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Sex Toy Tips

Improving sexual pleasure

  • Stimulate the Clitoris

    It’s a proven fact that most women need clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm. In reality, any vibe that you buy can be used to stimulate the clitoris, making every vibrator out there a clitoral stimulator. However, whilst all promise to provide intense pleasure at various speeds, strengths and pulsations, there are a select few designs that are particularly potent in making women climax more powerfully and thrillingly than ever before.

    These clitoral stimulators can be used during both solo and couples play and have been specifically designed to allow the user to achieve maximum pleasure out of clitoral play. Whilst most vibes can be used on the clit, if you’re looking for something a little bit more specialist in this area, here’s a breakdown of the type of vibrator you should be on the look out for.

    Finger Vibrators

    Finger vibrators are one of the most simple yet effective type of sex toys and are proven to enhance solo play in particular. This kinky kind can be comfortably slipped onto your finger - allowing easy and exciting navigation over the clitoris. Effectively turning your finger into a powerful pulsating probe, you can quickly lock in your target and let this clitoral connoisseur race away until climax.

    Rabbit Vibrators

    Rabbit Vibrators will probably be the most familiar to you, but for those of you still getting to grips with pleasure toys, they combine a strong vibrating and often twisting shaft, for internal pleasure, with a specifically shaped clitoral stimulator on its top side that rests teasingly against the clitoris. The sheer beauty with rabbit vibes are that they provide incredible simultaneous stimulation to the user, allowing her to enjoy powerful multiple orgasms.

    Specialist Clitoral Vibrators

    If you’ve been on the clitoral vibe bandwagon for some time and are looking for something a little bit more specialist, opt for a sex toy like the Venus Lips Clitoral Vibrator. This kinky companion and other specialist clit vibes alike, have been specifically designed to provide incredible pleasure, whilst resting comfortably over the contours of the clitoris. This design in particular features three vibrating nodules to tease the clitoris out and intensely massage its various areas.

    Did you know that in fact only approximately 25% of the entire clitoris is visible and specialist vibrators like these can target a larger proportion of its hidden body to generate new sensations and feelings?

    Vibrating Cock Rings

    Last, but by no means least, it’s Vibrating Cock Rings that deserve some credit for the enhancement they can bring to couples play. Along with all the benefits of a regular penis ring, their vibrating element is designed to target the clitoris during intercourse - adding a new teasing twist to your love life.

    Whether you’re riding solo or looking to spice up Mr and Mrs time, Magic Moments promise to dish up a tasty platter of clitoral stimulators, all of which promise to elevate your sexual happiness to never before felt heights. Don’t forget to check out our extensive collection of vibes and make a move in the bedroom you’ll never regret today.

  • Spruce Up Your Sex Life This Spring

    Sex Life this SpringIt’s safe to say that spring has finally sprung! Can you believe it? In no time at all, we’ll be spending evenings in a beer garden or having a stroll in the park. There’s no better time of year than being able to banish your hat and gloves to the back of the wardrobe and crack out your favorite summer essentials. With it being quite common in spring to give your wardrobe a little re-shuffle, it’s time to start thinking about your sex toy collection too and spruce up your sex life this spring.

    It’s always a great idea to keep yourself or your partner on their toes in the bedroom and with this time of year being rife in the release of sex pheromones, there’s no better or more natural motivation for you to have a clear out. By replacing some of your old favourite sex toys and disregarding those that aren’t getting any game time, you’ll soon start to remember the joy and excitement of having one delivered.

    As the song goes, summer’s a natural aphrodisiac and when you add a selection of new sex toys to that equation - it won’t be long until your inner gods and goddesses are screaming from the rooftops. Magic Moment’s are having a little clear out of our own to boost your sex life this spring, just in time to serve the naughty needs of our summer loving and very sexy inmates.

    So, if you haven’t yet quite got your sex toy life on lockdown, here are some tips to make it a summer you’ll always remember. We’ve also included a selection of our new love toys, which form part of our thrilling new catalogue.

