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All the latest sex toy news and gossip, keep up to date with the most recent sex toys and find out how much pleasure and excitement you can have with them!

  • Making Love Using Sex Toys

    FSOG-Sex-ToysThe popularity of the erotic novel trilogy "Fifty Shades of Grey" put bedroom-related activities in the spotlight. If you're not yet ready to try the BDSM tools used by the characters in the story, why not try making love using the simplest of sex toys? This will add another dimension into your sex life, and make things hotter and more exciting in the bedroom.

    Why Use Sex Toys in the First Place

    If you're not yet convinced, let's take a quick look at the reasons why it pays to introduce sex toys in the bedroom in the first place. The number one reason is that sex toys simply make for better sex. If you as a couple have fallen into the dreaded trap of having a routine in the bedroom, when you just pretty much get the act over with, adding a new element like a sex toy will make things more exciting.

    The second reason is that using sex toys produce better orgasms. Women in particular do not reach the big O through penetration alone, and they need extra clitoral stimulation. This can be brought about by basic toys like vibrators or clit stimulators. Finally, sex toys make women more comfortable with their bodies. Using sex toys will let them know exactly what they want and voice it out to their partners, making for a more thrilling bedroom experience.

    Quick Tips for Introducing Sex Toys in the Bedroom

    Next, how are you supposed to introduce sex toys in the bedroom? Here are a few tips:
    * Talk it over with your partner. Some might feel intimidated or even inadequate when you whip out a vibrator or a dildo in the middle of your lovemaking session – so make sure that he or she is in on it.
    * Start with the basics, then move on to the more advanced sex toys when you're both feeling a bit more adventurous.
    * Turn the use of sex toys into a shared experience. You can shop for it together, something that can be done online if you don't want to visit an actual shop. Choose products that suits you both well and acquaint yourself with how to use them so that you can inject more spice into your bedroom activities.

    With these tips, you can amp up the heat in your bedroom play time with the use of sex toys.

  • NEW Valentine Gift Ideas

    Valentines-DayAfter New Year, the next occasion that the public, specifically couples, celebrate is Valentine's Day. It may reek of commercialism but there's no mistaking the fact that seeing all those red window displays, seeing all the rom-coms shown on TV and witnessing cheesy acts like sending flowers, chocolates and gifts will make you want to partake in all the romantic vibe. The good news is just because Valentine's Day is an occasion for lovers, it does not mean that you cannot celebrate if you're not part of a couple. You can send gifts to your mom, girl friends or a favorite aunt just because. Below are some more ideas for gift items that you can distribute to loved ones on Valentine's Day.

    Take Your Pick from these Valentine Gift Ideas

    When it comes to romantic Valentine's Day gifts, the pressure is more on the men to find something nice for their significant other. To give you an idea about the Valentine's Day gifts that you can give, check out this list:
    * Traditional Valentine's Gifts
    Traditional Valentine's Day gifts include flowers, chocolates or jewellery. You can combine two or choose all three to make the love of your life feel extra special on the most romantic day of the year.

    * Personalized Valentine's Gifts
    For this, you need to take the personality of the recipient into account. Is she into cooking? Then maybe a shiny kitchen tool with her name engraved on it will mean a lot more to her than a bunch of red roses. If your man is into gaming, the latest video console might prove to be the best Valentine's Day gift he's ever received.

    * Couple's Valentine's Gifts
    Valentine's Day is the best time to go all-out on the cheesy, mushy factor, so why not choose a couple's gift? A pair of necklaces with connecting hearts, or a heart and a key can be worn by the two of you. His and hers watches, a foldable hammock or an outdoor chair painted with your names are other gifts that you can both use as a couple.

    * NEW Naughty Gift Ideas
    Sex toys, sexy lingerie and saucy bondage gear are taking off as the best new gifts for lovers. If your keen on a romantic and sexual Valentine experience, simply light the candles, put on some gentle tunes and release your sexual fantasies with the one you love. Let the playtime begin! More and more couples are changing their views on this sexy time of year and Valentine's Day is becoming more than just a day for kisses!

    As early as now, decide which among these Valentine's Day gifts to give to your significant other so you won't feel rushed once February arrives!

