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Welcome to the sex toys tips and advice guide. When shopping to buy sex toys its always handy to get some sex toys tips and advice especially if you are buying your first sex toy. There are many myths about sex toys, so here you can pick up some handy sex tips and learn how to get the most out of your purchase.

We've organised our free sex toys tips and advice into several different easy to follow sections. Rather than read this complete guide in one sitting, click the links for the sex toys tips and advice that most interests you from those listed below.

» Tips On Using Sex Toys

» Buying Online Or From A Sex Shop Tips

» Tips For Choosing The Right Sex Toys

» Sex Toys Texture, Tips For Selecting The Right Texture For You

» Tips On Different Types Of Sex Toys

» Lubricating Your Sex Toys Tips

» Tips For Choosing The Power Of Your Sex Toys

» How To Care For Your Sex Toys Tips

» Tips On Sharing Your Sex Toys

» Useful Tips On How To Store Your Sex Toys

» Some Tips On Discreetly Hiding Your Sex Toys

» Sex Toys Cleaning Tips

» Tips On Batteries For Your Sex Toys

Tips On Using Sex Toys

Men and women from every walk of life, irrespective of age, colour or size have been using sex toys to enhance their masturbation experience for centuries, today sex toys are also used by couples to help enhance their sex lives. For centuries, many different items including bananas, cucumbers, polished wooden objects and even nowadays common household objects like hair and tooth brushes are used as sex toys by women to penetrate the vagina and stimulate the clitoris. Men have used a variety of objects as sex toys into which they put their penis to simulate a real vagina, including carving out fruit, like melons into which they insert their penis for masturbation and pleasure.

Today modern sex toys are so reasonably priced, most men and women choose to buy sex toys rather than use homemade sex toys.

Sex toys are wonderful pleasure items for men and women of all ages, they can be used alone or with a partner, sex toys can increase your satisfaction enormously. Sex Toys can often put a little bit of sparkle back into a couples sex life that has become a little stale. In countless studies on sex toys it has been proved again and again that sex toys can also help the large number of women who are not able to orgasm through traditional sex. The invention of clitoral stimulators and modern vibrators including rabbit vibrators have helped many thousands of women to achieve an orgasm for the first time.

Dispelling The Myths About Sex Toys

First of all, lets dismiss the myth that people who use sex toys are dirty minded individuals or perverted sad people that dont have much of a sex life. Incredibly, the type of people who hold this view are usually those who have a boring or non-exsistent sex life themselves!

Over the past 20 years or so its a proven fact that the use of sex toys has risen dramatically, mainly because, so sex studies say, we are becoming much more liberal in our views on sex, but more importantly perhaps is the fact that the range of high tech sex toys now available has provided enormous additional pleasure during sex. It is important to note the words additional pleasure.

Most couples buy sex toys to give additional sex pleasure in the bedroom, this is how it should be, sex toys are not designed simply for solo use or as a substitute for sex, they are there as an additional pleasure aid.

However, it is important to mention that there is no right or wrong where using sex toys are concerned. It is purely a matter of individual taste.

Sex Toys In A Relationship

In many relationships it is common to find that one enjoys sex toys, whereas their partner prefers not to use them. Sex studies have shown that more men want to use sex toys than women. Yes true, studies have proved this. Although a little hard to believe perhaps, it is a fact that more men have the need to have sex toys in their life than women. This fact may be a little easier to digest when you consider that women are very much more emotional than men, so when it comes down to the intimate suggestion of introducing a plastic object to provide pleasure for the woman, many women get repulsed by the thought of it. However, these same women who for one reason or another may change their views as they get older, when trying a vibrator or sex toy for the first time, most find fantastic pleasure and then regret the fact they have not used one earlier in their life.

The biggest single question we are always being asked is how can I get my partner to agree to using sex toys during our lovemaking. There is unfortunately no easy answer to this question. There is one thing that must always be remembered, for anything to be pleasurable it must not be forced upon someone. So never consider the forceable approach, if your partner is adamant they want nothing to do with sex toys you will have to leave it there. Strangely however, adamant does not mean no. To explain, in our experience many customers have discovered that whilst their partner initially said no to sex toys, it was not because they were repulsed by them it was simply because they were embarrassed to say yes because they were worried what their partner would think.

Dont Be Afraid To Try Sex Toys In Your Relationship

Many men and women DO want to try sex toys but are afraid to admit this to their partner for fear of being looked upon as strange, weird, inadequate or perverted. The best way to approach introducing sex toys into your sex life is to discuss it first with your partner. Ok so here is problem number one. You find it difficult to discuss such an intimate thing with your partner? If this is the case, you may have a problem that needs professional advice because if you are not able to discuss sexual pleasure with your partner, it could be you are with the wrong person.

Whilst this may sound harsh on the face of it, it could be true, even if you have been with your partner for many years. By all means try introducing a sex toy into your relationship without first discussing it, but be prepared for a negative response. It is best to talk to your partner first, suggest it in a 'matter of fact way' without putting pressure on them, a suggestion like "I saw a vibrator in a magazine the other day, it was something called a rabbit vibrator, I was thinking as a bit of fun to get one what do you think?" Gauge their response either favourable or negative. At least you have a starting point. You might like to say the same thing to your partner but in a third party way, in other words, "A group of friends at work today were talking about something called a rabbit vibrator, I was thinking as a bit of fun to get one to see what it is like, what do you think?" Whether the response from your partner is positive or negative, you have at the very least started a discussion. If its positive, then buy one. If its negative, ask your partner why. Obviously, we can only give limited guidance to this point, as it very much depends on what the response is, the answers to every question your partner comes up with will be varied and we don’t have the space here to cover every response. Hopefully however, this information will help you to break the ice. Assuming you get a favourable response along the lines of "I dont mind giving it a try etc" you then need to consider where to buy your sex toys.

Tips For Buying Sex Toys Online Or From A High Street Sex Shop

Obviously we are an online sex shop site so in this section we will try to be impartial. There are advantages and disadvantages to shopping for sex toys online and buying in shops. Here we will look at as many of the pros and cons as possible leaving you to decide which method you feel most comfortable with.

Buying From High Street Sex Shops - Advantages

  1. You may be able to touch and feel products before you buy, however, many sex shops DO NOT allow boxes to be opened so be careful which sex shop you choose to buy from. Some shops will have a demonstration model on display others will not.
  2. You can buy now, take home and use straight away.
  3. You can ask questions about sex toys products in the shop, provided the sales assistant is properly trained or not too busy.

Buying from High Street Sex Shops - Disadvantages

  1. Restricted Choice. Most sex shops have limited space, so your choice is restricted. Many sex shops will only stock the medium to higher priced models, rather than the full range. This is because they need to make as much profit as possible to pay for overheads, like rent, rates, wages etc.
  2. Embarrassment. Visiting a sex shop in your home town can be embarrassing especially if a friend or neighbour sees you going in or coming out.
  3. Higher Prices. With large overheads like electric, rates, staff wages and rent and in the case of licensed sex shops, high licensing fees, that often run into tens of thousands of pounds, generally the prices in sex shops have to be much higher than online. Also, in many shops sales assistants are `trained to sell up` customers to the most expensive sex toys, pressure selling can often mean you spend a great deal more than you wanted, or worse still you leave the shop with items you didn’t really want to buy.
  4. Returns and Faulty Goods. If you happen to get home and the product develops a fault, it requires you to make another visit back to the shop, a possible further embarrassment.
  5. Physical Visit. Unlike ordering online in the comfort of your own home, you need to visit the shop which can mean fighting the crowds, problems with parking and additional hassle.

