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  • The 12 Sex Toys Of Christmas

    With Christmas just days away and with the stresses and strains from work hopefully on the decline, what better time of year to indulge in a little naughty fun alone or with your partner? Your Christmas shopping might not be finished and one or two dashes to the supermarket, to stock up on last minute supplies might be needed over the next week or so.
    However, amongst the usual festivities, you’d be forgiven for taking a little time to kink things up a notch - ‘tis the season to be jolly and joyful - after all.

    Here at Magic Moments, we’ve put together an essential guide to getting down and dirty this holiday season, with the assistance of twelve premium quality sex toys - suitable for nearly every connoisseur. So sit back, grab yourself a beer or glass of wine and get your festive freak on!

    The 12 Sex Toys Of Christmas

    On the first day of Christmas my wifey gave to me a Horny Dots Penis Pump.
    If you’re unaware of the benefits of a Penis Pump, you need to catch up pretty quickly. Not only will the Horny Dots enlarge your manhood for a thicker and fuller erection, but the sensations it gives during foreplay are quite sensational. Get ready to enter her pleasure zone a more confident man about town.

    On the second day of Christmas my baby gave to me a Clitoral and Vaginal Vibrator. When used alone or with your partner, this form of vibe gives captivating pleasure to both the clitoris and labia. Work through its various speeds and functions to get your inner goddess screaming from the rooftops.

    On the third day of Christmas my lesbian lover gave to me a Hollow Strap-on sex toy. When it comes to same sex play, a hollow strap on like this guarantees an abundance of versatility and pleasure. Used by both for incredibly deep and probing vaginal stimulation, this strap on sex toy is comfortably and securely fastened and guarantees hours of fun.

    On the fourth day of Christmas my honey gave to me a Crystal Clear Nipple Sucker. Stepping a little outside the box for a moment, this female sex toy promises to get this key erogenous zone intensely aroused with playful and strong suctions. Leaving your nipples hard and thirsty for more action, as well as more sensitive to kisses and touches after removal - turn up the volume on your love life, or use alone to add a new dimension to solo play.

    On the fifth day of Christmas my kinky Ken gave to me Anal Fever Vibrating Beads. Whether you’re new to anal fun or a seasoned pro, these vibrating beads guarantee to ease you in gently. Built with progressively larger beads along a flexible and comfortable shaft, anal play has never been so riveting or enjoyable. Oh yeah! They vibrate too at different intensities just to amp up your orgasmic scream even more. Have you caught Anal Fever?

    On the sixth day of Christmas my girlfriend gave to me a Penisator Vibrating Cock Ring. Cock rings help hugely in your battle against premature ejaculation - meaning you can leave your lover thoroughly satisfied, as well as end your session without a whimpering back turn and air of disappointment in the room. Throw in a strong vibrating function and you’ve got yourself one almighty good couples sex toy, that promises stimulating pleasure for you both.

    On the seventh day of Christmas my best friend gave to me a Lust Bunny Rabbit Vibrator. We’ve all got that one girl-friend who hasn’t yet discovered the pleasures of a rabbit vibrator and how far it can take her in her sexual quest. Sound familiar? A study shows that an incredible 34% of women had their first rabbit vibrator brought for them by a female friend or family member. If you’re unwrapping one of these on the sly this Christmas, don’t be afraid to get down and dirty - we were all a first timer once!

    On the eight day of Christmas my husband gave to me a Diamond Dazzler Glass Dildo. Visually opulent and totally intoxicating, this stunning Glass Dildo ads a new dimension to vaginal stimulation and can even be heated or cooled to guarantee different levels of pleasure. There’s something so sweet and sexy about this sex toy and just by looking at it, we promise, you’ll be turned on. Super safe and festively flirty, now’s the time to add one to your sex toy setup.

    On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me all those things i’m going to need. So, you’ve got all your new toys, but you’ve forgot to pick up the essentials like water-based lube, sex toy cleaner, condoms and batteries. These might only be simple sex toy stocking fillers, but you certainly don’t want to be running around on Christmas eve, trying to find the last pack of triple A’s in town.