  • January Is The Time To Grab a Bargain

    arrowPre-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Day, Cyber Monday - two months before the year ends, these are the big store sales that consumers look forward to the most. When January of the next year arrives, you might be experiencing a shortage in your budget or simply have retail withdrawal, which means that you do not want to be inside a store just yet. However, you might be missing out on a few great bargains.

    January is actually that time of the year when store owners try to sell as much of their stocks as possible to make way for the new stocks coming in. Here, we will take a look at the items that you can easily grab at bargain prices in January, and which stores have the best offers.

    What to Buy in January

    If you were unable to grab a huge TV on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you still have a chance to stumble upon great bargains for this appliance on January. You'd see Super Bowl ads swearing low, low prices on big-screen TVs so the start of the year is really the best time to buy one.

    You can also get great deals on bed linens, towels, sheets, pillows, pillow cases and bed covers and similar items because this is the month when stores hold “white sales”. If you're planning to take a well-earned vacation, January and February are the best months to book flights or cruises. Aside from television sets, you can also get great bargains on digital cameras and furniture pieces.

    Stores with Big Sales during the First Month of the Year

    Some of the stores which are holding big sales during January are:
    - Aeropostale
    - Barnes & Noble
    - Gap
    - Hewlett-Packard
    - Men's Warehouse

    Whether you're buying goods online or from brick-and-mortar stores be on the lookout for coupons so that you can get price slash offs for the already good deals that you will get for such January sales.

  • Who Enjoys Sex Most Men or Women

    Sex who enjoys it mostDo men enjoy sex more than women, or is it the other way around? That is what we will try to figure out in the next sections.

    Check Out a Few Statistics

    First, here are a few statistics to jump start the discussion:
    * A recent survey indicates that a women's 'peak' sex age is 28 while their male counterparts lag five years behind.
    * Men typically have to wait until they're 33 to reach their sexual peak.
    * Previous researches, however, indicate that the peak sexual age of men and women are 18 and 30, respectively.
    * In an online article from the HuffingtonPost, it says that the way a woman feels about her body can directly affect how much she enjoys sex.
    * As compared to the 8% of women who can reach orgasm through vaginal sex alone, almost all men can reach their sexual climax through penetrative sex.
    * For the average woman, it takes about 10 to 20 minutes for them to reach an orgasm during foreplay and vaginal intercourse. For men, it takes only around seven to 14 minutes to climax. Unlike men who can reach orgasm through almost any kind of sexual encounter, most women need a variety of sexual acts to reach their sexual climax.

    In a culture which values male pleasure more over female pleasure, it should not really matter who enjoys sex more. The fact is that women do enjoy sex as fully as men. However, they are not wired to immediately orgasm or achieve orgasm at all, especially through penetrative sex alone. If you're part of the male populace and you care about your partner's pleasure, make sure to ask her about what she wants. Again, women do enjoy sex as much as men – it's all a matter of having a partner who cares about their sexual pleasure, so that the experience can be, well, pleasurable for both parties.

  • The Magic Moments January Sale

    sale4It's that time of year again folks! After the festivities of the Christmas holidays we are getting into the swing of normality, back to work, thinking about your health, maybe losing a few pounds and definitely looking forward to the summer (maybe booking a holiday). Another early January feature is the Magic Moments sale, offering deals and discounts to put you in a positive frame of mind at a time of the year when moral could be on the low side!

    sexy women calendarsexy men calendarI'm now taking time to show you some of these great offers, starting with our new 2015 sexy calendars, these 'not very PC' items feature very attractive models wearing next to nothing and in some cases nothing at all! And there is a male and female version, to cover all tastes.

    Luxury bunny vibeThe joy bunny vibe is a rabbit vibrator of the highest order! At an amazing low cost price but with such a modern design and feel, this ladies sex toy takes the top spot on our list of best rabbit vibrators in the UK. 10 powerful vibration modes are accessed by the simple yet chic control buttons located on the base of this luxury item.

    Enjoy the start to what could be your sexiest year ever!

  • Spice Up Christmas And 2015

    treeToo much roast turkey, bucks fizz and nibbles, there's so much about this time of year that just screams indulgence ladies and gentlemen - and why shouldn't it? As the season to be jolly gets well in the swing, why not delve into an altogether different type of pleasure, when the Christmas lights go out and you find a little time alone with your partner, amongst the busy party schedule?

