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Male pleasure can be achieved in so many ways using a wide range of sex toys designed to arouse men. Find out about prostate toys and penis and testicle stimulants.

  • Seven Best Sex Toys for Men

    1A wide selection, reasonable prices, fast shipping, excellent customer service, and good quality products. When buying anything online, these are the factors that you should definitely consider if you want to get the best value for your money.

    Now, if you are looking for items to add to your adult toys collection, you can get all these and more from sites like They have been the go-to website for those who are looking for items to use in spicing up their sex life. Take a look at the top seven best sex toys for men that you can buy from the site:

    1. Mr. Hook Perineum Stimulator
    This is actually a ‘for him’ and ‘for her’ sex toy. When used during penetration, the Mr. Hook Perineum Stimulator targets the area between the vagina, scrotum, and the anus – providing stimulation all around. The stimulator takes on the form of a penis ring which is made from silicone. Once worn around the base of the penis, it helps maintain a firmer erection for a longer period of time. You and your partner will definitely get hooked once you experience having sex while he’s wearing the Mr. Hook Perineum Stimulator!

    2. Men’s Masturbation Pleasure Pack
    If you have zero idea about where to start in getting sex toys, this Men’s Masturbation Pleasure Pack is all you need. It includes a realistic vibrating vagina which provides a tight fit for your member; a PLUS Explicit XXX Coulour sex magazine; and a PLUS Super Smooth Masturbating Lotion.

    3. Ripe Mouth Masturbator
    If you’re in the mood for some deep throat action, check out the Ripe Mouth Masturbator sex toy from MagicMoments UK. It has a length of 6 inches and a width of 2.5 inches to give any penis length and girth a snug fit. Manufactured by Orion, it has a discreet outside packaging but once you open the container, it has a realistic-looking female mouth. The material is super-stretchy, there’s an air hole to provide just-the-right sucking action, and it mimics the motions of deep throating. What more can you ask for from a male sex toy?

    4. Perfect Pump Trigger Action Penis Enlarger
    If you’re not really satisfied with the size of your penis, try using the Trigger Action Penis Enlarger. It’s a penis pump with a sure grip hand action trigger that makes it easier to use than typical penis enlargers. Each pack comes with three different-sized sleeves, and the size of the pump is 7.5 inches.

    5. Prostate Stimulation Vibrator
    If there are G-spot stimulators for women, there are P-spot stimulators for men. The P refers to the prostate which, when stimulated, can bring about toe-curling sexual sensations. The Prostate Stimulation Vibrator targets just that. Its insertable length is four inches and once you get used to targeting that oh-so-sensitive spot where the prostate is located, the vibrating stimulations that will be provided by this toy are amazing!

    6. Smooth Probe Anal Sex Toy
    Another his-and-hers adult toy is the Smooth Probe Anal Sex Toy from MagicMoments UK. Its length and width are 8 inches and 1.5 inches, respectively. The material is translucent jelly, it has anal beads at one end, and a super-smooth probe on the other end. If you’re in the mood for some backdoor action, this toy is perfect for you.

    7. Tenca Super Soft Masturbator
    Finally, if you are looking for a discreetly-shaped sex toy for men, check out the Tenca Super Soft Masturbator. It’s shaped like a light bulb so you can carry it practically anywhere. Inside is an ultra-soft tunnel to provide an unbelievable sucking sensation, along with an air hole to stopper things up. Manufactured by Tenca, this masturbation aid is a must-have for those who love indulging in solo sexual play.

  • The Benefits of Massaging the Prostate

    Prostate-ToyEuphoria, Ebony, Scorpion’s Tail – these are some of the prostate massager products available from Magic Moments UK. But what exactly is this male sex toy and why is there a need to massage the prostate?

    First, where is the prostate located? The prostate is the size of a walnut which is located at the root of the penis, just below the bladder and it’s a gland where semen is stored. Massaging the prostate can be done manually or with the help of a partner, using the sex toys mentioned earlier. It is quite tricky to reach the spot where the prostate is located but once the massage is done, it leads to mind-blowing orgasms, not to mention a lot of sexual health benefits.

