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Sex Parties | Getting to Grips

Sex parties, we all know are becoming more and more popular in modern day Britain. Over the years, the team here at Magic Moments have closely monitored this growing social trend and fall at your doorsteps today ladies and gentlemen to list 6 core tips for sex party newcomers, in order to make your first night utterly memorable.bondage-couple

It's important to note that sex parties don't necessarily fit into the normal cliché of simply being filled with married couples looking to spice up their love lives. Instead, their edgy and diverse nature almost certainly guarantees you can meet someone who you can have some serious fun with, if you want.

It's easier said than done, but don't be nervous. Sex parties will be filled with friendly like-minded people, who have enough experience to make you feel comfortable or equal levels of intrigue. Perhaps a couple of drinks beforehand and during will help you loosen your tongue, but it's important to not get too drunk. Doing so, may result in you not enjoying the occasion for what it is, or make it less memorable. Get the right amount of drunk and your inner gods and goddesses will inevitably end up thanking you for it.

There is simply someone there for everyone. Whilst all the guys and girls are not necessarily the sexiest in the world, they are all well groomed and presented and it simply comes down to finding a guy or girl who you want to get on board with. Find someone who you find attractive and if the feeling's mutual - it's time to play! Likewise, the age range is diverse and spans 21-45 typically, so you can keep your options open or limit them as much as you like.

Go alone or as a couple and there will be something new for you to see. Open your horizons, if you are looking for a willing participant(s) or simply have some fun with eachother in new and naughtier surroundings.

If you're tired of the same old thing, choose a sex party to spice up your own sex life and really look forward to it. Don't go too often and really embrace the occasion. Once every three months is a good opportunity to spin round and make some freaky sounds!

Finally, it's important to use protection. Condoms come aplenty and using them is paramount for your own and others safety. Why not spice up the occasion by bringing some of your favourite sex toys to use on your own or with a new partner . Love eggs, dildo's or anal toys all provide a fruity cocktail for some serious adult fun!

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