Buying From Online Sex Shops - Advantages

  1. More choice and variety. Online sex shops are able to stock and offer a much larger choice. Magic Moments Sex Toys has over 2000 sex toys in stock, with access to more than 5000 other sex toys and sexy clothing items.
  2. Confidentiality. Buying sex toys online means there is no embarrassing visit, you browse in the comfort of your own home, you shop at your own pace.
  3. Control. You are in full control of the sex toys you purchase and can quickly compare prices online. YOU DECIDE how much you pay, there is no pressure selling and if you change your mind about a product, a simple click is all that is needed to delete a product from your shopping basket.
  4. Cheaper prices. You are able to compare sex toys prices with hundreds of online sex shops at the click of a button, which ensures you never pay more than you should for any sex toy product. Magic Moments Sex Toys offer the lowest price guarantee on every sex toys product we sell. Quite simply, if you can buy a sex toys product on our site anywhere else cheaper, we guarantee to beat the price.
  5. Time And Convenience. You choose when you want to buy, online sex shops take orders 24 hours a day, high street shops are only open limited hours.

Buying from Online Sex Shops - Disadvantages

  1. Delivery. You have to wait for your items to arrive. aim and strive to send orders the same day, we offer the option for NEXT DAY DELIVERY so if you shop with us you can get your sex toys next day. The vast majority of items we sell are in stock. A word of caution here however, not all online shops hold stock, they give the impression they do but in truth many only order a product once they have made a sale. Online shops that operate this way will keep you waiting sometimes for many weeks, they are also breaking the law because it is classed as `forward trading`. The sad fact is many customers wont know this until AFTER they have had their debit or credit card charged. Our advice here is to shop with a company like Magic Moments who stock the vast majority of items on offer. Also, if you have a query you can always telephone us on 07809 258127 during office hours to check stock or ask questions BEFORE you order.
  2. Personal Details. Buying online sex toys means you need to give the supplier personal details about yourself, you have to be confident that your details are treated confidentially. Magic Moments Sex Toys are registered under the Data Protection Register which ensures that your personal details are stored securely. We act within strict guidelines to ensure that any personal details we hold are used properly and only used to deal with your order. When choosing to buy from any other online sex shop check they too are registered under the Data Protection Act, if they are not you could risk getting your details passed on to dozens of other companies.
  3. Descriptions and Sizes. Another disadvantage to be considered when buying sex toys online is that you must rely on the supplier you buy from, accurately describing the sex toys you want to purchase. You need to trust a supplier over this otherwise you get something that does not live up to the description once it arrives. We have been established since 1985 and have served over 1 million customers, this alone should be proof enough that you can trust us like over a million customers already have.

Tips For Choosing The Right Sex Toys

Choosing the right sex toys is an important part of the fun! This is especially important for first time users because a vibrator that is too big for example, will almost certainly put off your partner for future use of sex toys.

In our experience, many men who buy a vibrator for their wife or girlfriend for the first time, often buy one that is bigger than the average. Wrong move guys! A vibrator or dildo that is too big is sure to be a turn off rather a turn on.

It appears from our research that many men do this because it is their secret fantasy to see if their girlfriend or wife can take the size, a little crude perhaps, but nonetheless this seems to be the reason.

Magic Moments Sex Toys stock thousands of sex toys, vibrators, dildos and female stimulators so the choice is enormous and can sometimes become confusing as to which one to choose.

For those men who are buying sex toys for their wife or girlfriend for the first time, we recommend you purchase a sex toy, vibrator or dildo that is similar in length and girth to that of your own penis. This ensures you are getting something which your wife or girlfriend is used to. If however, your wife or girlfriend suggests something bigger you can always buy a bigger sex toy at a later date.

For you ladies who are buying sex toys for the first time, we recommend choosing a sex toy that you like the look of, choose one that provides satisfaction for your personal choice. If you enjoy penetration, choose a dildo or vibrator. If you prefer clitoral stimulation choose a clitoral stimulator. If your preference is both penetration with clitoral stimulation, a rabbit vibrator as an example, is an excellent choice.

Decide On Internal Or External Stimulation From Your Sex Toy

The vast range of sex toys available for women gives you countless opportunities to choose the right type of sex toy that can give you the right type of stimulation you want. For example, do you prefer internal stimulation of the vagina? Or are you more keen on clitoral stimulation? Or as with most women you probably like both. What size, what shape, what do you want it to do? these are the questions you need to answer to make the right choice of sex toy for you.

Here are a few questions that will help you to come to a decision on choosing the right sex toy for you or your partner.

  1. Do you like a particular shape?
  2. Do you have a favourite colour?
  3. Are you fussy about the material it is made from, there is plastic, silicone, latex and rubber?
  4. Do you prefer solid sex toys or flexible ones?
  5. Do you want a classic sex toy or do you want to experiment with something a little more unusual?
  6. Are you looking for one to use solo, with a partner or both?
  7. Do you enjoy clitoral stimulation more than internal stimulation or both?

Your answers to the above questions will give you a starting point on which to build. It is important to choose a sex toy that you are going to be comfortable with, don't let other people make the choice because you are unique - your individual choice should be your guide. Unless you want to be surprised by what your partner chooses for you.

Most people buy sex toys to enhance their love life and satisfy their sex drive, so when making your choice of what to buy, you should always keep this in mind. An open minded approach to sex toys is a good thing, so don't be afraid to try something new, it could be your key to even greater sexual satisfaction!

Many people who use sex toys will have more than one, in many cases they may have a full collection! The collection could include such things as vibrating love eggs, a range of vibrators, butt plugs for anal use, bondage restraints for playful bondage fun and much more!

Sex Toys Texture, Tips For Selecting The Right Texture For You

Sex toys are made in many different materials, silicone, latex rubber, jelly and plastic are the more popular ones, so lets take a look at each of these in more detail.

Silicone Sex Toys

The main benefit of sex toys made in silicone is that the material very quickly reaches your body temperature and will retain the temperature for a longer period, there is nothing worse than having a plastic vibrator that is cold inserted into a warm moist vagina unless that is your preference.

Another advantage of silicone is the smoothness, silicone sex toys tend to resemble skin, soft smooth and quite sensual. Washing silicone is very easy too, its non-porous and washes well with soap and water or a sex toys cleaner.

Whilst most people wont need to sterilise their sex toys, if you share your toys then silicone can be boiled and fully sterised without harming your sex toy and because silicone sex toys are mainly hypo-allergenic it is rare that they produce allergic reactions.

So in conclusion if you want a sex toy that will last you longer choose one that is made in silicone.

Jelly Vibrators And Jelly Sex Toys

Sex toys made from jelly are much cheaper than silicone ones, they tend not to be so smooth, but they do feel nice and sexy and they are now the most popular type of sex toy.

A great tip when using a jelly sex toy is to use plenty of water based lubricant, it must be water based otherwise it may damage the jelly material.

We recommend using Liquid Silk a lovely silky smooth water based sexual lubricant that is condom and sex toys friendly and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth without the tacky feeling that some sex lubricants leave behind.

Using plenty of water based lube will stop any sticky type feeling you can sometimes get with jelly sex toys. A large number of jelly sex toys do have a slight jelly smell to them, whilst most people don’t mind the smell as it is not unpleasant but it`s something you need to consider, especially if certain scents are a turn off.

With jelly sex toys you should only use warm water not heavily perfumed soap to clean them, the soap may cause damage to the jelly. Jelly sex toys are now very reasonably priced and the range available is increasing all the time.