    Health Benefits of Massaging the Prostate

    So what are the actual health benefits of massaging the prostate? Take a look at the following list:

    1. It cleanses the interior of the prostate gland.
    Massaging the prostate is also called gland milking or prostate therapeutic massage. The goal is to excite the prostate gland so that the white substance or ejaculate will be released. During sex or masturbation, only some of the alkaline compound from the gland is released. Through prostate massage, the fluid which contains an organic neutralizer is what’s released, which cleanses the interior of the gland. It’s even known to help prevent prostate disorders.

    2. It’s therapeutic and healthy.
    Regular prostate massage helps reduce the risk of genital pain, symptoms of erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, and even that midnight urge to pee. Since it feels good, it is also quite therapeutic because it helps increase seminal fluid and improves seminal circulation.

    3. It brings about intense, longer-lasting orgasms.
    When properly done, prostate massage can help bring about more intense, longer-lasting orgasms. Think of it as the male equivalent of G-spot stimulation. By stimulating and massaging the prostate, you can enjoy all these health and sexual benefits.

  • Product Review Ebony Prostate Massager

    To get the best value for your money, it pays to check out the reviews first before buying a specific product. The same thing holds true with purchasing sex toys. Let’s say that you would like to find out more about the hype behind prostate massaging, you can purchase something like the Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager. Check out the following review so you’d know if the product is indeed worth buying or not.


    Ebony-Prostate-MassagerAvailable at online stores like Magic Moments UK, the Ebony Prostate Massager has the following features:
    - Colour: Black
    - Length: 7.5 inches
    - Weight: 200 grams
    - Anal vibe with 10 vibrating functions
    - Waterproof model
    - Phthalates-free, easy-to-clean, anti-bacterial


    Smooth and sleek, the shape is the first thing that you’d notice about the Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager. The product is designed for anal and prostate stimulation. As the adult toy is slowly inserted, the goal is to target the perineum area, the testicles, and mainly to massage the prostate.

    The main body of the Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager has discreetly designed, soft nodules which help with the stimulation. When used for anal play, there’s a full 7.5 inches of goodness that you can use for penetration or some solo stimulation. For prostate massages, the shaft is curved in such a way that it can easily hit the target area.

    Is the Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager Worth Buying?

    What are the benefits of massaging the prostate, anyway? Those who are regularly massaging this part of the male body enjoy having a thoroughly cleansed prostate gland. When used in gland milking or prostate therapeutic massage, the process is made easier using the Ebony Prostate Massager. Prostate massages in general also help increase the intensity and length of a person’s orgasm. With these health and sexual benefits, there’s no doubt that buying the Ebony Vibrating Prostate Massager is well worth your money.

  • The Top 5 Gay Sex Toys

    Gay sex toyIf you’re itching to get it on with your partner who is also willing to introduce toys in the bedroom, your nighttime activities will be a lot more exciting. Here, we will take a look at the top five gay sex toys that you can purchase from Magic Moments UK.

    Top 5 Gay Sex Toys from Magic Moments UK

    There are a multitude of benefits from using sex toys. Aside from boosting sexual health, it can also enhance your sex life, give you longer-lasting orgasms, and intensify the intimacy that you and your partner share. If you’d like to enjoy these benefits and more, check out our list of the top five gay sex toys from Magic Moments UK:

    1. Red Boy Hollow Strap-On Penis
    Part of the Doc Johnson line of sex toys, the Red Boy Hollow Strap-On Penis measures 7” in length and 2” in width. The straps are removable so it can be used for flying solo, or for some girl-on-girl action.

    2. Luxury Feel G-Spot and Clit Vibe
    The Luxury Feel G-Spot and Clit Vibe may only measure 4”, but it does not discount the huge sexual pleasures that it delivers. This waterproof vibe is designed to massage the G-spot and tickle the clitoris, making for double the fun.

    3. Rodeo Anal Butt Plug
    Manufactured by Orion, the Rodeo Anal Butt Plug measures 20 centimetres and it’s a wand-style anal sex toy. As the string is pulled out, the graduated anal beads vibrate in four different speeds that can be controlled at the push of a button.

