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Haven’t you ever longed for having both your pussy and clit stimulated at the same time? We bet you have! You must have heard from friends or somewhere else how extremely pleasurable the simultaneous stimulation of clit and vagina can be and to what mind-blowing orgasms it can lead. Well, if you still don’t know it, there is a high-end sex toy designed specifically to provide dual stimulation – the Rabbit Vibrator. An absolute bestseller, the bunny vibrator embodies many years of innovative development to create the ultimate female pleasure toy of all times. Being a fantastic combination of technology and multi-purpose parts this absolutely fabulous sex toy can add an extra dimension of pleasure to your sex life, and can be used for both solo and partner play.

Typically, the rabbit vibrator features a dildo with a small bunny rabbit – an external curve with a smooth pointy end - attached to it. It is the bunny rabbit which is responsible for clitoral stimulation. The dildo part usually features a rotating tip to ensure an overall stimulation of your vagina, giving you amazing sensations once you’ve switched your bunny friend on. And what is most important for a large number of women, your rabbit vibrator will last as long as you need! Most women, using this sex toy, achieve multiple orgasms until they’re totally exhausted with pleasure. So just make sure you have fresh batteries to replace the old ones.

The Beaver. The beaver is a rabbit vibrator designed specifically for the girls who are more sensitive in the clit area. It features only one clit stimulator, and is made to provide less intense sensations than the rabbit vibes. The Dolphin vibrator is much like the beaver, except it’s completely waterproof to be used for kinky bathroom fun. The butterfly vibrator is like a smart combination of the two mentioned vibrators. And you will never know which one is best for you until you try them all out on yourself. So check out our amazing range of all kinds of vibrators, and pick up your pleasure bunny friend. Of course, nothing is ever going to replace a real penis, but once you’ve tried the rabbit vibrator, you will realize there is no substitute for it, either!

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