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  • Breaking out of Your Sexual Rut

    Do you live in a sexless marriage? Has it become boring and uninteresting to spend time with your spouse? If so, well, you’re not alone. Although it’s no consolation, but almost all long-term relationships sooner or later end up facing the problem of unsatisfying and boring sex life. Indeed, when you’ve lived with your spouse for quite a while, your passions start to die away, and your lovemaking becomes a daily routine, or even a chore. However, there are ways to break out of that sexual rut, one of the most efficient being the use of sex toys. Yes, using sex toys in order to spice up your bedroom play and enhance your sex life is perfectly normal, and is even recommended by lots of sex therapists. Here at, we feel obliged to inform everyone that there are lots of couple-friendly sex toys that can really help re-ignite your passions and even save your marriage.

    Have you ever tried sexual role playing? This actually will be our first piece of advice for you – try it out! All you need is some sexy outfit, such as the Sexy PVC Bunny Costume or the Sexy Catwoman Costume, and of course your imagination. You may not know how arousing it is pretending to be someone else: you feel less inhibited, more confident and naughty! Who would you like to be with tonight? Would it be a naughty school girl or a incredibly attractive maid or policewoman? It’s all up to you what scenario will be acted out. Check out our range of sexy costumes, and choose an outfit of your current fantasies. And what about a cute little whip, a gag or a pair of handcuffs? Although technically not a sex toy, these are very powerful tools to inject more spice into your lovemaking, especially when used during foreplay.

    Considered by many women to be the best couple-friendly adult toy for men, cock rings are a cheap and easy way to make mediocre sex great sex. The most basic cock rings are just a small ring that’s placed at the base of the shaft of the penis to hold the blood inside the penis, thus making it visually bigger, and enhancing the wearer’s sexual stamina by letting him last longer. There are also lots of other cock rings that can vibrate, or feature a bumpy texture, all intended to provide direct clitoral stimulation during sex! Just imagine your woman shake every time you penetrate her all the way, and girls, imagine a vibrating stimulation of your clitoris whilst being penetrated all the way! Since a great number of women cannot achieve orgasm by penetration alone, using a cock ring with your partner may bring you to the first orgasm of your life!

    If you still feel hesitant about introducing sex toys into your lovemaking, go ahead and read more of our articles you’ll find here -

  • Spicing up Your Sex Life is So Easy

    According to statistics, most people involved in a long-term relationship are not satisfied with their sex lives. To them sex becomes a routine, everyday occurrence that they just take for granted. Hardly will anyone admit that their sex life sucks, however, that fact of the matter is that sex inevitably becomes boring if you don’t take the trouble to spice things up. Choosing to enhance your sex life is a wonderful way to generally improve your relationship. Probably, the most efficient way to spice things up in your bedroom is to introduce a few wisely chosen sex toys into your sexual play. When introducing adult toys into your relationship you need to be very careful and keep an open mind! If a couple is not prejudiced against the use of these wonderful objects of adult pleasure, which they’ve come to explore, then the spirit of adventure and thrill will easily return to their sexual encounters.

    It has been proven many times that couples who use sex toys together while in a relationship tend to be very open in communicating with each other, much more honest and open than those who don’t.

    If you haven’t ever touched or even seen (impossible!) a vibrator before, you must certainly know about these things that women use to masturbate. What you might not know is that these adult toys are not designed for just solo pleasure. In fact, vibrators are the most couple-friendly sex toys, and are perfect to enhance your love making if you know how to use your imagination. You should also bear in mind that some women find it hard to experience orgasm without clitoral stimulation. It is trying to please these women that one of the most popular sex toys for couples was created – the cock ring. Whenever it comes to penetrative sex with a woman who needs her clitoris to be stimulated (and who doesn’t!), try putting on a cock ring and see how easily you will bring about rolling waves of orgasmic pleasure running through your lady friend. Also sex toys like plain and cheap dildos are not only great choice for a woman who’s just starting to explore new sexual avenues, they are also a terrific tool to use during foreplay – the procedure of utmost importance for all women.

    SextoyShopping is an online sex shop where you’re sure to find the finest quality collections of sex toys for women and men as well as for couples at the most affordable prices. We’re committed to making sure our customers are buying what they really need, and we’re always ready to give you a piece of advice if you’re new to the world of sex toys and don’t know how to go about it. Shop with us and expect your new pleasure toy friend to reach you discretely and quickly, right to your doorstep, at a price, incomparable to the pleasure you start to experience.

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