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Why you should try sex toys now

googleMagicMoments2Why Try Sex Toys? Here’s Why, And You Should Do So, Now!

With shows like Sex and the City and books/films like Fifty Shades Darker, sex toys has become an open subject instead of the taboo that it was before. There’s really no reason why such toys used in the bedroom should be discussed in hush-hush tones, especially by perfectly sensible adults. In fact, you are missing out on a lot of if you are not currently using sex toys – whether you’re going solo or tangling the sheets with your partner.

How Sex Toys Help Improve Relationships

Let’s say that you are a couple who’s looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom. How can sex toys help and in what ways can it improve your relationship? Take a look:
• Using adult toys can actually lead to more sex.
Perhaps the biggest problem of today’s generation is that couples are not having enough sex. It could have something to do with the busier-than-ever lifestyle, or maybe they simply lost interest. But if you will inject something new into your intimate relationship like using sex toys, you will definitely feel that renewed interest in sex – and you’ll be having more of it!

• Using sex toys help women achieve orgasm more easily.
Two-thirds of women cannot reach orgasm through penetrative sex alone. With the help of sex toys like a clitoris vibrator, cock rings, or similar items, women can reach the big O more easily.

• There are sex toys which help men deal with certain problem areas.
Sex toys benefit men in such a way that it can help address certain problem areas. Those having problems with erectile dysfunction, for example, can use a cock ring. Designed to be worn at the base of the shaft, it restricts blood flow to make the erection last longer. Penis pumps and desensitizers can be used by those with premature ejaculation issues. These are just a couple of examples of adult toys that help boost male performance in bed.

• Sex toys help boost the intimacy between couples.
More importantly, sex toys boost the intimacy between couples. It makes their bedroom activities more light hearted and fun; it helps eliminate male performance anxiety; and it just benefits a couple’s sexual health all the way round.

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