    4. Ebony Prostate Massager
    If you’re already a fan of gay sex toys, you might not yet have heard of the increasingly popular prostate massager. This Ebony product from Nanma measures a good five inches, and it’s designed to give vibrating pulses to the prostate for a truly mind-blowing orgasm.

    5. Men’s Pleasure Wand
    Finally, there’s the Men’s Pleasure wand which also comes from the popular Don Johnson collection. There’s 15 inches of sexual goodness here, and the toy is designed to massage the scrotum and testicles while stimulating the prostate. The wand is made from a jelly-like material, has multiple speeds, and is waterproof so it’s perfect for use in the shower.

  • How can a Penis Sleeve improve my sexual performance

    Penis sleeves have been a popular choice in the men's sex toy category for years. But, how can deploying one in the bedroom enhance your performance between the sheets? Male sex toy expert Alex Looper explains how getting to grips with one of these can tease her inner workings and leave you finally fulfilling your sexual destiny.

    male sleeveAlex explains that the use of a penis sleeve controls the blood flow and manages it effectively in your penis, which inevitably contributes to a longer lasting erection.  If that didn't tick enough boxes for our intrigued guys, penis sleeves also have specially designed ridges along the shaft to pleasure the inner wall of the vagina upon entry.  Alex tells of an experience with one women where ‘she never felt it so good in areas of her vagina that she never knew existed'.

    Beyond that, the extra girth provided by your brand new penis sleeve provides a boosted pulsating shaft into her, leaving both your manhood and her inner goddess chasing for the starts.  Now that's not a bad thing for a saucy Friday night in is it?

  • Top 5 Celebrity Sex Dolls

    A poll conducted by Magic Moments has revealed the top 5 celebrity sex dolls that men purchase to create the ultimate fantasy..

    With the vast technology and realism of material that now goes into making modern day sex toys, having a little fun with your favourite celebrity is now just a few clicks away with

    Jenna Rose love dollFar gone are the days of Lusty Linda and Erotic Estelle, made famous in the memorable Only Fools scene. Instead, a new dawn of sex dolls is upon us and men all over a clutching for a slice of the action.

    In a poll 500 men, Magic Moments' can reveal that it was in fact the J-Ho doll that came out on top, closely courted by the Bootylicious Black Sex Doll that will be your nasty girl. Get Mylie finally with the third most popular sex doll, whilst Sex in the City has never been more tempting than with the Sarah doll.

    If that wasn't enough to float your boat, Magic Moments' Eva Angelica doll, really let's you rock out whilst allowing you to fantasize about sex with a chick who can certainly bang a drum.

    Get to grips with our top five celebrity sex dolls. Whilst we can't guarantee you a night in Hollywood, we can certainly put your sex life on the A-List.

  • The Special Qualities of Fake Pussy Toys

    Fake pussy toys are well loved by men. That is because these sex toys for men are great pleasure toys and very portable also. That is why men who are always on the go can still experience sexual pleasure because they can easily bring their masturbators anywhere.

    Aside from portability, a fake pussy should be made from realistic cyber skin material. If a fake pussy has cyber skin, the vaginal canal and anal opening of your masturbator will feel like the real vagina and ass of a woman.Fake Vagina Sex Toy

    Excellent fake pussies should also have vibrating functions. If your masturbator is fitted with small bullet vibrators inside, you will be able to get extra stimulation from it. The vaginal and anal opening of these sex toys should be very tight also. A tight pussy can bring you intense pleasure and orgasm by squeezing the male shaft increasing the male pleasure.

    You can try the travel cyber realistic pussy if you want to own an excellent fake pussy that you can bring anywhere. This male masturbator is made form love skin material so the fake vagina will be soft and supple. It is also very compact and small so you can bring your masturbator on your travels.

    The sultry vibrating realistic pussy on the other hand is perfect for men who love red-lipped pussies. This is an ultra realistic fake pussy and very tight. Most importantly, the vaginal canal of this sex toy can produce powerful vibrations to enhance your sexual pleasure. You can also bring this fake pussy anywhere in order to get instant gratification from your masturbator.

