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  • Make It A Naughty November

    Make November Naughty With These 5 Sex Toys

    With the nights drawing in and more reasons than ever before to stay in and get cosy, throw some petrol onto your flame of passion with five sex toys - guaranteed to make it a naughty November. Whether you’re riding solo, hooking up with your new Tinder date on the regular, or in a long-standing loving relationship, Magic Moments bring you the fun, to help you fly into the festive spirit with one or two toes curled along the way.

    King Size Vagina Balls

    The King Size Vagina Balls have been designed to thoroughly satisfy the ladies and are certainly not for the faint-hearted. Giving intense stimulation, deep probing and a hugely memorable filling feeling when inserted, these purple and white marble effect Vagina Balls will slip seamlessly into your sex toy collection. In fact, you’ll no longer have time for any slow lane loving once these little naughties are put into your sexy equation.

    Wireless Vibrating Love Egg

    With social events, evening dinners and romantic getaways potentially sprawled across your calendar over naughty november, why not turn up the volume on your couples play with the Wireless Vibrating Love Egg?
    This couples sex toy will have you hooked from the very beginning, especially if you realise its true potential and have this slipped into her intimate area before you both head out for the evening. Providing deep and pulsating pleasure whenever it’s switched on with the remote, ladies, sit back and eagerly anticipate the moment when hubby’s next going to send some unforgettable sparks flying right through your pleasure core.

    Rabbit Finger Vibrator

    Simple, sophisticated and extremely good fun, the Rabbit Finger Vibrator covers a multitude of sins with its extreme versatility and unforgettable pleasure giving power. Tease this cutely designed women’s sex toy over your clitoris and labia, as well as other areas of your body that crave a little attention now and then. This small and powerful vibe ticks all of your naughty boxes and is the perfect tonic to foreplay. With a passion for flashing and an easy-grip sleeve, say hello to memorable multiple orgasms, wether at home or on the road.

    Oxana Fake Pussy and Ass

    Now gents, you didn’t think we’d leave you out in the cold at this late stage did you? There’s nothing more exciting than placing the Oxana Fake Pussy and Ass safely one a sideboard or surface and having your wicked way with her. This ultra-realistic men’s sex toy simply blows other hand-held masturbators out of the water with its real feel internal love zones, allowing for vaginal or anal fun - depending entirely upon your mood.
    Slip and slide within Oxana and enjoy one of a kind masturbation in the comfort of your own home. To date, this remains one of our most popular male toys.

    Lust Bunny Rabbit Vibrator

    The Lust Bunny is one of our most popular rabbit vibrators and offers enticing bedroom and bathroom play with its waterproof capability.
    Created with a powerful probing penis head and composed of a soft jelly material, it’s comfortable just as much as it is seductive and with its tantalizing ears tickling all of your exterior pleasure zones, you’ll be desperate to slip in a little ‘me time’. Compelling and captivating, this popular vibrator looks and feels gorgeous and is currently available at a great price!

  • Bonfire bargains - Rocket over to our shop

    Hot bonfire bargains from Magic Moments. This week our special offers are sure to put the spark back into your love life. A host of pleasure products to light your fire and ignite a burning passion in the bedroom. With hundreds of special bargain offers our range of explosive products will make your lovemaking go with a bang! But hurry, these deals are smoking and are for a limited period only.

    Red Fire Penis Ring £9.25

    Red Fire Penis Ring £9.25

    BANG-ing Bonita £18.00

    BANG-ing Bonita £18.00

    Hot Penis Pump £13.25

    Hot Penis Pump £13.25

  • The Power Of Discreet Sex Toys

    gymThe Power Of Discreet Sex Toys and Five of the Best.

    We all love sex toys right? What’s not to love? Aside from bringing us all pleasure, they keep the spark alive between couples and even add spice to a little solo time. Sex toys should simply be a healthy part of a normal sexual existence, yet some people still feel uncomfortable talking about them, or even buying them.

    If you are in this growing minority, yet still slightly intrigued by what a sex toy can bring to your love life, then maintaining maximum anonymity is guaranteed to be at the forefront of your mind. This is why so many toy manufacturers still, to this day, include discreet sex toys as part of their core range.

