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  • Shopping For Adult Sex Toys

    Finances are tight for everyone these days, but that shouldn't be a problem when shopping for sex toys in the UK. By far the easiest way to buy adult goods is online. Thousands of websites are selling these pleasure toys and each of these have their own selection of hand picked products, each one design to enhance your sexual experiences. So where do you start? Well, don't entertain having to pay out hundreds of pounds, sex toys are generally low price items (a fact that is continally exploited by unscrupulous adult traders) so shop around. When you eventually find the right shop for you and you are totally happy with the websites security, pricing and delivery terms, go ahead and give them a try.

    After you receive your new stimulating presents make a conscious decision, were you satisfied with the service you experienced? If so, stay loyal to that site! This is how sextoyshopping goes about it's business, we are focused on customer satisfaction, the main reason for this is, we find returning customers often become extremely loyal and come back to us for many many years, even decades, our longest customer to date has been purchasing Magic Moments sex toys for no less than 24 years! With a predicted sex toys boom about to happen over the coming decade, consumers need to be increasingly wary of con-merchants and internet pirates hoping to take advantage of any shopper not fully on their guard.

  • When Sex Goes Wrong

    Sometimes things go wrong in the sex life of even the most loving couple. For example, with men it can be a sudden erectile dysfunction, whilst a woman may have a frustratingly hard time reaching an orgasm. Indeed, sex can be fantastic one day and lacking in excitement the other. If that spark of excitement is not back next time you engage in amorous activities, and then the time after, the feeling of frustration and failure roots itself in the mind. However, when it comes to long-term relationships, every couple should know that the problem of your sex life becoming stale, is always lurking around you. And it's only a matter of time before it attacks you. Knowing that, both partners should work together in order to restore the lost spark of passion and keep things fresh and exciting all the time. We have two pieces of professional advice for you: prolong your foreplay and incorporate sex toys into your lovemaking.

    When it comes to sex, foreplay is of utmost importance for women. Very often, it is the lack of proper foreplay which leads to a woman failing to experience orgasm. Foreplay is really something never to be neglected as long as the man is concerned about his woman's satisfaction. So, a message for all heterosexual men out there: do take your time to do all the passionate kissing, massaging, tongue teasing, tickling, naughty nibbling and all of this kind of stuff all over your woman's body. Blindfold her and see what an amazing effect it will produce. If you try adding a vibrator to the mix, she will be moaning and begging not to stop within no time, especially if you do it without her expecting anything like that. You may use a vibrator to massage her whole body, gradually moving down to her privates to ensure plenty of build-up. When after a while you move to intercourse, your woman will be doomed to experience an explosive orgasm or even a number of them in a row.

    Another fantastic sex toy to rekindle your lovemaking, is the cock ring. Cock rings or penis rings are simply a jelly material ring which fits at the base of a man's penis shaft to keep the blood flow from going back into the body. This results in increased erection and the ability to last much longer. Some cock rings also feature small bullet vibrators and specifically designed noodles to provide clitoral stimulation for a woman during penetrative sex. This type of cock rings is loads of fun for both partners, as the mini-vibe tickles and stimulates the clitoris as well as the penis. We do encourage you to check out our range of cock rings and pick one for a try-out, even if you live the most satisfying sex life. Why not make it absolutely awesome?
  • Foreplay as the Key to Enjoy Great Lovemaking at All Times

    The importance of sexual foreplay cannot be overestimated. It is essentially important for women who need to be both mentally and physically ready for sex. Yet, lots of men, being easily aroused and gratified, tend to neglect foreplay, jumping almost immediately to intercourse. This often results in a frustrating experience for the woman who is left afterwards with a nasty feeling of unsatisfying sexual encounter. However, this can be easily avoided if you're willing to learn a few ways to engage in the most exciting foreplay for both of you. In fact, a well-performed foreplay is a guarantee that the overall lovemaking experience will be outstanding for both partners. One of the best ways to make foreplay virtually impossible to be skipped is to make good use of sex toys!

