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  • Get to Know Your Body by Indulging in Exciting Solo Pleasure

    Masturbation has been a taboo subject for centuries. Even now in our sexually-liberated society, masturbation is very often referred to as something dirty and shameful. Fortunately, the age of sexual enlightenment is just round the corner and self-pleasure is no longer as much an issue as it used to be before. More and more people today realise that masturbation is perfectly healthy and is in fact the safest form of sex one can practise. Here at SextoyShopping, we do our best to promote healthy lifestyle and active satisfying sex life as a way to keep your relationship flourishing. That is why, we are a huge advocate of masturbation as it’s a wonderful way to learn what feels best for you, relieve sexual tension, celebrate your body as well as give yourself lots of pleasure!

    Nowadays, there are plenty of handy devices designed specifically to assist you in masturbation - sex toys. Not only can they help you reach an orgasm times faster, the pleasure you’ll experience will be times and times more intense. Even if you have been masturbating for years, an addition of something that is not your hands, but capable of giving you amazing sensations, will be a great thrill for you. Whilst many women have tried vibrators, dildos and clitoral stimulators, only a few men have tried masturbation sleeves or male masturbators, such as the Vibrating Vagina Fleshlamp. Also referred to as the Fleshlight, it is a best-selling masturbator for men of 2010. Made from state-of-the-art cyber skin material and equipped with a vibration option, this sex toy is said to feel better than the real vagina! That said, this wonderful sex toy is ideal for men who want to enhance their stamina and learn how to last longer in bed! So browse through our large selection of sex toys for men and buy a few to take your masturbation experience to a whole new level.

    Sex toys for women come in a greater variety of models and designs. But if you are just starting out, we recommend that you get yourself a plain dildo with a lubricant. This will be enough for your first exploration. Over time you’ll get to know your body and the way it responds to different touches a lot better. Then you may want to add some sensual vibration for a zestier solo experience. Everybody is unique in their own way and so we cannot tell what vibrator will be best for you, still we encourage you to browse through our large collection of great value vibrators. Pick a few items from our range of sex toys for women and embark on the most exciting self-exploration ever! Bear in mind, however, that it may take time as well as a bit of trial and error learning before you find your ultimate sex toy!

  • Top 5 Female Sex Toys of 2010

    So 2010 is over. It’s been an interesting and productive year for us, and hopefully we will say the same about 2011 next year. But before that we would like to give you a brief summary of the best sex toys of the year gone by. Mind that, this isn’t a list of sex toys released in 2010, they are just the best-selling toys we got the greatest feedback on. So here are the top five female sex toys of 2010:

    1. The Lelo Gigi Luxury Vibrator

    Known worldwide as the company behind the world’s best pleasure objects, Lelo always surpasses one’s expectations. The ultimate in vibrator design the Lelo Gigi Luxury Vibrator is classy, organically shaped and pleasing to eye and touch. Well, to be true, it’s hard to believe how great this vibe feels to the touch. It’s like the smoothest velvet coupled with the softest feather. And imagine this quality combined with intense vibrations – this Gigi vibrator can really blow your mind away, and leave you squirming in your bed, overwhelmed by the intensity of the orgasm.

    2. The Vibe Therapy Rabbit Vibrator

    The Rabbit Vibrator has been the most popular vibrator since its creation in the early 1990s. Designed for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation, the rabbit vibrator family enjoys the reputation of one of the best orgasm-giving sex toys for women. The Vibe Therapy Rabbit Vibrator offers you the design and quality that are second to none. When using this vibe, its shaft will rotate at three increasing speeds to please the inner walls of your vagina, whilst its ergonomically designed shaft head is gently caressing your G-spot and the twin bunny ears are delivering the ultimate sensations around the clitoris. Made of medical-grade hygienic silicone, this luxury vibrator will give you hours of multiple orgasms.

