use a water based lubricant! The chances are, you’ll naturally be a little drier than normal if you’re feeling a little apprehensive of this huge glass object you’re about to put inside you. But fear not, this is perfectly normal and things will soon start to naturally loosen up.

    To begin with, take things slowly. Make sure your phone’s in Airplane mode and your door is locked. To use glass dildos start by gently massaging your vagina lips and clitoris with the tip of your chosen glass dildo, before beginning shallow probing after opening up your labia - this will really help you build up your confidence. Do this for five to ten minutes, to generate some toe curling anticipation. Remember to switch between these introductory techniques during this time to give your body a variety of different stimulations.

    Assuming everything feels comfortable, begin to reach the deeper parts of your vagina with faster and more probing movements. Whilst you do this, use your finger to stimulate the clitoris, which will build you up to a more explosive and potentially simultaneous clitoral and vaginal orgasm.

    Now is the time to really experiment with your new glass sex toy and most importantly have fun whilst doing so. Experiment with different speeds, thrust strengths, rhythm and movements, until you discover exactly what works for you.

    When you’ve taken just about all the orgasms you can handle for one steamy session, it’s important to clean your glass dildo with warm water and washing up liquid. After it’s rinsed and left to dry, store it in a pouch and keep it safely hidden until the next time you’re ready to use glass dildos for playtime.

  • The Power Of Discreet Sex Toys

    gymThe Power Of Discreet Sex Toys and Five of the Best.

    We all love sex toys right? What’s not to love? Aside from bringing us all pleasure, they keep the spark alive between couples and even add spice to a little solo time. Sex toys should simply be a healthy part of a normal sexual existence, yet some people still feel uncomfortable talking about them, or even buying them.

    If you are in this growing minority, yet still slightly intrigued by what a sex toy can bring to your love life, then maintaining maximum anonymity is guaranteed to be at the forefront of your mind. This is why so many toy manufacturers still, to this day, include discreet sex toys as part of their core range.

    Some creators have also adapted every day items to double up as a sex toys, bringing the user complete peace of mind in the process. Things like necklaces, lipsticks and even a bathroom rubber ducks have been made to be kinky with secret vibrating functions, meaning others could quite literally be staring at them, without an inkling of idea that they’re so close to your very own little pleasure product.

    In today’s sex toy blog, we’ll be running you through five of our most discreet sex toys available here at Magic Moments. Whether you’re keen to keep the fun quiet at home, planning a naughty camping trip, or even thinking about taking a sex toy or two away on holiday, you can do so in complete confidence - knowing your cover certainly won’t be blown.

    For the gentlemen out there, the purchase of a discreet sex toy also tells us ladies a lot. It tells us that you care about getting kinky with us, but you also respect our privacy, which 99% of the time, will open us up more to the possibility of pleasure and encourage us to break the boundaries together.

    The Red Lady Finger

    Designed to be quiet, versatile and small, the Red Lady Finger packs a formidable vibrating punch for such a cute sex toy. Discretion is very much the order of the day for regular users of this vibrator, whilst its corrugated shaft and curved cone end provide some pulsating toe curling pleasure.

    Crystal Clear Small Dildo

    If you live in a small or shared house, you’ll no doubt be feeling the pressure of finding some alone time with your partner, when you can get down and dirty. If you want to add a sex toy into this equation, things can get even more tricky. However, with the Crystal Clear Small Dildo, you can enjoy some truly enhanced play time with its strong suction cup, strongly veined shaft and pulsating life like penis head all providing irresistible fun. You can even ride solo on this discreet sex toy to your hearts content!

    Small Rabbit Vibrator

    If you’re planning on having some intense solo play, perhaps outside of the house, then the Small Rabbit Vibrator will undoubtedly serve up a cocktail of seduction. Visually enticing, offering multi speed vibrations and boasting a pair of strong vibrating bunny ears, get a post sex glow on the go without anyone realizing what you’re getting up to. This powerful rabbit vibe is extremely quiet, meaning you could even use it in a restroom with neighbors none the wiser about your kinky activities.

    Ribbed Anal Finger

    Simple, sophisticated and utterly delightful, the Ribbed Anal Finger guarantees ultimate discretion and will leave you or your partner thoroughly satisfied after its intense probing. After being placed comfortably on the finger, you can begin to prod and poke your way around you or your partners love zones, knowing an all singing all dancing anally induced orgasm will be right around the corner. This finger is secure, quiet and doesn’t cause any unrest, which may sometimes draw unwanted attention.