    Right Place Right Time

    Spring throws up the opportunity to take your bedroom antics a little alfresco and there’s no more exciting thrill than getting down and dirty in the great outdoors. On the beach, in your garden, or even in a pool - the feeling that someone might catch you will only add to the excitement and enhance the experience. If you’re open to adding a sex toy to the mix, discretion is key and they don’t come more discreet than the Finger Fun Vibe. This small sex toy can be securely attached to the finger and teased across the labia and clitoris - bringing with it strong pulsations of gently penetrating pleasure. Whether you’re playing on your own or on a mission to spice up your relationship, this little number will certainly dish up a treat.

    Riding Solo

    Picture the scene, you’ve had a fun evening with your girls and have just arrived home to your nice and cosy apartment. Instead of reaching for the kettle and Sky remote, you’ve got a brand new sex toy to try out in the form of the Waver Rabbit Vibrator. Now, you more than likely have used a rabbit vibe before and chances are your old stalwart is safely stored away in your bedroom. However, once you’ve submerged yourself in the intense erotic pleasure that this luxury vibrator provides, it won’t be long until that old favourite is completely redundant and your toes are locked in curls whilst desperately clutching the bed sheets - that’s a promise.
    Sometimes something as simple as switching your rabbit vibrator can make you fall back in love with sex toys and that tube journey taking you home for solo play can’t come quick enough. With a whole host of pulsating patterns, all at varying intensities and a strongly textured shaft - the Waver Rabbit Vibrator guarantees to quickly climb to the very top of your sex toy box.

    Go Wireless

    At this time of year, you’ll no doubt be itching to get out and about with your partner. Whether it be a casual drinks date down your local, visit to the theatre, or even out for dinner, it throws up so much opportunity for you both to have some fun. By going hands-free and deploying the use of a Wireless Vibrating Love Egg when out and about, you can swiftly put the spark back in your relationship, as you both enjoy the fruits of getting fruity. By inserting this nifty little number before heading out and handing the remote to your partner, you can look forward to unpredictable and memorable pleasure throughout your evening. Better still, he’ll get turned on watching you trying to keep it under wraps and rest assured, you’ll both be skipping desert in order to get home a little quicker.

  • Vibrating Beads Review Sex Toy Test

    Featuring a large bulbous head and eight smaller beads, the Anal Fever Vibrating Beads pack more than a powerful punch in the bedroom. Designed to deliver scintillating vibrating pulsations to your back passage, there is little surprise that this anal sex toy has made it into the carts and onto the wish lists of thousands of our customers in recent months.
    Manufactured with a purple body-safe PVC material, the Anal Fever Beads are deliciously bendable and fabulously enticing with its easy to handle control unit - allowing you to turn up and down the vibrations, depending entirely on your mood. As soon as these anal beads are inserted into your rectum, slowly slip into a parallel universe of excitement, pleasure and just a smidgen of seduction. Achieve the best possible pleasure with a variety of rhythmic patterns - guaranteed to put couples or solo play firmly back on the map.

    Using sex toys together

    As a thirty something year old woman, perhaps a little too confident between the sheets, I decided to give the Anal Fever Vibrating Beads a bash last weekend, as my partner and i enjoyed a little time away from the stresses and strains of family life in the countryside. We regularly take sex toys with us on our adventures, as there’s no better time to unwind and relax and get more than a little intimate. At first, it was him doing all the pushing and I’d never even dream of suggesting using sex toys together. However, as the years have rolled on and I’ve become much more confident in myself and my body, the tables have turned and I cannot wait to see what he’s decided to bring along, whilst I slip into something a little less comfortable and a lot more sexy.

    My first impressions of the Anal Beads were that they looked extremely enticing. I’m very much open to a little back door fun every once in a while and these didn’t look daunting in the slightest, unlike a lot of other anal toys I’ve seen in the past. So, after a little intimate touching and kissing, I found myself on all fours with my partner behind me applying plenty of lube carefully to each bead - before one by one and slowly slipping them in.

