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Sex toys for a holiday

Summer GiftsAre you planning to bring along a sex toy while on holiday? If you’re driving from one place to another, you can go all-out in carrying all the sex toys you want. But if you’re flying to a different country, you might want to limit the number and kinds of sex toys that you’ll bring so you won’t have any trouble with Customs or Immigration.

Travel-Friendly Sex Toys

Be it a business or a pleasure trip that you are planning, you might also want to plan which sex toys you will bring. A nine-inch dildo that can easily spill out of your luggage is a huge no-no. If you’re travelling to a foreign country and your bag is selected for random thorough inspection, just imagine how embarrassing it would be to have such a toy spill out of your bag.

To limit the embarrassment and to make sure that you will go through all the luggage checks without any hassle, here’s a list of travel-friendly sex toys that you can pack:
• Discreet Vibrators
The number one rule when packing battery-operated devices is to remove the batteries. These can be easily detected by metal detectors in airports. So if you’re bringing a sex toy that’s battery operated, remove the dry cells and just buy what you need at your destination. If a vibrator is what you’re bringing, choose ones in discreet shapes like lipsticks, massagers, or even cute little animals.

• Anal Sex Toys
Anal toys like butt plugs and anal beads do not have any batteries, so they’re perfectly travel-friendly. Just choose ones which are not made from stainless steel or other metal materials. Butt plugs are harmless looking while anal beads can simply be stashed along with your jewelry.

• Latex or Silicone Sex Toys
If you must bring a dildo, make sure that its size is not too noticeable. It also pays to go with materials like latex or silicone.

For hygienic purposes, pack any sex toy that you’ll bring along on a holiday in Ziploc bags. Of course, don’t forget to bring plenty of lube and don’t’ forget to enjoy using these sex toys to make the most out of your holiday.

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