  • Mojo Slinky Penis Sleeve Review

    So, I asked my boyfriend to test the Mojo Slinky Penis Sleeve for a week, my sexy lover was to regularly make love to me and report his findings back to Magic Moments. I had done my research and found that this sex toy for men holds the penis firm and offers you the chance to last longer.Mojo Cock Sleeve

    Now with benefits like that, how can you not be intrigued?

    He discovered that this penis sleeve offers extra girth and sensation to the inner walls of my vagina with a sensuous ripple presented along the shaft. I've used a few sex toys in the past with my partner and couldn't wait to get down to business and see how he performed.

    Aside from the great packaging, I loved how easy it was for him to put on. No awkward moments, just a simple slip on after a little foreplay and he was ready to do his thing. He'd normally come within about 15 minutes of an average visit to the 'love-tunnel' and after using the sleeve for a week, I found he tends to be lasting beyond 20 minutes each and every time, despite intensifying the thrusts into me. For this, an absolute winner for such a simple yet effective male sex toy.

    If that wasn't enough ladies and gents, the noises he was making are something I've never heard before and for that, this product was a big tick for his inner masculinity and manhood. Despite having to tell him to quiet down, for fear of the next door neighbors calling the police, as far as my experience with this sex toy goes, I'd have to say amazing!

    It's easily cleaned and stored away and he wants it more now than ever. A great, simple and effective toy for love making and i'd invite anyone to give it a try.

  • The Ultimate Male Masturbator

    Doing it Both Ways

    If you are looking for sex toys for men, for example, you can consider purchasing the Vibrating Mini-Fake Pussy and Ass from Magic Moments. The toy measures 5 inches by 7 inches. It is made from an ultra-realistic Loveclone RX material to mimic the encased feeling that men get when inside a woman’s vagina.Male Sex Toys

    When looking for cock masturbator products like these, the feel of the material is very important because having realistic ones add a lot to the experience. What makes using the Mini-Fake Pussy and Ass truly wonderful is that the tight openings are combined with the state-of-the-art technology used in making the ‘skin’ of the toy look as real as possible.

    Once you insert your penis into the opening, there are even ridges to enhance the feel during penetration. If you want to amp things up, you can use it with a vibrating egg – although it can be used entirely on its own. Finally, the Vibrating Mini-Fake Pussy and Ass is the perfect size for traveling, making it an ideal companion when you are away from your very own bedroom.

    Vibrators, sex toys for men, dildos, sex toys for women, sex dolls, anal sex toys, strap-ons, bondage gear, lubricants, adult novelties – these are just some of the categories of adult toys that you can consider buying. When doing so, make sure to purchase from reliable companies like Magic Moments which has been in the industry for over 25 years now.

  • Extreme Enlargement Pump Development Kit

    Masturbatory toys, fake pussy toys, penis enlargers, cock rings - when you first hear the names of these sex toys, they might sound a bit too intimidating. But most of them are actually easy and of course, pleasurable to use. If you're looking for good quality sex toys for men, make sure to check out sites like Magic Moments. They are a top adult toy manufacturer in the UK which has been spicing up the sex lives of adults in the nation for more than 25 years now.Enlargement Pump Kit

    A Must-Have Kit for Men

    One of the must-try items from the online store of Magic Moments is the Extreme Enlargement Pump and Sleeve Penis Development Kit. Most penis pump kits contain a tube for the penile shaft and a pumping mechanism. This kit goes one step further by including a rubberised internal sleeve and a rubber cock ring. The main tube is about 7.5 inches long, while the internal sleeve mimics the feeling of the penis being inside the vagina.

    Depending on whether you are using it for self-pleasuring or for penile enlargement, the kit can be utilized with or without the inner sleeve. Read the manual included in the kit carefully so that you can maximize the use of this penis pump device.

    To sum it all up, the Extreme Enlargement Pump and Sleeve Penis Development kit is a must-have for men because it gives you the best value for your money, and it’s a masturbatory/penis length enhancer device all rolled into one.

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