    Rabbit Finger Vibrator

    The Rabbit Finger Vibrator guarantees a whole lot of fun for a sex toy so small. It’s versatility is truly one of a kind, whilst it’s strong vibrating ears can discreetly race across the body and over the clitoris in rapid intervals. What this toy lacks in presence and stature it certainly makes up in discretion and can be comfortably popped in your business travel bag, suitcase or hand luggage for maximum pleasure on the go.

  • Sex in the Great Outdoors

    outdoor-sex5 Positions to Master for Sex in the Great Outdoors

    If you want to pull off mind-blowing sex in nature’s back garden, you should be prepared for a small amount of planning.
    Deciding what time of day you’re going to do the deed and what sex toys (if any) you might want to bring to the party, along with picking those sex essentials you’re going to use like lubricant - all need to be considered.

    Of course, there’s the location that needs to be pinned down too. It’s important to pick a place that’s safe and discreet enough to not get you arrested, but provides enough excitement because you’re doing something that you really shouldn’t. It’s also crucially important that one or both of you know your moves. Wearing loose fitting clothes and even going commando will give you much more versatility when it’s play time.

    Here are five of the best positions to learn for amazing sex outside:

    the-pop-a-squat-positionThe Pop-a-Squat
    The best thing if you’re planning on having sex in the woods is that there’s often a lot of branches and tree stumps that you can use to support yourself whilst having sex. The Pop-a-Squat gives a great take on the modern reverse cowgirl and gives amazing sensations when straddling him in this position.

    tree-pose-sex-positionThe Tree Pose
    If you’re looking for naughty props to use whilst having sex outside, look no further than a tree. The Tree Pose is completed by the receiver leaning up the tree and slightly bent over, whilst her partner penetrates her from behind. The sturdy tree allows for some great thrusting action and if you’re feeling very adventurous, the received can even be turned around and held up the tree, whilst her partner penetrates face to face. Sometimes called ‘The Giving Tree’ - this one has proven to be quite popular in recent times.

    wood-on-wood-positionWood on Wood
    Again, using a tree stump as a sturdy base, the receiver can sit on her partner in an armchair position, who is in turn sitting on the stump. Enjoy maximum pleasure and clitoral exposure with this outside sex position ladies and best of all, if it’s just a quickie, you don’t have to get fully undressed. But a word of warning for all fans of mother nature's seating, watch out for splinters!

    fire-hydrant-sex-positionThe Fire Hydrant
    Perhaps one of the most simple, yet effective, the Fire Hydrant is an oral sex position which can be performed by either sex on their partner. Have the receiver stand on a blanket with their partner knelt in front of them whilst performing oral sex. This is a perfect start off position before getting naughtier later.

    the-sexy-tree-swing-positionThe Sexy Tree Swing
    Perhaps one of the most complex, the Sexy Tree Swing is completed by the female dangling upside down with her lower legs hooked safely over a sturdy branch. Her face should be level with her partners genitals so she can give oral pleasure. Her partner can then simultaneously pleasure her from his angle, before carefully pulling her down once the act is over. Think of it like a standing 69 with a lot of strength needed from both.

  • Everyone Should Own a Sex Toy and this is Why

    Why use sex toys?The use of sex toys date back to ancient Greece, however somewhat amazingly, in 2017 there’s still a taboo surrounding them. Whilst modern day Britons are talking more openly than ever before about sex, who they are doing it with and how they are doing it, taking this year’s Love Island contestants as prime examples, there’s still barriers in place that are proving much more resilient to break down than expected.

    Everyone should own a sex toy and this is why. If you’re an advocate of adult toys and talking more openly about sex in general, then you’re going to get a massive thumbs up from the guys and girls here at Magic Moments and for those of you who don’t yet own a sex toy or a collection of them, here are a few reasons why you should definitely consider the investment.

    Whilst the positive impact Fifty Shades and other erotic novels have made in the tackling of social stigmas towards sex toys have been well received, it’s important to note that you do not necessarily have to jump into the deep end of passion, or even be in a relationship to take advantage of them. In fact, starting off slow and steady with just one or two pleasure toys may just win you the race and remember, solo play can be just as much fun as couples time.

    reviewsFor gentlemen short on the uptake, recent studies have shown that regular masturbation reduces the chances of prostate cancer, whilst for our ladies, a little regular ‘me time’ counteracts muscle pain and cramps within, so who’s not going to say a big fat yes to that? Aside from these health benefits, the use of sex toys during some quality alone time have also been proven by sexperts to significantly improve the quality of your sleep once play time is over.

