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Discover How Sex Toys Can Enhance Your Relationship as a Couple

Couples PleasureTo get you started on the sex toys talk, here are a few quick statistics:
- 45% of women between the ages of 18 and 60 own a vibrator.
- 78% of women who own a vibrator use them with a partner.
- 23% of adults have used sex toys during sex.
- 20% of adults who reported kinky play have used masks, blindfolds or bondage gear.
- The most popular sex toys purchased online are: vibrators, rubber penis, lubricants, anal bead, penis rings, rubber vagina, blindfolds, harness, furry handcuffs, and bondage gear.

Based from these statistics alone, it is easy to see how these battery-operated, naughty devices have captured the imagination of adults from all parts of the world. So if you’re part of a couple who has not ventured out yet into the world of adult toys, you are definitely missing out on a lot.

Why Every Couple Needs to Try Out Using Sex Toys

Whether you’re a married couple, a newly-going out couple or a couple who has been dating for a very long time, you do need to try using sex toys. Here are the reasons why:

• It actually leads to having more sex.
Sex toys ring about better, longer-lasting orgasms so using them will actually lead you to have more sex with your partner.

• It injects some fun and spice into your bedroom activities.
Let’s say that you are a couple who has been together for years now and you find that things are getting a bit stale in the bedroom. Using sex toys will add that new, novel element into your bedroom activities so things will not stay boring, you can spice things up, and you can have a lot of fun.

• It addresses some specific sex-related problems.
If the man is having problems maintaining an erection, a penis ring will help address that. Women who are having difficulties reaching the big O during penetration can use clitoral vibrators. Those who may want to venture out into some backdoor play can use anal sex toys. If you are having a problem with a certain area of your sex life, there’s usually an adult toy that will help you address just that.

• It boosts sexual health and your intimacy as a couple.
More importantly, using adult toys help boost sexual health and makes you closer as a couple. With these perfectly legitimate reasons for using sex toys, you might want to go online now and order one, two, or three toys to try out with your partner. Have fun using them to spice things up in bed!

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