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  • Sex Toys - Discover Sexual Pleasure Combined with Health Benefits

    Why would anyone want to use a sex toy? The answer is very simple – they can enhance your sex life with or without a partner. Moreover, sex toys are probably the best way to spice up a sexual relationship that has gone stale, make an already great sex life outstanding, or explore new ways to give pleasure to yourself and your partner. They also make a wonderful substitute partner in times when one is in between sexual relationships. But when you are with a partner, sex toys make your lovemaking downright fantastic! There are even cases when using sex toys is encouraged and even subscribed by a sex therapist in order to deal with some problems, such as premature ejaculation with men or inability to reach an orgasm with women.

    Long gone are the days when sex toys were considered a taboo. Nowadays, they are not only toys that offer sexual gratification but are gaining popularity for the health benefits they offer. Indeed, a lot of sex toys in the market have some therapeutic benefits. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction have benefited from cock rings. Women who have a hard time reaching climax have seen their sex lives improve with the use of Rabbit vibrators. And this is just to name but a few. Adult toys are no longer used for sexual pleasure only, but also as the devices to improve one's health in a number of ways.

  • Keeping Your Passions Alive with Something as Simple as a Ring

    It is a sad but universal truth that all couples are doomed to eventually get into a rut with their sex lives. Because keeping passion alive in a relationship takes work. Because it’s not like it’s always going to be there for you both. Whether you like it or not, sex is crucial in your relationship, and it is your responsibility to keep it fresh, passionate and pleasant for both of you. The first and perhaps most valuable advice for you here is to speak your mind to your spouse. Open up to your loved one and talk to him or her about the different ways in which you can spice up your sex life. Odds are you will come to the topic of sex toys. And we think it’s just great, because sex toys might happen to be the best way for you to rekindle the flame during lovemaking.

    Whilst sex toys are commonly used for solo sex, many couples love using them together, regardless of their sexual orientation. As long as you use common sense, sex toys are perfectly healthy and safe. Considered the most couple-friendly sex toy, the penis or cock ring is really something you have to try out. Once you’ve fitted the cock ring on your penis, it restricts blood flow back to the body, which results in erections for a longer time, as well as more intense orgasms for both partners. But be careful as to the time period of you wearing the cock ring, because blood flow is very important for the proper functioning of any organ. The rule of thumb here is to not wear it more than 30 minutes. So bear that in mind and choose from a variety of cock rings that include rubber, metal, leather and even vibrating penis rings, such as the Jelly Rabbit Cock Ring, that provide you with additional stimulation and will have you both hopping with joy!

    Today, the sex toy industry has something to offer everyone. Today’s society is far less inhibited and more sexually open and we have come to take sex toys as a part of a healthy loving relationship. If you’re new to the realm of sex toys, we recommend you educate yourself a bit more on the subject by reading some of our other articles here. offers you an extensive range of adult products, including vibrators, dildos, strap-ons, butt plugs, anal beads, lubricants, male masturbators, sex dolls, cock rings and a lot more, at the most competitive prices out there.

  • No More Malicious Myths about Sex Toys

    It baffles us why there are still so many derogatory myths surrounding the topic of sex toys. How come there are still lots of people who are so ignorant and narrow-minded that they think of sex toys as something to be ashamed of and even blamed for? In our time of erotic enlightenment everyone must take adult toys as a wonder-working medium that helps you ease your sexual tension and makes the overall experience (whether solo or with a partner) a much more pleasing and fulfilling one. Moreover, in certain ways sex toys are the finest form of stimulation, offering a totally unique form of pleasure, that keeps your body guessing and brings you tirelessly to orgasm again and again. So why are there still so many of those who feel uncomfortable and even guilty at the mere thought of using sex toys? Well, let’s cover some of the most common myths, and try debunking them.

    Sex Toys Are Addictive

    Well, addiction implies causing harm, but there is nothing whatsoever harmful about using sex toys, as long as they’re properly used. If anything could be addictive here, it’s the orgasms, which are downright awesome with sex toys. But orgasms can never do you any harm, and you can always go back to masturbation or partner sex without sex toys.