    3. The Body Curve Luxury Vibe

    This great value vibe is perfect for G-spot play. Offering you powerful vibrations, it is a solid and smooth luxury vibe, designed with the focus on pleasing your G-spot. Moreover, it can be used for both vaginal and anal stimulation to target both the female and male G-spots.

    4. Lovers Wand Vibrator

    This amazing sex toy will make you a lover of intense vibrations! Featuring a specially shaped bulbous tip, this vibe delivers high power vibrations and can be used for vaginal and anal stimulation. In fact, this vibrator is so versatile that it can be used on virtually all parts of the body. Perfect to help you discover your G-spot.

    5. The Blue Vibro Cock Ring

    Considered to be one of the most couple-friendly sex toys, the cock ring is a nifty ring that fits at the base of the penis in order to restrict the blood flow back into the body. This results in prolonged erections and increased sensitivity for the men. The Blue Vibro Cock Ring is equipped with a removable vibrating bullet to stimulate the penis as well as the clitoris. Guarantees to spice up your lovemaking and add more fun and laughter to the bedroom.

    And we’re not forgetting about the male part of our clientele – next time we’re presenting you with the list of Top Five Male Sex Toys of 2010!

  • Sexual Rut as Good as Gone Now that You Use Sex Toys

    Sex is an essential part of everyone’s life. It is impossible to have a healthy relationship without living a healthy sex life. However, the biting irony of life says that all couple involved in a long-term relationship eventually face the problem of routine sex. At some point of their living together, things become monotonous with their painful predictability, and passions just die away. That is why lots of couples have learnt how to spice up their lovemaking by using sex toys. And these days there are fewer and fewer of those who think that adult toys are something disgraceful, shameful and to be held in contempt. In fact, sex toys have the potential of not only enhancing your masturbatory experience, but also of actually saving your declining relationship.

    A plain cheap dildo can make all the difference during your sexual encounter. It can be incredibly useful during foreplay, which as you know is essential for a woman to achieve orgasm. Designed in the shape of a man’s penis, dildos are also widely used by women to create life-like sensations of sexual intercourse. Available in a variety of shapes and colours, dildos are a timeless and versatile tool to give you hours of playful delight. There are also dildos that run on batteries, or vibrators. These are all the rage among women, as vibrators are known to push women to the edge of orgasm within no time.

    Probably one of the most couple-friendly sex toys is the cock ring. Cock rings are worn by men to restrict blood flow from the penis, which results in harder and prolonged erections. So if you have a difficult time keeping it up throughout the intercourse, cock rings are a perfect and cost-effective solution for you. So check out our collection of cock rings, there are so many makes of them, including ones that can vibrate to provide additional stimulation for both her and him.

    And what about the obvious and very effective means to inject irresistible desire into him? We’re talking about the sexy lingerie. Nothing is more exciting and arousing for a man than seeing her woman, transformed into a sex goddess by the pure magic of sexual clothing.

    After all, keeping your sex life fresh and varied is all about exploring the untamed world of your fantasies and experimenting with new things. So check out our range of great value sex toys (you may do it together, why not?) and break out of that sexual rut of yours as soon as tonight!

  • Dildos, There are Too Many of Them, How Can I Choose One?

    Since the market of sex toys is increasingly prospering these days, walking into a sex shop and being faced with all kinds of vibrators, dildos, G-spot stimulators and a lot more of other sex shop paraphernalia can be rather overwhelming. That’s why before buying anything we encourage you to do some initial research online in order to determine what type of dildo will work best for you. So what are the things you should consider when it comes to purchasing a dildo?

    OK, for those who might not know, a dildo is the most basic sex toy, a non-vibrating, non-mechanical device, used either for vaginal or anal penetration. Generally shaped after the human penis, for obvious reasons, the dildo is basically a standby for the penis, and it’s therefore necessary that the dildo cover for all the responsibilities of the penis - one of them being filling the vagina satisfactorily. So buying too small a dildo won’t give you the satisfaction you’re looking for, whilst buying an extra-large dildo, such as the Jeff Stryker Realistic Cock dildo, can cause a painful experience.

