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Dildos and dongs that replicate a mans penis, talk about size, shape, colour and texture. The debates could go on for ever, when you take a look at the huge range of dildos on available to buy in todays dildo market.

  • How to Properly Use Glass Dildos

    Whether you’re a glass dildo virgin or not quite getting the most out of your new sparkly sex toy, discovering how to properly use glass dildos is essential to truly getting the most out of one.

    You may have invested in this growingly popular type of toy for solo play, or for use with your partner. However, if you’re a newbie, it’s definitely worth getting to grips with it alone to begin with, in order to learn its true capabilities and feel completely comfortable by the time you introduce it to your other half.

    It’s imperative that you both see and feel how it works and what does it for you, before you let them loose on you in an explosion of passion.
    Letting your partner know how you like it will make you feel much more comfortable when it comes to using it together. You can even show them what you like beforehand, before passing over the reins, laying back and slipping eagerly into heaven.

    First things first when it comes to using a glass dildo, for the first few times especially - always use a water based lubricant! The chances are, you’ll naturally be a little drier than normal if you’re feeling a little apprehensive of this huge glass object you’re about to put inside you. But fear not, this is perfectly normal and things will soon start to naturally loosen up.

    To begin with, take things slowly. Make sure your phone’s in Airplane mode and your door is locked. To use glass dildos start by gently massaging your vagina lips and clitoris with the tip of your chosen glass dildo, before beginning shallow probing after opening up your labia - this will really help you build up your confidence. Do this for five to ten minutes, to generate some toe curling anticipation. Remember to switch between these introductory techniques during this time to give your body a variety of different stimulations.

    Assuming everything feels comfortable, begin to reach the deeper parts of your vagina with faster and more probing movements. Whilst you do this, use your finger to stimulate the clitoris, which will build you up to a more explosive and potentially simultaneous clitoral and vaginal orgasm.

    Now is the time to really experiment with your new glass sex toy and most importantly have fun whilst doing so. Experiment with different speeds, thrust strengths, rhythm and movements, until you discover exactly what works for you.

    When you’ve taken just about all the orgasms you can handle for one steamy session, it’s important to clean your glass dildo with warm water and washing up liquid. After it’s rinsed and left to dry, store it in a pouch and keep it safely hidden until the next time you’re ready to use glass dildos for playtime.

  • Top 7 Strap-Ons

    Luxury-Hollow-Strap-On-2If you think that strap-on dildos can only be used during girl-on-girl sex, think again. There are strap-on dildos with harnesses which can be used to enhance male erection, as a second penis for threesome fantasy play, or a hollow strap-on dildo for making a man feel larger and longer than he actually is. If it’s your first time to use strap-ons, these are definitely a must-add to your sex toys collection because they can be used any number of ways.

    7 of the Best Strap-Ons from Magic Moments Sex Toys UK

    The good news is that online stores like Love Toys UK have a huge selection of strap-ons to choose from. To get you started, here are the top seven strap-ons that you can buy on site:

    1. Double Pleasure G-Spot Strap-On
    If you’re looking for a strap-on that gives double the pleasure, check out the Double Pleasure G-Spot Strap-On from Magic Moments. It has two curved tip dildos which feel very luxurious to the touch. The double dong can be used for double penetration during sex.

    2. Fetish Fantasy Series Heart Strap-On
    Measuring a good seven inches, the Fetish Fantasy Series Heart Strap-On can be used for vaginal penetration or anal probing. The packages comes with a naughty mask, cleaner, and lubricant.

    3. Fetish Fantasy Series Bendable Strap-On
    Also measuring a good seven inches is the Fetish Fantasy Series Bendable Strap-On with a black dildo. As the name implies, the dildo naturally bends to the curves of the human body, thereby increasing sexual pleasure.

    4. Gigolina Strap-On Dildo
    If you’re looking for some extra-large fun in bed, check out the Gigolina Strap-On Dildo. The dildo measures a good 8.5 inches, there are three vibrating modes to choose from, and there’s a strong suction cup at the base.

    5. Luxury Hollow Strap-On
    To enhance male erection, the Luxury Hollow Strap-on can be used. The hollow dildo can be worn by men, thereby resolving any erection or endurance problems.

    6. Red Boy Hollow Strap-On
    The Red Boy Hollow Strap-On is another hollow dildo which can be worn by men. Aside from assisting in penetrative sex, the dildo is curved in such a way that it targets either the male or female G-spot, depending on who’s using it.

    7. Realistic Strap-On Dildo
    Finally, there’s the Realistic Strap On Dildo which is a pretty straightforward approach to adult toys. The dildo has a realistic shaft complete with detailed veins, and is held securely by a durable harness.

    Which among these strap-ons from Magic Moments Strap Ons are you looking forward to using?