    6With the help of the UK's longest serving sex toy shopping site Magic Moments, we've put together a tasty selection of Christmas goodies of a naughty kind, that you certainly won't want to open in front of the family! Make your Christmas one to truly remember and greet the new year in blockbuster fashion, with a little help in hand from the kinky gods.

    Yule love these festive treats!

    For the guys and girls finding themselves on Magic Moment's naughty list this year, prepare for some serious punishment as they shine the limelight on some delicious bedroom treats for us, chosen with you both in mind.

    Needing no introduction, other than an orgasmic wow, it's the Intimate Labia Spreader, one of Magic Moment's most popular couples toys this year, packing one hell of a punch for a relatively small toy. The Intimate Parts Spreader is a ridged curve that is inserted prior to intercourse, providing mind blowing stimulation to both the G-Spot and penis. Stylish and incredibly effective, this toy promises to be the perfect sexy stocking filler that you both can't wait to try.

    Next, find yourself caught in a love affair of a different kind this holiday season with the Anal Fever Vibrating Love Beads. Add a little spice to Christmas night fun, as lovers of anal play all over the UK snap up this powerful, visually enticing and incredibly arousing love toy. Enjoyed by both, look forward to a very naughty new year with one of Magic Moments best anal toys.

    A remote control vibrator can prove to be the perfect recipe for a good time at this time of year. Ladies, submit yourself to the mercy of your partner in any social environment and prepare for the unpredictable excitement one of these sex toys provides. The office Christmas party, an evening out for cocktails with your lover, or even a cosy night in, all provide perfect settings for some seriously naughty fun. But shhh - Keep it your little secret!

    Christmas and New Year funtimes

    If however, you find yourself happy and single this December, then there are plenty of solo sex toys out there that guarantee a good time between the sheets. From vibrators and dildo's for our ladies, to male masturbators and realistic vaginas for our gents, a more pleasurable and satisfying festive period lays just around the corner for us all.

  • Top 5 Celebrity Sex Dolls

    A poll conducted by Magic Moments has revealed the top 5 celebrity sex dolls that men purchase to create the ultimate fantasy..

    With the vast technology and realism of material that now goes into making modern day sex toys, having a little fun with your favourite celebrity is now just a few clicks away with

    Jenna Rose love dollFar gone are the days of Lusty Linda and Erotic Estelle, made famous in the memorable Only Fools scene. Instead, a new dawn of sex dolls is upon us and men all over a clutching for a slice of the action.

    In a poll 500 men, Magic Moments' can reveal that it was in fact the J-Ho doll that came out on top, closely courted by the Bootylicious Black Sex Doll that will be your nasty girl. Get Mylie finally with the third most popular sex doll, whilst Sex in the City has never been more tempting than with the Sarah doll.

    If that wasn't enough to float your boat, Magic Moments' Eva Angelica doll, really let's you rock out whilst allowing you to fantasize about sex with a chick who can certainly bang a drum.

    Get to grips with our top five celebrity sex dolls. Whilst we can't guarantee you a night in Hollywood, we can certainly put your sex life on the A-List.

  • Sex Toy Shopping at Magic Moments

    mm_logoAs one of Britain's longest standing sex toy shopping sites, we thought we'd provide you with a timely reminder why you wouldn't wanna shop anywhere else this Autumn.

    Our Team

    Our team have over 25 years experience in the sex toy industry and are only ever a phone call or e-mail away. Whether you are a seasoned professional in the world of sex toys and want to ask a personal question. Or, perhaps you are a novice looking for some timely guidance? Regardless of your sex toys need, the team are here to help 24 hours a day.

    mmlogo2Free Gifts

    Spend over £25 and you'll automatically be eligible for a free gift that we will automatically include into your parcel. Spend more and the gifts get even better with the likes of cock rings and other sex toys available as a thank you for your continued or new custom.

    Safe Sex Toy Shopping

    Est-1985In this day in age of paramount Internet security, you can be guaranteed of sex toy shoppings upmost online safety standards. Shop, swiftly and safely on your compute, tablet or smartphone and eagerly await the arrival of your sex toy(s).