    There are plenty of sex toys perfect for foreplay, including liquid latex, edible body paint, edible underwear such as the Candy G-String, all kinds of vibrators and a whole lot more. But before using any of these, you may want to set the mood for the night by taking a both or a shower together. The act of mutual cleansing is very intimate, exciting and arousing. So clean each other's bodies paying extra attention to the genitals. The experience is incredibly sensual and stimulating and will contribute to the further build-up of sexual anticipation. Some may prefer to introduce a waterproof vibrator into play right at this point, and that would be a wonderful option, but let's give your lady friend a special treatment this time. So after a bath when you are both all balmy and clean, give her a sensual massage. Arrange everything in advance, buy some sweet-scented massage oils, such as the Bergamot And Lemongrass Massage Oil, and use it abundantly. Do not move right in to the erogenous zones. Instead, work on her feet, legs, upper and lower back. Move close to her genitals without touching them to fuel her even more with desire. After a while you can surprise her beyond control by introducing a vibrator. In no time will she be moaning and squirming with pleasure, she may even orgasm at this point. And when you then proceed to intercourse, she'll be easily taken to the edge of climax!

    There is really nothing difficult about spicing up your lovemaking. The key is to be always playful and creative and never underestimate the importance of foreplay for both of you.

  • Sex Toys - Discover Sexual Pleasure Combined with Health Benefits

    Why would anyone want to use a sex toy? The answer is very simple – they can enhance your sex life with or without a partner. Moreover, sex toys are probably the best way to spice up a sexual relationship that has gone stale, make an already great sex life outstanding, or explore new ways to give pleasure to yourself and your partner. They also make a wonderful substitute partner in times when one is in between sexual relationships. But when you are with a partner, sex toys make your lovemaking downright fantastic! There are even cases when using sex toys is encouraged and even subscribed by a sex therapist in order to deal with some problems, such as premature ejaculation with men or inability to reach an orgasm with women.

    Long gone are the days when sex toys were considered a taboo. Nowadays, they are not only toys that offer sexual gratification but are gaining popularity for the health benefits they offer. Indeed, a lot of sex toys in the market have some therapeutic benefits. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction have benefited from cock rings. Women who have a hard time reaching climax have seen their sex lives improve with the use of Rabbit vibrators. And this is just to name but a few. Adult toys are no longer used for sexual pleasure only, but also as the devices to improve one's health in a number of ways.

  • Sex Toys are to Be Shared

    Since “Sex and the City” broke the ice there has been a major breakdown of sexual barriers both in the media and society. Fewer and fewer people feel embarrassed when talking about sex toys, whilst more and more people openly admit to own a few. It seems today that the notion of sex toys is officially out of the closet. And that's 100% true; considering the increasingly growing number of sex toy users throughout the world, we can say that adult toys have finally gained full acceptance in our society. However, lots of people still think that sex toys are something best used for solo activity. This is just totally wrong! By selecting the right sex toy you can supercharge your lovemaking with your partner and keep your sex lives as fresh as ever!

    Perhaps, you have a hard time reaching an orgasm together? Do you think your clitoris is understimulated during penetrative sex? Or maybe you or both of you want more G-spot stimulation? Different sex tits serve different purposes, and with the help of the right toy almost anything is possible! If you need some extra clitoral stimulation, there is a perfect sex toy for you. In addition to staying power, a great deal of cock rings offer profound clitoral stimulation either through protruding nodules or even the latter combined with a bullet vibrator for the ultimate stimulation. A nice clitoral vibrator would be your second option in this case. If you want to use it with your partner, make sure it is small enough to easily position on your clit without blocking movement. Clitoral stimulators are also great for use during foreplay. Get her juices flowing, watch her moan and squirm while stroking your penis for a while. When you move to intercourse you will have hear climaxing like crazy within no time!

    If you are more into G-spot stimulation, you can of course use your fingers to find that sweet zone, but a sex toy with a specifically curved tip, a.k.a. a G-spot vibrator, will make things a lot easier for you. Check out one our best-sellers – the Ejaculating G Spot Vibrator. We've been told lots of times that this one is one of the most powerful G-spot stimulators, able to make a woman multiple squirting orgasms. Just like any other vibrator, the G-spot stimulator is a perfect toy to use during foreplay, which is so important for the woman and so often ignored by the man. So buy a few toys, introduce them to your lovemaking and enjoy the best sex of your lives!

  • Enjoy Masturbation to Its Fullest with Our Sex Toys

    After so many years since the world was gifted with such treasure as the Freudian theory of sexuality and multiple psychoanalysis trends that followed, it is really sad to hear that masturbation is still frowned upon in so many societies across the globe. However, we have gone through centuries of ignorant sexual oppression and apparently it yet has to take a while before all people come to embrace their sexual nature. For now, though, this is the message for all the hypocrites out there who see masturbation as something “sinful” or to be ashamed of. Both male and female masturbation is perfectly natural. Moreover, there are so many benefits to it, as it relieves sexual tension, makes you feel better and feels great. Also many people know that way to make it feel fantastic! There are no secret techniques about this, they just use sex toys.