    On the tenth day of Christmas my partner gave to me an Inflatable Butt Plug. A butt plug that can be enlarged with an attached pump - it’s just genius! Not only is this love toy perfect for those new to this type of anal toy and wishing to ease themselves in gently, but for those keen to safely explore deeper parts of their back package and enjoy all the heightened stimulation that this brings. This butt plug doesn’t just look nice, but plays nice too as you bid to make it a Christmas to remember.

    On the eleventh day of Christmas I gave to me the Oxana Fake Pussy and Ass. There’s nothing wrong with a little treat over the holidays! Step forward this realistic and stunning fake pussy and ass, modeled off real life porn star Oxana. From realistic internal ridges, tightness and a delicately positioned G-spot, to an indulging and enticing anus, Oxana takes male masturbation to a whole new level. She also vibrates and is made of real touch material to feel just like the real thing.

    On the twelfth day of Christmas my new man gave to me King Size Vagina Balls. Wrapping up things nicely are the King Size Vagina Balls, certainly not for the faint hearted. With an incredible filling sensation and intense stimulation of the kegal muscles, having these roll around inside will send you to a whole new stratosphere of pleasure and excitement. Along with the long term benefits of using vagina balls regularly, they can also be popped in whilst out with your man, to give various stimulations that align themselves with your movements.

    That wraps up this years kinky countdown to Christmas ladies and gentlemen. All that’s left to say is enjoy the weeks ahead and with Magic Moments, your new bit on the side, you can count on us to make it a very happy new year.

  • 3 Penis Pumps For Every Man

    Whether you’ve been going hard all night and in need of a morning boost, or you’re a gentlemen on the smaller size and looking to create more of an impression - there’s a penis pump available out there for you.

    On first look, there’s not a lot to split the various types of penis pumps that are available here at Magic Moments, or at any other online sex toy shop for that matter. However, upon deeper inspection, you’ll find that it’s absolutely vital to choose the right pump for your very specific needs.

    In today’s sex toy blog, we’ll be running the rule over three different types of ‘man-pumps’, which more than cover all bases on your way to full throttle sexual satisfaction. With regular use, a penis pump creates a firmer, larger and more powerful erection, which in turn, not only promises to give your game lift off but will keep your partner coming back for more.

    For The Extra Horny Guy

    Many couples like to include penis pumps as a way to enhance foreplay.
    Not only are they a sex toy for the long game, but the short one too. If you’re looking for a pump to get the party started, The Horny Dots pump has been designed specifically for your pleasure points. Built with a ribbed inner tube, Horny Dots creates sensations of sucking and licking when used, which are a great way to get your pulse racing. Not only does it fulfill the basic requirements of a pump, it ads its own twist that you’ll love!

    For Men Wanting To Go Even Bigger

    If you’re unhappy with your moderate length or girth and wanting to go the extra mile, the XL Super Penis Pumps will comfortably oblige. Built with a larger than average sized tube and extra strong pump, both of these components combine to powerfully pump up your manhood, by generating extra blood flow and a super-strong suction. Deeper probing guarantees an enhanced level of satisfaction for your lover and with the power that the XL generates, you’ll struggle to put it down.

    For The Sensitive Simon’s

    If you’re new to men’s sex toys, or are particularly sensitive in this area, you’ll probably prefer the softly softly approach. For this, the Deluxe Penis Enlarger gently and comfortably beefs up your penis in a slow and seductive way, that doesn’t create over-sensitivity or pain. Boasting all the usual benefits of a penis pump with an extra-sensitive touch, this premium quality sex toy ticks all the boxes!

  • Why you should try sex toys now

    googleMagicMoments2Why Try Sex Toys? Here’s Why, And You Should Do So, Now!