Latex Rubber Sex Toys

Sex toys made from latex or rubber generally are much firmer than jelly or silicone ones, so whilst they provide fantastic satisfaction, they don’t tend to be so realistic or skin like. They are flexible but don’t bend as much as jelly or silicone ones, nonetheless they are popular and do a great job to provide sexual stimulation. Usually latex sex toys are the cheaper type so quite often you can buy two latex or rubber sex toys for the price of a silicone one, worth considering this when you are choosing the sex toy you want.

Solid Vibrators And Plastic Sex Toys

The major advantage of solid sex toys in plastic is that if they contain a vibrating motor, the vibrations are usually much more intense. This is because the motor transfers all of its power into something that is solid plastic, unlike a jelly one which absorbs much of the vibration. Plastic is very easy to clean, its very smooth, sometimes ribbed but can often look and feel a bit clinical because it is so solid and hard. So the main thing to remember here is if you like intense vibration then you should consider a plastic solid vibrator or sex toy. Bullet vibrators are now a very popular choice probably for this reason.

The plastic ones come in a variety of colours and sizes, so the choice is enormous.

Metal Sex Toys

The range of metal sex toys available is limited because they are a specialist item that many people find far too hard not to mention cold and clinical. Most sales of metal sex toys are purchased by S & M people or those who are active in serious bondage sex games. Great care is required in using metal sex toys because they can cause injury if they are not used with great care.

Wooden Vibrators

Wooden vibrators are not a very popular choice for most sex toy users, they are more a specialist vibrator like metal vibrators. Made in a type of smooth wood that is highly polished and then varnished. Wooden vibrators can be difficult to clean and this means they may cause a hygiene problem.

Cyberskin Sex Toys

These sex toys are made from the new materials,it has taken years of research to come up with cyberskin material and what a delight it is! It is claimed to be the closest thing to feeling like real skin there is. The claims about cyberskin are not exaggerated. Those who have used sex toys made from Cyberskin will verify that the soft feel is simply wonderful. Cyberskin is stretchy, soft, skin like and does feel like the real skin. A great deal of male sex toys like artificial vaginas and masturbating sleeves are now being made in Cyberskin and the realism is described by many as awesome. As manufacturers are discovering the popularity of cyberskin is increasing all the time, they are making more and more sex toys using the Cyberskin material. We cannot speak highly enough about Sex toys made from cyberskin are pleasure toys for the future.

Acrylic Sex Toys

These are very hard and although easy to clean, as with metal sex toys, care should be taken when using acrylic types. Much cheaper than metal and a very good type of sex toy to help strengthen your vaginal muscles.

Leather Sex Toys

There are usually two types of leather sex toys, hard leather and soft gloving leather. Whilst most garments made in leather like briefs, corsets, suspender belts etc are made in soft leather, items like whips, paddles, bondage restraints and straps tend to be made in slightly harder leather for durability. Many people love the smell of leather, they love the feel and the look too, so it`s little wonder that leather creates a very sexy atmosphere.

Tips On Different Types Of Sex Toys




A common mistake is often made with dildos or dongs, they are often confused with vibrators. So lets try to clarify the differences. Usually a dildo is shaped like a penis and doesn’t vibrate, although there are vibrating dildos available. A dildo can be any shape, size or colour and they do come in different thicknesses. The main use of a dildo unlike a vibrator is to perform thrusting movements into the vagina to simulate the feel of a real penis. Many women enjoy using a dildo together with a vibrator or clitoral stimulator, they thrust the dildo in and out and place the vibrator at the same time on the clitoris, which can produce a very intense orgasm. A dong usually has testicles attached, the testicles make it look more realistic and many users say a dong is easier to handle when thrusting it inside the vagina.

When choosing which dildo or dong is best for you, it is usually a good idea to buy one that resembles your partners penis size and girth, unless of course your partner is smaller than you wished for. You can buy dildos in a pack which have various sizes, usually small, medium and large. So try the smallest first then move up to the larger size.

You will find that some dildos are massive, enormous in fact, as much as 15 inches long and 5 inches wide! One common mistake made by men who buy dildos for their partner is to buy one that is too big. We have discovered over many years of selling sex toys that some men have a fantasy of wanting to see their partner take the biggest dildo they can find, if you are thinking this and want to surprise your partner, be careful as you may be in for a nasty surprise at her re-action. Its a big mistake and can be a waste of money. The general rule is, if you are thinking about buying a big dildo for your partner, discuss it with her first. If she likes the idea of trying a large dildo then get one for her, otherwise get her one you know she will be happy with, or let her choose the dildo.

As explained previously, Dildos come in all shapes and sizes, there are dildos that are so realistic they look like a real penis, jelly ones that bend, G-spot dildos and double ended ones which are normally used by lesbians or gay men. Double ended dildos are also used by some couples, which allows one end to be inserted into the male anus whilst the other goes into the vagina, back and forth movements by both couples pushes the dildo deeper into each other.

One of our most popular selling dildos is Marcelo Everardo`s Explicit Love Machine Dong

Dildos can be solid or flexible, smooth or veined and the choice of colours varies from flesh to pink, red to black and many other colours. For lesbian sex, we have a variety double ended dildos for dual satisfaction. We have a complete range of dildos to satisfy all tastes. One of the most popular ranges of dildo are the jelly variety. These are soft to touch, are flexible enough to bend and find all those little hot spots but are solid enough to be very satisfying.

How To Use A Vibrator

With thousands of sex toy vibrators available it can be a difficult choice choosing the right vibrator for you or your partner. We`ve included a selection of the most popular vibrators in the next section with helpful guidance and tips on how to get the most out of the sex toy vibrator to choose to satisfy your needs.

Classic Vibrators

Classic vibrators can be used in different ways. The most common use is an "in-out" motion to simulate the thrusting of a real cock. However, classic vibrators have many more uses than the straight forward thrusting movement. You need to use your imagination and before too long you will discover the delights that a classic vibrator can provide. Don’t forget also that although classic vibrators are made mainly for women, many men use them with their partner too. Men who use vibrators with their partner can get some wonderful satisfaction if the vibrator is used on the testicles, the anus and the piece of skin at the back of the penis that connects the skin on the shaft to the head. Using a standard classic vibrator externally can often produce more satisfaction than if used internally, so experiment and enjoy what you discover.

Most classic vibrators are usually shaped like a penis and made from soft rubber, jelly or silicone material. Other vibrators are the solid types usually made in hard plastic. Classic vibrators are available in all shapes and sizes, different colours and a variety of materials.

The old cliché of "size matters" is particularly important when choosing a vibrator, too small and the vibration and penetration is not sufficient. Too big can cause pain and discomfort, so when choosing a vibrator consider carefully the size, shape, colour and texture. When considering a standard or classic vibrator decide on what you want it to do, if you prefer internal stimulation and vibration, a vibrator is your best choice, however if clitoral stimulation is needed, a clitoral stimulator might do a better job. First time users, often prefer the simple sleekness of a smooth solid vibrator.

It is a good idea to try experimenting with different sizes and types of vibrator to find out which works best for you. Classic vibrators tend to come from one of the following types:

Realistic Vibrators

These are usually the choice of women who like the realistic look and feel of a real penis. The more realistic a vibrator is, the more sensual and sexy it can make you feel. Most realistic vibrators are veined to add to the realism, many of todays top male pornstars agree to having a copy of their penis made into a vibrator. This gives them lots of extra cash as they receive a royalty for every vibrator modelled on their penis that is sold.

Contoured Vibrators

Normally contoured vibrators have a contoured shape, they look nothing like a realistic penis and more often than not are made in bright colours like purple, red, green, yellow. They are ergonomically designed to fit the contours of the female genitals.

