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When Sex Goes Wrong

Sometimes things go wrong in the sex life of even the most loving couple. For example, with men it can be a sudden erectile dysfunction, whilst a woman may have a frustratingly hard time reaching an orgasm. Indeed, sex can be fantastic one day and lacking in excitement the other. If that spark of excitement is not back next time you engage in amorous activities, and then the time after, the feeling of frustration and failure roots itself in the mind. However, when it comes to long-term relationships, every couple should know that the problem of your sex life becoming stale, is always lurking around you. And it's only a matter of time before it attacks you. Knowing that, both partners should work together in order to restore the lost spark of passion and keep things fresh and exciting all the time. We have two pieces of professional advice for you: prolong your foreplay and incorporate sex toys into your lovemaking.

When it comes to sex, foreplay is of utmost importance for women. Very often, it is the lack of proper foreplay which leads to a woman failing to experience orgasm. Foreplay is really something never to be neglected as long as the man is concerned about his woman's satisfaction. So, a message for all heterosexual men out there: do take your time to do all the passionate kissing, massaging, tongue teasing, tickling, naughty nibbling and all of this kind of stuff all over your woman's body. Blindfold her and see what an amazing effect it will produce. If you try adding a vibrator to the mix, she will be moaning and begging not to stop within no time, especially if you do it without her expecting anything like that. You may use a vibrator to massage her whole body, gradually moving down to her privates to ensure plenty of build-up. When after a while you move to intercourse, your woman will be doomed to experience an explosive orgasm or even a number of them in a row.

Another fantastic sex toy to rekindle your lovemaking, is the cock ring. Cock rings or penis rings are simply a jelly material ring which fits at the base of a man's penis shaft to keep the blood flow from going back into the body. This results in increased erection and the ability to last much longer. Some cock rings also feature small bullet vibrators and specifically designed noodles to provide clitoral stimulation for a woman during penetrative sex. This type of cock rings is loads of fun for both partners, as the mini-vibe tickles and stimulates the clitoris as well as the penis. We do encourage you to check out our range of cock rings and pick one for a try-out, even if you live the most satisfying sex life. Why not make it absolutely awesome?
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