    Some creators have also adapted every day items to double up as a sex toys, bringing the user complete peace of mind in the process. Things like necklaces, lipsticks and even a bathroom rubber ducks have been made to be kinky with secret vibrating functions, meaning others could quite literally be staring at them, without an inkling of idea that they’re so close to your very own little pleasure product.

    In today’s sex toy blog, we’ll be running you through five of our most discreet sex toys available here at Magic Moments. Whether you’re keen to keep the fun quiet at home, planning a naughty camping trip, or even thinking about taking a sex toy or two away on holiday, you can do so in complete confidence - knowing your cover certainly won’t be blown.

    For the gentlemen out there, the purchase of a discreet sex toy also tells us ladies a lot. It tells us that you care about getting kinky with us, but you also respect our privacy, which 99% of the time, will open us up more to the possibility of pleasure and encourage us to break the boundaries together.

    The Red Lady Finger

    Designed to be quiet, versatile and small, the Red Lady Finger packs a formidable vibrating punch for such a cute sex toy. Discretion is very much the order of the day for regular users of this vibrator, whilst its corrugated shaft and curved cone end provide some pulsating toe curling pleasure.

    Crystal Clear Small Dildo

    If you live in a small or shared house, you’ll no doubt be feeling the pressure of finding some alone time with your partner, when you can get down and dirty. If you want to add a sex toy into this equation, things can get even more tricky. However, with the Crystal Clear Small Dildo, you can enjoy some truly enhanced play time with its strong suction cup, strongly veined shaft and pulsating life like penis head all providing irresistible fun. You can even ride solo on this discreet sex toy to your hearts content!

    Small Rabbit Vibrator

    If you’re planning on having some intense solo play, perhaps outside of the house, then the Small Rabbit Vibrator will undoubtedly serve up a cocktail of seduction. Visually enticing, offering multi speed vibrations and boasting a pair of strong vibrating bunny ears, get a post sex glow on the go without anyone realizing what you’re getting up to. This powerful rabbit vibe is extremely quiet, meaning you could even use it in a restroom with neighbors none the wiser about your kinky activities.

    Ribbed Anal Finger

    Simple, sophisticated and utterly delightful, the Ribbed Anal Finger guarantees ultimate discretion and will leave you or your partner thoroughly satisfied after its intense probing. After being placed comfortably on the finger, you can begin to prod and poke your way around you or your partners love zones, knowing an all singing all dancing anally induced orgasm will be right around the corner. This finger is secure, quiet and doesn’t cause any unrest, which may sometimes draw unwanted attention.

    Rabbit Finger Vibrator

    The Rabbit Finger Vibrator guarantees a whole lot of fun for a sex toy so small. It’s versatility is truly one of a kind, whilst it’s strong vibrating ears can discreetly race across the body and over the clitoris in rapid intervals. What this toy lacks in presence and stature it certainly makes up in discretion and can be comfortably popped in your business travel bag, suitcase or hand luggage for maximum pleasure on the go.

  • Counting Down the Health Benefits of Adult Toys

    Choose a sex toyMore than Just Titillation: Counting Down the Health Benefits of Adult Toys

    Gone are the days when there’s a stigma behind buying and using sex toys. Back then, sex toys were considered dirty and used only by those with sexual perversions. That stigma is all but gone today, with adult toys going mainstream. The ease by which sex toys can be bought also adds to the openness of people towards using it, so there’s really no reason for anyone to say no to the prospect of using these naughty, for-the-bedroom items.

    What are the Health Benefits of Using Sex Toys?

    Perhaps the number one reason why adults use sex toys is for sexual stimulation. Those who do not have regular or permanent sexual partners can definitely rely on sex toys for pleasure, titillation, and sexual release. On the other hand, couples whose bedroom activities have gone a bit stale can also depend on sex toys to give things that extra fire and sizzle. Things will not be boring when you have these naughty, sometimes downright racy and dirty toys to keep you company at night.