    With shows like Sex and the City and books/films like Fifty Shades Darker, sex toys has become an open subject instead of the taboo that it was before. There’s really no reason why such toys used in the bedroom should be discussed in hush-hush tones, especially by perfectly sensible adults. In fact, you are missing out on a lot of if you are not currently using sex toys – whether you’re going solo or tangling the sheets with your partner.

    How Sex Toys Help Improve Relationships

    Let’s say that you are a couple who’s looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom. How can sex toys help and in what ways can it improve your relationship? Take a look:
    • Using adult toys can actually lead to more sex.
    Perhaps the biggest problem of today’s generation is that couples are not having enough sex. It could have something to do with the busier-than-ever lifestyle, or maybe they simply lost interest. But if you will inject something new into your intimate relationship like using sex toys, you will definitely feel that renewed interest in sex – and you’ll be having more of it!

    • Using sex toys help women achieve orgasm more easily.
    Two-thirds of women cannot reach orgasm through penetrative sex alone. With the help of sex toys like a clitoris vibrator, cock rings, or similar items, women can reach the big O more easily.

    • There are sex toys which help men deal with certain problem areas.
    Sex toys benefit men in such a way that it can help address certain problem areas. Those having problems with erectile dysfunction, for example, can use a cock ring. Designed to be worn at the base of the shaft, it restricts blood flow to make the erection last longer. Penis pumps and desensitizers can be used by those with premature ejaculation issues. These are just a couple of examples of adult toys that help boost male performance in bed.

    • Sex toys help boost the intimacy between couples.
    More importantly, sex toys boost the intimacy between couples. It makes their bedroom activities more light hearted and fun; it helps eliminate male performance anxiety; and it just benefits a couple’s sexual health all the way round.

  • Myth Busting Adult Toys

    about-33Films, books, and TV shows have mostly removed the stigma behind the use of adult toys. By now, you already know that it’s the main topic behind bestsellers like Fifty Shades of Grey, and there are plenty of online stores where you can get a hold of them for use in the bedroom. But what are the biggest misconceptions and myths that still surround them? Read on to find out.

    What are the Biggest Myths Surrounding Sex Toys?

    Despite the openness by which adults are currently enjoying the benefits of sex toys, there are still some myths surrounding their use. Here are a few of them and the truth behind each myth:

    Sex toys are only used by perverts.

    A few decades back, only a few people openly admit to using sex toys. There’s this misconception that those who used them had deep, dark sexual perversions. It’s time to bust this myth once and for all because all adults are having sex, and using adult toys is just one part of it.

    They’re only used for masturbation.

    Sure, there are many sex toys which are built for masturbation – especially for men. But they can be used by both men and women, even while they are not going solo. If you want to kink things up with your partner, you can try using a pair of handcuffs, blindfold, tickler, even a whip or a paddleboard. A dildo and a vibrator also helps make sex interesting between partners, so it’s not just for masturbation.

    Using an adult toy will make a man feel lacking.

    Although there are ten-inch dildos are vibrating dildos with a girth that will make even a grown man feel inadequate, that is not the purpose of using them at all. In fact, using such sex toys should enhance the sexual prowess of men because there are items which can be used to address certain problems. If you feel insecure about your size, for example, you can use a hollow strap-on dildo. If you’re having problems maintaining an erection, you can use penis rings to improve your performance in bed. So instead of making men feel lacking, sex toys can be used to boost your sexual prowess.

    Too much use of sex toys will reduce the number of orgasms you can have with your partner.

    Finally, there’s this myth that using sex toys is dangerous, and can even reduce the number of orgasms you can have with your partner. Instead of reducing, it can actually increase your orgasms while also making them last longer and more intense.

    It’s finally time to bust theses myths surrounding the use of sex toys. These toys are actually a lot of fun to use and not only that, but they can also improve your sexual health and boost your intimacy as a couple.

  • Improve Your Sexual Prowess

    2All adults would want to describe their sex lives as awesome, hot, extraordinary, mind-blowing. But what if you’re part of a couple who has been together for a long time and your sex life seems to be dwindling, how can you get it to be as amazing as when you first hooked up? That’s what we will try to discover here and hopefully help you improve your sexual prowess in the process.

