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The top 5 Black Dildos for 2016

Black Dildos from Magic MomentsTake Your Pick from these 5 Black Dildos from Magic Moments UK. Dildos come in different sizes, shapes and even colours. Those who’d like to have a realistic feel to their sex toys might prefer dildos which are made from cyberskin. They feel and look like real human skin, and come in different sizes. There are also dildos made from glass, smooth metal, plastic, silicone and similar materials. What about black dildos? If you prefer this type of an adult toy, there are plenty of options that you can choose from when visiting Magic Moments UK.

Top 5 Black Dildos in 2016 from Magic Moments UK

The top five black dildos from Magic Moments UK are:
1. African Lover
Measuring 23 cm., this African Lover Dildo is a realistic-looking black dildo. Close attention is paid to the details of the product so you can feel in your hands the veined shaft, as well as the lifelike penis head. The best thing about this African Lover Dildo? The price. It’s available on site at a very low price, while giving you double or triple the pleasure of regular dildos.

2. Bully Boy Black Dildo
An 8-inch black wonder that you can use for sexual stimulation is the Bully Boy Black Dildo. It’s one of the most popular dildos on site which has a firm, multi-speed vibrating penis tip, stimulating nodules at the base and a veined shaft for that realistic feel.

3. Big Mr Black Dong
You will definitely feel full when using the Big Mr. Black Dildo. Measuring 29 cm., it has a perfectly-shaped penis head complete with veins on the shaft. It’s made from a jelly-like material so it feels soft but firm to the touch, and it has just-the-right length for big sexual pleasures.

4. Bent Black Dildos
A unique take on the traditional dildo is the Bent Black Dildo which has exactly that: a bent phallic shape. The goal of the sex toy is to target a woman’s G-spot. It comes complete with a set of testicles, and has a base that will stick to most flat materials.

5. Black Dildo - Double Ended Massive
Talk about double the pleasure! This Black Double Ended Massive Dildo has a girth of 6 inches and a total length of 18 inches. The material is a jelly-like substance and both ends have a realistic penis shape, while the body is that of a veined penile shaft. The dildo is designed to bend in half so it can be used for vaginal and anal stimulation – at the same time or by both partners. No matter how you use it, this black double ended dildo will surely give you double doses of sexual stimulation!

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