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Get the vibrator buzz! All things vibrator are being discussed here, silent, powerful, large and small, where to position for maximum effect! Get the most pleasure out of our vibrations by reading these posts or maybe even, adding your own sexy comments! Bring some vibrator fun into your love life today.

  • Pure Vibes G-Spot Review

    ABS040-Pure Vibes G-Spot Silent Vibrator

    Silent Vibrator Review

    Bullet, clitoral, rabbit, finger, remote-controlled, waterproof, G-spot, jelly, silent, small – these are just some of the types of vibrators that you can choose from when browsing through The company was established in 1985 and until now, they’re one of the leading suppliers of sex toys in the UK.

    What are the Best Features of the G-Spot Silent Vibrator?

    Now, if you are looking for a vibrator that you can use while playing solo or with a partner, try the Pure Vibes G-Spot Silent Vibrator. It combines all the features and functionalities of a G-spot vibe, a traditional bullet vibe, and a silent vibrator.

    To learn more about it, here’s a quick review of the best features of the Pure Vibes G-Spot Silent Vibrator:


    The Pure Vibes G-Spot Silent Vibrator is a purple wand of pleasure. It has a black base, a circular shaft with ‘veiny’ details that mimic the appearance of a real penis, and a curved end with nodules. As the name implies, it is designed to target the G-spot which is that hard-to-reach nub located about an inch and a half up the walls of the vagina, towards the belly button. The tricky position of the G-spot makes G-spot stimulators very popular, because stimulating it will lead to mind-blowing, toe-curling orgasms.


    Next, the G-Spot vibe is made from a silicone material. The shaft has ridges with a soft texture, which feels like real human skin once it comes in contact with the walls of the vagina.

    Vibrating Speed

    In terms of vibrating speed, the Pure Vibes G-Spot Silent Vibrator has multiple speed settings. You can use the dial control located at the base of the sex toy to control the vibrations. Set it as slow or as fast as you want, depending on your personal preference. With the flick of the thumb, you can control your own sexual pleasure using this wonderful purple wand.

    Quality and Price

    At £18 each and considering the material that the sex toy is made of, this item from will give you the best value for your money.

    Is the Pure Vibes G-Spot Silent Vibrator a Worthy Addition to Your Sex Toy Collection?

    Well Yes, the Pure Vibes G-Spot Silent Vibrator is a must-add to any sex toy collection. With its multiple vibration settings, excellent quality material, the soft feel of the wand against the palm of the hand, and the way that it works overall – it does deserve a five-star rating. Get on from now and see for yourself what the fuss is all about when it comes to G-spot vibrators and stimulators.

  • Top 5 Clitoral Toys from Magic Moments UK

    clitoral toysFrom Elisabeth Lloyd’s book “The Case of the Female Orgasm” which compiled 33 studies over the past 80 years, it shows that only about 50% of women sometimes have orgasms during intercourse. 20% seldom do, while 5% never have orgasms. This means that intercourse is not the key or at least, the only key, to sexual satisfaction for women. For most of them, direct clitoral stimulation is needed to experience the big O.

    Top 5 Clitoral Toys

    Thanks to adult toys like clitoral stimulators, powerful stimulation can be applied directly to the clitoris using a vibrating device. Through clit stimulators, the most sensitive nerve endings on the clitoris are targeted spot-on, giving women powerful orgasms.

    From Magic Moments UK, here are the top five clitoral stimulators that you can add to your sex toys collection:
    1. Clit Stim Purple
    With a detailed shaft measuring 8 inches, this purple Clit Stim vibe from Magic Moments UK offers powerful stimulating vibrations on the clitoris. There are seven vibe modes to choose from, and the toy is fully waterproof so you can use it for some love play in the bathroom.

    2. Dolphin Small Vibrator
    The Dolphin Small Vibrator may only measure five inches, but it does offer powerful stimulations to the clitoris. The tip is shaped like the body of a dolphin and when used against the labia, provides a tickling sensation to enhance clitoral orgasm even more.