    UK pre-stocked warehouse

    It is very common in our industry for smaller firms to drop ship, adding unwanted extra days onto your parcels delivery date. Magic Moment's keep the party going with guaranteed same day despatch from our UK pre-stocked warehouse.

    special-offerWeekly Offers

    Every now and then we like to treat our following to some great sex toy bundles. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest sex toy news and be automatically included into our weekly giveaways... Now there's an extra reason to get a little kinky this Autumn.

  • Using Delay Condoms for Longer Lasting Sex

    Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are two of the most common sexual problems for men. If you're experiencing premature ejaculation, you may want to consider using delay condoms. Manufacturers dub them as condoms which can be used for longer-lasting sex. How do they work and are there any side effects when using them? Read on to find out.Delay Condoms

    How do Delay Condoms Work?

    Depending on the brand, delay condoms have a special ingredient which helps delay ejaculation. This makes them perfect for men who would like to last longer in bed, or who would like to resolve premature ejaculation issues. Unlike regular condoms, delay condoms contain an active ingredient called Benzocaine which works by giving a slightly numbing or desensitizing sensation on the penis. With the help of Benzocaine, men would experience reduced sensations during sex which would delay their ejaculation for a few or several minutes. There are some brands of delay condoms which are teat-ended while others have a regular fit. When you read through the labels, you will find out if the condoms are safe for oral, anal and penetrative sex.

    Tips when Using Delay Condoms

    The one thing that you should watch out for when using delay condoms is the negative side effects. Some people are allergic to Benzocaine or any of the other ingredients inside the gel or cream in delay condoms. If you wear it and you are allergic to any of the ingredients, it can cause redness, inflammation or other symptoms of irritation.

    If you find that you are not allergic to the ingredients or a certain brand of delay condoms, there is absolutely no harm in using them. However, they are simply short-term solutions for premature ejaculation. If you would like to really last longer in bed, go for masturbation exercises like the stop-start-squeeze technique. Visualization and relaxation exercises during sex are other things that you can try. If all else fails, a doctor may recommend an antidepressant medication to help you last longer in bed to completely avoid premature ejaculation.

    As you can see, there are many solutions to premature ejaculation and delay condoms are just one of your options. It’s entirely up to you to find out which one works best in making you last longer in bed.

  • Sex Parties | Getting to Grips

    Sex parties, we all know are becoming more and more popular in modern day Britain. Over the years, the team here at Magic Moments have closely monitored this growing social trend and fall at your doorsteps today ladies and gentlemen to list 6 core tips for sex party newcomers, in order to make your first night utterly memorable.bondage-couple

    It's important to note that sex parties don't necessarily fit into the normal cliché of simply being filled with married couples looking to spice up their love lives. Instead, their edgy and diverse nature almost certainly guarantees you can meet someone who you can have some serious fun with, if you want.

    It's easier said than done, but don't be nervous. Sex parties will be filled with friendly like-minded people, who have enough experience to make you feel comfortable or equal levels of intrigue. Perhaps a couple of drinks beforehand and during will help you loosen your tongue, but it's important to not get too drunk. Doing so, may result in you not enjoying the occasion for what it is, or make it less memorable. Get the right amount of drunk and your inner gods and goddesses will inevitably end up thanking you for it.

    There is simply someone there for everyone. Whilst all the guys and girls are not necessarily the sexiest in the world, they are all well groomed and presented and it simply comes down to finding a guy or girl who you want to get on board with. Find someone who you find attractive and if the feeling's mutual - it's time to play! Likewise, the age range is diverse and spans 21-45 typically, so you can keep your options open or limit them as much as you like.

    Go alone or as a couple and there will be something new for you to see. Open your horizons, if you are looking for a willing participant(s) or simply have some fun with eachother in new and naughtier surroundings.

    If you're tired of the same old thing, choose a sex party to spice up your own sex life and really look forward to it. Don't go too often and really embrace the occasion. Once every three months is a good opportunity to spin round and make some freaky sounds!

    Finally, it's important to use protection. Condoms come aplenty and using them is paramount for your own and others safety. Why not spice up the occasion by bringing some of your favourite sex toys to use on your own or with a new partner . Love eggs, dildo's or anal toys all provide a fruity cocktail for some serious adult fun!

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