    Apart from the size, you should also take into account the design of your future intimate friend. From realistic depictions of the penis to more abstract concepts, every design will have different effect in terms of giving your pleasure. A realistic dildo is an adult toy that features every minute detail of a real cock – up to big testicles that can provide fantastic massage to your pussy. Use a realistic dildo during foreplay with your partner – let him or her see you playing with big veined gorgeous penis, this will turn him/her on beyond control!

    Curved dildos, like the Bendable G Spot dildo, are perfect G-spot locators, and can easily push you over the edge. There are also double-ended dildos that can be used either for simultaneous stimulation of your anus and vagina or for girl-on-girl sex, the latter making this toy a favourite lesbian sex toy!

    Check out our fantastic range of dildos as well as other adult toys, and keep in mind that a sex toy is an investment in your personal satisfaction, so choose carefully.

  • A Few Useful Tips on Bringing Sex Toys into Your Relationships

    If it feels that your relationship or married life is getting lacklustre day by day due to lack of sexual excitement that used to exist between you, then you definitely need to take your time to spice up your lovemaking. Otherwise, the day is not far when your relations can no longer work out, messing up your married life and eventually ending in divorce. What you need is to try and bring that gusto and fire back in your bedroom in order to save your relationship.

    One of the best ways to bring passion and ardent desires back in the bedroom is to introduce sex toys to your lovemaking. However, when it comes to using sex toys, the hardest part is not figuring out how to use them. It is finding a way to talk about using adult toys in case your lover is not as excited about them as you are. Even the most well-hung macho men can come to terms with sex toys once they realise that these pleasure objects are only accessories. Adding a toy to your sex life is not introducing a replacement lover or insulting anyone’s lovemaking skills , it is about enhancing intimacy and pleasure for everyone involved.

    There are so many good reasons to introduce sex toys into a relationship, not the least of which being that a good lover is always looking for ways to keep sex fun, interesting and gratifying. Sex toys cannot help adding more adventure to your sex life, especially after workdays, bills, chores, children and all that everyday fuss have some of the spontaneity out of your schedule. Adult toys will help you discover sensations that you never knew you liked, or never knew existed.

    The easiest way to get you lover excited about sex toys is to be excited about them in the first place. So let your partner in on your turn-ons and desires, because otherwise you risk having your partner see the sex toy as the enemy, rather than a helpful tool. Never be afraid to talk to your lover, instead, be proud and excited about what you want to do. One way to bring a sex toys into your relationship is to take charge and buy one! You may come to our online sex shop together with your spouse and browse through a wide range of great value couple-friendly sex toys in the privacy of your home. Click through categories like vibrators, dildos, anal sex toys, bondage gear and sex lubricants. Keep an open conversation, read the descriptions together and talk to each other about why you would or would not use certain products.

    Order a few sex toys together and when the goods get delivered to your home, wait for a while and when you’re both alone, open the box as a couple. When opening the box maintain enthusiasm and talk how you’ll use your new adult toys together. Then make it happen!

  • Indulge In Solo Sex Toy Fun

    If you’re looking for a personal playmate, then congratulations, you’ve come to the right place! Every girl must have at least one special pleasure toy that she would turn to for both stress relief and sexual satisfaction, regardless of whether she is single or romantically involved. So right now you just need to select a sex toy that will give you the most pleasure.

    Well, if you have no time or desire to deal with real live men and all their silly quirks, but you still want to enjoy a real live penis, you have loads of options at our online sex shop. Here you will find a large variety of sex toys designed specifically for women’s pleasure. Now you can finally admit that size does matter, and indulge yourself with a king-size European Lover Dildo, or take it easy with something small like Crystal Clear Small Dildo; the choice is all yours! These dildos are perfect to help pass the time when you’re spending an evening away from your lover.