    Sex Toys Replace Real Sex

    This can’t be farther from the truth, as sex toys can never replace human contact. They sure can help us through our “single times”, but as soon as you find another partner, your little toy friend won’t stand a chance of even remotely competing with a human being. Seriously, who in their right mind could possibly consider a sex toy to be a viable replacement for a relationship? Sex toys cannot show you affection the human being can, they won’t cuddle you as you fall asleep, or make breakfast for you in bed. Adult toys are really fantastic, but a partner sex has so much more to it. Even if it’s with a complete stranger, sex is a personal and intimate bond between people!

    Sex Toys Make Sex less Natural

    Just as we use a fork or spoon to facilitate the process of having a meal, so we use sex toys to enhance our masturbatory or partner sex experience, and there is nothing unnatural about it! So use your imagination to animate your adult toy and enjoy it as much as you like. Just don’t let those hypocritical blinkered people discourage you, anyway, life’s too short to afford missing out on such a pleasure-filled opportunity.

    The more you pay for a sex toy, the better it is

    The truth is that a simple £17 vibrator, such as the Bead Blossom Rabbit Vibrator, can give you more pleasure than a £150 vibrator. More expensive sex toys should be made of better materials and thus last longer, but they won’t necessarily feel better for you. The trick here is to try out varied types of sex toys to figure out which one feels best for you. So we’re inviting you to check out our selection of the finest adult products, all at the most competitive prices.

  • It's Time You Introduced Sex Toys into Your Lovemaking

    There are so many people who are desperate to try sex toys, but are still embarrassed to do it. There are also lots of people who already enjoy sex toys for solo pleasure and are dying to use them with their partners, but are afraid of hurting their feelings. We are sure there are others out there who tried bringing sex toys to the bedroom but turned out unprepared for the negative reactions on their partners’ side. Whatever the case, if you take the right approach, you will easily introduce adult toys into your relationship. In fact, we recommend it, and for so many reasons!

    First of all, sex toys feel good! No one would question that orgasms feel good. And adult toys help you experience better, longer and more intense orgasms, which is always good. Second of all, sex toys are lots of fun. Most couples involved in a long-term relationship will eventually get bored with their sex lives. Sex toys can bring the lost spice back into your lovemaking and keep it from getting dull. Sharing new experiences together brings couples closer and deepens their intimacy. Moreover, adult toys make sex so much better! There are so many women who can’t climax through intercourse alone and need to receive clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Also, lots of men have trouble getting and keeping their erections as long as they would like. Sex toys can take care of both of these issues. They will also inject more zest even into a perfectly good lovemaking session, turning a great experience into an outstanding one.

    If your partner is still hesitant about using sex toys with you, this is most likely due to the existing myths and misconceptions about sex toys. Needless to say that most of them are not true, but you should always treat your lover’s concerns seriously. So be prepared to deal with anything, including emotional discomfort and ignorance. The biggest concern for most partners is fear that he’s being replaced with something else. Well, a huge vibrating dildo that brings you to orgasm in virtually no time – yeah, your partner’s concern is quite understandable. So you should take your time to let him or her know that sex toys can’t possible replace human contact. Yes, a nice vibrator, such as the Twin Turbo Rabbit Vibrator, will give you a great orgasm, but it won’t cuddle with you afterwards, nor will it ever care about your feelings. If your partner has this fear, educate them and stroke their ego a little. Assure them that you’re more after exploration, than satisfaction. As with most relationship issues, good communication will go a long way towards solving the problem.

  • Dildos, There are Too Many of Them, How Can I Choose One?

    Since the market of sex toys is increasingly prospering these days, walking into a sex shop and being faced with all kinds of vibrators, dildos, G-spot stimulators and a lot more of other sex shop paraphernalia can be rather overwhelming. That’s why before buying anything we encourage you to do some initial research online in order to determine what type of dildo will work best for you. So what are the things you should consider when it comes to purchasing a dildo?

