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The Eggs sex toys

One of the main criticisms you often hear about sex toys is that they are too messy and too awkward to use a lot of the time. While many may disagree, the one thing that everyone out there can agree on is that completely immersive toys are clean, fun and easy to use. A perfect example is eggs. The Wonder Egg slides completely inside the vagina and you only need a dollop of lube to get things started. The cord attached to the egg has an easy to use control mechanism attached to it so you can increase the vibration instantly. The result is a day full of clandestine sexual pleasure that you’ll cherish.

As much fun as it is to use the Wonder Egg by yourself, when you hand over the controls to your partner, things really begin to heat up. The egg can be a wonderful form of foreplay and can even be used in lieu of penetration for a night of passion and fun that is beyond anything you’ve experienced before. Add in some anal stimulation and some massage oils and you may never want to leave the bedroom again.

In fact, the Wonder Egg has proven to be such a popular addition to the sex lives of millions of single women and couples, it is now considered a must-have for anyone looking to expand their sexual horizons. Some folks have even taken to using wireless eggs that can be used from afar. With these models, you can give the remote to your lover and have them activate the egg throughout the day, even while you are at work! What better way to add a sense of adventure to your sex life than with a wonderful vibrating egg! This is one sex toy purchase you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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