  • How to Use a Strap On Dildo

    strap onA lot of people have the misconception that strap-on dildos are only used by lesbians. Although that is the most common use, there are many other creative ways that this adult toy can be used, even by straight couples. To give you an idea of how to use a strap on, take a look at the following list:
    - Strap-on dildos can be worn by women as an artificial penis for penetrative sex.
    - It can be worn by men who have erectile dysfunction problems.
    - It can be used as second penis for double penetration, or to make men feel larger.

    Basically, a strap-on dildo consists of two pieces: the harness worn around the waist or hips; and a dildo fitted into the material. It might be a bit fussy to wear but once put on, a strap-on dildo will enhance the sexual enjoyment of a couple and it can even be used for role playing.

    Maximize Your Enjoyment & Use of Strap-On Dildos

    So how can you maximize your enjoyment and use of a strap-on dildo? First, you have to choose which strap-on dildo to use. From Magic Moments UK, some of the most popular are the Flesh Strap-On Dildo Collection, the Easy Rider Hollow Strap-On Dildo, and the Strap-On Gigolina Dildo. Different models have two basic styles of harnesses: jocks and thongs.

    For a strap-on dildo with a thong-style harness, one strap is worn around the waist or hips which is where the dildo holder is attached and hung. The other end of the strap is ran between the legs then attached to the strap on the waist or hips.

    For a strap-on dildo with a jock-style harness, one strap is worn around the waist or hips, then two more straps are attached to the base or the sides – all of which are attached in the back. The third strap provides extra support for the dildo.

    Most adults find the thong-style harness more comfortable to wear, although jock-style shows more skin, which is what other people prefer. There are also different types of strap materials available including leather, nylon, or elastic – while the dildo holder can be made from leather, rubber, stiff neoprene or rubber.

    After buying the strap-on dildo, make sure to use it properly. Wear it according to the manufacturer’s instructions – and use plenty of lubricant. Unlike traditional penetrative sex, strap-on dildos need a little help so the rear-entry style position works better. Since the hands are not used because of the straps, your hands will be free to roam your partner’s body, making the sexual experience more erotic.

    With plenty of possibilities on how you can use it, there’s really no reason why you should not add a strap-on dildo to your sex toys collection.

  • Three of the Best Realistic Dildos

    realistic sex toyIf the purpose of adult toys is to enhance sexual pleasure, why not choose ones which look as realistic as possible? Thankfully, the technology behind sex toys manufacturing has greatly improved over the years. You can now buy masturbators which look like real female genitalia. There are even some sex toys which are moulded after the actual body of adult film stars to enhance user experience.

    Top 3 Best Realistic Dildos from Magic Moments UK

    Let’s say that you are looking for dildos which appear to be utterly realistic. Which items can you buy from Magic Moments UK that will make you feel as if you are touching the real thing? Here’s our top three pick:
    1. Blown Away Realistic Dildo
    Measuring 23 centimetres in length and about four and a half centimetres in width, this realistic dildo is a reproduction of a real penis. It has a pronounced head, a veined shaft, and life-like testicles. The material is similar to human skin and it’s made with very close attention to detail to make it as realistic as possible. The Blown Away Realistic Dildo comes with a suction cup base for easy use.

    2. Latex Penis Realistic Dildo
    How about using an eight-inch dildo which is made from a latex material which is similar to human skin? The Latex Penis Realistic Dildo from Magic Moments UK is cheap but high-quality, and has a veined shaft with a slight curve to mimic the imperfect shape of a typical penis.

    3. Samson’s Swinging Delight Realistic Dildo
    You’d know that a sex toy is ultra-realistic when, in one glance, you can easily mistake it for the real thing. The 8-inch Samson’s Swinging Delight Realistic Dildo is as real as it gets. The shaft is made from material that’s similar to human skin in texture and colouring. It’s also made with close attention to detail, starting from the shape of the penis to the veins that stick out. Finally, it has a strong suction cup at the base so it can be used in a hands-free manner.

  • The top 5 Black Dildos for 2016

    Black Dildos from Magic MomentsTake Your Pick from these 5 Black Dildos from Magic Moments UK. Dildos come in different sizes, shapes and even colours. Those who’d like to have a realistic feel to their sex toys might prefer dildos which are made from cyberskin. They feel and look like real human skin, and come in different sizes. There are also dildos made from glass, smooth metal, plastic, silicone and similar materials. What about black dildos? If you prefer this type of an adult toy, there are plenty of options that you can choose from when visiting Magic Moments UK.

    Top 5 Black Dildos in 2016 from Magic Moments UK

    The top five black dildos from Magic Moments UK are:
    1. African Lover
    Measuring 23 cm., this African Lover Dildo is a realistic-looking black dildo. Close attention is paid to the details of the product so you can feel in your hands the veined shaft, as well as the lifelike penis head. The best thing about this African Lover Dildo? The price. It’s available on site at a very low price, while giving you double or triple the pleasure of regular dildos.