Small Vibrators

These are as the name suggests, small and slimline vibrators. Normally smooth and made of plastic or jelly, small vibrators are basic and although many dont resemble a realistic penis, some small vibrator versions do give out very powerful vibrations so can be used for intense clitoral stimulation and satisfaction. Small vibrators are not a good choice for those who want to feel the thrusting movement of a vibrator inside the vagina, as most are too small and smooth to be effective for stimulating the internal walls of the vagina.

Vibrator Sleeves

You can choose from a number of different vibrator sleeves that will fit over most solid vibrators. Many vibrator kits contain a vibrator together with a number of vibrator sleeves that fit over the vibrator. The sleeves can be made of rubber or jelly and are smooth, ribbed, knobbly or are shaped at the end with bunny ears, the type you see on the rabbit vibrator. Having a sex toy kit with so many different inter changeable vibrator sleeves gives you versatility and allows you to change the sleeve on your vibrator depending on your mood.

G-Spot Vibrators

G spot vibrators are designed specifically to stimulate the G-Spot. The G-Spot is an extremely sensitive part found up inside the vagina, when the g spot is stimulated it can produce the most amazing intense orgasm that many women claim to be the ultimate orgasm. The g-spot is however very difficult to find in most women by using only the fingers, which is why a g-spot vibrator can be very useful in finding that elusive hot spot. These specialised g-spot vibrators have a curved shape tip to help you locate the right spot. The G-Spot needs a great deal of stimulation and during stimulation some slight discomfort can often be felt and sometimes the feeling of wanting to pee occurs, this is quite normal. If you ignore the urge to urinate and the slight discomfort and continue stimulation, the urge and discomfort disappears to be replaced by a very intense pleasurable feeling that leads to a very intense orgasm that is much much stronger than a clitoral orgasm. In some cases the orgasm is so strong, that the women will experience female ejaculation, this is a jet of liquid that shoots out of the vagina. Whilst there is a large number of people who dispute female ejaculation, claiming that it is the women releasing urine from her bladder at the point of orgasm, these doubters have been disproved by the results done in tests that some females can ejaculate a milky looking fluid that is definitely not urine. The further tests carried out also revealed that those women who can have a female ejaculation have one, only because the G-Spot has been stimulated. To experience a G-Spot orgasm and possible ejaculation you need to experiment and be very patient, some women will never experience a g-spot orgasm despite repeated attempts, but the pleasureable intense feeling you experience is well worth trying! Whilst those who can and have experienced a G-Spot orgasm are in the minority, it can be fun trying to find your elusive g spot. A g-spot vibrator will help enormously in your quest.

Clitoral Stimulators

A vibrator of any type can be used as a clitoral stimulator for the clitoris, however, there are many different types of clitoral stimulator available now that are specifically made and uniquely shaped to stimulate the clitoris. These clitoral stimulators are designed specifically to stimulate the clitoris. When deciding on which type of clitoral vibrator or stimulator is right for you, consider the following vibrators for clitoris stimulation:

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are worth consideration as a bullet vibrator can be held in the hand and moved around the clitoris quite easy. There are many different types of bullet vibrators, long, short, slim, fat and coloured bullet vibrators, so it becomes a matter of personal choice. Depending on how much clitoris stimulation, if you prefer light stimulation then choose a bullet vibrator in jelly as this provides softer vibrations for the more tender clitoris. If you like or need stronger vibration because your clitoris needs more stimulation then choose a solid plastic type bullet vibrator as these produce more intense vibration direct to the clitoris.

Rabbit Vibrators

The most popular selling sex toy for the last few years and this is not surprising because what the rabbit does is just incredible. There are now over one hundred different types of rabbit vibrator, from the basic rabbit that vibrates and has rotating beads in the shaft through to the sophisticated models that twirl, have rotating head, bend at the tip, oscillate, vibrate and escalate! When you consider buying a rabbit vibrator, you need to ask yourself what type of stimulation you enjoy. Do you enjoy simultaneous stimulation whereby your vagina, clitoris and g spot all get stimulated at once? If the answer is yes, then a rabbit is for you. You need then to consider how much stimulation you want, if you want plenty, then choose a more sophisticated model that oscillates, the extra cost on these models is well worth the money.

Butterfly Vibrators

These are generally hands free vibrators that strap-on around your hips and cover your vaginal area. The advantage of these is that you have both hands free for other things. The vibrations produced by the range of butterfly type vibrators can be very strong and the vibrations produced tend to be very direct on the clitoris, as opposed to the vaginal area. These vibrators are not for every women, some find them too intense or a little uncomfortable to wear, so bear this in mind before you choose. There are models available now that are remote control, whereby you wear the butterfly out in public and your partner can turn your butterfly on at the flick of a switch!

Anal Sex Toys

The thought of an anal sex toy to some people is a real turn off, however, the increasing popularity of anal sex toys shows that more and more people are turning to anal sex toys for anal pleasure. From our own research, those who hold this view appear to be in the minority. Sales of all types of anal sex toys including anal dildos, beads, vibrators and other anal sex toys have rocketed in past years. The reasons for this are no doubt various, but one factor has to be that as a society we are now more liberal in our approach to sex and our previous inhibitions are no longer there. Another reason probably is that because more couples are prepared to experiment nowadays than many years ago, their sexual play, including anal play is helping more men and women to discover that playing around the anus does provide very pleasureable feelings of satisfaction.

Anal Sex Toy Safety

Anal sex toys play can be extremely pleasurable mainly because the anus has very delicate nerve endings and when stimulated the pleasure can be far greater than the excitement and satisfaction experienced from vaginal penetration alone. There are however some very important things to consider before and during any type of anal play with sex toys. The first thing is that because the anus is very delicate and has a very thin lining throughout the anal passage, anything that is inserted must be clean, smooth and lubricated. It must also be remembered that the anus leads to the bowel, the bowel is an area that can hold large items, therefore you should never insert anything that is likely to get sucked into it, some people have ignored this advice and ended up in casualty with some very embarrassing explaining to do! We recommend that you should only ever use anal sex toys that are made specifically for anal use, anal sex toys have safety features built in, like expanded bases on vibrators, dildos and butt plugs. The large bases are there for a reason to stop the item during the height of sexual pleasure from being sucked into the anus.

Anal Sex Toy Lubrication

Another important factor concerning anal sex toy play is you need to be relaxed, the anal sphincter is naturally tight for obvious reasons, therefore anything that penetrates the opening causes the sphincter to tighten up which if you are not relaxed can make anal insertion painful or uncomfortable. Once you are relaxed, the next thing is plenty of anal lubrication. The anal passage unlike the vagina does not produce natural fluid, so lubrication is essential. Never ever use any type of force when inserting an anal sex toy, take it slowly, gently and carefully, if it’s difficult to insert it is probably because your partner is not relaxed enough or there is too little lubrication.

It is not recommended to use any sex toy for anal use in the vagina, the anus has bacteria that is harmless in the anus but can cause problems if this bacteria is transferred into the vagina, from say an anal sex toy or fingers.

The final thing to remember is communication. If you or your partner at anytime during anal play or insertion says no or stop, you should stop immediately no excuses. If you have never experienced anal play, you could be missing out on a delightful experience because the pleasure that can be had is hard to describe, provided you and your partner are relaxed and careful. Those who are concerned that putting something into the anus will cause them to lose their bowel control should not worry, the anus will always revert back to normal, provided that any anal play is gentle and care is taken. For those who want to know more about ensuring the anus is clean please see the Enemas and Douches section in this guide.

