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Can a sex doll replace a man or woman?

Sex dolls for men and women have been around for decades and have provided many hours of pleasure to the user. The first sex dolls produced were very basic and in most cases crude, with ugly faces, bulging plastic seams and when inflated look quite alien. Modern advances in manufacturing have changed all that and most of the sex dolls now available are very lifelike and have realistic features.

But the question still remains today like it did many years ago; can a sex doll replace a real man or woman for sexual pleasure? Many would argue yes it can but it has limitations.

Sex doll advantages

The advantages of using a sex doll as a companion are many fold, the main advantage being safety. A sex doll won’t give you a sexual disease, it won’t complain, it is available when it suits you and can be discreetly packed away when not needed. There are many different types available from the basic cheap version to a real lifelike moving limbs sex doll made from materials that resemble the real skin of a human. An example of the better quality sex doll is the Virtual Girl Sex Doll you can choose skin colour, hair style and colouring and with many sex dolls you can even choose the position, like missionary, kneeling, bending and doggy style. Many of the high end sex dolls have intimate parts made from skin like material to give added realism and pleasure to the user.

Disadvantages of using a sex doll

The disadvantages are that it won’t give you foreplay, it can’t converse and the intimate passion associated with a real person is non-existent. Storing a high tech sex doll made from solid foam for example can be difficult and even on the cheaper sex doll models that are inflatable it can be a nuisance inflating them for use and then de-flating them for storage.

Whilst a sex doll may not be your idea of a perfect companion, most users of sex dolls would agree that they can give relief and a great deal of pleasure time and time again. Although it is not the pleasure you would expect from a human it is a good substitute, a sex doll is particularly useful for practicising your lovemaking technique on a sex doll without the embarrassment of trying something new with a real person, the techniques you try can then be used with a new human partner.

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