    Top 3 Skills to Master for Better Orgasms

    Just like everything else in life, there are certain skills that you’d have to master if you want your sex life to significantly improve. Practice makes perfect, and by enhancing the following skills, you and your partner will enjoy longer-lasting, more toe-curling orgasms:

    1. Your endurance in bed
    Women don’t usually have to worry about this – unless the issue boils down to sexual desire. If they have a pretty normal appetite for sex, they’re typically fine when it comes to endurance. The burden falls mostly on men who would have to make sure that they the stamina to last long in bed. Particularly, it’s premature ejaculation that they have to worry about. Fortunately, there are plenty of breathing techniques and physical exercises that you can do to prevent premature ejaculation. Flexing that small muscle between the anus and the testicles will enhance your stamina and give you longer-lasting orgasms. You can also try using penis rings which help maintain a firmer, longer-lasting erection.

    2. Your oral sex skills
    Having a great sex life is all about having that give and take relationship between partners. If you want your partner to give you pleasure, you should learn how to return the favor. If you want to enhance your oral sex skills, talk to a close friend about it. You can also watch instructional videos online and apply your newfound skills to your partner. He or she will thank you for it!

    3. The variety of sexual positions you know
    Finally, great sex is all about having variety. If you keep on doing the missionary sexual position, things are bound to get old real fast. There are plenty of sex positions that you can try including 69, woman on top, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style – the possibilities are practically endless.

  • Sex toys for a holiday

    Summer GiftsAre you planning to bring along a sex toy while on holiday? If you’re driving from one place to another, you can go all-out in carrying all the sex toys you want. But if you’re flying to a different country, you might want to limit the number and kinds of sex toys that you’ll bring so you won’t have any trouble with Customs or Immigration.

    Travel-Friendly Sex Toys

    Be it a business or a pleasure trip that you are planning, you might also want to plan which sex toys you will bring. A nine-inch dildo that can easily spill out of your luggage is a huge no-no. If you’re travelling to a foreign country and your bag is selected for random thorough inspection, just imagine how embarrassing it would be to have such a toy spill out of your bag.

    To limit the embarrassment and to make sure that you will go through all the luggage checks without any hassle, here’s a list of travel-friendly sex toys that you can pack:
    • Discreet Vibrators
    The number one rule when packing battery-operated devices is to remove the batteries. These can be easily detected by metal detectors in airports. So if you’re bringing a sex toy that’s battery operated, remove the dry cells and just buy what you need at your destination. If a vibrator is what you’re bringing, choose ones in discreet shapes like lipsticks, massagers, or even cute little animals.

    • Anal Sex Toys
    Anal toys like butt plugs and anal beads do not have any batteries, so they’re perfectly travel-friendly. Just choose ones which are not made from stainless steel or other metal materials. Butt plugs are harmless looking while anal beads can simply be stashed along with your jewelry.

    • Latex or Silicone Sex Toys
    If you must bring a dildo, make sure that its size is not too noticeable. It also pays to go with materials like latex or silicone.

    For hygienic purposes, pack any sex toy that you’ll bring along on a holiday in Ziploc bags. Of course, don’t forget to bring plenty of lube and don’t’ forget to enjoy using these sex toys to make the most out of your holiday.

  • Discover How Sex Toys Can Enhance Your Relationship as a Couple

    Couples PleasureTo get you started on the sex toys talk, here are a few quick statistics:
    - 45% of women between the ages of 18 and 60 own a vibrator.
    - 78% of women who own a vibrator use them with a partner.
    - 23% of adults have used sex toys during sex.
    - 20% of adults who reported kinky play have used masks, blindfolds or bondage gear.
    - The most popular sex toys purchased online are: vibrators, rubber penis, lubricants, anal bead, penis rings, rubber vagina, blindfolds, harness, furry handcuffs, and bondage gear.