    OK, for those who might not know, a dildo is the most basic sex toy, a non-vibrating, non-mechanical device, used either for vaginal or anal penetration. Generally shaped after the human penis, for obvious reasons, the dildo is basically a standby for the penis, and it’s therefore necessary that the dildo cover for all the responsibilities of the penis - one of them being filling the vagina satisfactorily. So buying too small a dildo won’t give you the satisfaction you’re looking for, whilst buying an extra-large dildo, such as the Jeff Stryker Realistic Cock dildo, can cause a painful experience.

    Apart from the size, you should also take into account the design of your future intimate friend. From realistic depictions of the penis to more abstract concepts, every design will have different effect in terms of giving your pleasure. A realistic dildo is an adult toy that features every minute detail of a real cock – up to big testicles that can provide fantastic massage to your pussy. Use a realistic dildo during foreplay with your partner – let him or her see you playing with big veined gorgeous penis, this will turn him/her on beyond control!

    Curved dildos, like the Bendable G Spot dildo, are perfect G-spot locators, and can easily push you over the edge. There are also double-ended dildos that can be used either for simultaneous stimulation of your anus and vagina or for girl-on-girl sex, the latter making this toy a favourite lesbian sex toy!

    Check out our fantastic range of dildos as well as other adult toys, and keep in mind that a sex toy is an investment in your personal satisfaction, so choose carefully.

  • A Happy Romantic Relationship Requires a Healthy Sex Life

    We all understand that marriage should be a union of love, intimacy and friendship, particularly, it should have a healthy sex life. However, one way or another, all couples eventually get into a rut with their sex lives. And it is your responsibility, as a couple, to maintain your passions and keep your lovemaking fresh and exciting, for it is an unhealthy sex life or the lack thereof, that contributes the most to one’s marriage breakdown. So ask yourself if your sex life lacks anything, before it’s too late. Sex unfailingly mirrors other issues in your relationship. In fact, if you have a satisfying relationship, sex becomes about 10% of the relationship (meaning there is no need to focus on it because it’s flowing nicely). But if you don’t have a good relationship, then sex becomes about 90% of the focus! So if your sexual relationship isn’t working, you’d better start looking for the ways to spice up your sex life.

    Well, sex toys are among the most powerful tools that can help you bring the spark of passion back into your bedroom, as well as add a totally new dimension to the sexual encounter or self gratification. Millions of people use sex toys to release sexual tension, while at the same time maximising the pleasure. Numerous surveys have shown that couples who incorporate sex toys in their lovemaking tend to tend to have more trust and unconditional love for their partners. So if you’re new to the world of adult toys, you should look for some top rated sex toys online, and our online store can be your one-stop place to buy great value couple-friendly sex toys for beginners.

    A large number of women find it hard to reach an orgasm without clitoral stimulation. If this is the case with you, don’t hesitate to use a vibrator. Ranging from finger and bullet vibrators to G-spot vibrators, there are virtually zillions of different types, however, the absolute bestseller of all times is the award-winning Rabbit Vibrator. Featuring a powerful clitoral stimulator, designed in the shape of the bunny’s ears, which makes it possible to stimulate both your vagina and clitoris at the same time!

    Here at SextoyShopping, we also stock a wide range of adult toys designed with male pleasure in mind, aka, male sex toys. Look through our collection of sex toys for men and pick a toy that will take your masturbation to a whole new level!

  • Sex Toys to the Rescue of Your Failing Marriage

    If you have sex only a few times a month, scheduling it and taking it as a chore, if you don’t fantasise about your partner and there is no more sense of adventure, then you’re indeed suffering from the typical symptoms of a low-sex marriage, or in other words, a declining relationship. But don’t be alarmed, because all couples eventually fall into the same old sex routine. However, if you want to enjoy a great sex life even after you’ve lived for years with your spouse, you have to be open to sexual experimentation. OK, sexual experimentation might refer to numerous activities, but one of the most efficient and delightful is actually using sex toys.

