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  • Get to Know Your Body by Indulging in Exciting Solo Pleasure

    Masturbation has been a taboo subject for centuries. Even now in our sexually-liberated society, masturbation is very often referred to as something dirty and shameful. Fortunately, the age of sexual enlightenment is just round the corner and self-pleasure is no longer as much an issue as it used to be before. More and more people today realise that masturbation is perfectly healthy and is in fact the safest form of sex one can practise. Here at SextoyShopping, we do our best to promote healthy lifestyle and active satisfying sex life as a way to keep your relationship flourishing. That is why, we are a huge advocate of masturbation as it’s a wonderful way to learn what feels best for you, relieve sexual tension, celebrate your body as well as give yourself lots of pleasure!

    Nowadays, there are plenty of handy devices designed specifically to assist you in masturbation - sex toys. Not only can they help you reach an orgasm times faster, the pleasure you’ll experience will be times and times more intense. Even if you have been masturbating for years, an addition of something that is not your hands, but capable of giving you amazing sensations, will be a great thrill for you. Whilst many women have tried vibrators, dildos and clitoral stimulators, only a few men have tried masturbation sleeves or male masturbators, such as the Vibrating Vagina Fleshlamp. Also referred to as the Fleshlight, it is a best-selling masturbator for men of 2010. Made from state-of-the-art cyber skin material and equipped with a vibration option, this sex toy is said to feel better than the real vagina! That said, this wonderful sex toy is ideal for men who want to enhance their stamina and learn how to last longer in bed! So browse through our large selection of sex toys for men and buy a few to take your masturbation experience to a whole new level.

    Sex toys for women come in a greater variety of models and designs. But if you are just starting out, we recommend that you get yourself a plain dildo with a lubricant. This will be enough for your first exploration. Over time you’ll get to know your body and the way it responds to different touches a lot better. Then you may want to add some sensual vibration for a zestier solo experience. Everybody is unique in their own way and so we cannot tell what vibrator will be best for you, still we encourage you to browse through our large collection of great value vibrators. Pick a few items from our range of sex toys for women and embark on the most exciting self-exploration ever! Bear in mind, however, that it may take time as well as a bit of trial and error learning before you find your ultimate sex toy!

  • Top 5 Male Sex Toys of 2010

    The sex toy industry has caught up with the increasing demand for adult products among the male audience, and it’s no longer true that most sex toys today are designed with women in mind. Last year saw a few star male adult products taking the market by storm and becoming the best-selling male sex-toys. As promised, the following is our list of the top male sex toys of 2010.

    1. The Vibrating Vagina Fleshlamp

    The Vibrating Vagina Fleshlamp or the Fleshlight is really the Rolls Royce of male masturbators and one of the best-selling sex toys in the world. Made from the state-of-the-art skin-like material, the Fleshlamp is said to provide sensations that are better than the real thing! Moreover, this particular model offers you a vibration mode for added stimulation. To enhance the experience we recommend using plenty of water-based lube.

    2. The Tenga Egg Masturbator

    When you first see this product, you may not understand the concept, because it looks literally like an Easter egg. The Tenca Egg Masturbator contains a masturbation sleeve, designed to stimulate the head and shaft of your penis, no matter how big or small you are! Featuring wave-shaped internal stimulators, this masturbator delivers incredibly pleasing sensations to your penis, and is as incredibly cheap.

    3. The Robo Suck Male Masturbator

    There are loads of male masturbators out there in the market today, however, none of them offers a real hands-free experience to leave you spellbound, except for this cutting-edge sex toy. You just lube up your erected penis, slide it in and enjoy a skilfully executed blowjob! Male masturbation plus technology equals the Robo Suck Male Masturbator. No wonder it was all the rage in the USA last year, and it keeps gaining popularity worldwide in 2011.

    4. The 250ml Super Slik Lube

    This great value intimate lubricant was one of our best sellers in 2010. Providing great lubrication for both men and women, the 250ml Super Slik lube is a water-based non-staining lubricant that can tremendously enhance your sexual pleasure. The pump-action bottle makes it a lot easier to apply the lube, a small amount of which is usually enough. Condom-friendly.

    5. The Black Vibrating Cock Ring

    This male adult toy is quite versatile as it can be used for both partner sex and solo pleasure. Made of flexible silicone, this cock ring features a vibrating bullet to provide orgasmic vibrations to the clitoris as well as to the penis.

  • Sex Toys - a Great Way to Master the Art of Outstanding Lovemaking

    For some folks who intuitively know what feels right, sex comes easy. But the rest of us need to do some learning and practice. You see, everything in life comes with a learning curve, and lovemaking is no exception. Reaching an orgasm is so much easier when it’s practised, that is when you’ve gotten past the learning curve. And this is exactly where sex toys come in! Really, what’s the harm in trying out a few sex toys designed to help you feel great? Adult toys can make any sex session outstandingly pleasurable and fulfilling outstanding in its gratification.

