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New study argues the g-spot doesn’t exist

For decades the mystery surrounding whether the g-spot exists has rattled on, there are many who claim it does exist and who experience amazing orgasms when the g-spot is stimulated. There are however a larger proportion of people who say it is simply a myth and women do not have this exciting love spot.

The one thing that is common is that if it does exist it is very difficult to find inside the vagina. To help locate this elusive spot, there are many G-Spot Vibrators that could help.

Many scientists have debated the existence of the g-spot over many years and the results have always raised steamy debate, the latest study carried out by British scientists has cast fresh doubts on whether it really does exist.

Scientists at Kings College, London studied 1,800 women all of whom were twins aged 23 to 83 those taking part in the study filled out a detailed questionnaire, one question asked was whether the twins had a g-spot, scientists reckoned that twins being identical share all their genes, if one twin had a g-spot then the other would have the same. The results however showed that this was not the case according to Professor of genetic epidemiology Tim Spector. He said on the results of the survey “This is by far the biggest study ever carried out and it shows fairly conclusively that the idea of the G-spot existing is subjective”

When the results were published on the internet, it caused a storm of disagreement from a large community of people who claimed his report was rubbish. Those who had experienced g-spot orgasms claimed that the g-spot definitely does exist because it gives a much more intense orgasm than clitoris stimulation and in most cases, when the g-spot was stimulated with a Atlantis Jelly G-Spot Vibrators with the unique curved tip it made the woman ejaculate copious amounts of liquid often referred to as “squirting”.

Whilst the jury is still out on whether this elusive love spot does exist or not, one fact that cannot be argued is that sales of popular g-spot vibrators like the Clitoris And G-Spot Vibrator continue to soar.

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