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Making Love Using Sex Toys

FSOG-Sex-ToysThe popularity of the erotic novel trilogy "Fifty Shades of Grey" put bedroom-related activities in the spotlight. If you're not yet ready to try the BDSM tools used by the characters in the story, why not try making love using the simplest of sex toys? This will add another dimension into your sex life, and make things hotter and more exciting in the bedroom.

Why Use Sex Toys in the First Place

If you're not yet convinced, let's take a quick look at the reasons why it pays to introduce sex toys in the bedroom in the first place. The number one reason is that sex toys simply make for better sex. If you as a couple have fallen into the dreaded trap of having a routine in the bedroom, when you just pretty much get the act over with, adding a new element like a sex toy will make things more exciting.

The second reason is that using sex toys produce better orgasms. Women in particular do not reach the big O through penetration alone, and they need extra clitoral stimulation. This can be brought about by basic toys like vibrators or clit stimulators. Finally, sex toys make women more comfortable with their bodies. Using sex toys will let them know exactly what they want and voice it out to their partners, making for a more thrilling bedroom experience.

Quick Tips for Introducing Sex Toys in the Bedroom

Next, how are you supposed to introduce sex toys in the bedroom? Here are a few tips:
* Talk it over with your partner. Some might feel intimidated or even inadequate when you whip out a vibrator or a dildo in the middle of your lovemaking session – so make sure that he or she is in on it.
* Start with the basics, then move on to the more advanced sex toys when you're both feeling a bit more adventurous.
* Turn the use of sex toys into a shared experience. You can shop for it together, something that can be done online if you don't want to visit an actual shop. Choose products that suits you both well and acquaint yourself with how to use them so that you can inject more spice into your bedroom activities.

With these tips, you can amp up the heat in your bedroom play time with the use of sex toys.

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