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Lots of men and women enjoy using anal toys, many of them initially however, were very sceptical as anything anal often conjures up a taboo scenario.  The pleasure that can be enjoyed with anal play and the introduction of adult toys can often lead to a whole new world of satisfaction for many singles and couples.

If you are curious about trying anal toys, the first essential thing to remember is that before any anal play takes place, cleaning the anal region is a must.  Some people use enema douches for this purpose, not only will a douche clean the anus it can also be a pleasureable experience for the user.  Another essential thing to consider is the type of anal sex toy you choose.  There are many different types available including anal beads, plugs, stimulators and vibrators.

When trying an anal toy for the first time, choose one that will be comfortable to use, dont be tempted to buy one that is too big or too complicated to use, this could put you off anal toys before you even get started.  The secret is start small you can get bigger toys later on once you enjoy the feeling of anal play. You should always use a good quality anal lubricant as the anus is not self lubricating and without lube inserting a toy could be uncomfortable or cause pain.

Another tip before you buy your anal toy is try inserting a fingertip in your anus, if you find this exciting and pleasureable the chances are that an anal toy will be something that you will enjoy.  The anus has copious amounts of nerve endings and these tiny nerves respond well to vibration from a toy like a vibrator, you dont need to insert the vibrator to get pleasure.

Anal beads are another good choice but these are best left for later on once you have got used to anal toys. Finally, the most important thing to remember using any type of anal toy or participating in any type of anal play is safety.  Be gentle, never use any sex toy that is not designed for anal use because the toy could get sucked into the anus, anal toys have safety bars at the base to stop this happening. Never be forceful with any toy and remember to use lots of lubricant.

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