    But more than just the sexual pleasure and release brought about by the use of sex toys, did you know that they actually have health benefits? Take a look at some of the health-related advantages that you’ll enjoy when using sex toys:

    • You can use them for stress relief.
    When you’re experiencing one orgasm after another, your brain will release endorphins which help relieve stress. So if you’re feeling stressed out at work, you probably just need to use one of the sexual aids you’re keeping hidden in your bedroom drawer.

    • You will be having more sex so you’ll burn more calories.
    If you’re a couple whose sex life has become stale lately, you will have a lot more sex when using adult toys because they change things up in the bedroom. The more sex you’re having, the more calories you will burn because of all those calisthenics you’ll be doing with your partner late at night.

    • Your heart health will improve.
    What better reason is there for you to use sex toys than to improve your heart health?

    • You’ll have better, longer-lasting orgasms.
    Sex toys help both men and women have better, longer-lasting orgasms. There are toys which can be used to address certain sexual problems, and finally, using them simply improve your sex life in general. With all these health benefits and more, there’s no reason for you to say no to the prospect of using sex toys in the bedroom, is there?

  • Using Adult Toys for the First Time

    beginners-adult-toysHere is a Basic Guide to Using Adult Toys for the First Time

    You are definitely missing out on a lot if you haven’t tried using adult toys to spice up your intimate life. Whether you’re going solo or using it with a partner, sex toys can give you stronger, longer-lasting orgasms. As a couple, it gives you something else to focus on if you’re feeling insecure about your body. It also helps boost sexual health and addresses certain sexual problems.

    A Beginner’s Guide for Using Adult Toys

    Maybe the reason why you’re hesitant to try out using adult sex toys is because you feel intimidated by the variety of choices that you have. This is actually a good thing, because it means that there are plenty of gizmos and battery-operated gadgets that you can purchase. To help you out, here’s a beginner’s guide for using sex toys:

    1. They can be discreetly and cheaply bought online.
    A few decades back, there was actually a stigma behind buying adult toys. People thought of it as dirty and suitable only for those with sexual perversions. But now that people have become more and more open to the prospect of buying and using toys, they are actually very easy to get a hold of. You simply need to go online and choose the toys, pay for them, then have the items delivered straight to your doorstep in discreet packaging.

    2. There are different categories to choose from.
    Next, you can take your pick from different sex toy categories: for him, for her, for couples, anal, vibrating, and novelty toys are all available. Choose whichever category and item floats your boat.

    3. You can go from buying basic toys to intermediate, then advanced.
    As a beginner, you might want to try with the basics like edible body oil, body paint, ticklers, blindfolds, vibrators, and dildos. The intermediate to advanced toys include clit vibrators, anal sex toys, nipple stimulators, cock stimulators, masturbation toys, jackrabbit vibrators, and sex swings or other furniture.

    4. They’re fun, easy-to-use, and maintain.
    Finally, when buying adult toys for the first time, make sure to include a bottle or two of lubricant as well. You will need plenty of this when using your sex toys. Make sure to consider the material that it’s made of when cleaning, although soapy water usually does the trick.

  • How Do I Get My Partner to Start Using Sex Toys with Me

    how-toYou’re in a fairly new relationship and you and your partner have had an amazing sex life so far. You think it’s time to up the ante a bit so you decided that it’s time to introduce sex toys in the bedroom. But you don’t necessarily know if your partner will be open to the idea of using one or not. How do you get your significant other to start using sex toys with you? It’s all about introducing the subject delicately, treating each other with respect, and just having fun in the process.

    How Do I Get My Partner to Start Using Sex Toys with Me? Ways to Introduce Your Partner

    Exactly how can you get your partner to start using sex toys with you? Here are a few tips:

    Talk about it.
    The biggest mistake made by someone who would like to introduce the use of sex toys in the bedroom is surprising their partners with it. Your girlfriend might like just doing the basic stuff in the bedroom but once she sees you carrying a whip or a sex swing for your late night activities, she might run away screaming. To prevent this from happening, talk to your partner about it. Ask the person how he or she feels about using sex toys. By talking it out in the open, you can prevent any unwanted surprises.

