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Choosing Sex Toys for Couples


Is It Your First Time to Buy Couple’s Sex Toys?

You and your partner have been together for a long time now and you both decided that it’s time to introduce a ‘third party’ in the bedroom: sex toys. These days, more and more adults are being open to the prospect of using these typically battery-operated gizmos, simply because they help enhance one’s sex life. Not only that, but sex toys are actually good for the health while also boosting your intimacy as a couple.

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Sex Toys for Couples

Now, if you’re a first time sex toy buyer and you would like to choose items which will benefit you both as a coupe, here are a few tips to remember:
Talk things out first.
If you’re thinking about surprising your partner with a giant vibrating dildo one night, you might not necessarily get a good reaction. Not all adults are comfortable with the prospect of using sex toys, so talk things out first. Use open-ended questions like how do you feel about…

Based from your partner’s answers, you can gauge whether he or she is open to the prospect of using sex toys, and that’s the only time that you should think about buying one.

Choose a pair of for-him and for-her sex toys.
So you’ve already decided as a couple that you want to have a collection of sex toys in the bedroom. Where do you start? Always begin with something simple so you won’t feel intimidated. Pick out a pair of for-him and for-her toys. For instance, a butterfly vibrator is suitable for her, while a cock ring is perfect for him.

Talk about your deepest, darkest sexual fantasies, and choose a sex toy based from that.
If your partner has this fantasy of having sex with a stranger, a sex doll or a dildo with harness might do the trick. If your partner wants to live out scenes straight from Fifty Shades of Grey, some basic bondage toys will help you live out the fantasy.

Choose sex toys that will help address any sexual problems that you might have.
Men who are having problems with premature ejaculation or maintaining an erection can use penis rings which are worn at the base of the shaft. Women who are having problems reaching an orgasm can use clit stimulators or vibrators. There are plenty of adult toys that you can use which are specifically designed to address certain sex-related problems.

Choose sex toys which are simply based from the fact that they’re fun to use!
Lastly, if you both had a huge laugh looking at a pink rabbit vibrator or if your guy seems to be really interested in using genital clamps, go ahead and try them out. The main point of buying sex toys in the first place is for you to have a grand time in bed, so have a lot of fun in the process.

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