    Based from these statistics alone, it is easy to see how these battery-operated, naughty devices have captured the imagination of adults from all parts of the world. So if you’re part of a couple who has not ventured out yet into the world of adult toys, you are definitely missing out on a lot.

    Why Every Couple Needs to Try Out Using Sex Toys

    Whether you’re a married couple, a newly-going out couple or a couple who has been dating for a very long time, you do need to try using sex toys. Here are the reasons why:

    • It actually leads to having more sex.
    Sex toys ring about better, longer-lasting orgasms so using them will actually lead you to have more sex with your partner.

    • It injects some fun and spice into your bedroom activities.
    Let’s say that you are a couple who has been together for years now and you find that things are getting a bit stale in the bedroom. Using sex toys will add that new, novel element into your bedroom activities so things will not stay boring, you can spice things up, and you can have a lot of fun.

    • It addresses some specific sex-related problems.
    If the man is having problems maintaining an erection, a penis ring will help address that. Women who are having difficulties reaching the big O during penetration can use clitoral vibrators. Those who may want to venture out into some backdoor play can use anal sex toys. If you are having a problem with a certain area of your sex life, there’s usually an adult toy that will help you address just that.

    • It boosts sexual health and your intimacy as a couple.
    More importantly, using adult toys help boost sexual health and makes you closer as a couple. With these perfectly legitimate reasons for using sex toys, you might want to go online now and order one, two, or three toys to try out with your partner. Have fun using them to spice things up in bed!

  • A Variety of Sex Toys to Choose from

    Choose a sex toyDifferent Strokes for Different Folks:
    Whether you’re a straight couple, a gay couple, or if you’re simply a lone adult who needs some sexual release, the one thing that you should have in your bedroom is a collection of adult toys or "A Variety of Sex Toys to Choose from". Also called love toys, these are items which are used for facilitating human sexual pleasure. Some of the most popular sex toys resemble the genitalia, and they come in every shape, size, and color. If you’re looking for something to use to heat up your bedroom activities with, you will definitely find something to like with the wide range of sex toys available in the market today.

    What Sort of Sex Toys Are There?

    The good news is that there’s no need for you to physically walk into a store to get an item to add to your collection of sex toys. There are plenty of websites specializing in selling cost-effective, yet good quality adult toys. They’re delivered in discreet packaging so nobody needs to know about your naughty purchase, except perhaps the person you’ll be using it with!

    Here are some of the types of sex toys that you can choose from

    Basic Sex Toys for Stimulation

    As mentioned earlier, most sex toys resemble human genitalia so if you’re a guy, you might want to use a flashlight-like toy with the inside shaped like a vagina which is used for masturbation. Women can use dildos which are shaped like a penis and they’re made from different materials. The most common is silicone to mimic the texture and feel of human skin, although there are also basic sex toys made from glass, stainless steel, hard plastic, rubber, nylon, and Cyberskin.

    Vibrating Sex Toys

    Popular for being battery-operated sexual devices, vibrating sex toys do just that: vibrate to provide sexual stimulation. Examples of these are finger vibrators, remote-controlled vibrators, vibrating penis rings, anal vibrators, and butterfly stimulators.

    Other Types of Sex Toys

    There are also sex toys which use a stronger motor that deliver thrusting instead of just simple vibrating motions. Or, you can go for the more complex combination sex toys like a jackrabbit vibrator which is a combination of a dildo and a clit stimulator. Vaginal sleeves are known as sensation change sex toys, which mimic the feeling of being inside the vagina. Penis extenders, penis pumps, nipple pumps – there are plenty of other adult toys to choose from so start adding items to your collection right now to sizzle up your bedroom activities.

  • Choosing Sex Toys for Couples


    Is It Your First Time to Buy Couple’s Sex Toys?

    You and your partner have been together for a long time now and you both decided that it’s time to introduce a ‘third party’ in the bedroom: sex toys. These days, more and more adults are being open to the prospect of using these typically battery-operated gizmos, simply because they help enhance one’s sex life. Not only that, but sex toys are actually good for the health while also boosting your intimacy as a couple.