    If you’re a bit hesitant at first, you really don’t have to start with the biggest dildo, mouth gags, whips, and other BDSM stuff like that. Instead, look out for things that are a bit tamer, such as a dice game, body paint, edible underwear and something of the kind. Also, a great option for you would be a new set of sexy lingerie; in fact, nothing turns on a straight man greater than his woman wearing a drop-dead sexy Fishnet Body Stocking all of a sudden. Cock rings are another couple-friendly sex toy, that helps a man last longer during the intercourse as well as adds a little to his penis size, by holding the blood flow inside the male organ. Penis rings are also a perfect solution for all men suffering from erection problems. There is also a range of vibrating cock rings, such as the Nubby Vibrating Cock Ring, designed to provide extra stimulation to the vulva, clitoris and to the penis as well during the intercourse. Thousands of women have found penis rings to be one of the greatest couple-friendly male sex toys ever.

    Another extremely powerful and exciting means to spice up your bedroom fun is sexual role playing. Many people feel a bit reserved in their sex lives for one reason or another. But when you pretend to be somebody else, you feel a lot less, if at all, inhibited, and all of a sudden, you’re ready to act out your wildest sexual fantasies. Look through our collection of sexy costumes and choose your characters for tonight’s naughty role playing game. Perhaps, tonight you’d love a teacher-student relationship, or, maybe, you’d rather be a car accident victim being treated by a lewd sexy nurse – it’s all up to you.

    Yes, sex is an essential part of any healthy relationship, and you need to take your time to improve it as best you can.

  • Getting Sexual Training with Sex Toys

    Are you still a virgin, desperate to get into bed with your loved one and try out all the naughty stuff you’ve seen in porn and read in books? Being unconfident and self-conscious is quite natural when you have sex for the first time. So why not get prepared by doing some practice beforehand? The key here is to open up your mind and start exploring your sensuality. And this is where sex toys can come up very handy. Not only are sex toys perfectly normal to use, they are in fact all the rage now!

    Today, only narrow-minded and ignorant people would think that sex toys or pornography are only for freaky perverts. Millions of people use sex toys on a daily basis either with their partners or to enhance their solo experience. Seriously, you cannot imagine what mind-blowing orgasms you can have by using a sex toy, such as a vibrator or a masturbator. And there are virtually zillions of types of adult toys, some of which being more popular than the other.

    All sex toys can be most generally divided into sex toys for men and sex toys for women. However, we can also classify all sex toys by the erogenous zones they’re designed to stimulate. For example, if you enjoy little stimulation around your anus or full penetration, there is a whole range of anal sex toys, including butt plugs, anal beads, anal dildos and anal vibrators. Nipples have lots of nerve endings, and are a very sensitive part. And of course, for those who would like to indulge in nipple stimulation, the sex toy industry offers a range of nipple stimulators, including nipple suckers, nipple clamps, nipple vacuum pumps, etc. There are also a whole lot of female sex toys such as G-spot vibrators, clitoral stimulators, dildos, vaginal balls, bullet vibrators, etc.

    OK, now sex toys for men are above all designed to please the male genitalia. Fake pussy toys, penis stimulators, masturbators, penis enlargers, these are only a few ranges of male adult toys available today in the market. Adults toys like fake pussies or masturbators are made from super realistic material. So when you slip your cock into one of those, you get incredibly realistic sensations of a real vagina tightly wrapping itself around your cock.

    Here at SextoyShopping, you will find an extensive range of great value adult toys for both women and men. Buy with us at the best prices, and embark on an exciting exploration of your sensuality.

  • Bondage to Enhance Sexual Bonding

    Do you feel like you need to enhance your sex life? Would you like your lover to reach orgasm quicker and more frequently? OK, learn a few couple-friendly bondage techniques and you’ll be impressed how spicier, more intimate and deeper your lovemaking will become. In fact, if safely practiced, bondage can fulfill your naughtiest sexual fantasies and bring the lost sparkle back into your bedroom fun. And to help you out, we offer you a wonderful collection of bondage sex toys for beginners, such as Furry Handcuffs or the Arab Strap Erection Ring.