Different Types Of Other Sex Toys

Apart from the traditional anal vibrators, there are many other anal toys, like plugs, beads, douches, probes and butt plugs. The main thing to remember about anal toys is that they are designed and made for anal use and with safety in mind.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are used by men and women and it matters not whether you are a beginner or an expert, the same satisfaction can be achieved. There are different types of anal beads but all do much the same thing. One example is pure anal beads these are different sized anal beads on a stem, they are inserted into the anus, the pleasure is experienced when at the point of orgasm the beads are slowly pulled out one at a time, which users say intensifies the orgasm. If using anal beads that are attached by string, you must always test the strength of the string. If the string appears to be weak or is frayed DO NOT use them as you wont want an embarrassing trip to casualty. There are also plastic versions of these anal beads, thai anal beads is an example, the beads are slightly smaller and instead of being linked by string, they are attached to plastic tubing. Many users prefer this type as it is much less likely to be a safety problem. Also check that the beads are smooth all around, any sharp edges should be cut off or filed down using a nail file. Here is an example of a popular anal bead.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs or anal plugs as they are sometimes called are usually shaped like a pyramid, the plug is thin at the top and wide at the base. The purpose of butt plugs is to give anal pleasure, they come in vibrating butt plug versions and non vibrating types and can be smooth or ribbed. The smooth butt plugs are usually used for inserting into the anus and are left there during sex play. The ribbed variety like the wriggle anal butt plug set are used for inserting into the anus and then are pulled out and pushed back in gently, so that the ribbed shaft gives added stimulation.

Bondage Gear And Toys

There are a huge amount of bondage gear and toys especially for bondage use available, from the basic bondage fun play things like handcuffs, whips, blindfolds and bedroom bondage restraints for the arms and legs all the way through to the serious side of bondage equipment which includes things like large ball gags, spiked cock rings, bondage clamps and even more sophisticated items like gas masks and electro stimulation sex toys! The main thing regarding any type of bondage toy is safety. Whilst most toys made for bondage are perfectly safe, in the wrong hands some can be lethal. If you enter into bondage play, it must only be with someone you can trust completely. When you participate in role play or bondage, you should set the rules beforehand. You both decide on the level of pain or pleasure pain you want, when your partner says "NO" or "that’s enough" you must stop immediately. If you continue, you can cause damage, injury or at the very least a definite no to any further bondage play with that person in the future. Trust is every bit as important as safety with bondage. Bondage is meant to be safe, fun, pleasurable but always with safety and trust in mind.

Breast Enhancers

Breast enhancers offer an opportunity to enlarge and enhance your breasts without painful expensive surgery. There has been a great deal of talk over the years regarding breast development, many women opt for expensive breast enhancement operations and whilst most operations to enlarge or enhance the breasts work perfectly, sometimes things can go wrong. This guide is not intended to give the pros and cons on breast surgery, it is a medical thing which is best left to the experts. The one thing we will mention here however is that there are effective alternatives to expensive surgery. The range of breast enhancers available are designed to firm your breasts through vacuum forced inflation, which sounds technical but in reality is a very simple process and is much safer than surgery. A natural breast enhancer is usually a plastic dome that is shaped like a breast, attached to the dome is a pump. You simply place the dome over your breast, squeeze the pump and the pump sucks out the air in the dome. This technique sucks the breast into the dome and creates a vacuum, as the vacuum is created and you continue to pump, your breast tissue expands the blood vessels to allow more blood to flow into your breast thereby enlarging the breast size. The sucking can also feel very pleasurable on the nipples, making them harder and more sensitive. Continued use on a daily basis helps to enlarge the breast and gives them a much firmer feel.

Cock Rings

Cock rings or as they are often referred to as erection rings restrict the blood flow away from the erect penis, which can create a pleasurable feeling of squeezing and pressure, helping to keep the erection longer and often delaying ejaculation. Cock rings are worn at the base of the penis and some men enjoy the larger rings available to be put around the scrotum too. There are some useful tips to bear in mind with cock rings. Some men prefer to put them on before they get an erection this often can make it easier to adjust as the penis becomes erect, others put the cock ring on and roll it down the erect shaft to the base. It really is a personal choice and one you can make by experimenting and choosing the most comfortable method for you. A few safety tips should be mentioned here too, if the ring becomes uncomfortable take it off and never keep a cock ring on for longer than around 20 minutes at a time, as prolonged use can cause problems. Another safety tip before using your cock ring is to ensure that no stray hairs can get caught in the ring, it can be quite painful if the ring pulls your pubic hair, so trim your hairs first or consider using some lube to stop any soreness. You should never use cock rings if you suffer from blood clotting or if your skin bleeds or bruises easily and never use them over swollen or sore areas. A sure sign that something is wrong is if you experience a loss of feeling in your genital region, remove the ring immediately. Cock rings are available in many different sizes, some are adjustable, others involve small clamps. They come in different shapes and different materials, plastic, rubber, silicone, jelly, latex and leather are the most popular types. See a selection of our Cock Rings

Enema Equipment

It is essential that before any anal play takes place that the anus is clean both inside and out. A douche provides the ideal solution to making sure the anus is clean. A plastic nozzle is inserted into the anus which is attached to a bulb type pump that is filled with warm water, the water gently fills up the anus and will wash away any residues of faeces. The douche process for some people can be a very erotic experience on its own! A typical douche is Uni-Sex Enema Douche

Nipple Toys

The nipples are one of the most sensitive places on both men and women, especially women. Its no surprise therefore, that there are hundreds of nipple toys available. These toys can range from the soft tickling stick type to the heavy metal bondage nipple clamps that inflict mild or severe pain. The severe type we will leave for others to talk about because these are specialised items that need proper explanations and safety procedures.

Nipple Sucker Pumps

Having the nipples and breasts squeezed and sucked for most women is a highly erotic sensation, for some men as well the sucking of their nipples can be a big turn on. The nipple suckers available are designed to suck the nipples to make the nipple harder and produce a very pleasurable experience. Nipple suckers can be particularly beneficial when your partner is away, or as an additional pleasure item as he looks after you down below.

Nipple Rings

These can be metal or plastic and can be spring loaded or have screw adjusters. Both types are usually adjustable so you can have them really tight to inflict a small amount of pleasure pain, or loose for a more comfortable fit. There are also vibrating versions available which tend to be more pleasurable because of the vibrations they provide. Nipple clamps must be used with care as if used forcibly they can cause damage as well as great pain.

Nipple Jewellery

Many years ago, the nipples had to be professionally pierced in order for jewellery to be worn on the nipples, however nowadays, there is no need for piercing as the type of nipple jewellery available has loops that simply fit over the nipple and are then tightened.

Nipple Creams and Oils

There are many types of cream and oil available for the nipples. Flavoured ones and those that give a warming feeling are the most popular ones. The flavoured type can be used by your partner to massage your breasts and your nipples then after some pleasurable rubbing in, it can be licked off to provide a very sensual and erotic feeling. The warming oil type is gently massaged into the breasts and nipples and after a few minutes, the warm feeling can be felt especially on the nipples, this can be particularly erotic for those women who have sensitive nipples, but care must be taken not to put too much oil on.

Penis Pumps

There has been plenty written about penis pumps, some good and some bad. It is a fact that vibrators give pleasure but the jury is out on penis pumps. Do they increase your size and girth? The answer from our point of view and our research is yes they do. We have had dozens of letters from customers who have used the pumps and developers with great success. Our other guide titled "The Penis" goes into greater detail about the effects produced by pumps. The one thing we must mention however is the myth that using a developer or pump will increase your penis by 4 inches or more, this is misleading and totally untrue. The developer will help to make your erection stronger and firmer, it can increase penis size minimally by around half an inch or so, but any claims it will enlarge your penis to double the length is totally untrue.