    It was amazing

    The first thing I'd note is that these beads were incredibly comfortable. Even the largest head didn’t feel too much at all and I was able to take it and instantly enjoy the deep probing that it provided. As the rest of the beads filled my passage, I couldn’t believe how exciting and thrilling each tweak and tug by my partner on the handle felt - it was amazing! Then, if things couldn’t get any better, he began to turn up the vibrations and mix up the pulsation patterns and in no time at all, I was in cloud nine. I very rarely scream when using sex toys (even my favourites) but with these, I couldn’t help myself. Maybe they were brought on by the bottle of champers we’d shared in the Jacuzzi beforehand - but who cares, I was enjoying my own special time with my man!

    After we’d finished and got down to business, to say that I was thoroughly satisfied is an absolute understatement. I think I had the best nights sleep in months and these beads were nicely cleaned and packed away by my hubby - firmly claiming their place in the suitcase for the way home. It’s now Friday and we’ve used them twice already this week - so yes, I'm completely addicted!

  • Venus Lips Clitoral Stimulator Review

    An absolute must have for every girl out there keen to experiment with the power of sex toys and take full advantage of the breaking down of social stigmas towards women using them independently. That’s what we have to say about the Venus Lips Clitoral Stimulator, which provides enthralling vibrating pleasure simultaneously to both the vagina and clitoris. Made with an ultra-safe PVC material, this flexible and easy to operate women’s sex toy promises to give you an almighty bang for your buck with each and every use. Built with a perfectly shaped strong suction cup body and three ecstatically vibrating mini tongues, Venus Lips guarantees that every noise and moan whilst using it comes straight from the naughtiest of cloud nine’s.

    It is with this female sex toy’s complete tickling tongues that you’re going to get the most unreal sensations both vaginally and on the clitoris. For even more intense pleasure, firmly press these soft lips against your intimate areas, to generate mind blowing sucking and tingling sensations, mimicking the captivating pleasure given by the strong sucking mouth of your dream boy.

    Venus lips looks as sexy as it feels and it’s safe to say that it would stand out with the most opulent and striking sex toys in your current collection. At £12.50, Venus Lips strikes the perfect balance between seduction and affordability and what I like about it the most, is that it’s small enough to easily navigate around all your private areas and with its size - it’s perfect for taking away on holiday or business.

    Here’s what Jo, a regular customer to Magic Moments had to say on the sex toy quickly gripping the nation. ‘To this day, Venus Lips remains one of my favourite sex toys. As a girl who regularly fly’s solo (if you know what I mean) I can’t sing the praises of this clitoral vibrator enough.
    I’ve been lucky enough in the past to have some partner’s who have been well experienced in going down and after becoming single last summer - I really thought I’d miss it. Step forward Venus Lips, which has filled the void more than capably and helps to alleviate my current sexual frustrations. An absolute go to vibrator that’s worth each and every penny.’

  • The 12 Sex Toys Of Christmas

    With Christmas just days away and with the stresses and strains from work hopefully on the decline, what better time of year to indulge in a little naughty fun alone or with your partner? Your Christmas shopping might not be finished and one or two dashes to the supermarket, to stock up on last minute supplies might be needed over the next week or so.
    However, amongst the usual festivities, you’d be forgiven for taking a little time to kink things up a notch - ‘tis the season to be jolly and joyful - after all.

    Here at Magic Moments, we’ve put together an essential guide to getting down and dirty this holiday season, with the assistance of twelve premium quality sex toys - suitable for nearly every connoisseur. So sit back, grab yourself a beer or glass of wine and get your festive freak on!

    The 12 Sex Toys Of Christmas

    On the first day of Christmas my wifey gave to me a Horny Dots Penis Pump.
    If you’re unaware of the benefits of a Penis Pump, you need to catch up pretty quickly. Not only will the Horny Dots enlarge your manhood for a thicker and fuller erection, but the sensations it gives during foreplay are quite sensational. Get ready to enter her pleasure zone a more confident man about town.