    Aside from the obvious benefits behind closed doors, actually talking about sex toys, boys and girls make for interesting conversation pieces between friends of any sex. We all have that one couple within our group of friends who are exuberantly open when discussing their private life at dinner parties and on nights out, but now it seems having a passion for flashing is slowly but surely becoming cool.

    Other benefits of the regular use of sex toys between couples include helping keep that spark between you both and significantly reduces the odds of one or both of you looking elsewhere for fresh scenery, shall we say? Couples who play together stay together, it’s not some corny tag line to shrug off lightly, it is in fact true.

    Magic Moments sexpert Tina has this to say on the matter: ‘Over the years, i’ve treated thousands of couples who are not only initially shy about talking about sex toys, but sex as a whole, which slowly but surely creates a divide between them, sometimes becoming insurmountable. In each session, I work on slowly opening them up both individually and as a couple and what’s locked within often is a mixture of something incredible, tantalizing and mostly outright filthy. Therefore, if you think you’re relationship is in need of a little thrust in the right direction, let sex toys take control’

  • Sex Toys to Sneak Into the Gym

    gymThe Best Sex Toys to Sneak Into the Gym Showers

    If you’ve just smashed your personal best on the treadmill and you’re feeling in a celebratory mood, or even if you’ve already planned to have a hot and steamy gym session with your partner for quite a while, you may wish to intensify pleasure time with the addition of sex toys. The truth is ladies and gentlemen, if you’re planning a fantasy fulfilling hot and sticky gym shower ride with your partner, you can certainly hit the nail on the head, so to speak, and be nice and discreet in the process.

    There are an abundance of waterproof sex toys out there that will add a sexy twist to your shower time, leaving nothing more for you to do than plan when you can both get away with it with maximum discretion. Here at Magic Moments, we recommend a relaxing Friday or Sunday night, statistically the most quiet time at leisure clubs and if the naughty girls in the office are anything to go by, always try to do it in the ladies showers. Girls, trust us, the nicer smell and more relaxing environment will leave your inner goddess in total relaxation mode and ready to quietly shudder with pleasure.

    Perhaps you’re feeling in the mood to ride solo? You can get just as much pleasure out of waterproof sex toys on your own and as a first timer to a little post-workout TLC, you might feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed knowing, you’re only being a little bit bad. Sneaking your very lucky fella in however guarantees to sprinkle some spice into your relationship.

    When it comes to which sex toys to buy, a waterproof mini vibrator guarantees natural discretion as you tease it around your pleasure parts.
    Searching for a bigger thrill? There are plenty of racy rabbit vibes that you can use alone or in a little bit of saucy foreplay to really get you both going. If you’re dead set to think a little outside the box then the waterproof Intimate Labia spreader certainly has that box ticked.

    The main rules for super sexy and turbo passion gym sex are to pick your time carefully, so you have less chance of being caught, try to keep your
    noises to a minimum and make sure the shower is fully turned on. You can
    even use the steam to make it extra fun and the shower head itself against his genitals or your clitoris for some totally wild sensations. Sneaking out is nice and easy too by ensuring you pave the way for him to make a quick exit and whatever you do, make sure you cover up your chosen sex toy safely in a case or bag. After all, you don’t want that lying around on the benches whilst you dry your hair...embarrassing!

    Simple shower sex made fun from the girls here at Magic Moments, who really know sex toys and how to make the full use of them. If you love playing a little naughty like us, get yourself signed up to a gym today, if you’re not already a member.

  • Seven Best Sex Toys for Men

    1A wide selection, reasonable prices, fast shipping, excellent customer service, and good quality products. When buying anything online, these are the factors that you should definitely consider if you want to get the best value for your money.

    Now, if you are looking for items to add to your adult toys collection, you can get all these and more from sites like They have been the go-to website for those who are looking for items to use in spicing up their sex life. Take a look at the top seven best sex toys for men that you can buy from the site:

    1. Mr. Hook Perineum Stimulator
    This is actually a ‘for him’ and ‘for her’ sex toy. When used during penetration, the Mr. Hook Perineum Stimulator targets the area between the vagina, scrotum, and the anus – providing stimulation all around. The stimulator takes on the form of a penis ring which is made from silicone. Once worn around the base of the penis, it helps maintain a firmer erection for a longer period of time. You and your partner will definitely get hooked once you experience having sex while he’s wearing the Mr. Hook Perineum Stimulator!

