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  • G-spot or Rabbit Vibrators, Which One is Better?

    Thousands of women, who have experienced with both the rabbit vibrator and the G-spot vibrator, know that the two bring completely different sensations, satisfying different urges. Still, millions of women remain confused about which one to choose, since both are equally known to give mind-blowing pleasure, resulting in multiple orgasms. Let’s try and shed some light on the virtues of the two fantastic female sex toys, so that it can help you decide which one will be better for you.

    To know which vibrator or sex toy will give you the most pleasure, you should first find out what sensations turn you on most of all. When you stimulate your G-spot, which is located one to three inches up the front vaginal wall, you experience internal orgasms. Stimulating your clitoris with your fingers or with a clitoral vibe brings about external orgasms. Rabbit vibrators are designed to give you the both worlds by stimulating your G-spot as well as your clitoris, thus providing you with both external and internal stimulation. Millions of women have labelled the rabbit vibrator as the king of all vibrators, capable of giving toe-curling, multiple orgasms.

    G-Spot vibrator

    Even though the G-spot vibrator can give you multiple orgasms, not all women like having their G-spot stimulated, since the sensation is described by some women as the urge to pee. Also, many women find it difficult to locate this spot, and often give it up in frustration after searching for it with no results. If you want to experiment with your G-spot stimulation, empty your bladder first and use the bathroom, so that you’re not afraid of wetting the bed when you stimulate your spongy and sensitive erogenous spot. The best thing about G-spot vibrators is that you don’t have to worry about locating your G-spot as your vibrator does this tricky job for you. It’s also crucial to be relaxed when you first use your G-spot vibrator, if you want to experience intense internal orgasms.

    Rabbit vibrator

    Many women love clitoral stimulation while having penetrative sex with a partner. The rabbit vibrator was designed in such a way so it can please your clitoris while providing an all-round stimulation to your vagina. However, most women who use rabbit vibrators claim that they enjoy external orgasms more than vaginal orgasms. Well, no doubt about that, since the clitoris is a lot more sensitive than the vagina and, if properly stimulated, can give you earth-shattering orgasms, that will leave you breathless for a while. The indisputable advantage of the rabbit vibrators is their ability to take care of 2 erogenous zones simultaneously.

    Which is better?

    Well, neither, to be honest, as different vibrators satisfy different needs. It is ultimately your body and its response to various types of stimulation that you need to be aware of in order to find out which one will work better for you. So we would recommend you to try out both the G-spot vibrator and the rabbit vibrator, and experiment with them for a while. Anyway, you will get bored with the same orgasm over time, so it’s best to stock up with one of each type and vary the sexual feel.

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