    On the second day of Christmas my baby gave to me a Clitoral and Vaginal Vibrator. When used alone or with your partner, this form of vibe gives captivating pleasure to both the clitoris and labia. Work through its various speeds and functions to get your inner goddess screaming from the rooftops.

    On the third day of Christmas my lesbian lover gave to me a Hollow Strap-on sex toy. When it comes to same sex play, a hollow strap on like this guarantees an abundance of versatility and pleasure. Used by both for incredibly deep and probing vaginal stimulation, this strap on sex toy is comfortably and securely fastened and guarantees hours of fun.

    On the fourth day of Christmas my honey gave to me a Crystal Clear Nipple Sucker. Stepping a little outside the box for a moment, this female sex toy promises to get this key erogenous zone intensely aroused with playful and strong suctions. Leaving your nipples hard and thirsty for more action, as well as more sensitive to kisses and touches after removal - turn up the volume on your love life, or use alone to add a new dimension to solo play.

    On the fifth day of Christmas my kinky Ken gave to me Anal Fever Vibrating Beads. Whether you’re new to anal fun or a seasoned pro, these vibrating beads guarantee to ease you in gently. Built with progressively larger beads along a flexible and comfortable shaft, anal play has never been so riveting or enjoyable. Oh yeah! They vibrate too at different intensities just to amp up your orgasmic scream even more. Have you caught Anal Fever?

    On the sixth day of Christmas my girlfriend gave to me a Penisator Vibrating Cock Ring. Cock rings help hugely in your battle against premature ejaculation - meaning you can leave your lover thoroughly satisfied, as well as end your session without a whimpering back turn and air of disappointment in the room. Throw in a strong vibrating function and you’ve got yourself one almighty good couples sex toy, that promises stimulating pleasure for you both.

    On the seventh day of Christmas my best friend gave to me a Lust Bunny Rabbit Vibrator. We’ve all got that one girl-friend who hasn’t yet discovered the pleasures of a rabbit vibrator and how far it can take her in her sexual quest. Sound familiar? A study shows that an incredible 34% of women had their first rabbit vibrator brought for them by a female friend or family member. If you’re unwrapping one of these on the sly this Christmas, don’t be afraid to get down and dirty - we were all a first timer once!

    On the eight day of Christmas my husband gave to me a Diamond Dazzler Glass Dildo. Visually opulent and totally intoxicating, this stunning Glass Dildo ads a new dimension to vaginal stimulation and can even be heated or cooled to guarantee different levels of pleasure. There’s something so sweet and sexy about this sex toy and just by looking at it, we promise, you’ll be turned on. Super safe and festively flirty, now’s the time to add one to your sex toy setup.

    On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me all those things i’m going to need. So, you’ve got all your new toys, but you’ve forgot to pick up the essentials like water-based lube, sex toy cleaner, condoms and batteries. These might only be simple sex toy stocking fillers, but you certainly don’t want to be running around on Christmas eve, trying to find the last pack of triple A’s in town.

    On the tenth day of Christmas my partner gave to me an Inflatable Butt Plug. A butt plug that can be enlarged with an attached pump - it’s just genius! Not only is this love toy perfect for those new to this type of anal toy and wishing to ease themselves in gently, but for those keen to safely explore deeper parts of their back package and enjoy all the heightened stimulation that this brings. This butt plug doesn’t just look nice, but plays nice too as you bid to make it a Christmas to remember.

    On the eleventh day of Christmas I gave to me the Oxana Fake Pussy and Ass. There’s nothing wrong with a little treat over the holidays! Step forward this realistic and stunning fake pussy and ass, modeled off real life porn star Oxana. From realistic internal ridges, tightness and a delicately positioned G-spot, to an indulging and enticing anus, Oxana takes male masturbation to a whole new level. She also vibrates and is made of real touch material to feel just like the real thing.