    2. Men’s Masturbation Pleasure Pack
    If you have zero idea about where to start in getting sex toys, this Men’s Masturbation Pleasure Pack is all you need. It includes a realistic vibrating vagina which provides a tight fit for your member; a PLUS Explicit XXX Coulour sex magazine; and a PLUS Super Smooth Masturbating Lotion.

    3. Ripe Mouth Masturbator
    If you’re in the mood for some deep throat action, check out the Ripe Mouth Masturbator sex toy from MagicMoments UK. It has a length of 6 inches and a width of 2.5 inches to give any penis length and girth a snug fit. Manufactured by Orion, it has a discreet outside packaging but once you open the container, it has a realistic-looking female mouth. The material is super-stretchy, there’s an air hole to provide just-the-right sucking action, and it mimics the motions of deep throating. What more can you ask for from a male sex toy?

    4. Perfect Pump Trigger Action Penis Enlarger
    If you’re not really satisfied with the size of your penis, try using the Trigger Action Penis Enlarger. It’s a penis pump with a sure grip hand action trigger that makes it easier to use than typical penis enlargers. Each pack comes with three different-sized sleeves, and the size of the pump is 7.5 inches.

    5. Prostate Stimulation Vibrator
    If there are G-spot stimulators for women, there are P-spot stimulators for men. The P refers to the prostate which, when stimulated, can bring about toe-curling sexual sensations. The Prostate Stimulation Vibrator targets just that. Its insertable length is four inches and once you get used to targeting that oh-so-sensitive spot where the prostate is located, the vibrating stimulations that will be provided by this toy are amazing!

    6. Smooth Probe Anal Sex Toy
    Another his-and-hers adult toy is the Smooth Probe Anal Sex Toy from MagicMoments UK. Its length and width are 8 inches and 1.5 inches, respectively. The material is translucent jelly, it has anal beads at one end, and a super-smooth probe on the other end. If you’re in the mood for some backdoor action, this toy is perfect for you.

    7. Tenca Super Soft Masturbator
    Finally, if you are looking for a discreetly-shaped sex toy for men, check out the Tenca Super Soft Masturbator. It’s shaped like a light bulb so you can carry it practically anywhere. Inside is an ultra-soft tunnel to provide an unbelievable sucking sensation, along with an air hole to stopper things up. Manufactured by Tenca, this masturbation aid is a must-have for those who love indulging in solo sexual play.

  • Pure Vibes G-Spot Review

    ABS040-Pure Vibes G-Spot Silent Vibrator

    Silent Vibrator Review

    Bullet, clitoral, rabbit, finger, remote-controlled, waterproof, G-spot, jelly, silent, small – these are just some of the types of vibrators that you can choose from when browsing through The company was established in 1985 and until now, they’re one of the leading suppliers of sex toys in the UK.

    What are the Best Features of the G-Spot Silent Vibrator?

    Now, if you are looking for a vibrator that you can use while playing solo or with a partner, try the Pure Vibes G-Spot Silent Vibrator. It combines all the features and functionalities of a G-spot vibe, a traditional bullet vibe, and a silent vibrator.

    To learn more about it, here’s a quick review of the best features of the Pure Vibes G-Spot Silent Vibrator:


    The Pure Vibes G-Spot Silent Vibrator is a purple wand of pleasure. It has a black base, a circular shaft with ‘veiny’ details that mimic the appearance of a real penis, and a curved end with nodules. As the name implies, it is designed to target the G-spot which is that hard-to-reach nub located about an inch and a half up the walls of the vagina, towards the belly button. The tricky position of the G-spot makes G-spot stimulators very popular, because stimulating it will lead to mind-blowing, toe-curling orgasms.


    Next, the G-Spot vibe is made from a silicone material. The shaft has ridges with a soft texture, which feels like real human skin once it comes in contact with the walls of the vagina.

    Vibrating Speed

    In terms of vibrating speed, the Pure Vibes G-Spot Silent Vibrator has multiple speed settings. You can use the dial control located at the base of the sex toy to control the vibrations. Set it as slow or as fast as you want, depending on your personal preference. With the flick of the thumb, you can control your own sexual pleasure using this wonderful purple wand.

    Quality and Price

    At £18 each and considering the material that the sex toy is made of, this item from will give you the best value for your money.

    Is the Pure Vibes G-Spot Silent Vibrator a Worthy Addition to Your Sex Toy Collection?