    Sex toys are intended for women as much as for men. They are designed to enhance your masturbation experience, making it as pleasing as ever. There are a huge variety of sex toys, each designed to serve its own function. The most popular sex toy for women is the world famous vibrator. It enjoys such great popularity because it provides unique sensations to the woman, something she can't experience otherwise. The powerful vibrations this sex toy produces, result in a fantastic stimulation of the female genitalia, the one that is so intense it can make a woman experience multiple orgasms. This is especially true with the Rabbit Vibrators. These are the king among vibrators, as they provide simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and vagina. The use of vibrators are also often encourage by sex therapists, especially in cases when a woman can't reach an orgasm through intercourse alone. In this case vibrators are best used during foreplay.

    The range of male sex toys is also quite extensive these days. The most basic one is a masturbation sleeve, which is a soft tube that adds a cushion of padding between your hand and your penis. This is very cheap sex toy, which is perfect for quick personal gratification. There are of course many of more advanced male sex toys. One of the most popular sex toy for men today is the well known Fleshlight or Fleshlamp. Designed to imitate the real pussy, it's often said to feel even better than the real thing. These fake pussy toys are sometimes encouraged to use by therapists to train a man to last longer in bed. In other words, male sex toys can cure a man of premature ejaculation.

    Here at SextoyShopping we sotck an extensive range of all types of sex toys at the most affordable prices you will find on the Internet. If you ever have any questions about our product, just give us a call and we'll help you pick an ideal toy for you.

  • Sex Toys for Hot Bathroom Fun

    Have you ever tried masturbating in a hot bathtub or in the shower? Anyone who has would admit that it's one of the most fun and pleasurable ways to get clean whilst also getting dirty. Everyone feels hornier when they're wet. And the feeling of extra lightness in water adds a new dimension to your experience. Moreover, water can have a relaxing and healing effect on you, increasing your sensuality. In fact, bathroom is an ideal venue either for solo pleaures or hot couple sex. Here at we are sure you should engage in sexual activities in for more places than your bedroom alone, that is why we've come up with our hand-picked selection of sex toys to be used in the bathroom or shower.

    The Ultrastud Suction Cup Waterproof Vibrator

    This is a detailed penis vibrator, designed for kinky underwater self-pleasing. It features a strong suction cup that will get stuck to any smooth surface (basically, any surface in the bathroom) to provide you with a hands-free experience. Featuring a clitoral stimulator at the base, it offers a deeply satisfying and unique feel. This upmarket vibrator is 8 inches in length and made of a jelly-soft material that bends with your every move.

    The Mini G Rock Vibrator

    A great value waterproof mini vibrator, this one is designed to please your clitoris, labia and G-spot all at the same time! Designed to give maximum stimulation to your most sensitive areas, the Mini G Rock Vibrator will be giving you multiple orgasms while you're having a relaxing soak in your hot tub. This is really an awesome vibrator to give you hours of triple pleasure.

    The Anal Bead Waterproof Vibrator

    This is an absolutely fabulous sex toy for anal play lovers. Perfect for use in the bath or shower, it features ribbed shaft with anal beads varying from small to large for maximum anal pleasure. Equipped with a detachable egg, the toy will vibrate your anus to the state of orgasmic bliss.

    Keep in mind that our natural lubrication washes away in water which can result in your privates being extremely dry. So make sure you have good quality silicone-based lube to keep you going throughout your long sexy bathtub session.

  • The Secret of Unquenchable Love and Sex Drive

    Anyone in the committed relationship sooner or later will face the nasty problem of the sex life getting less exciting as it used to be at the beginning. If this is your case, you are not alone. This is a natural process, millions of people go through this phase in their lives. No matter how much you love each other, this ugly nuisance of suddenly unsatisfying sex will hunt you down one way or another. This is all painfully frustrating and disappointing, but if you care about your partner and your relationship you will do your best to spice things up in the bedroom and keep it that way. Because if not taken care of your sex life will drag your relationship into the abyss of constant arguments and fits of hysteria leading to a painful breakup. This can be easily avoided if you are ready to explore new sexual avenues with your partner, rather than settling for a 10 minute missionary position intercourse once a week. Probably, the best way to try something new in sex is the use of sex toys.