    On the twelfth day of Christmas my new man gave to me King Size Vagina Balls. Wrapping up things nicely are the King Size Vagina Balls, certainly not for the faint hearted. With an incredible filling sensation and intense stimulation of the kegal muscles, having these roll around inside will send you to a whole new stratosphere of pleasure and excitement. Along with the long term benefits of using vagina balls regularly, they can also be popped in whilst out with your man, to give various stimulations that align themselves with your movements.

    That wraps up this years kinky countdown to Christmas ladies and gentlemen. All that’s left to say is enjoy the weeks ahead and with Magic Moments, your new bit on the side, you can count on us to make it a very happy new year.

  • Make It A Naughty November

    Make November Naughty With These 5 Sex Toys

    With the nights drawing in and more reasons than ever before to stay in and get cosy, throw some petrol onto your flame of passion with five sex toys - guaranteed to make it a naughty November. Whether you’re riding solo, hooking up with your new Tinder date on the regular, or in a long-standing loving relationship, Magic Moments bring you the fun, to help you fly into the festive spirit with one or two toes curled along the way.

    King Size Vagina Balls

    The King Size Vagina Balls have been designed to thoroughly satisfy the ladies and are certainly not for the faint-hearted. Giving intense stimulation, deep probing and a hugely memorable filling feeling when inserted, these purple and white marble effect Vagina Balls will slip seamlessly into your sex toy collection. In fact, you’ll no longer have time for any slow lane loving once these little naughties are put into your sexy equation.

    Wireless Vibrating Love Egg

    With social events, evening dinners and romantic getaways potentially sprawled across your calendar over naughty november, why not turn up the volume on your couples play with the Wireless Vibrating Love Egg?
    This couples sex toy will have you hooked from the very beginning, especially if you realise its true potential and have this slipped into her intimate area before you both head out for the evening. Providing deep and pulsating pleasure whenever it’s switched on with the remote, ladies, sit back and eagerly anticipate the moment when hubby’s next going to send some unforgettable sparks flying right through your pleasure core.

    Rabbit Finger Vibrator

    Simple, sophisticated and extremely good fun, the Rabbit Finger Vibrator covers a multitude of sins with its extreme versatility and unforgettable pleasure giving power. Tease this cutely designed women’s sex toy over your clitoris and labia, as well as other areas of your body that crave a little attention now and then. This small and powerful vibe ticks all of your naughty boxes and is the perfect tonic to foreplay. With a passion for flashing and an easy-grip sleeve, say hello to memorable multiple orgasms, wether at home or on the road.

    Oxana Fake Pussy and Ass

    Now gents, you didn’t think we’d leave you out in the cold at this late stage did you? There’s nothing more exciting than placing the Oxana Fake Pussy and Ass safely one a sideboard or surface and having your wicked way with her. This ultra-realistic men’s sex toy simply blows other hand-held masturbators out of the water with its real feel internal love zones, allowing for vaginal or anal fun - depending entirely upon your mood.
    Slip and slide within Oxana and enjoy one of a kind masturbation in the comfort of your own home. To date, this remains one of our most popular male toys.

    Lust Bunny Rabbit Vibrator

    The Lust Bunny is one of our most popular rabbit vibrators and offers enticing bedroom and bathroom play with its waterproof capability.
    Created with a powerful probing penis head and composed of a soft jelly material, it’s comfortable just as much as it is seductive and with its tantalizing ears tickling all of your exterior pleasure zones, you’ll be desperate to slip in a little ‘me time’. Compelling and captivating, this popular vibrator looks and feels gorgeous and is currently available at a great price!

  • Bonfire bargains - Rocket over to our shop

    Hot bonfire bargains from Magic Moments. This week our special offers are sure to put the spark back into your love life. A host of pleasure products to light your fire and ignite a burning passion in the bedroom. With hundreds of special bargain offers our range of explosive products will make your lovemaking go with a bang! But hurry, these deals are smoking and are for a limited period only.