The principle behind developers is simple, you place your penis inside a tube which has a pump attached at one end and as you pump, the air inside the tube is expelled and this creates a vacuum, the blood vessels inside the penis expand which allows more blood flow and therefore your penis increases. Some would argue that this process produces only a temporary enlarging of the length and girth but not a permanent one. We would argue against this based on the number of customer letters we have on file which state they have had a more permanent increase. The developers and pumps can be very satisfying to use apart from the possible enlargement process, they can be used for achieving orgasm or as a prelude to sexual intercourse as the feeling they give whilst being used is extremely pleasurable. Erectile Dysfunction or impotency sufferers have tried using pumps with some success, although it would be foolish and untrue for us to claim its a cure, it certainly is not a cure it can however be a help. Even Doctors are now looking at developers and pumps as one possible help aid for patients, but it has to be stressed these developers and pumps wont work for everyone, the same as some pills wont always help a medical condition. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees with penis pumps and any company that gives guarantees should be avoided. The type of penis pumps available can be seen here

Realistic Vaginas

The realistic vaginas available are exactly that; realistic. In recent years, the introduction of modern technology has enabled manufacturers to mimic the vagina in such detail that on many models it really is difficult to tell from the real thing. The introduction of Cyberskin material on realistic pussies is so soft to touch when the penis is inserted, the feeling is just like the real thing. As with all sex toys there are different levels of realism. On the basic artificial vaginas, although the opening has the look of a vagina it very often doesn’t have the feel, the internal part of it is made from plastic and although for obvious reasons it is soft plastic, the feel lacks realism. When choosing an artificial vagina you really should consider the slightly more expensive models made from materials like cyberskin. These models apart from being more realistic in look and feel, will last you longer in the majority of cases, so better to pay a little extra to get better satisfaction. Another consideration to take into account when choosing your artificial vagina is size.

Some models have closed ends and can often be small in length, so if you are the average penis size of 6 inches most models will be long enough. However, if you are bigger than 6 inches in length, you should choose a model that is longer or has an open end, so that your penis will fit comfortably. You should always use lots and lots of lubricant when using any artificial vagina, put plenty of lubricant inside the false vagina and more on your erect penis. Never allow the lube to dry up during use as your penis could become sore or you may suffer friction burns. It is best to use a lubricant that is water soluble and non silicone, these lubricants tend to make it much easier for you to clean after use and will not harm the material. We recommend our Velvet Dream Cream lubricant for use with all artificial vaginas, Velvet Dream Cream wont harm the material and it will leave your skin feeling nice and smooth. There are many realistic vaginas available, many are very high tech, like the ones seen here

Strap Ons

There is a mis-conception that a strap-on penis is only for lesbians. Not so. Strap-ons have a variety of uses and are commonly used by men and women. Lets look at the different uses and types. All strap-ons attach to the body in mostly the same way. They usually attach around the waist like a belt, with straps coming from the waist down the front and returning under the crotch back up to the waist belt. The strap on dildo is attached at the front. To see a picture click here.

Some strap-ons are all-in-one, for example, latex pants with an attached dildo. These are useful to some people but for others are not a good idea because the wearer has his or her genitals covered up.

Strap-ons For Lesbian Use

Strap-ons are used by lesbians during play to simulate intercourse. The female attaches the strap-on to herself, using the harness supplied which ties around her waist and under her crotch. This gives the appearance she has a penis. On some strap-on models, the strap-on is 2 way, a penis pointing outward together with a penis pointing inwards. On these models the inward penis is inserted into her own vagina and gives her pleasure while she thrusts the outward pointing one into her partners vagina.

Strap-Ons For Impotency

The solid type of strap-on can be used by men who suffer impotency, loss of erection, erection difficulty, or what may be referred to medically as erectile dysfunction. It is worn the same way as described for lesbian use. The strap-on allows the man to satisfy his partner even though his own penis is flacid (soft). Although the man does not get satisfaction physically, it can give the mental satisfaction that he is still able to please his partner through his thrusting actions.

Clitoral Strap-Ons

Many manufacturers are now listening to the customer who has for many years requested clitoral strap-ons. These are very similar to the normal strap-on but in place of the outward pointing penis, there is an inward pointing stimulator that rests against the clitoris, usually the stimulator is a vibrating one. These items allow the woman to have both hands free to concentrate on their breasts or their partner.

Other Uses For Strap-on Penis

Some men love to be penetrated anally by their wife or girlfriend, strap-ons are ideal for this purpose. For those men who like to masturbate while penetrating their partner, a strap-on can do this too. A strap-on has the added benefit of allowing your hands freedom to do other things. So as you can see, strap-ons have a variety of uses for both him and her. It is all about experimenting to discover what you and your partner enjoy.

A Final Word On Strap-ons

The type of strap-on you choose is personal choice, but the one thing to remember is that you should discuss with your partner first before you buy. Whilst strap-ons can be fun, surprising your lover by walking into the bedroom with one attached to your body could cause them to freak out!! They can look quite frightening especially to someone who is not expecting it.

Vibrating Cock Rings

These are the more popular type of cock ring, the vibrating ones provide pleasure for him and if they are the type that has a clitoral ring or stimulator attached they provide fantastic pleasure for her too, here is one of our most popular vibrating cock rings: Popular Vibrating Cock Rings

Vibrating Eggs and Bullets

The choice of vibrating eggs and bullets is growing enormously due to popular demand. The vibrating eggs are shaped exactly as a boiled egg, some are for inserting into the vagina whilst others are used anally. When the egg is inserted into the vagina, the vibrations can be felt up the vagina and all the way down to the vaginal lips, some women even feel vibration up as far as their clitoris. Customers love the vibrating eggs they say it produces a lovely pleasurable and somewhat unique feeling inside the vagina and if a clitoral stimulator or vibrator is used in conjunction with the egg, the resulting orgasm is one to remember because it is so intense. You can see our range of vibrating love eggs and bullets here

Lubricating Your Sex Toys Tips

Lubrication for your sextoys is very important and is something that tends to be forgotten about. Men should always use plenty of lubricant when using items like Realistic Pussies and Masturbation Sleeves otherwise friction can result and you get a very sore penis. The type of lubrication you use is important too. Lubricants that are not water based can often damage the internal latex or silicone of a realistic pussy, so we recommend that only water based lubricants are used with sex toys. We actively recommend our Velvet Dream Cream or Liquid Silk for use with all our sex toys, these lubricants are non toxic, water soluble and safe to use on rubber, latex, silicone and most other materials that sextoys are made of, they are also safe to use with condoms too. Any lubricant that is petroleum based, like for example, Vaseline is not suitable for most sex toys and especially no good for condoms as they break down the latex very quickly. Petroleum based lubes also can stain clothing and they also feel quite tacky something which you don’t want in sex play. Where vibrators are concerned for women, using lubricant can give an even greater feeling of satisfaction, whilst most women self lubricate and say the need for additional lubrication is not necessary it is something you should try to see if it enhances your pleasure, as they say, if you don’t try it you will never know! Other types of lubricant which again are not recommended for sex toy use are oil based and silicone ones.

Using The Right Type Of Lubricant With Your Sex Toy

It is very important that the right type of lubricant is used with your sex toy, many lubricants available are not suitable for using with sex toys because they contain chemicals that can affect the latex, rubber of silicone. Always choose a water based lubricant, these are safe to use with any sex toy. Some people prefer silicone lubricant in foreplay for example, however, silicone based lubricants should not be used on silicone toys or realistic material toys like Cyberskin because your sex toy may become damaged. Oil based lubes including petroleum jelly should not be used on toys that are to be inserted into the anus or vagina, they can re-act with the material and also increase the risk of vaginal or anal infections. Never use petroleum jelly or oil based lubes with condoms, it can cause the condom to split, as the lube breaks down the latex of the condom.