    Probably, the most widely known sex toy is the vibrator. Originally invented for medical purposes, vibrators are really the best sex toy for women, and can bring an average woman to an explosive orgasm within a few minutes. They are a perfect source of “faithful” pleasure for when husbands or boyfriends are away. Moreover, some women who have undergone certain surgeries cannot enjoy the pleasures of sex anymore, and it is the power of the vibrator, such as the Vibe Therapy Rabbit Vibrator, that can restore the sexual pleasures they have lost.

    To our mind the best toy for men is the masturbator, because it offers the best practice opportunity, that can help you learn how to last longer and experience better orgasms. Usually shaped as a vagina and made out of life-like materials, male masturbators, such as the ultra modern Jackmaster Premium Masturbator,can really give you an unforgettable solo experience. They are really the men’s best stamina exercise that will enable you to last longer when having partner sex. BTW, male masturbators, just like vibrators, are great to use with a partner for a lot more fun playtime.

    Nothing makes a relationship stronger than sharing orgasms, but for one reason or another there are still so many adults who don’t really know how to properly please themselves or their partners. So it’s time you became a perfect lover! Use plenty of lube and introduce a vibrator into your foreplay and show off those practised pleasure skills!

  • Sex Toys are Simply Awesome

    Just about one hundred years before sex used to be a taboo subject. It wasn’t appropriate to speak your mind about sex, as the Victorian society was strongly prejudiced against exploring it as an area of pleasure. Thank God, times have changed and our generation is now much more open and liberated about sex. But even though we don’t feel any guilt when indulging in sexual encounters with random strangers today, there are still many misconceptions associated with sex toys. Some people think that, for example, vibrators can hurt women and they will not be able to experience a great orgasm again after using a vibrator. This can’t be father from the truth. Anything can be dangerous, and sex toys are no exception. If handled or used inappropriately, of course, vibrators can be dangerous. But if you use your vibrator for its immediate purpose, that is, giving pleasure to a woman, then everything will be great!

    Sex toys are wonderful additions to a happy marriage, or relationship. They bring love, respect, and above all, hotter, wilder sex! Introducing adult toys into your relationship will bring the two of you closer physically and mentally, and will leave you both smiling all day long. Also, the vibrator may be the only way for a woman to experience orgasm if she’s had some terrible cancer surgery and no longer can feel the pleasure of a man again. And what about an older couple who are still in love and want nothing more than to please each other? If the man needs a bit of help getting a full erection to please his wife, he should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to use sex toys! Just invest in some male strap-on dildo, or maybe just a cock ring, that will give him his erection, and a great orgasm to her.

    Apart from spicing up lovemaking within long-term relationships and helping disabled people who cannot have sex the way others can, sex toys are fantastic additions to self pleasure! A woman taking a hot bath can take a small waterproof vibrator, such as the Aquatek Waterproof Small Vibrator, and have a real tub time experience! Just a little masturbation aid and she can achieve a mind-blowing orgasm with minimal efforts! Also, a man can use a masturbator to enhance his masturbatory experience. Masturbators for men come in all shapes and sizes, and range from the most basic masturbation sleeves to toys with suction chambers that imitate oral sex. Fake pussies are also very popular among men who claim that some of them feel like the real thing.

    So sex toys are not only for porn stars, and they are not in the least dirty or degrading. Adult toys are people and couples and may be enjoyed privately on a daily basis with no shame or guilt attached. Enjoy your sex aids and share your passions with your lover. Here at SextoyShopping we wish that sex toys would give you better nights together, and more fantasies to share!

  • Discover the World of Male Sex Toys

    The most popular male sex toys are of course those that assist in masturbation, and there are plenty of male masturbation aids available for you in the market, that are designed to enhance your masturbatory experience. Not only are male masturbation aids very useful when your partner is not around, they also provide a perfectly safe and guilt-free alternative for married men when intimate moments with their wives are not possible for one reason or another.

    So if you’re looking for a male sex toy that would enhance the quality of your self-gratification sessions, then a male masturbation aid may be just what you need.

    There is a male sex toy known as a masturbation sleeve, which is very popular among men. It features a soft tube to be held in your hand, that adds a cushion of padding between your penis and your hand. Even though the masturbation sleeve is the most basic form of a male sex toy, it is very convenient and perfect for quick solo gratification. An ultra modern male masturbation sex toy, that incorporates the concept of the masturbation sleeve, is the Tenga Egg Masturbator. Designed in Japan, and one of the world’s most popular male sex toys, the Tenga Egg Masturbator is a single-use masturbatory sleeve, which contains a lubricant to help this male masturbation aid stretch while stimulating the head and shaft of your penis, no matter how big you are!

    There is also a range of male sex toys collectively referred to as blow job stimulators. These help you simulate a blow job without asking anyone to actually do it for you. For example, The Robo Suck Male Masturbator is really something that those who’ve tried it cannot get enough of, as it provides incredibly realistic sensations, gently sucking, vibrating, stroking and massaging the penis to climax. Buy this absolutely fabulous male sex toy and expect to experience the most explosive orgasm ever!

