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  • It's Time You Introduced Sex Toys into Your Lovemaking

    There are so many people who are desperate to try sex toys, but are still embarrassed to do it. There are also lots of people who already enjoy sex toys for solo pleasure and are dying to use them with their partners, but are afraid of hurting their feelings. We are sure there are others out there who tried bringing sex toys to the bedroom but turned out unprepared for the negative reactions on their partners’ side. Whatever the case, if you take the right approach, you will easily introduce adult toys into your relationship. In fact, we recommend it, and for so many reasons!

    First of all, sex toys feel good! No one would question that orgasms feel good. And adult toys help you experience better, longer and more intense orgasms, which is always good. Second of all, sex toys are lots of fun. Most couples involved in a long-term relationship will eventually get bored with their sex lives. Sex toys can bring the lost spice back into your lovemaking and keep it from getting dull. Sharing new experiences together brings couples closer and deepens their intimacy. Moreover, adult toys make sex so much better! There are so many women who can’t climax through intercourse alone and need to receive clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Also, lots of men have trouble getting and keeping their erections as long as they would like. Sex toys can take care of both of these issues. They will also inject more zest even into a perfectly good lovemaking session, turning a great experience into an outstanding one.

    If your partner is still hesitant about using sex toys with you, this is most likely due to the existing myths and misconceptions about sex toys. Needless to say that most of them are not true, but you should always treat your lover’s concerns seriously. So be prepared to deal with anything, including emotional discomfort and ignorance. The biggest concern for most partners is fear that he’s being replaced with something else. Well, a huge vibrating dildo that brings you to orgasm in virtually no time – yeah, your partner’s concern is quite understandable. So you should take your time to let him or her know that sex toys can’t possible replace human contact. Yes, a nice vibrator, such as the Twin Turbo Rabbit Vibrator, will give you a great orgasm, but it won’t cuddle with you afterwards, nor will it ever care about your feelings. If your partner has this fear, educate them and stroke their ego a little. Assure them that you’re more after exploration, than satisfaction. As with most relationship issues, good communication will go a long way towards solving the problem.

  • Introducing Adult Toys To A Partner

    Many men and women DO want to try adult toys but are afraid to admit this to their partner for fear of being looked upon as strange, weird, inadequate or perverted. The best way to approach introducing an adult toy into your sex life is to discuss it first with your partner.  Ok so here is problem number one. You find it difficult to discuss such an intimate thing with your partner? If this is the case, you may have a problem that needs professional advice because if you are not able to discuss sexual pleasure with your partner, it could be you are with the wrong person.

    Whilst this may sound harsh on the face of it, it could be true, even if you have been with your partner for many years. By all means try introducing an adult toy into your relationship without first discussing it, but be prepared for a negative response. It is best to talk to your partner first, suggest it in a 'matter of fact way' without putting pressure on them, a suggestion like "I saw a vibrator in a magazine the other day, it was something called a rabbit vibrator, I was thinking as a bit of fun to get one what do you think?" Gauge their response either favourable or negative.

    At least you have a starting point. You might like to say the same thing to your partner but in a third party way, in other words, "A group of friends at work today were talking about something called a rabbit vibrator, I was thinking as a bit of fun to get one to see what it is like, what do you think?" Whether the response from your partner is positive or negative, you have at the very least started a discussion. If its positive, then buy one. If its negative, ask your partner why.

    Obviously, we can only give limited guidance to this point, as it very much depends on what the response is, the answers to every question your partner comes up with will be varied and we don’t have the space here to cover every response. Hopefully however, this information will help you to break the ice. Assuming you get a favourable response along the lines of "I dont mind giving it a try etc" you then need to consider where to buy your adult toys.  Our extensive collection will offer you plenty of choices and at low prices too.

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