Clitoral Pumps

Clitoral pumps are becoming one of the most popular type of sex toys and for good reason. Although vibrators and dildos are the most common sex toy used, many women choose to use a vibrator not just for penetration only but for use on the clitoris too. It is a common fact that most women orgasm through some form of clitoral stimulation, so it’s no surprise that clitoral pumps are becoming so popular. A clitoral pump is different from a clitoral stimulator, the pump has 2 main features, first of all it has a small plastic dome which sits comfortably over the clitoris and the vaginal lips, the dome has a small hand pump attached to it and the user simply squeezes the hand pump which causes a sucking sensation on the clitoris and creates a vacuum. This vacuum enlarges the tissue and increases the blood flow to the clitoris which in turn gives greater sensitivity. The second feature is the vibration, with the clitoris expanded with the extra blood flow, the vibrator sits nicely against the clitoris and purrs away until the sucking and the vibration gets too much and you explode with a massive orgasm. Some women prefer using clit pumps just for the vacuum it creates and the sucking motion that it produces, almost like having your man down there! Another tip when using clitoral pumps, try putting a vibrator inside your vagina and when using the pump on your clitoris try squeezing the vibrator with your pussy muscles...a little bit of practice and you will have very strong pussy muscles and what a treat that could be for your man! See an example of a clitoral pump here

Fake Vaginas

Not all fake or artificial vaginas or are the same, they may look very similar and although they perform much the same thing, the sizes do vary quite a bit. One such vagina is the Pocket Pussy, as the name suggests it is small, discreet and can therefore be carried in your pocket or briefcase. It gives the benefit of being able to be taken anywhere and used whenever the mood takes you. An ideal item for businessmen as an example. Many of the pocket pussies are made in the cyberskin material and although the opening to the vagina is minuscule, the material expands considerably. As with all fake vaginas you need to use lots and lots of water based lubricant, otherwise not only will your cock not slip in, if it does go in, it will become very sore with the friction very quickly. Some models have 2 holes, anus and vagina so you can choose which one you want or both! All pocket pussies are much tighter than normal artificial ones, whilst this can be a great advantage slipping into a really tight hole, it can sometimes be a disadvantage too. If you have a fairly large penis, especially in girth you may find that a pocket pussy is too tight and uncomfortable even with copious amounts of lubricant. Here is an example of a a Mini Pussy

Normal size fake vaginas are very realistic in detail and feature outer vaginal lips with clitoris. The inner chamber of these artificial vaginas although fake do feel like the real thing. With all fake vaginas you must bear one thing in mind, usually the more expensive the model, the better it looks, the greater the sensation! Cheaper vaginas are made from harder materials which tend to be uncomfortable in use. Vaginas made in cyberskin are exceptionally good, the texture resembles putting your penis into a real vagina adding to the realism and giving you greater satisfaction all round.

Porn Star Fake Vaginas

Modern technology has spawned dozens of replicated vaginas that are modelled from the real porn stars. Put simply, a top porn star has her vagina covered in a plaster type cast and from this a mould is made and hey presto, you have a top porn star vagina that you can enjoy all night long! Although for some men the thought of using a replica or fake pussy of a porn star is heaven, the cost of these signature models can be very expensive compared to others. The high cost is simply because the porn star takes a percentage of each sale, a commission if you like on having her vagina copied and used by thousands of horny men! One thing however that has to be said on the cost is that in most cases, a replica vagina of a top porn star will be better quality because the porn star herself will insist on quality if her name is put to a product. For ladies reading this thinking why cant I have a replica of a male porn stud, well settle down girls you can because just like the replica fake vaginas for the guys, there are also replica cocks available too.

Tips For Choosing The Power Of Your Sex Toys

First time users could be forgiven for thinking that a vibrator just needs switching on and that's it! Strictly speaking that is basically what most peoples conceptions of a vibrator or any sex toy is. However, whilst most vibrators and sex toys nowadays have a multi speed control, some don't and are only single speed. So when choosing your sex toys it is advisable to check that it is multi speed. Multi speed control on your sex toys allows you to choose the speed you want, a gentle slow hum or a fast pulsating buzz! With other speeds in between. You need to also consider how powerful the vibration is on a sex toy, the majority are quite powerful anyway, otherwise they would not be any good for the purposes they are intended for. Some of the more expensive and sophisticated models are much more powerful and include apart from vibration, pulsation, thrusting and oscillation as well. You can also purchase electric models that plug into the mains these tend to be very powerful but the one negative point is the cumbersome wire that can be a problem. Often the wire is not long enough so unless you move your bed near to a power point it can be restrictive. You should experiment at the start with the speed of your sex toys, starting off on low speed then if that feels nice and comfortable increase the speed a little until you get to a speed that you find really enjoyable. Very often first time users turn their vibrators onto full speed and when inserted into the vagina or placed on the clitoris the sudden shock can be very uncomfortable, start slow and build up. The types of power from sextoys include the following:

Single Speed Vibrators

These are usually a simple on/off switch operation, great if you want constant vibration at one speed, but no good for those who like to build up their pleasure.

Multi Speed Vibrators

The most popular type of sex toys have multi speed to allow you to adjust the speed according to how your mood is. Slow, medium, fast to ultra powerful.

Attached Vibrator Control Box

Many models of vibrator and sex toy now have the battery control box attached to the toy, which means no cumbersome wires, although this can be an advantage you do have to remember it can be a disadvantage if you want your partner to control the speed. A separate control box with wires can be held by your partner allowing your other hand to be free to do other things.

Separate Vibrator Control Box

Although a control box that is seperate from the sex toy it does have a wire that can get in the way, it can however be an advantage for the reasons stated previously.

Remote Control Sex Toys

More and more vibrators and sex toys are now being made with remote control as one of the main features, a remote control sex toy does allow you or your partner more freedom to play, they also come in long range versions too. The remote control vibrating love egg as an example, can be worn inside the vagina and the remote control can be given to your partner for him to activate it whenever he wants anywhere around the house! Imagine the surprise when you are washing up or doing the house work, as your vibrating egg suddenly starts up! Or perhaps if you are daring enough, go to your local pub or restaurant with the egg inside you and let your partner switch it on when you least expect it.

Electric Sex Toys

Electric vibrators are very powerful because they operate from mains power sockets, however, they are restrictive as stated earlier in that you need a power socket close by. So they can be restrictive in that sense.

Vibrator And Sex Toys Noise Level Is Worth Considering

Some vibrators can be quite noisy, so if you have children or the in-laws are close by or your walls are fairly thin, the noise your vibrator makes is a consideration worth thinking about. There is however an answer to this problem, its the worlds quietest silent vibrator, The Silent Whisper Vibrator, see it here. It really is extremely silent, but is very powerful so if you need something that makes very little noise the Whisper is a good bet. Whilst most vibrators emit some noise, the levels on most are acceptable so whichever one you choose should be ok. The more expensive models tend to be a little louder because the motors inside are more powerful for obvious reasons.

The Vibrator Cloth Trick Tip

If you find the vibrator you choose a little noisy or perhaps a bit too intense on your clitoris, there is a little trick you can perform. Simply wrap your vibrator tip in a small piece of cloth or use a handkerchief, this will help cut noise levels down and will also reduce the intensity of the vibration on your clitoris.