    3. Eclipse Ultra 7 Beaver Rabbit Vibrator
    Go big and high-tech with the Eclipse Ultra 7 Beaver Rabbit Vibrator. Those who are familiar with rabbit vibes would know that they are the queen of sex toys, providing both vaginal and clitoral stimulation. This one in particular has an oscillating tip with a rotating shaft, a quadra-power battery loader, and an ultra-soft jelly penis head which bores deeper as it rotates!

    4. Finger Fun Vibe
    If you want something a bit more compact, check out the three-inch Finger Fun Vibe. As small as it is, the vibrator can be worn around the finger and placed against the clitoris to provide wonderful stimulations. The toy is phthalate-free and can be used in the bathroom for some wet, love play sessions.

    5. G Tongue Rotating Clitoral Toy
    Lastly, there’s the G Tongue Rotating Rabbit Vibrator which has gotten rave reviews from actual users. The rotating tip stimulates the G-spot and has four speed settings. Once the G-spot is targeted, the tongue part of the rabbit vibrator provides stimulation for the clitoris, and combining the two creates powerful, mind-blowing orgasms. What more can you ask for?

  • Small Sex Toys Big Adult Fun

    Small vibratorsDoes size really matter when it comes to sex toys? Not necessarily. There are plenty of small sex toys which bring about powerful, orgasms, out-of-this world pleasure for adults. This means that you should never underestimate small sex toys because despite their miniature size, they bring in loads of big adult fun.

    From sites like Magic Moments UK, you can find plenty of small sex toys which are a lot of fun to use. What’s good about buying small sex toys is that they are very affordable, easy to store and can even be discreetly kept in the privacy of your bedroom or hidden under a towel in your suitcase when travelling. Here are three sex toys which are worth checking out from Magic Moments UK:

    Gold Lady Finger Small Vibe
    Measuring around 5 cm. in length and 1.5 cm. in width, the Gold Lady Finger vibe looks like a gold tube of lipstick so it’s very discreet. It’s another version of the classic Lady Finger Vibrator. Women can put this vibe in their purse, handbag or suitcase and looking very discreet, nobody will know that you are using it for utmost sexual pleasure!

    Small Clit Vibrator
    A small vibe with big power, the Small Clitoral Vibrator from Magic Moments UK can be used for clitoral and vaginal stimulation. It is waterproof, comes with free batteries and is designed to give you a double dose of sexual pleasure.

    Sex Power Erection Ring
    Finally, there’s the Sex Power Erection Ring for men. Think of it as a more high-tech version of a traditional cock ring. It can be locked as tightly or as loosely as you want at the base of the penis shaft to prolong the erection. Upon climax, the ring can be unlocked and it’s an excellent sex toy for men which doubles as a solution for erectile dysfunction problems.

  • 5 naughty places to use a quiet vibrator

    Quiet vibrators are sex toys that bridge the gap between discretion and fantasy. Mostly used in the home to avoid waking house guests or children with the strange buzzing coming from your bedroom, they do a fantastic job at letting you get down and dirty without your cover being blown. But what if you wanted to turn up the volume on your fantasies and take things outside of the bedroom? In today's sex toys blog, we'll be showing you how you can get a little kinkier whilst firmly remaining under the radar.shhh

    Ideally girls, if you're at a festival you would have found yourself that cute guy, if you don't have one already that is, to give you some naughty loving when taken back to your tent. However, if that's not the case, a quiet vibrator can be your number one saviour. Avoid drawing any unwanted attention from your fellow campers as your juices start to flow and tantalizing ripples race through your body. Enjoy super sensations after partying the day away at a festival, or if you simply love a bit of camping.

    A discreet gym shower has never been so much fun than with a silent vibe. Why not lock yourself away in that cubicle in the corner and have your wicked way with one of these great sex toy companions? Get your hands on a waterproof version and tantalise yourself as ripples of pleasure start to swarm your love tunnel. Using the shower head is also a great tool for a little out of the bedroom fun, also providing great sensations right where you crave them.