    For most people, sexual dreams are all about blending reality and fantasy. That is when the Homer Dildo Vibrator can become your best friend. Modelled on porn star Homer J Wells, it is a perfectly shaped penis that represents a strong solid erection to fill you up. With it you will have the opportunity to discover for yourself just how little Homer’s co-stars were faking. Enjoy acting out your favourite scenes, starring yourself and your new toy. In addition, with a sex toy you have as many creative options as you do with a living partner. Suction dongs can be secured on various surfaces, including walls, floors, tables, so you can enjoy the sensations of being penetrated from behind, riding on top, lying on your side, or even standing up.

    And don’t you ever be afraid of getting addicted to these wonderful pleasure objects. Once you’ve experienced how satisfying a sex toy can be, you will be all the more eager to experiment with your lover!

  • Strap-ons to deepen lovers' intimacy

    If you mention strap-on harnesses with dildos, the first thing that would occur to most people is girl-on-girl scenes in porn where the actress wearing the harness plays as if she were a man, using vigorously a pretend penis to have intercourse with the other actress.

    However, strap-ons are not solely about women pretending to be men. Lots of heterosexuals love strap-on play as much as some gay male couples do. Indeed, using strap-ons during sex can be fun for everyone. With just a tiny bit of sensual imagination, strap-ons can add excitement, novelty, playfulness and even deeper intimacy to your love-making repertoire.

    A strap-on dildo is a dildo attached to a harness which is worn around the waist or hips during sex. This gives women an artificial penis right where one should be, or, in the case of men, provides an extra penis right below his own. Also a person who does not have a penis may use a strap-on, as may a person whose penis is no good for penetration, whether due to size or function.

    A strap-on dildo is used for a wide range of sexual activities, including solo or mutual masturbation, as well as vaginal, anal or oral sex.
    Some strap-ons are designed specifically for men, for example, the Great Value Strap-On Sex Dildo. Others are made with women in mind and include a removable vaginal plug on the inside of the harness.

    Strap-ons can be a great turn-on because they offer different experience! If you use a regular dildo you have to guide it by hand. Strap-on dildos free your hands, allowing them to be used to stimulate all other sensual parts of your partner’s body. Moreover, strap-ons enable men to play at having two erections at the same time which opens a possibility of double penetration, both vaginal and anal. Thousands of women know what overwhelming pleasure double penetration can give.
    Finally, exploring new avenues for having sexual fun brings you and your lover closer together. Many couples don’t like talking about their sex lives, whether out of shyness or other inhibitors. Because the use of a strap-on requires some sexual experimentation, lovers need to discuss how they’d like to enjoy this spicy innovation in their sex lives. This encourages partners to talk more openly about sex, which breeds sexual intimacy. Both emotional and physical intimacies are the reasons behind a burning ‘turn-on’

  • The differences on a dildo and a vibrator

    To most sex toys users there is little difference between a dildo and a vibrator, after all, both will do the same thing give sexual pleasure. But whilst everyone would agree they give pleasure, more discerning men and women will tell you there is a difference. Here we explain the main differences.

    The simplistic way of explaining about most dildos is they are phallic shaped, in other words they resemble a real penis in shape, length and detail including in most cases veins that can be seen on a real penis. When dildos were first introduced to the sex toys market, they didn’t include vibration, they simply were a replica for a penis. In recent years men and women gave their feedback and demanded that a vibrator be added to give more pleasure, manufacturers listened and many dildos now include a vibrator, these models are often referred to as vibrating dildos.

    Dildos come in all shapes, sizes and whilst most are flesh coloured, other colours like red and black are also available. The main benefit of any dildo is they are realistic and in the absence of a real penis are an ideal substitute both in look and feel.

    Most vibrators in the early days were made from hard plastic, they come in many different forms, smooth, ribbed and contoured. Recently, with modern innovation and new technology available vibrators have now taken on a new meaning. The colours available are almost all colours of the spectrum including some unusual ones in lime green and bright orange. Like dildos, customers are now more discerning about the type of vibrator they want and the introduction of new colours and shapes has boosted vibrator sales substantially.