    Red Fire Penis Ring £9.25

    Red Fire Penis Ring £9.25

    BANG-ing Bonita £18.00

    BANG-ing Bonita £18.00

    Hot Penis Pump £13.25

    Hot Penis Pump £13.25

  • 3 Penis Pumps For Every Man

    Whether you’ve been going hard all night and in need of a morning boost, or you’re a gentlemen on the smaller size and looking to create more of an impression - there’s a penis pump available out there for you.

    On first look, there’s not a lot to split the various types of penis pumps that are available here at Magic Moments, or at any other online sex toy shop for that matter. However, upon deeper inspection, you’ll find that it’s absolutely vital to choose the right pump for your very specific needs.

    In today’s sex toy blog, we’ll be running the rule over three different types of ‘man-pumps’, which more than cover all bases on your way to full throttle sexual satisfaction. With regular use, a penis pump creates a firmer, larger and more powerful erection, which in turn, not only promises to give your game lift off but will keep your partner coming back for more.

    For The Extra Horny Guy

    Many couples like to include penis pumps as a way to enhance foreplay.
    Not only are they a sex toy for the long game, but the short one too. If you’re looking for a pump to get the party started, The Horny Dots pump has been designed specifically for your pleasure points. Built with a ribbed inner tube, Horny Dots creates sensations of sucking and licking when used, which are a great way to get your pulse racing. Not only does it fulfill the basic requirements of a pump, it ads its own twist that you’ll love!

    For Men Wanting To Go Even Bigger

    If you’re unhappy with your moderate length or girth and wanting to go the extra mile, the XL Super Penis Pumps will comfortably oblige. Built with a larger than average sized tube and extra strong pump, both of these components combine to powerfully pump up your manhood, by generating extra blood flow and a super-strong suction. Deeper probing guarantees an enhanced level of satisfaction for your lover and with the power that the XL generates, you’ll struggle to put it down.

    For The Sensitive Simon’s

    If you’re new to men’s sex toys, or are particularly sensitive in this area, you’ll probably prefer the softly softly approach. For this, the Deluxe Penis Enlarger gently and comfortably beefs up your penis in a slow and seductive way, that doesn’t create over-sensitivity or pain. Boasting all the usual benefits of a penis pump with an extra-sensitive touch, this premium quality sex toy ticks all the boxes!

  • How to Properly Use Glass Dildos

    Whether you’re a glass dildo virgin or not quite getting the most out of your new sparkly sex toy, discovering how to properly use glass dildos is essential to truly getting the most out of one.

    You may have invested in this growingly popular type of toy for solo play, or for use with your partner. However, if you’re a newbie, it’s definitely worth getting to grips with it alone to begin with, in order to learn its true capabilities and feel completely comfortable by the time you introduce it to your other half.

    It’s imperative that you both see and feel how it works and what does it for you, before you let them loose on you in an explosion of passion.
    Letting your partner know how you like it will make you feel much more comfortable when it comes to using it together. You can even show them what you like beforehand, before passing over the reins, laying back and slipping eagerly into heaven.

    First things first when it comes to using a glass dildo, for the first few times especially - always use a water based lubricant! The chances are, you’ll naturally be a little drier than normal if you’re feeling a little apprehensive of this huge glass object you’re about to put inside you. But fear not, this is perfectly normal and things will soon start to naturally loosen up.

    To begin with, take things slowly. Make sure your phone’s in Airplane mode and your door is locked. To use glass dildos start by gently massaging your vagina lips and clitoris with the tip of your chosen glass dildo, before beginning shallow probing after opening up your labia - this will really help you build up your confidence. Do this for five to ten minutes, to generate some toe curling anticipation. Remember to switch between these introductory techniques during this time to give your body a variety of different stimulations.

    Assuming everything feels comfortable, begin to reach the deeper parts of your vagina with faster and more probing movements. Whilst you do this, use your finger to stimulate the clitoris, which will build you up to a more explosive and potentially simultaneous clitoral and vaginal orgasm.