    Finally, if sex on the beach is your thing, be guaranteed a good time, every time with a quiet vibe. Ensuring attention isn't given away to anyone around you, such a discreet and little vibrator can be popped under a towel for some intense sunbathing fun. So, grab yourself a cocktail, don't forget to pick up your favourite book and be a little naughty girls when the opportunity arises and have some serious solo play with Magic Moments.

  • How Many Vibration Speeds Do You Really Need

    Browsing through the pages of an online sex toy shop is like shopping for candy. There are many sizes, shapes, brands and even colors that you can choose from, which is exactly the point. Buying sex toys, similar to the act of using them, should be a whole lot of fun.

    Considering the Speed of a Vibrator

    VibratorHere, we will delve a bit deeper into the factors that you should consider when buying a sex toy like a vibrator. As you may already know, this is an adult toy which is battery-operated. It provides vibrating sensations when placed against sensitive parts of the body, and can be used with a partner or while flying solo.

    There are different sizes and shapes of a vibrator that you can choose from, but let's focus on speed for now. How many vibration speeds do you really need in order to enjoy the act of using a vibrator? It actually depends on your personal preferences. Depending on the brand, there are vibrators which have a single speed setting only. For those which do have multiple speed settings, you can choose from one to as many as 15 different vibration settings.

    So how do you know which one to buy? If you like a lot of variation when it comes to speed and intensity, you would definitely want to go for a multi-speed vibrator. If you're shopping at a brick-and-mortar store, you can actually test the strength of the vibrations by putting it against the tip of your nose. The nose has a similar sensitivity to the clitoris so if the minimum vibration makes your nose tickle, it should work for your clitoris as well.

    Other Things to Consider when Buying a Vibrator

    Aside from the speed, you should also check on the other features included in the design of the vibrator. Are there extra nodes that provide sensation to the clitoris or maybe the anus? Is the vibrator waterproof? What about the material that it is made of? For this, it is important to make sure that you are not buying vibrators made with phthalates or other toxic chemicals. Unlike dildos which can be made from softer materials, vibrators work better if they are made from hard plastic or similar materials. Vibrators are definitely a must-have in your sex toy collection so no matter which speed setting it is that you prefer to use, what's important is to have fun while using it.

  • Angel Delight Vibrating Love Egg Review

    Since the Fifty Shades phenomenon one category of female sex toys which has exploded has been vibrating love eggs. Whilst Sex Toy Shopping can't guarantee you Christian Grey himself, we can promise toe curling, thrusting and mind-blowing orgasms with one of the love eggs in our range.

    Vibrating love eggToday it's time to turn our attention to our number 1 love egg in the form of our Angel Delight Vibrating Love Egg. This multi-speed pleasure egg can be inserted deep inside the vagina to provide unimaginable pleasure. It's penetrating vibrations quite literally dance around your vagina, leaving your inner goddess screaming from the rooftops.

    At just £7.25 online now, there is little holding this sex toy back for future success and as millions have been sold all over the world, today's a good opportunity to see what some of our users have said:

    'An amazing sex toy! Ladies, if you're looking for your world to be rocked check out this product. It quite literally shudders my body when I come and it's nice and discreet too, meaning I can easily keep it in my handbag. I love how it makes me feel when I come and it teases my vagina with different speed controls. Perfect!' (Nicola, Dundee)

    'Simply wonderful! I've used this vibrating love egg since reading the Fifty Shades books and I can't get enough! I can't stop thinking about it when i'm at work or doing chores and it provides a nice little break or evening of excitement if I get the chance for some alone time' (Mandy, Newcastle)

    So ladies, for pulsating pleasure. Choose this nifty, versatile and easy to use womens sex toy and take the express check out to pleasure town.

