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Sex Toys to the Rescue of Your Failing Marriage

If you have sex only a few times a month, scheduling it and taking it as a chore, if you don’t fantasise about your partner and there is no more sense of adventure, then you’re indeed suffering from the typical symptoms of a low-sex marriage, or in other words, a declining relationship. But don’t be alarmed, because all couples eventually fall into the same old sex routine. However, if you want to enjoy a great sex life even after you’ve lived for years with your spouse, you have to be open to sexual experimentation. OK, sexual experimentation might refer to numerous activities, but one of the most efficient and delightful is actually using sex toys.

If you’re a bit hesitant at first, you really don’t have to start with the biggest dildo, mouth gags, whips, and other BDSM stuff like that. Instead, look out for things that are a bit tamer, such as a dice game, body paint, edible underwear and something of the kind. Also, a great option for you would be a new set of sexy lingerie; in fact, nothing turns on a straight man greater than his woman wearing a drop-dead sexy Fishnet Body Stocking all of a sudden. Cock rings are another couple-friendly sex toy, that helps a man last longer during the intercourse as well as adds a little to his penis size, by holding the blood flow inside the male organ. Penis rings are also a perfect solution for all men suffering from erection problems. There is also a range of vibrating cock rings, such as the Nubby Vibrating Cock Ring, designed to provide extra stimulation to the vulva, clitoris and to the penis as well during the intercourse. Thousands of women have found penis rings to be one of the greatest couple-friendly male sex toys ever.

Another extremely powerful and exciting means to spice up your bedroom fun is sexual role playing. Many people feel a bit reserved in their sex lives for one reason or another. But when you pretend to be somebody else, you feel a lot less, if at all, inhibited, and all of a sudden, you’re ready to act out your wildest sexual fantasies. Look through our collection of sexy costumes and choose your characters for tonight’s naughty role playing game. Perhaps, tonight you’d love a teacher-student relationship, or, maybe, you’d rather be a car accident victim being treated by a lewd sexy nurse – it’s all up to you.

Yes, sex is an essential part of any healthy relationship, and you need to take your time to improve it as best you can.

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