    Now is the time to really experiment with your new glass sex toy and most importantly have fun whilst doing so. Experiment with different speeds, thrust strengths, rhythm and movements, until you discover exactly what works for you.

    When you’ve taken just about all the orgasms you can handle for one steamy session, it’s important to clean your glass dildo with warm water and washing up liquid. After it’s rinsed and left to dry, store it in a pouch and keep it safely hidden until the next time you’re ready to use glass dildos for playtime.

  • The Power Of Discreet Sex Toys

    gymThe Power Of Discreet Sex Toys and Five of the Best.

    We all love sex toys right? What’s not to love? Aside from bringing us all pleasure, they keep the spark alive between couples and even add spice to a little solo time. Sex toys should simply be a healthy part of a normal sexual existence, yet some people still feel uncomfortable talking about them, or even buying them.

    If you are in this growing minority, yet still slightly intrigued by what a sex toy can bring to your love life, then maintaining maximum anonymity is guaranteed to be at the forefront of your mind. This is why so many toy manufacturers still, to this day, include discreet sex toys as part of their core range.

    Some creators have also adapted every day items to double up as a sex toys, bringing the user complete peace of mind in the process. Things like necklaces, lipsticks and even a bathroom rubber ducks have been made to be kinky with secret vibrating functions, meaning others could quite literally be staring at them, without an inkling of idea that they’re so close to your very own little pleasure product.

    In today’s sex toy blog, we’ll be running you through five of our most discreet sex toys available here at Magic Moments. Whether you’re keen to keep the fun quiet at home, planning a naughty camping trip, or even thinking about taking a sex toy or two away on holiday, you can do so in complete confidence - knowing your cover certainly won’t be blown.

    For the gentlemen out there, the purchase of a discreet sex toy also tells us ladies a lot. It tells us that you care about getting kinky with us, but you also respect our privacy, which 99% of the time, will open us up more to the possibility of pleasure and encourage us to break the boundaries together.

    The Red Lady Finger

    Designed to be quiet, versatile and small, the Red Lady Finger packs a formidable vibrating punch for such a cute sex toy. Discretion is very much the order of the day for regular users of this vibrator, whilst its corrugated shaft and curved cone end provide some pulsating toe curling pleasure.

    Crystal Clear Small Dildo

    If you live in a small or shared house, you’ll no doubt be feeling the pressure of finding some alone time with your partner, when you can get down and dirty. If you want to add a sex toy into this equation, things can get even more tricky. However, with the Crystal Clear Small Dildo, you can enjoy some truly enhanced play time with its strong suction cup, strongly veined shaft and pulsating life like penis head all providing irresistible fun. You can even ride solo on this discreet sex toy to your hearts content!

    Small Rabbit Vibrator

    If you’re planning on having some intense solo play, perhaps outside of the house, then the Small Rabbit Vibrator will undoubtedly serve up a cocktail of seduction. Visually enticing, offering multi speed vibrations and boasting a pair of strong vibrating bunny ears, get a post sex glow on the go without anyone realizing what you’re getting up to. This powerful rabbit vibe is extremely quiet, meaning you could even use it in a restroom with neighbors none the wiser about your kinky activities.

    Ribbed Anal Finger

    Simple, sophisticated and utterly delightful, the Ribbed Anal Finger guarantees ultimate discretion and will leave you or your partner thoroughly satisfied after its intense probing. After being placed comfortably on the finger, you can begin to prod and poke your way around you or your partners love zones, knowing an all singing all dancing anally induced orgasm will be right around the corner. This finger is secure, quiet and doesn’t cause any unrest, which may sometimes draw unwanted attention.

    Rabbit Finger Vibrator

    The Rabbit Finger Vibrator guarantees a whole lot of fun for a sex toy so small. It’s versatility is truly one of a kind, whilst it’s strong vibrating ears can discreetly race across the body and over the clitoris in rapid intervals. What this toy lacks in presence and stature it certainly makes up in discretion and can be comfortably popped in your business travel bag, suitcase or hand luggage for maximum pleasure on the go.

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