    There are, indeed, a large variety of male masturbation aids in the market, including beaded masturbators, suction masturbators, pocket pussies, artificial vaginas and others. However, there is one type of male sex toys that obviously stands out from the rest. The prostate massager or male G-spot stimulator is an adult toy designed, as the name suggests, to massage and stimulate the prostate gland in men. Since the centre of the prostate is supersensitive due to the presence of multiple nerve endings, that make every touch incredibly intense, the stimulation of the prostate can lead to extremely intense mind-blowing orgasms. Not all men choose to even try and stimulate their prostate though. But if you’re a less inhibited and more sexually liberated type, then you should definitely try the Euphoria Prostate Massager from our male sex toy collection. Just remember to use plenty of lube!

    It is with firmer and larger erections in mind that cock rings – another range of male sex toys – were created. Worn during the intercourse, these awesome penis rings are considered by some to be the best sex toy for men as they can prolong erection, delay ejaculation and enhance pleasure for both lovers. There are lots of difference types of penis rings, including vibrating penis rings with vibe bullets designed to stimulate her clitoris as well as titillate your balls during sex.

  • Discover the New Masturbatory Pleasure with Sex Toys

    Long gone are the days when masturbation was a taboo. Nowadays, masturbation is a universally accepted way to receive sexual pleasure and release sexual energy and tension.  It is an absolutely normal and healthy behaviour that most people do in their lives, both male and female. Everyone can do it anytime and anywhere, and even frequent masturbation, unless it affects your daily functioning, can harm you neither physically, nor mentally. Quite on the contrary, masturbation teaches you how your body responds to sexual stimulation, so you can share what you’ve learned with your partner to enhance your sexual relationships. In fact, there are so many benefits to masturbation that it must be celebrated rather than frowned upon. Engaging in wanking sessions once in a while is the safest form of sex you can practice. You can't become or get anyone pregnant, or contract an STD from masturbating, nor will your hands cheat on you, lie about how good it was, or spend all your money. If you still belong to the few who’s never done it for some reason, you should totally give it a try, and you’ll discover an exciting way to relieve stress and celebrate your body, giving yourself a whole lot of pleasure. Also, men who suffer from premature ejaculation or erection problems are advised to use a variety of masturbatory techniques to resolve those problems.

    So if masturbation is such a pleasing and in all ways great activity, why not make it even more pleasing and satisfying? Sexual aids or sex toys can bring new and powerful dimension of pleasure. Whether used individually or with a partner, sex toys can increase body awareness and enhance your overall sense of sexual well-being.

    The most common sex toy is of course the vibrator. In real life, vibrators are mostly used by women for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. They come in every shape, size and colour imaginable, and are made of jelly skin-like material. There is also a mind-boggling range of adult toys designed for G-spot and anal stimulation. These are absolutely fabulous toys that can send you to the planet of uncontrollable orgasms in virtually no time.

    There are also a good number of male sex toys. Tenga egg masturbators or fleshlights, designed to slide over the penis and provide intense stimulation, present a whole new world of masturbation to explore. There are also penis pumps, which create a vacuum around the penis, pulling in blood to temporarily enlarge it. However, be careful with these and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Pumping too long or too hard may cause problems.

    Before you begin experimenting with your new sex toy, whether you're a newbie or a pro at self love, try to set the mood. Prepare yourself emotionally by watching porn, listening to music or whatever tickles your fancy. Relax. Take your pants off and try your new toy friend for a zestier solo sex experience.

  • The Ultimate Male Masturbation Experience

    The concept of a sex toy is no longer associated with something that is specifically designed for women’s sexual satisfaction only. Today, with the emergence of male masturbators, male sex toys are becoming increasingly popular.

    Perhaps, one of the best masturbators ever created is the one called fleshlight. Ideal for self-pleasure, it is called so due-to the flesh-like material used in its inner sleeve, as well as its design resembling a large flashlight. The fleshlights feature a soft, flexible real feel skin sleeve, intended to give a natural sensation of penetrative sex. These male adult toys are so popular because no other toy can provide the comparable feel and durability as the fleshlight. Also, such masturbators can help men improve stamina and delay ejaculation, as you can choose the tightness of the channel and several distinctive sensations (anal, vaginal or oral) for added enjoyment. These male pleasure toys do not require any sort of power source to make use of it.

    Unlike the famous fleshlight, there are a variety of ‘hands-free’ male sex toys. The robotic blow job masturbator is winning so great a popularity among men, because this toy requires no action on your side. You just need to turn it on and feel your penis being sucked off until you explode. This male sex toy features hard-stroking pleasure beads which along with ultra-soft mouth sleeve and multispeed vibrations, deliver the most realistic sucking experience ever.

    Lots of men find sex with masturbators or sex dolls much more satisfying than real sex with their girlfriends or wives, because they don’t have to worry about pleasing anybody. And this in its turn helps you concentrate on your own body responses and pleasure. So why not take your masturbation experience to the next level, and enjoy all the sweet benefits of modern pleasure-giving technology?

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