How To Care For Your Sex Toys Tips

The more care you take with your sex toys, the longer they are likely to last and the better they will perform. Whilst that is common sense, what often is known as common sense can sometimes be ignored, especially when it comes to hygiene and safety.

When You Receive Your New Sex Toy

When your sex toys arrive go through this small checklist:

  • Check the item for rough edges, whilst most items will have been properly manufactured as with any product sometimes something can slip through quality control. If you find a sharp edge on a vibrator for example, you can either send it back to the supplier or if you don’t want to go to this trouble and the imperfection is tiny, a small nail file can often be used to smooth down a sharp edge.
  • Ensure you insert batteries the correct way round, we include a diagram showing how to do this. There is nothing more disappointing than not being able to get your sex toys to work when you have received them. Quite often the reason why it fails to work is because the batteries have been inserted wrongly.
  • Check all the items you ordered are in the package, anything that is missing or damaged should be reported to the supplier where you made your purchase, within a reasonable period of time.
  • Tips On Sharing Your Sex Toys

    As a general rule, sharing your sex toy is not a good idea because bacteria from one person can get transferred to you. We are not talking here about sharing your toy with a stranger, but more specifically with your partner. Although your partner may not have any infection, if you do use the same sex toy it is a good idea to wash it before having your partner use it. A note of special importance needs mentioning here, it concerns sex toys that are used vaginally and anally. You should never insert a sex toy into the vagina if it has been used for anal use. This can transfer bacteria in the anal passage to the vagina, anal bacteria in the vagina can cause a nasty infection and a great deal of discomfort. Whilst the bacteria that live in the anus are totally harmless, the same bacteria entering the vagina can cause nasty irritation or infection. We recommend that you only use a vibrator or dildo for vaginal use and get another specific vibrator for anal use only. If you choose to use the same sex toy for vaginal and anal use, you should wash it properly before using it anally. Alternatively, before you use it in the vagina place a condom over the dildo or vibrator, then you can remove the condom before it is inserted into the anus.

    Useful Tips On How To Store Your Sex Toys

    Storing your sex toys properly is important. Not only do you want to hide them from children or pets, it is important to make sure they are stored away from dust, dirt and changing temperatures. You should always take the batteries out when not in use, many sex toys have been ruined because leaking batteries left in them have corroded the terminals.

    Some Tips On Discreetly Hiding Your Sex Toys

    Its surprising how many people don’t consider where they will store their sex toys once they arrive, pre-planning where you hide them from the children, the cleaner or other family members is a good idea to save any possible embarrassment. Its a good idea to keep them as close to your bed as possible, in a bedside cabinet that can be locked is ideal, but very often a lockable bedside cabinet isn’t available in most homes. So in this section, we give you some handy tips and hidey holes for your sex toys! No doubt you already have your own hiding place but the following may just help, especially first time sex toy users.

    Near To The Bed Is Best

    There is nothing more frustrating than having to walk the length of the house or the bedroom, to find your sex toy especially near the end of or during foreplay, its almost as bad as having to stop, find a condom and put it on, the height of passion disappears fast. So try to keep your sex toys, lube or condoms really close to the bed. Alternatively, make plans in advance and have your sex toys ready beforehand on your bedside cabinet.

    Bedside Cabinet

    The most popular place for most people is the bedside cabinet, it is close to the bed and out of sight of prying eyes, especially the children. For further safety from the children, place some underwear, socks or bed clothes on top of your sex toys, this way even if your children do become nosey and open the drawer all they will see is clothes, how boring is that for kids!

    Under The Mattress

    A good place generally because they are out of sight and most people wouldnt think to look under your mattress, one word of caution however it is possible that your sex toys may get broken while you play or sleep, so wrap them well if you choose this place.

    In Your Pillow

    This can be very practical as a hiding place but it can be uncomfortable especially if you forget you put them there and drift off to sleep! It is however one place to consider.

    A Simple Sex Toys Box

    A cardboard box under the bed, like a shoe box or a dress box could be used, although its a little untidy perhaps. If you use a shoe box, with material inside that your toys can be laid upon its unlikely anyone will look inside because most people wouldn’t bother, they already know without opening it that there are shoes inside or so they think!!

    Sex Toys Cleaning Tips

    Cleaning your sex toys is one of the most important things you can do on a regular basis. It is very important that your vibrator or dildo is cleaned after use, your bodily fluids whilst harmless can become harmful if left on a vibrator. To clean your vibrator all you need to do is to run it under warm water, making sure that no water comes into contact with the battery terminals as this will result in the terminals becoming rusty. Keeping your sex toys clean will not only keep them hygienic to use it will also make them last longer. Also make sure you dry your sex toy thoroughly after washing.

    Sex Toys Cleaning

    The easiest vibrators to clean are the waterproof ones, you simply rinse in hot water with some mild soap. We recommend a mild antibacterial hand soap. A mild soap will not harm the latex or rubber and it wont cause any irritation inside your vagina when next used. Any other type of sex toy that isn’t waterproof, try wrapping a small dry flannel around the cap where the batteries go during the cleaning process, this will ensure you keep the battery insert area dry. Once your vibrator has been cleaned leave the cap off, this helps to prevent any moisture building up and getting trapped inside. Whilst you can take every care in stopping any water entering the battery compartment, some vibrators are porous so a small amount of moisture may seep through, leaving the cap off will help the moisture evaporate.

    Do also remember that if you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to certain materials, you should take extra care before using the toy, if you have never used a sex toy before try doing an allergy test on your skin such as your arm first, this will establish if you have an allergy to rubber latex or silicone. It is far better to have a reaction on your arm or wrist rather than your intimate parts.

    Here are a few other Do`s and Don’ts on keeping your sex toys clean.


    You follow any cleaning advice given in the packaging of the sex toy.

    You wash your sex toy before and after every use.

    You consider purchasing an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner


    Wash your sex toy in a dishwasher, even if it says its waterproof!

    Use domestic cleaning fluid on any sex toy.

    Tips On Batteries For Your Sex Toys

    Many types of sex toy vibrate therefore batteries are required to make them work. You can choose from 2 different types, normal and re-chargeable. Always ensure the batteries are inserted correctly and the right size battery is used. We get lots of calls from customers complaining the sex toy they have received doesn’t work, the most common problem why a sex toy doesn`t work is not because it is faulty, it is because the batteries have been put in the wrong way round. Another common problem is flat batteries. Most sex toys have twist controls on the battery compartments, never force the twisted controls as this will render your sex toy useless.

    Normal Batteries For Sex Toys

    When you are not using your sex toys we recommend you take the batteries out because if the batteries are left in for a long period of time, it is possible they may leak and cause damage to the terminals inside your sex toy. We recommend also that you remember to take the batteries out before you wash your sex toy, otherwise damage may result.

    Re-chargeable Batteries

    We recommend you purchase a battery charger and some rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable NiMH (nickel metal hydride) batteries last a long time and won't lose power quickly while in use, however, they do drain quickly when being stored. Whilst these are one of the more expensive batteries, which are commonly used in digital cameras etc, performance wise they last longer during use. NiCad is the most common type of rechargeable battery these might drain faster during use, but they hold a charge longer during storage periods. They are less expensive than NiMH batteries, so its your choice of which type is better for your personal needs. We recommend that you get a battery charger that charges either NiCad or NiMH batteries, allowing you to choose the appropriate type. This Battery Charger we sell is ideal,

    If you have any other questions or information please contact us & we will do our best to help you.

    These sex tips are provided as a helpful guide to help you get the most from your sex toys, the information is for guidance only. Magic Moments cannot be held responsible for any situations that arise from information followed on these tips. Sex toys when used properly will give you great pleasure and satisfaction. Enjoy!

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