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Since “Sex and the City” broke the ice there has been a major breakdown of sexual barriers both in the media and society. Fewer and fewer people feel embarrassed when talking about sex toys, whilst more and more people openly admit to own a few. It seems today that the notion of sex toys is officially out of the closet. And that's 100% true; considering the increasingly growing number of sex toy users throughout the world, we can say that adult toys have finally gained full acceptance in our society. However, lots of people still think that sex toys are something best used for solo activity. This is just totally wrong! By selecting the right sex toy you can supercharge your lovemaking with your partner and keep your sex lives as fresh as ever!

Perhaps, you have a hard time reaching an orgasm together? Do you think your clitoris is understimulated during penetrative sex? Or maybe you or both of you want more G-spot stimulation? Different sex tits serve different purposes, and with the help of the right toy almost anything is possible! If you need some extra clitoral stimulation, there is a perfect sex toy for you. In addition to staying power, a great deal of cock rings offer profound clitoral stimulation either through protruding nodules or even the latter combined with a bullet vibrator for the ultimate stimulation. A nice clitoral vibrator would be your second option in this case. If you want to use it with your partner, make sure it is small enough to easily position on your clit without blocking movement. Clitoral stimulators are also great for use during foreplay. Get her juices flowing, watch her moan and squirm while stroking your penis for a while. When you move to intercourse you will have hear climaxing like crazy within no time!

If you are more into G-spot stimulation, you can of course use your fingers to find that sweet zone, but a sex toy with a specifically curved tip, a.k.a. a G-spot vibrator, will make things a lot easier for you. Check out one our best-sellers – the Ejaculating G Spot Vibrator. We've been told lots of times that this one is one of the most powerful G-spot stimulators, able to make a woman multiple squirting orgasms. Just like any other vibrator, the G-spot stimulator is a perfect toy to use during foreplay, which is so important for the woman and so often ignored by the man. So buy a few toys, introduce them to your lovemaking and enjoy the best sex of your lives!

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