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Vibrators Are a Blessing for Every Woman

Every year sex toys, and vibrators in particular, are becoming more socially acceptable. Vibrators offer a whole new dimension of pleasure, ensuring sexual well-being, for women. These adult toys are designed for both solo and partner play, delivering intense stimulation and extreme pleasure to the clitoris and vulva, with a tremendous orgasm-inducing power.

Vibrators come in a wide variety of shape, size and design, ready to deliver extremely pleasurable sensations for your body. Most models offer a range of speed options so you can set the vibration frequency to exactly how you need it. Usually, it is the vibration pattern and movement that provide greater pleasure than the actual size and shape of the toy. So shop around, keep an open mind and choose a model that will satisfy you best. Ask yourself what you really need it for: bathtub action, realism, simultaneous vaginal-clitoral/anal stimulation, or maybe, portability.

Rabbit Vibrators. Multi-action vibrators, also known as Rabbit Vibrators, are by far the women’s most favourite pleasure toy ever. Indeed, this dual-action vibrator can bring s woman to a mind-blowing orgasm with an incredible ease. Ask around, lots of women swear by their cute rabbit friends. Designed for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation, the Rabbit Vibrator is justly called the adult toy of 21st century.

Traditional Vibrators. Phallic-shaped and penetrative, these are the most common adult toys. Plain vibrators are usually straight between four and eight inches in length, and are made of plastic. Available in a range of finishes, including bright colours and metallic, most traditional vibrators are adjustable to allow the user full control over the vibration level. When you think of vibrators, this is usually the type that comes to mind.

G-spot Vibrators. Yes, it’s really there, located about two inches inside the upper wall of the vagina, and eager to send rolling waves of powerful orgasm through your body. Usually shaped like a traditional vibrator, these adult toys feature a special bend in the shaft to increase stimulation of the G-spot. If you haven’t found the pleasure spot yourself, these toys will do it for you.

Clitoral Vibrators. For a large number of women direct clitoral stimulation is a must to achieve orgasm. Designed with a woman’s clitoris in mind, clitoral vibrators provide intense clitoral stimulation, bringing about loads of orgasmic sensations. This type of vibrator leaves women feeling incredibly satisfied.

Realistic Vibrators. Yes, you’ve guessed it, these sex toys are designed with the anatomical features of a real penis. Featuring skin-like, textured surfaces, and very realistic exterior, these vibrators come in all shapes and sizes just like real men.

Waterproof Vibrators. There isn’t really much to explain about these pleasure toys, upon knowing their name. Yes, they are waterproof, that is, designed to be used when taking bath or shower, or anywhere you can get yourself all wet. When choosing a vibrator for water play, these sex toys are definitely going to be your choice.

In the last decade, many women have come to appreciate the importance of vibrators. Simply put, vibrators are a real blessing for any woman seeking to experience new sexual sensations.

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