    Well Yes, the Pure Vibes G-Spot Silent Vibrator is a must-add to any sex toy collection. With its multiple vibration settings, excellent quality material, the soft feel of the wand against the palm of the hand, and the way that it works overall – it does deserve a five-star rating. Get on from now and see for yourself what the fuss is all about when it comes to G-spot vibrators and stimulators.

  • 5 Sex Toys to Use on a Holiday

    Summer GiftsYou’re packing for a romantic weekend or an adventurous week-long trip with your significant other. What else should you include in your suitcase to spice things up? How about a handful of sex toys to use on your holiday? Lets discuss 5 Sex Toys to Use on a Holiday

    Holiday fun - Discretion is the Name of the Game

    You don’t want to start your vacation off on a sour note by dealing with an embarrassing airport incident, like having your sex toys fall from your bags during a random inspection. To prevent this from happening, it is a must to choose sex toys which are discreetly packaged and shaped. Here are a few that you can choose from:

    Ben-Wa Balls
    Ben-Wa balls come in pairs or an entire string, and you can easily make these look like part of your jewelry bag. Make sure to keep them separately packaged, though, for sanitary purposes. Also, look for non-metallic materials so that whatever adult pleasure is in your luggage will pass airport inspection.

    Vibrating Wand
    Big pleasures come in small packages, and there are plenty of discreetly shaped vibrating wands which are perfect for holiday use. Choose models with varying speeds and use it on that luxurious hotel bathtub with your loved one, or while indulging in some solo play in the shower.

    Chocolate Body Paint
    Yet another discreetly-packaged adult toy that you can literally play with while on a holiday is chocolate body paint. Select ones with a travel-sized container, and there are even products which come in other edible variants. Paint and lick it off your partner’s body to sizzle things up during your vacation.

    Cock Rings
    Cock rings are small enough to fit in any toiletry bag inside your suitcase, and these make for the perfect holiday sex toys because they’re easy to pack. Cock rings are designed to enhance male erection and there are vibrating models for a couple’s pleasure.

    Remote Controlled Bullet Vibrator
    Lastly, take control of your partner’s pleasure by making her wear a bullet vibrator – and make sure to keep the remote control. Use it as part of your foreplay so that you can heat things up while still dining at a restaurant or hitting the dance floor.

    These discreetly shaped and packaged sex toys are bound to add spice to your hotel bedroom activities, so start collecting them for your next adult holiday adventure!

  • Counting Down the Health Benefits of Adult Toys

    Choose a sex toyMore than Just Titillation: Counting Down the Health Benefits of Adult Toys

    Gone are the days when there’s a stigma behind buying and using sex toys. Back then, sex toys were considered dirty and used only by those with sexual perversions. That stigma is all but gone today, with adult toys going mainstream. The ease by which sex toys can be bought also adds to the openness of people towards using it, so there’s really no reason for anyone to say no to the prospect of using these naughty, for-the-bedroom items.

    What are the Health Benefits of Using Sex Toys?

    Perhaps the number one reason why adults use sex toys is for sexual stimulation. Those who do not have regular or permanent sexual partners can definitely rely on sex toys for pleasure, titillation, and sexual release. On the other hand, couples whose bedroom activities have gone a bit stale can also depend on sex toys to give things that extra fire and sizzle. Things will not be boring when you have these naughty, sometimes downright racy and dirty toys to keep you company at night.

    But more than just the sexual pleasure and release brought about by the use of sex toys, did you know that they actually have health benefits? Take a look at some of the health-related advantages that you’ll enjoy when using sex toys:

    • You can use them for stress relief.
    When you’re experiencing one orgasm after another, your brain will release endorphins which help relieve stress. So if you’re feeling stressed out at work, you probably just need to use one of the sexual aids you’re keeping hidden in your bedroom drawer.

    • You will be having more sex so you’ll burn more calories.
    If you’re a couple whose sex life has become stale lately, you will have a lot more sex when using adult toys because they change things up in the bedroom. The more sex you’re having, the more calories you will burn because of all those calisthenics you’ll be doing with your partner late at night.

    • Your heart health will improve.
    What better reason is there for you to use sex toys than to improve your heart health?

    • You’ll have better, longer-lasting orgasms.
    Sex toys help both men and women have better, longer-lasting orgasms. There are toys which can be used to address certain sexual problems, and finally, using them simply improve your sex life in general. With all these health benefits and more, there’s no reason for you to say no to the prospect of using sex toys in the bedroom, is there?

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