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Vibrators are the modern girl's best friends

Not many people know that the very first vibrator was invented in 1880, as a device to relieve symptoms of ‘female hysteria’. Since then, it has grown to be a high-end electronic device, no longer used for medical purposes only, but, above all, as a source of sexual pleasure. Today, it’s no overstatement to say the market for vibrators is overwhelmingly huge, with a rapidly growing range of weird and wonderful products designed to suit any individual or couple, whether seasoned professional, or totally new to the world of sex toys. Everyday new toys are entering the market, and choosing the right one may be for some an incredibly daunting task. At SextoyShopping, not only are we committed to delivering the best adult toys at affordable prices, we also want to make sure our customers can find the products that will satisfy their needs best. For this very reason we’ve come up with a simple guide to ensure that selecting the right vibrator is as hassle-free as can be.

Traditional Vibrators

The traditional vibrator is the most widely available type, varying in both girth and length, ranging typically from 4 to 8 inches. Featuring a handy speed controller, the traditional vibrator allows you to vary the speed and intensity of the pulsation or ‘buzz’ of the device, which gives you a complete control over every stage of your orgasm. Even though it has a relatively short lifespan, this type of vibrator is generally inexpensive, which makes it excellent first time buy, as it is often simple in appearance and is extremely versatile.

Clitoral Stimulators

These are specifically designed to stimulate your clitoris, and are not intended for penetration. However, they can come very handy during intercourse for those women who cannot achieve orgasm through penetration alone, requiring that extra stimulation of the clitoral area to reach cloud nine. Clitoral stimulators/vibrators are usually small and discreet, which can be of advantage if you’re a traveller and wish to take along a trusty companion.

G-Spot Stimulators

G-spot stimulators/vibrators are designed specifically to hit the elusive part of the female body – the G-spot! Although they’re available in a variety of types, the one thing they all have in common is the unique curved shape which allows you to reach the most mysterious of all the erogenous zones.

Rabbit Vibrators

Known to give women overwhelmingly intense orgasms, rabbit vibrators feature an ingenious clitoral stimulator, whose design resembles the rabbit’s ears. Thus these vibrators allow you to experience the best of both worlds: the rotating shaft filled with beads increase the sensation against the internal walls of the vagina, whilst the vibrating bunny attachment massage your clitoris - all at the same time! The mind-blowing orgasms women experience, having both the vagina and clitoris stimulated at the same time, led to the Rabbit Vibrator becoming the world’s best selling sex toy!

Bullet Vibrators

The uses of a bullet vibrator are versatile and almost endless. Small in size and bullet-shaped, bullet vibrators are very compact (ranging from 1 to 3 inches in length) and can be used on the entire body, internally and externally. Controlled by a battery-powered control unit which is attached to the vibrator by a cord, the bullet vibrator allows your lover to choose the speed and intensity of the pulsation for you, making it a perfect toy for foreplay and sex games.

Explore our great selection of the finest quality vibrators, and embark upon an exciting sexploration to unlock your sensual potential and find out what hidden pleasures your body has in store for you.

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