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Dildos and Dongs

A common mistake is often made with dildos or dongs, they are often confused with vibrators. So lets try to clarify the differences. Usually a dildo is shaped like a penis and doesn’t vibrate, although there are vibrating dildos available. A dildo can be any shape, size or colour and they do come in different thicknesses. The main use of a dildo unlike a vibrator is to perform thrusting movements into the vagina to simulate the feel of a real penis.

Many women enjoy using a dildo together with a vibrator or clitoral stimulator, they thrust the dildo in and out and place the vibrator at the same time on the clitoris, which can produce a very intense orgasm. A dong usually has testicles attached, the testicles make it look more realistic and many users say a dong is easier to handle when thrusting it inside the vagina.

When choosing which dildo or dong is best for you, it is usually a good idea to buy one that resembles your partners penis size and girth, unless of course your partner is smaller than you wished for. You can buy dildos in a pack which have various sizes, usually small, medium and large. So try the smallest first then move up to the larger size.

You will find that some dildos are massive, enormous in fact, as much as 15 inches long and 5 inches wide! One common mistake made by men who buy dildos for their partner is to buy one that is too big. We have discovered over many years of selling sex toys that some men have a fantasy of wanting to see their partner take the biggest dildo they can find, if you are thinking this and want to surprise your partner, be careful as you may be in for a nasty surprise at her re-action. Its a big mistake and can be a waste of money. The general rule is, if you are thinking about buying a big dildo for your partner, discuss it with her first. If she likes the idea of trying a large dildo then get one for her, otherwise get her one you know she will be happy with, or let her choose the dildo.

As explained previously, Dildos come in all shapes and sizes, there are dildos that are so realistic they look like a real penis, jelly ones that bend, G-spot dildos and double ended ones which are normally used by lesbians or gay men. Double ended dildos are also used by some couples, which allows one end to be inserted into the male anus whilst the other goes into the vagina, back and forth movements by both couples pushes the dildo deeper into each other.

One of our most popular selling dildos is Marcelo Everardo's Explicit Love Machine Dong

Dildos can be solid or flexible, smooth or veined and the choice of colours varies from flesh to pink, red to black and many other colours. For lesbian sex, we have a variety double ended dildos for dual satisfaction. We have a complete range of dildos to satisfy all tastes. One of the most popular ranges of dildo are the jelly variety. These are soft to touch, are flexible enough to bend and find all those little hot spots but are solid enough to be very satisfying.

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