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No More Malicious Myths about Sex Toys

It baffles us why there are still so many derogatory myths surrounding the topic of sex toys. How come there are still lots of people who are so ignorant and narrow-minded that they think of sex toys as something to be ashamed of and even blamed for? In our time of erotic enlightenment everyone must take adult toys as a wonder-working medium that helps you ease your sexual tension and makes the overall experience (whether solo or with a partner) a much more pleasing and fulfilling one. Moreover, in certain ways sex toys are the finest form of stimulation, offering a totally unique form of pleasure, that keeps your body guessing and brings you tirelessly to orgasm again and again. So why are there still so many of those who feel uncomfortable and even guilty at the mere thought of using sex toys? Well, let’s cover some of the most common myths, and try debunking them.

Sex Toys Are Addictive

Well, addiction implies causing harm, but there is nothing whatsoever harmful about using sex toys, as long as they’re properly used. If anything could be addictive here, it’s the orgasms, which are downright awesome with sex toys. But orgasms can never do you any harm, and you can always go back to masturbation or partner sex without sex toys.

Sex Toys Replace Real Sex

This can’t be farther from the truth, as sex toys can never replace human contact. They sure can help us through our “single times”, but as soon as you find another partner, your little toy friend won’t stand a chance of even remotely competing with a human being. Seriously, who in their right mind could possibly consider a sex toy to be a viable replacement for a relationship? Sex toys cannot show you affection the human being can, they won’t cuddle you as you fall asleep, or make breakfast for you in bed. Adult toys are really fantastic, but a partner sex has so much more to it. Even if it’s with a complete stranger, sex is a personal and intimate bond between people!

Sex Toys Make Sex less Natural

Just as we use a fork or spoon to facilitate the process of having a meal, so we use sex toys to enhance our masturbatory or partner sex experience, and there is nothing unnatural about it! So use your imagination to animate your adult toy and enjoy it as much as you like. Just don’t let those hypocritical blinkered people discourage you, anyway, life’s too short to afford missing out on such a pleasure-filled opportunity.

The more you pay for a sex toy, the better it is

The truth is that a simple £17 vibrator, such as the Bead Blossom Rabbit Vibrator, can give you more pleasure than a £150 vibrator. More expensive sex toys should be made of better materials and thus last longer, but they won’t necessarily feel better for you. The trick here is to try out varied types of sex toys to figure out which one feels best for you. So we’re inviting you to check out our selection of the finest adult products, all at the most competitive prices.

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