  • Flirty Fleur Reviews Lelo Gigi Luxury Vibrator

    0778575-0000-Blonde_WigHey sex toy phonetics, it's Fleur here and I'll be reviewing a whole host of toys in the coming months for Magic Moments, as I seek to provide you with unrivaled sexual pleasure with some great first hand accounts of some of their popular toys.

    So, it's eleven on a Saturday morning and apart from meeting a friend for a girly lunch in a couple of hours, I decided to take a look at the gift sent to me by Magic Moments earlier in the week.

    My first impressions of the Lelo luxury vibrator is that is wonderfully packaged. I love how it comes charged and is rechargeable using the included adaptor. Girls! That means no awkward battery changing moments when all you really wanna do is get down to business on your own or with your man!

    There's something about the curve of this vibrator and gentle touch of the material which makes me want to explore more and a few minutes later, I was laying down ready to tease my vagina under my little pink nighty.

    Lelo Luxurious VibeThe multi-speed option was a great added bonus as it gave me the chance to start off slowly and gradually build up the pleasure intensity in both my vagina and on my clitoris. Girls, you'll understand how going at it hard from the offset can lead to a little numbness and simply ruin the mood that you're trying to create.

    After ten minutes of gentle tickling pleasure, it was time to pump up the volume with my new sex toy, as wave after wave of pleasure began to flow through my body. Within minutes it was toe curling time as I began to experience multiple orgasms.

    Overall, a very good vibrator! A little on the pricey side, but you can easily see, feel and experience why it costs as much as it does. It can be cleaned and maintained easily and after lunch with my friend, there was little surprise why I wanted to rush back home for a second and third helping.

    Five starts from Fleur.

  • Small Vibes You Can Take Anywhere

    When it comes to sex toys, the rule "big things come in small packages" definitely applies. This is especially true when it comes to vibrators. They may look miniscule against ten-inch dildos, but they're pretty, vibe-y and a lot of fun to use!

    Small Vibes You Can Take Anywhere

    little vibratorWhat's good about going for miniscule sex toys like small vibrators is that you can take them practically anywhere. When you go online, there are plenty of stores which sell small vibrators and they come in a wide range of colors, shapes and brands. To give you an idea about which small vibrator it is that you can add to your collection of sex toys, take a look at the following list:

    Bullet Vibrators

    bullet vibesOne of the most popular types of vibrators is called the bullet vibe. They may be compact in size and design, but they do provide intense vibrations for the ultimate sexual sensations. Almost all sex toy manufacturers have their own version of a mini-bullet vibe. The main vibrator is shaped like a small bullet and there's usually a controller which holds the batteries and a control knob which lets you vary the speed and intensity of vibrations.

    Bunny Vibrators

    mini rabbit vibeAnother small yet powerful vibe that you can take practically anywhere is called a bunny vibrator. Think of it as the mini-version of a jackrabbit vibrator. The bunny ears on top hug the clitoris while the nose provides pinpoint stimulation.

    Small Double Vibrators

    double vibeIf you'd like to experience multiple vibrating sensations at the same time, go for small double vibrators. These have two small bullets which can be independently controlled. They can be used solo or simultaneously to provide vibrations on the nipples, clitoris, vaginal opening, anus or penis.

    Small Tongue Vibrators

    You can also go for vibrators which are shaped like a pointy tongue. This can be used for even the most sensitive parts of the body.small tongue vibe

    When looking for a small vibrator, look for ones which are waterproof so that you can use it in the shower. Other great features to look for are different levels of vibration, clitoris stimulators, discreet shapes and fun colors.

  • Rabbit Vibe Finger Fun For All

    In bed, are you the type to take your own pleasure into your own hands, or do you rely on your partner for it? If you belong to the latter category, remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong in taking charge of your own sexual pleasure.Finger Fun

    Lots of Fun at the Tip of Your Fingers!