    2. Bully Boy Black Dildo
    An 8-inch black wonder that you can use for sexual stimulation is the Bully Boy Black Dildo. It’s one of the most popular dildos on site which has a firm, multi-speed vibrating penis tip, stimulating nodules at the base and a veined shaft for that realistic feel.

    3. Big Mr Black Dong
    You will definitely feel full when using the Big Mr. Black Dildo. Measuring 29 cm., it has a perfectly-shaped penis head complete with veins on the shaft. It’s made from a jelly-like material so it feels soft but firm to the touch, and it has just-the-right length for big sexual pleasures.

    4. Bent Black Dildos
    A unique take on the traditional dildo is the Bent Black Dildo which has exactly that: a bent phallic shape. The goal of the sex toy is to target a woman’s G-spot. It comes complete with a set of testicles, and has a base that will stick to most flat materials.

    5. Black Dildo - Double Ended Massive
    Talk about double the pleasure! This Black Double Ended Massive Dildo has a girth of 6 inches and a total length of 18 inches. The material is a jelly-like substance and both ends have a realistic penis shape, while the body is that of a veined penile shaft. The dildo is designed to bend in half so it can be used for vaginal and anal stimulation – at the same time or by both partners. No matter how you use it, this black double ended dildo will surely give you double doses of sexual stimulation!

  • Top 5 Real Feel Dildos

    Real Feel DildoDildos come in different sizes, shapes and materials. These adult toys have become more and more popular over the years, along with vibrators. Among the many types of dildos that you can add to your sex toys collection are realistic or real-feel dildos. As the name implies, these are made using a material which has the similar color and feel of human skin, so it's like you are playing with the real thing. Realistic dildos come in a variety of sizes and to amp up the realistic tag, they are made with close attention to detail. Some real feel dildos have smooth shafts while others have all the details right, up to the veins on the shaft and the shape of the head, all the way to the balls.

    Take Your Pick from Our Top 5 Realistic Dildos

    If realistic dildos are what you prefer, take a look at our top five pick of the best ones in the market today:
    1. Cyber Skin Cock with Balls from Magic Moments
    If you like it thin and long, this Cyber Skin Slimline realistic dildo is perfect for you. Its dual density CyberSkin material stimulates a fully erect cock, and is firm enough for maximum penetration.

    2. John Holmes Realistic Dildo from TooTimid
    Modelled after adult film star John Holmes, this realistic dildo from TooTimid is a realistic replica, lifelike, and even has hand-painted veining and ball details. The dildo has a strong suction cup base for hands-free use and is made from ultra-realistic UR3 material.

    3. Lifelike Realistic 8-inch Vibrating Dildo from LoveHoney
    Combine the sensations of a dildo and a vibrator with this realistic dildo from LoveHoney. It has a contoured head, raised veins, firm balls and a suction base so you can use it hands-free. The vibrator has varying speeds and is connected to a wired controller.

    4. Ladygasm Brian 8” Realistic Dildo
    Soft, squeezable and flexible, this eight-inch dildo from Ladygasm is as realistic as it can get. It's also the perfect length and girth, making it a huge favorite from this online retailer.

    5. Outlaw Vixskin Vanilla Dildo from AdultSexToys
    Finally, if you like it long and big, you'll definitely love this 9 ½ inch Outlaw Vixskin Vanilla Dildo from AdultSexToys. its dual density construction combines pure silicone with a firm inner core for a more realistic feel, density and texture.

  • The 5 Best Dildos on the Market Today

    Next to vibrators, dildos are adult toys which deserve a place in an adult's bedroom drawer. These sex toys have been used for masturbation and sex purposes for thousands of years. Today, you can take your pick from different sizes, shapes and colors of dildos so there's something to fulfill every sexual fantasy.Which dildo?

    Which dildos are best?

    Thanks to the convenience of online shopping, there's no need for you to go to a brick-and-mortar store anymore to buy a sex toy like a dildo. You can simply choose your favorite sex toy, add it to your shopping cart, pay for the purchase and wait for the item to be delivered straight to your doorstep. With hundreds of models and dozens of brands to choose from, how would you know which dildos to buy? Take a look at our list of the top five best dildos in the market today:
    1. Double Dongs
    As the name implies, double dongs or dildos have penis-shaped heads on both ends. This can be used alone or with a partner, and there are different colors, designs and materials to choose from. Dildos are generally made from silicone, rubber, glass, jelly, metal or a synthetic material that's similar to human skin. With double dongs, you can experience double the pleasure!

