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Sex toys for men: the final frontier

It is a shame that when most of us think of sex toys, we think of sex toys for women. Yes, dildos and vibrators top the sales charts for good reason, but that doesn’t mean that those of us with XY chromosomes can’t get in on the action. The thing that holds back most men is that they simply aren’t familiar with what options are available. There is also a lingering superstition that men who use sex toys, especially ones that stimulate the prostate, are somehow less masculine than ones who don’t. That belief is just plain rubbish. You were given this amazing spot that provides mind-blowing pleasure, so why not use it? Here are just a few of the best selling areas for male sex toys.

If you are like most men, you think about sex every ten seconds or so. However, unless your partner is a nympho, you likely aren’t having sex as much as you like. Enter the fake pussy. Men have been using pocket pussies and other contraptions for eons, but today’s virtual vaginas are made from state-of-the-art materials that feel incredibly real. One such product is the Cooch Loveclone Realistic Vagina. It features an ultra realistic skin texture and is affordable enough for any budget.

Cock rings have maintained an exotic reputation, but they are used by a huge number of men, both gay and straight. Cock rings help to delay your orgasm so you can stay hard for hours. One of the best products on the market right now is the Black Cock Ring Sleeve Set. This way, you can try many different styles to find the one that works for you.

Finally, sex products like Viagra have become big business for pharmaceutical companies. However, what if you only need a little bit of help with your boner? Erection enhancer spray can give you that little bit extra when you need it most.

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