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Discover the Best Three Sex Toys for Couples

It is incredible how many people are still hesitant about using sex toys with their partner. The puny reasons for avoiding them range from “We may become addicted to them”, to “My husband thinks he should suffice”, “They are disgraceful/sinful” and a few other reasons. Well, all these reasons stem from utter ignorance, and cannot be further from the truth. Like with everything in our life, you'll never know if you like it until you try it yourself.

Sex toys are not designed to and will never replace a partner. A lifeless object just cannot substitute for human touch and intimacy, ever. While, they do help with masturbation, using sex toys with your partner is meant to increase pleasure, bring about more satisfying orgasms and enhance physical and emotional intimacy. And yes, there is definitely some sort of sweet addiction about sex toys. You may enjoy them so much that you feel addicted to them, nevertheless, you will still find yourself having lots of sex without sex toys. In fact, you will probably have more sex as there is a great pleasure in variety.
There are a large variety of sex toys available for you in the market today. Some will work for you, some won’t, and that’s ok. We encourage you to get some sex toys and try them out. What have you got to lose? Perhaps, some money, but most toys are quite cheap, and the experience they provide is priceless.

Here is our list of starter toys that every couple should try at least once.

The Cock ring. A cock ring is designed to provide a stronger erection for men along with some major lasting power. Basically, what this toy does is it stops blood in the penis from flowing out, which makes the penis more sensitive, intensifying his orgasms. There are a number of cock rings, featuring a stimulator which is protruding and used in order to stimulate the clitoris, anus or vulva during intercourse. This provides some extra delight for both partners.

A Bullet Vibrator. These are discreet and powerful. The bullet vibrator’s miniature size allows for easy portability and instant action when desire strikes. They are great to massage both of you, and are a sensual addition to oral sex on either one of you. Use these vibes for vaginal and clitoral, or perineum stimulation. Try having an intercourse with a bullet vibrator inside the vagina, and you’ll be flabbergasted at how much both of you can enjoy it.

A Dildo Vibrator. We recommend starting with a small one. It’s perfect either for foreplay to get her juices flowing or to finish her off if you don’t last that long. Some women cannot reach an orgasm without a vibrator. That’s how some women are physically tense, and is exactly why vibrators were created in the first place. Give it a try and you’ll see what well of satisfaction and pleasure these adult toys can provide.
Most sex toys work best if used with some lube on them, so don’t forget to lubricate!

Well, let’s be honest. Adult pleasure items are both tools and toys. They are tools because they do things for you that you cannot do by yourself. And they are toys because they are lots of FUN. Doesn’t your relationship deserve a chance to try them?

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