    One way for you to do just that is by using something like the Finger Fun Rabbit Vibrator. Sold by Magic Moments which is the top UK destination for sex toy shopping and adult items to buy online, this pink device lets you have lots of fun at the tip of your fingers.

    Measuring a mere 3.5 inches, the Finger Fun Rabbit vibe does not disappoint when it comes to the size of vibrators delivered. Slip it into your pocket, handbag, bedroom or office drawer and sneak some private fun while going through your daily activities.

    Used alone or with a partner, the Finger Fun Rabbit Vibrator is also waterproof so you can use it to let down your guard during shower or bath time. Just like all the other adult toys made by Magic Moments, this vibrator is Phthalate-free so you can rest assured that it’s 100% healthy and safe to use.

    If you have not ventured out into trying such sex toys yet, now is as good a time for you to start as any. This rabbit vibrator may fit right on your finger – but the sensations delivered are life-size!

  • Top 10 places to use a remote control vibrator

    When it comes to pleasuring your partner or spicing up your love life with a spurt of sex toy shopping, a popular choice falling within the couples sex toys category are remote control vibrators. We all remember scenes in recent Hollywood RomCom's where remote control love eggs have been used to provide intense pleasure to women in awkward situations. However, when it comes to slotting these pleasure marvels into your own love life, it's important to take out the comedy aspect, leaving her with nothing to do but discreetly enjoy.

    Most would be forgiven to think that remote control vibrators are simply a sex toy for her. However, in truth, when used at the right time and in the right place, both ladies and their partners can get equally as much pleasure, albeit in very different ways. Such a sex toy provides a mind blowing, toe curling distraction from the current situation she finds herself in and delving into the psychologies of sex a little more, any gentlemen in control of when she is able to receive such pleasure, inevitably heightens his alpha male status, masculinity and dominance, something more often than not gained during sex.

    Aside from both the physical and psychological excitement experienced during the use of this popular sex toy, there is an overwhelming undertone of simply naughtiness, which leads millions of couples each year onto online sex toy shops, such as Britain's longest running and vastly coveted Magic Moments, in search of a little spice. Use as a thrilling prelude or replacement to exciting foreplay with complete discretion and when experimenting with locations to use such a love toy, remember to take some of the below suggestions and simply run with them.

    If you have never used a remote control vibrator before it's important that the gentlemen makes his leading lady feel comfortable. Before heading out, why not enjoy a little adults play whilst inserting the love egg, providing a teasing and sexier tonic to application? When it comes to ideal locations to use such a sex toy, it's also worth taking a note that some places work and others simply don't, as intimacy and discretion inevitably must prevail.

    A night out at the theater catching your favourite show, an anniversary dinner at a fancy restaurant or out for drinks with your partner will all provide suitable occasions to experiment and tease with such a sex toy. The truth is, when gentlemen pick the right moments, there will be nothing left for both him and her to do but sit back and enjoy discreetly. Remembering to keep the excitement in short sharp spurs to avoid gaining unwanted attention, choose your time carefully and she will do nothing but repay the favor later on.

    Why not take it outdoors? Sunbathing at the beach, in the garden or even catching with your loved one during an afternoon stroll through the countryside can all bring nature into your sex life and add a thrust of excitement into your relationship. Especially perfect at making her feel comfortable, a remote control vibrator will inevitably bring more diversity to the pleasure gentlemen are able to give and receive, without him feeling emasculated by its presence.

    Other tempting places to use such a vibrator include the shower (whilst hubby teasingly listens from the next room), or during a journey. We're not quite suggesting use during the bustling Monday morning commute (unless that's your thing!), but a midnight train or car journey away for a romantic weekend sets up the opportunity for her sit back and unwind in ways she never could have previously imagined.

    Wrapping up today's naughty talk, the bedroom and at concerts complete the definitive list of places to use a remote control vibrator. Such a sex toy can provide unimaginable pleasure to a women from a gentleman's perspective in places you never thought possible. Treat him and her to the perfect toy and make it a very sexy new year.

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