    Start with something basic.
    You don’t have to go full BDSM mode when you’re just a beginner in the sex toys department. Start with something basic. How about massaging your partner’s body with edible oil or body paint? You can also use a blindfold and a tickler, to make your partner’s senses more enhanced. Once you’ve tried these, you can move on to something a bit more advanced, like a dildo or a vibrator.

    Use the adult toys to address whatever sexual problems you’re having.
    For men who are having problems maintaining an erection, a cock ring comes in handy. Women who cannot achieve orgasm through penetrative sex alone should definitely consider using a jackrabbit or a clitoral vibrator. There are plenty of sex toys which address specific sex-related problems that you might be having.

    Assure your partner that using sex toys is just for fun.
    Finally, treat your partner with respect and give him or her assurance that you are using sex toys just for fun. The use of these gadgets in the bedroom does not mean that you are finding your partner lacking or inadequate. It’s simply something to add spice to your bedroom activities and boost your sexual health at the same time.

  • Help Me Choose My First Vibrator


    Help! How Should I Choose My First Vibrator?

    You know that your female friends own a vibrator, and you can’t wait to also get your hands on one. But you’re a first-time adult toy buyer and you don’t know the first thing about how to get one, or which one to choose. Read on to find out how to do just that.

    Tips to Remember When Buying Your First Vibe

    Vibrators are probably the most popular sex toy for women, so you are missing out on a lot if you don’t already own one. Here are a few tips to remember if you are a first time buyer:

    Buying it online is still the most convenient.

    The good news is that you don’t have to physically walk into a store to get your hands on a basic vibrator. Still, if you want to get the full experience, there’s no reason why you should not visit one. Check out the not-so-secret display windows on lingerie stores or visit a legit adult toy store. You’ll be amazed at the variety of toys that they have on stock.

    However, buying through online shops is still the most convenient. There are plenty of online stores specializing in selling adult toys, and there are plenty of vibrators that you can choose from. After choosing the item, you simply need to wait for it to be delivered straight to your doorstep.

    Go with the basic models first.

    Next, choose a basic vibrator if you’re a first time buyer. Take your pick from finger vibrators, rabbit vibrators, clit vibrators, vibrating nipple stimulators, and jackrabbit vibrators. There are even discreet vibes which take on the shape of a lipstick or a cute animal, but they actually deliver stimulating vibrations.

    It’s entirely up to you to decide which one to get.

    When you go online, it is entirely up to you to decide which vibrator to get. You might like a particular model simply because it’s pink and cute. Or, you might go for a complex-looking jackrabbit vibrator which provides stimulation for both the vagina and the clitoris. Whether it’s the shape, the color, or even the price that attracted you, what’s important is to have fun taking your pick from the many available vibrators from your store of choice.

  • How to Use an Anal Dildo

    Orange-Butt-PlugBackdoor play may prove to be intimidating for some couples or adults going solo, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. The good news is that there are plenty of sex toys from online stores like Magic Moments which you can use to introduce you to anal sex.

    A Basic Guide to Using Anal Dildos

    Let’s take anal dildos as an example. As the name implies, these are dildos specifically designed for anal penetration. Just like any other anal sex toy, it pays to start with something small, after which you can simply work your way up from there.

    So what are the basic things that you need to remember if you would like to use an anal dildo? Here’s a quick guide:

    Read the instruction manual.
    Anal play is quite dirty – literally and figuratively – so make sure that you’re maintaining cleanliness before and after experimenting. Check on the manual of the anal dildo so you’d know how to clean it. Generally, manufacturers recommend that anal dildos be cleaned with soap and water before use.

    Use plenty of lube and condoms.
    Condoms for the anal dildo and gloves for the hand are recommended if you would like to try anal sex. Before using the toy, don’t forget to apply plenty of lubricant.

    Start slow.
    Once you’re properly turned on, get into a comfortable position so that you can press the anal dildo against your body. As the sphincter muscles relax, that’s when you can start inserting the anal dildo. If it gets uncomfortable or painful, stop, relax, add more lube, or change your position.

    Experiment using the dildo by yourself first so you’d know what you like.
    Once properly inserted, try moving the anal dildo in and out of your anal opening. Try slow and fast strokes once you’re comfortable with the fullness that you feel inside. It is best to experiment with using the dildo by yourself first so that once you start using it with a partner, you’d already know what you like.