    Sex toys are indeed a perfect way to turbocharge a sexual relationship that has become stale as well as to keep an already great sex life even more exciting. Some people may be embarrassed about introducing sex toys into their lovemaking, but if you talk to them about their comfort level with the idea, most likely they'll be willing to try! And the fact is sex toys can be anything from a vibrator to new sexy lingerie. The point is to introduce something new and fresh, something you haven't tried yet, and there are plenty of options. I terrific idea would be to use a vibrator during foreplay. Just try taking it out and using it on your women when licking her pussy and she's least expecting anything of the sort. You'd be surprised at how much she'd be excited. She would probably come before you moved to intercourse!

    Indeed, your options are incredibly varied. You may want to choose some scented candles to add sweet aroma to your room and set an erotic mood. Also a wonderful way to fire up intercourse can be something as simple as a cock ring. Select one equipped with a bullet vibrator and rock your woman's world. Try and bring it as a surprise as well, perhaps, have your lady friend blindfolded in advance.

    Pay close attention to your lover's needs and desires and do your best to fulfil them, 'cause if you do, you will live the happiest life together.

  • The Importance of Variety in Relationship

    It is one of the biggest challenges for every loving couple to keep their sex life from becoming boring, eventually. And keeping lovemaking fresh is no easy task. Even if you’re the most imaginative lover, you will run out of ideas sooner or later. The timeless rule here is to understand the importance of variety, which is the deadliest enemy of boredom. Also, don’t you ever forget that lovemaking is about having fun for both partners, it must be mutual pleasure sharing rather than one-sided thing.

    Whilst we never advocate sex toys as a replacement for the real thing, they are one of the best ways to add some new exciting variety to your bedroom fun through sexual experimentation. Sex toys are not designed for solo pleasure only. There are lots of adult toys that are great to use during intercourse or foreplay. They also add that playful zest into your bedroom, making a great lovemaking an outstanding one.

    Let’s start with something as simple as a cock ring. The Silicone Rabbit Cock Ring is loads of fun for a couple. Placed at the base of the penis, it ensures enhance erection and provides pulsating vibrations for the clitoris during intercourse. It works great with all women and especially those who love clitoral stimulation.

    Another fantastic ingredient to keep in your lovemaking pantry is sex furniture. Ideal for couples looking for experimentation, the Padded Sex Swing will provide you with the ultimate playground for exploring new love making positions! It is really loads of fun getting this freedom in your ability to take any position you can possibly think of! Also, the Seat of Love is a really handy device that lets you experience the pleasure of a new sex position in which both partners feel only the sweet penetration, with their weights being left out of the mix!

    Couples, who are open-minded and love exploring new avenues in sex, usually have a deeper bond and a more satisfying sex life.

  • Tips to Reignite Your Sex Life

    Sex is an essential part of our life. It the basic driving force that ensures the reproduction of species. Moreover, sex is a lot of fun, very healthy fun that makes us feel fantastic. That’s why it baffles us over and over again to hear people say their sex life has become painfully boring. This is an amazingly common thing with couples who have been together for a long time. With increased life and work pressures, they just think their sex life will be taken care of all by itself. Can’t be farther from the truth! In order to maintain a long, loving and trusting relationship with a partner, you need to make joint efforts to keep your passions alive. So how can we shake things up a bit in the bedroom to restore the initial, lust-filled moments that are usual at the outset of most relationships.

    There is absolutely no harm in experimenting with something new to spice up your stale sex life. And there is nothing bad or unnatural about using sex toys to enhance your lovemaking. In fact, they are probably one of the best ways to bring that spark of passion back into your bedroom. And you’re so wrong if you think that sex toys are used only by some freaky perverts and only for solo pleasure. Throughout the world millions of loving couples use sex toys in their lovemaking and feel more fulfilled and intimate to each other afterwards.

    If you’re reading this article because the problem of unsatisfying sex in a relationship happens to be your problem, we strongly encourage you to browse through our extensive collection of sex toys and pick a few for yourself. Choose a good-quality toy, such as the Fionas Jelly Exciter Vibrator, and try using it during foreplay. If your woman has never ever tried a vibrator on herself (unbelievable!), you will be surprised at her explosive reaction to powerful vibrations sending strong waves of unearthly pleasure all over her body. And watching your woman squirming uncontrollably and moaning with pleasure, is a tremendous trun-on for you all by itself. Five mins of you doing your woman with this vibe and you will rock your world during intercourse!

    Speaking about turn-ons, what about dressing up your lady in sexy lingerie (sounds more like dressing down=)). There is really nothing more arousing for a man than seeing her woman wear the sexiest, most lust-inspiring lingerie! Check out our collection;)

    with pleasure

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