    For those who still don’t know it, bondage is basically about role playing, in which one assumes the submissive role, and the other plays the dominant. Bondage is also largely about exploration of the pain/pleasure boundary. Lots of narrow-minded self-righteous people find this abnormal and even out of line, but all open-minded and unprejudiced couples enjoy the experience very much, as bondage adds a whole new world of art to your sexual escapades. Giving a different flavour to a dulling sexual intimacy, bondage sex toys are becoming increasingly popular in many countries.

    1. Keep an open mind and discuss your fantasies with your lover first. The fact is, even the most prudish woman is actually latent sex goddess waiting to be released from their good-girl prison. If you want to experience successful bondage play, you need to take your time to prepare or in some cases even to educate your lover about it. It must be an activity of mutual pleasure based on trust and consent of both of you.

    2. Start things slowly, indulging in gentle bondage play. Soft bondage sex toys we advise you to try include handcuffs, ropes, paddles, whips and blindfolds.

    3. What makes every day sex boring over time is the predictability of events, so it will dramatically intensify your excitement if you incorporate bondage during foreplay. Take your lovemaking to a whole new level through bondage.

    4. Bondage is always as good as your imagination is, so employ creativity and have fun! All the sex toys you may find useful at our online store will be downright useless if you don’t have the imagination, you know, naughty imagination. So let your imagination carry you away, explore new avenues and do things you haven’t done before. Do you have any idea how mind-blowing your orgasms can be when having an intercourse with your ankles and wrists tied up? Earth-shattering, screaming, self-forgetful orgasms… Are you ready to give it a try?

  • A Few Useful Tips on Bringing Sex Toys into Your Relationships

    If it feels that your relationship or married life is getting lacklustre day by day due to lack of sexual excitement that used to exist between you, then you definitely need to take your time to spice up your lovemaking. Otherwise, the day is not far when your relations can no longer work out, messing up your married life and eventually ending in divorce. What you need is to try and bring that gusto and fire back in your bedroom in order to save your relationship.

    One of the best ways to bring passion and ardent desires back in the bedroom is to introduce sex toys to your lovemaking. However, when it comes to using sex toys, the hardest part is not figuring out how to use them. It is finding a way to talk about using adult toys in case your lover is not as excited about them as you are. Even the most well-hung macho men can come to terms with sex toys once they realise that these pleasure objects are only accessories. Adding a toy to your sex life is not introducing a replacement lover or insulting anyone’s lovemaking skills , it is about enhancing intimacy and pleasure for everyone involved.

    There are so many good reasons to introduce sex toys into a relationship, not the least of which being that a good lover is always looking for ways to keep sex fun, interesting and gratifying. Sex toys cannot help adding more adventure to your sex life, especially after workdays, bills, chores, children and all that everyday fuss have some of the spontaneity out of your schedule. Adult toys will help you discover sensations that you never knew you liked, or never knew existed.

    The easiest way to get you lover excited about sex toys is to be excited about them in the first place. So let your partner in on your turn-ons and desires, because otherwise you risk having your partner see the sex toy as the enemy, rather than a helpful tool. Never be afraid to talk to your lover, instead, be proud and excited about what you want to do. One way to bring a sex toys into your relationship is to take charge and buy one! You may come to our online sex shop together with your spouse and browse through a wide range of great value couple-friendly sex toys in the privacy of your home. Click through categories like vibrators, dildos, anal sex toys, bondage gear and sex lubricants. Keep an open conversation, read the descriptions together and talk to each other about why you would or would not use certain products.

    Order a few sex toys together and when the goods get delivered to your home, wait for a while and when you’re both alone, open the box as a couple. When opening the box maintain enthusiasm and talk how you’ll use your new adult toys together. Then make it happen!

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