    Even as a beginner, you don’t have to be clueless when it comes to using anal dildos. These unique sex toys are a lot of fun to use once you get the hang of it.

  • Public places to use a love egg

    7188-Remote_Control_Vibrating_EggThe Secret Service Love Egg is one of the most popular vibrators for women at Love Toys UK. If you’re a first time sex toy user, exactly what can a love egg do? Think of it as a small version of a traditional vibrator which, as the name implies, is shaped like a small egg. Depending on the brand, a love egg can measure anywhere from two to three inches in length, and less than an inch wide.

    Love eggs are small enough to be used for vaginal or anal penetration, stimulation of the clitoris of the nipples, and their most popular application is for masturbation. They usually have a remote control so either you or your partner can control the speed and strength of vibrations.

    Now, if you would like to get a bit frisky in public, a love egg is a small enough adult toy for you – or you and your partner – to use discreetly. Here are our top five picks on the public places where you can use a love egg:

    Under your office desk
    If you’re feeling stressed at work and your colleagues are on a break, you can discreetly use a love egg under your office desk for some sexual release.

    In the club
    Wearing a tight dress at a club? Give the remote control to your partner and have him surprise you with vaginal vibrations while dancing with the crowd!

    At a restaurant
    If you’re having an intimate dinner at a fancy restaurant, start your lovemaking session by having the foreplay right there. Use a love egg to tease your partner, and the sensual vibrations will look forward to the night ahead.

    Inside your car
    Cars are a typical place for couples to make out, and it’s discreet enough for you to use a love egg in.

    On public transport
    If you’re in an empty train or bus, take the most secluded seat and use a love egg on your partner.

    These public places are discreet enough – but the mere fact that you’re doing something naughty where you’re not supposed to adds a thrill to the sexual experience of using love eggs.

  • Happy Black Friday

    Black FridayHappy Black Friday you naughty boys and girls and to celebrate this early season sale bonanza, we’ve put together a hot list of top toys you can take home this weekend at great prices, courtesy of your number 1 kinky sidekick, Magic Moments. Why not stay up extra late with some of our most spectacular sex toys or give that special lady or gentleman in your life a genuine reason to look forward to a kinky Christmas eve and even naughtier new year?

    Things rarely get more fun than with the Chick Tickler G Spot Vibrator, available this weekend at an incredibly low £15.50, offering an incredibly stimulating 40% off. Turn nights of tiredness into unprecedented pleasure with this wonderfully curved vibe, designed specifically to reach this tender bundle of nerves, catapulting her straight into the land of the loving. Purple and tantalizing, chicks, you’ll love the curve just as much as the price. Next, it’s time for our male following to experience a little devoted fun this Black Friday with the LoveClone Cooch Pussy realistic vagina, available today for a fantastic £10.50 – now that’s enough to get your pulse racing boys. Made with ultra-realistic material, it’ll feel just like the real thing, as you enjoy a break from all the toil and hassle of life.

    Alternatively gents, amp up the pleasure with the Scorpions Tail Massage Prostate Massager, a P spot massaging toy that provides never before felt enhanced orgasms, along with a whole host of health benefits too to boot. Turn up the volume on your pleasure this Christmas with this carefully crafted men’s sex toy, designed for your eyes only. Used as a toy for him, or a gadget the ladies can get to grips with on their man, spice things up at an incredibly low £24, offering a saving of £26.

    Now for the ladies who love their Double Dongs, the lusciously pink Double Dong Offer gives you a great value women’s pleasure toy at just £5, guaranteeing great solo fun, or captivating enjoyment for a little woman on woman action – now that’s naught! Boasting a wonderful U shaped shaft, double the pleasure and double the fun with this Magic Moments bestseller this Friday. Finally, the Hollow Strap On Sex Toy gives versatility in abundance and is available for a cut price £14.50 this November 27th weekender. Used by and for both him and her, play a gripping game of cat and mouse in the bedroom with this ultra-real, easily attached and very comfortable couple play thing, one of the hottest toys on the market right now.

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