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The Joy of Prostate Stimulation

When it comes to sex, it sure can seem like women got the better end of the deal. Not only are women blessed with a singular organ, the clitoris, which serves no purpose other than providing sexual pleasure, they also have a g-spot that can rocket them to orgasm in mere seconds. Men didn’t get completely shafted, pardon the pun, when it comes to sex, however.

Men have the prostate. The prostate is located inside the rectum, and while the locale leaves a lot to be desired, men that master the art of prostate stimulation find that sex is far more intense.

There are several different ways in which a man can stimulate his prostate. The most common is with a finger or two. Go slowly and press lightly against the wall of your colon and you’ll find the prostate is no time. You can choose to have an enema first, but it isn’t necessary.

Another popular way for you to massage your prostate is with toys. Dildos and vibrators work fine, but there are also a whole range of toys made specifically for anal penetration. There are butt plugs that take some time for your body to adjust to and there are also anal beads you can use, too. The beads work by providing significant friction against your prostate right at the moment of orgasm. Simply place them in your colon and then at that magic moment, pull.

There are also a wide range of butt plug-like toys available that are shaped just right for your body. Like with any sex toy, the more you play with them, the more adept you will be at mastering the sensations they send throughout your body. One excellent product is the Classix Prostate Stimulator. It hits the right spot every time.

For many straight men, the stigma attached to butt play and prostate massage has gone by the wayside. Enjoy this amazing form of sex alone or with a partner.

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