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  • The Importance of Variety in Relationship

    It is one of the biggest challenges for every loving couple to keep their sex life from becoming boring, eventually. And keeping lovemaking fresh is no easy task. Even if you’re the most imaginative lover, you will run out of ideas sooner or later. The timeless rule here is to understand the importance of variety, which is the deadliest enemy of boredom. Also, don’t you ever forget that lovemaking is about having fun for both partners, it must be mutual pleasure sharing rather than one-sided thing.

    Whilst we never advocate sex toys as a replacement for the real thing, they are one of the best ways to add some new exciting variety to your bedroom fun through sexual experimentation. Sex toys are not designed for solo pleasure only. There are lots of adult toys that are great to use during intercourse or foreplay. They also add that playful zest into your bedroom, making a great lovemaking an outstanding one.

    Let’s start with something as simple as a cock ring. The Silicone Rabbit Cock Ring is loads of fun for a couple. Placed at the base of the penis, it ensures enhance erection and provides pulsating vibrations for the clitoris during intercourse. It works great with all women and especially those who love clitoral stimulation.

    Another fantastic ingredient to keep in your lovemaking pantry is sex furniture. Ideal for couples looking for experimentation, the Padded Sex Swing will provide you with the ultimate playground for exploring new love making positions! It is really loads of fun getting this freedom in your ability to take any position you can possibly think of! Also, the Seat of Love is a really handy device that lets you experience the pleasure of a new sex position in which both partners feel only the sweet penetration, with their weights being left out of the mix!

    Couples, who are open-minded and love exploring new avenues in sex, usually have a deeper bond and a more satisfying sex life.

  • Sex Furniture to Enhance Your Lovemaking

    If you a great lover and enjoy experimenting during sex, we have something that you may find to be very useful in terms of diversifying and enhancing your sexual experience. Taking the industry by storm, sex furniture is all the rage now! Fewer and fewer people today think sex furniture to be only for the sexually hyperactive or some kind of perverts and freaks. In fact, sex furniture is designed solely for the purpose of allowing couples a larger variety of positions to play with and making the old standards just a bit more enjoyable. Here at, we’ve compiled a list of the bestselling pieces of sex furniture that you will find below along with a few useful tips.

    Sex Swings

    Sex swings are perfect for discovering new love positions to help improve your lovemaking. Depending on the type you have, sex swings can have a nice variety of uses. Basically, with a sex swing you are able to place your partner in many incredibly exciting positions that are comfortable for him/her and provide easy access for you! There are smaller sex swings that hang from doorways, such as the Fantasy Door Swing, and there are those that can be fixed to any ceiling hoist, and then easily hold both partners together, such as the Leather Sex Swing Hammock.

    Love Seats

    These are a powerful tool to liven up your sexual encounters by offering you the most intense grooves in sex positions. Taking the gravity out of sex and keeping your physical strength for sexual up-and-down, the love seat will help you experience the craziest sex ever! The love seat such as, the Seat of Love also offers you the right position for G-spot stimulation as well as helps the man last longer! Light, handy, and easily carried around, the love seat is a wonderful solution for old people, pregnant women or people with disabilities to enjoy a more comfortable sex.

    Love Pillows

    The purpose of these is to thrust your pelvis upward to allow easy penetration. You can also use the Love Pillow to rest the head during oral sex to prevent a kink in the neck. The love pillow may come particularly handy when doing a 69 oral sex, because quite often one partner is larger than the other, and his or her head won’t be able to rest easily on the mattress or wherever you may be.

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