    The size of many vibrators has been increased, again, because of customer demand many vibrators available today are in excess of 18 inches long. The main benefit of any vibrator is the power of vibration that the vibrator produces. Most vibrator models have multiple speed to give the versatility to the user of changing speed from slow to fast during use. In recent years new technology has also made vibrators more powerful and many models now include oscillation, pulsation and escalation together with 7 speed settings the Eclipse Ultra 7 Beaver Rabbit Vibrator is an example of a low price high-tech vibrator.

  • Inflatable Dildos

    With so many dildo types available it is often a difficult decision to make on which dildo to choose.  When choosing a dildo one of the important factors to consider apart from texture, colour and thickness is the size.  The saying is size matters, whether you believe or agree to that statement or not, size can make a difference to the pleasure a dildo can give.

    Imagine therefore if you buy a standard dildo and a few months later wish that you had bought one a bit bigger, it would mean having to buy another one, but there is a way to solve this problem and save you money too, buy an inflatable dildo.  This type will inflate to the size you want, to suit your mood.  Often women who use dildos want something bigger at certain times and at other times are quite content with a standard size, buying an inflatable dildo you can have exactly what you want.

    These type of dildos come with an attached pump at the base, you simply squeeze the pump and as you do so, the dildo inflates in length and girth, you simply continue squeezing the pump until the dildo reaches the size you want for your mood.  An inflatable dildo is both versatile and rather unique when compared to most standard versions.

  • Dildos and Dongs

    A common mistake is often made with dildos or dongs, they are often confused with vibrators. So lets try to clarify the differences. Usually a dildo is shaped like a penis and doesn’t vibrate, although there are vibrating dildos available. A dildo can be any shape, size or colour and they do come in different thicknesses. The main use of a dildo unlike a vibrator is to perform thrusting movements into the vagina to simulate the feel of a real penis.

    Many women enjoy using a dildo together with a vibrator or clitoral stimulator, they thrust the dildo in and out and place the vibrator at the same time on the clitoris, which can produce a very intense orgasm. A dong usually has testicles attached, the testicles make it look more realistic and many users say a dong is easier to handle when thrusting it inside the vagina.

    When choosing which dildo or dong is best for you, it is usually a good idea to buy one that resembles your partners penis size and girth, unless of course your partner is smaller than you wished for. You can buy dildos in a pack which have various sizes, usually small, medium and large. So try the smallest first then move up to the larger size.

    You will find that some dildos are massive, enormous in fact, as much as 15 inches long and 5 inches wide! One common mistake made by men who buy dildos for their partner is to buy one that is too big. We have discovered over many years of selling sex toys that some men have a fantasy of wanting to see their partner take the biggest dildo they can find, if you are thinking this and want to surprise your partner, be careful as you may be in for a nasty surprise at her re-action. Its a big mistake and can be a waste of money. The general rule is, if you are thinking about buying a big dildo for your partner, discuss it with her first. If she likes the idea of trying a large dildo then get one for her, otherwise get her one you know she will be happy with, or let her choose the dildo.

    As explained previously, Dildos come in all shapes and sizes, there are dildos that are so realistic they look like a real penis, jelly ones that bend, G-spot dildos and double ended ones which are normally used by lesbians or gay men. Double ended dildos are also used by some couples, which allows one end to be inserted into the male anus whilst the other goes into the vagina, back and forth movements by both couples pushes the dildo deeper into each other.

    One of our most popular selling dildos is Marcelo Everardo's Explicit Love Machine Dong

    Dildos can be solid or flexible, smooth or veined and the choice of colours varies from flesh to pink, red to black and many other colours. For lesbian sex, we have a variety double ended dildos for dual satisfaction. We have a complete range of dildos to satisfy all tastes. One of the most popular ranges of dildo are the jelly variety. These are soft to touch, are flexible enough to bend and find all those little hot spots but are solid enough to be very satisfying.

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