    2. Dildos with Dual Penetration
    Another specially designed dildo is one which has a dual penetration feature. Unlike traditional dildos, it provides simultaneous penetration for both the vagina and the anus. If you like some backdoor loving along with the usual vaginal penetration, this dildo is definitely for you.

    3. Giant Dildos
    If size matters is a rule that you live by, there are plenty of giant dildos that you can buy online. The size of these giant dildos range from a hefty 10 inches, 12 inches or even 16 inches! What's good about using a giant dildo is that it is entirely up to you to control the depth of penetration.

    4. Glass Dildos
    Glass dildos are made from unbreakable fiber glass. The material feels luxurious and ultra-smooth to the touch, making it a favorite among the ladies.

    5. Realistic Dildos
    Finally, you can go for realistic dildos which are made with up-to-the-minute detail. If you want to feel the protruding veins, the texture of the shaft and all the other intricacies of a real penis in your hands, a realistic dildo will give you the best time in bed.

  • Realistic Dildo | Dont stop til you get enough

    This months product of the month comes in the form of our Blown Away Realistic Dildo. A luxury ultra life-like womens sex toy that guarantees intense and realistic pleasure. Formed of a heavily pronounced penis head, throbbing veins throughout an enter me please shaft and completely realistically testicles, get wet whilst having some alone time this summer.Realistic Dildo

    Not too big, or small, the Blown Away Realistic Dildo very much fills a void and is easily operated throughout all eight inches on offer. For well-hung fun, quickly get to grips with this dong and send your inner goddess to cloud nine.

    "A wonderful sex toy. I can't keep this out of mind. I love it's realism and how it feels in my vagina. I've been single for a couple of months and with this as back up, why on earth would I need a man :)" (Cheryl, Middlesex)

    "I love this sex toy! Great service and I've used Magic Moments for years' One of the best dongs I've ever used and I love how realistic it feels. I would highly recommend and have!" (Cathy, Sussex)

    "Fantastic product, long lasting and does the job. I've met a good man now, but for ladies in between, I'd recommend having some fun in-between the sheets Lovely!" (Amanda, Yeovil)

  • A Handful of Fun from a Black Dildo

    Big Mr. Black Dildo

    Flesh, pink or black? Life-like, plastic or glass? If you are buying an adult toy like a dildo, these are just some of the small and fun decisions that you need to make. In the tradition of making black dildos for women to have more fun in bed is the Big Mr. Black Dildo by Magic Moments. Dildos in general are used to bring sexual pleasures to women. They can use it when going solo or with a male or female partner. When buying the Big Mr. Black Dildo, is it only the color of the toy which makes a big difference in how it provides sexual pleasures? Not necessarily. To give you an idea, here is a quick look at the unique features of the Big Mr. Black Dildo:
    - 29 centimetres.Black Dildo
    - Realistic-looking.
    - Perfectly-shaped penis head.
    - Veins that stand out on the shaft of the dildo.
    - Made from a jelly-like material.

    A Handful of Fun from a Black Dildo

    The material that the Big Mr. Black Dildo is made of creates all the difference in the world. You can make it bend to your will, but the toy will still be stiff enough to give you worldly pleasures during penetration.

    Made by Magic Moments, you can rest assured that the toy is made from a high-quality material that will not pose any risks to your sexual health. Use it on the shower, while lying alone in bed or while tangling the sheets with your significant other. The Big Mr. Black Dildo will definitely add some punch and spice to your sex life.

  • How to Play Safe with Your Glass Dildos

    Some people think that glass dildos are not safe to use. However, you have to remember that a glass dildo is made from industrial strength glass and reinforced with acrylic. These components make glass dildos extra strong and durable.

    Because a glass dildo is very durable and shatter proof, you can play with it in any manner you want. For example, if you want a warm dong inside your vagina or anus, you can place your glass dildo inside the microwave or soak it in warm water. After getting the right temperature, you can now use a warm dildo which could intensify the sensation you will feel.

    On the other hand, if you fancy a cold dildo, you can simply put your glass dildo inside the freezer. After five minutes, your glass dildo will be ready to give you pleasure.

    Although glass dildos have smooth surface, you should still apply liberal amounts of lubricants on them. You can use any type of lubricant because glass dildos do not have sensitive surfaces that can be damaged by oil or petroleum-based lubes.

    If you want to use a double-ended glass dildo for anal and vaginal penetration, the crystal wave blue acrylic glass dildo would be best for you. This glass dildo is reinforced with acrylic glass so it will be very durable. It has a curved tip to locate the G spot while the other end is rounded which is suitable for anal penetration.

    You can also try the crystal hook acrylic glass dildo which can be used also for anal and vaginal pleasure. This dildo has an ultra smooth surface and very hygienic. With proper care and maintenance, this glass dildo can last for a very long time.

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