    A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Sex Toys for Couples

    Now, if you’re a first time sex toy buyer and you would like to choose items which will benefit you both as a coupe, here are a few tips to remember:
    Talk things out first.
    If you’re thinking about surprising your partner with a giant vibrating dildo one night, you might not necessarily get a good reaction. Not all adults are comfortable with the prospect of using sex toys, so talk things out first. Use open-ended questions like how do you feel about…

    Based from your partner’s answers, you can gauge whether he or she is open to the prospect of using sex toys, and that’s the only time that you should think about buying one.

    Choose a pair of for-him and for-her sex toys.
    So you’ve already decided as a couple that you want to have a collection of sex toys in the bedroom. Where do you start? Always begin with something simple so you won’t feel intimidated. Pick out a pair of for-him and for-her toys. For instance, a butterfly vibrator is suitable for her, while a cock ring is perfect for him.

    Talk about your deepest, darkest sexual fantasies, and choose a sex toy based from that.
    If your partner has this fantasy of having sex with a stranger, a sex doll or a dildo with harness might do the trick. If your partner wants to live out scenes straight from Fifty Shades of Grey, some basic bondage toys will help you live out the fantasy.

    Choose sex toys that will help address any sexual problems that you might have.
    Men who are having problems with premature ejaculation or maintaining an erection can use penis rings which are worn at the base of the shaft. Women who are having problems reaching an orgasm can use clit stimulators or vibrators. There are plenty of adult toys that you can use which are specifically designed to address certain sex-related problems.

    Choose sex toys which are simply based from the fact that they’re fun to use!
    Lastly, if you both had a huge laugh looking at a pink rabbit vibrator or if your guy seems to be really interested in using genital clamps, go ahead and try them out. The main point of buying sex toys in the first place is for you to have a grand time in bed, so have a lot of fun in the process.

  • Want to Make Your Orgasms More Intense


    More Intense Orgasms!

    All couples, at the start of their relationship, are bound to have lots and lots of sex. Over the years, however, the interest in sex somehow wanes. If not that, your busy lifestyle will simply keep up with you and you might not even have the time to tangle the sheets with your significant other. If you don’t want things getting cold in the bedroom, however, you do need to exert the extra time and effort to spice things up. Read on to find out how you can do just that.

    Top 5 Ways to Intensify Your Orgasms

    Whether you’re a new couple or a long-time married couple, if you would like to make your orgasms longer-lasting and more intense, here are a few things that might help you out:

    Turn your bedroom into a sensual haven.

    Perhaps the reason why you’re not having more sex than you should is because your bedroom is brightly-lit and totally unromantic. Sometimes, all you need are some scented candles and music that you can get it on to.

    Indulge in more foreplay.

    Foreplay is something that not a lot of couples indulge in anymore. But if you want to have longer, more intense orgasms, it’s definitely something you need to invest in. It doesn’t even have to be physical foreplay. During the day, send your spouse or your boyfriend naughty text messages or a sexy photo. This will make him want to jump you as soon as he gets home.

    Learn how to communicate your needs to your partner.

    Women typically have more difficulties achieving an orgasm, especially through penetrative sex alone. If want to be able to achieve the big O, learn how to communicate your needs to your partner. You don’t have to go for dirty talk if you’re not comfortable, but at least voice out what you want to your partner so that you can both make adjustments in enhancing each other’s pleasure.

    Slow it down, or speed it up.

    Variety is the key in maintaining a non-boring sex life. Sometimes, you can speed it up while other times, you can slow it down and turn your bedroom romp into an all-nighter.

    Use sex toys to spice things up.

    Finally, you can introduce sex toys in the bedroom if you’d like to spice things up a bit. Aside from helping you have more intense, longer-lasting orgasms, these sex toys will also boost your intimacy as a couple, address some of the sex-related problems that you might have, and they are simply a lot of fun to use.

    All in all, communication and respect for your partner are key in having longer, more intensified orgasms, so have fun trying these tips out.

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