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Latex Fetish News from the Underground

There are more people than you might realize that are living the latex clothing lifestyle. Have you noticed how many celebrities are donning latex dresses and skirts instead of leather these days? It’s not so surprising that more people are wearing latex clothing inside of leather today. Besides the fact that there is a movement against the use of animals in the apparel industry, latex has a completely different sensual effect.

Members of the latex fetish community enjoy not only wearing clothing made from latex, but also derive voyeur sexual pleasure by observing latex apparel worn by others. Indulging in sexual fantasy role-play wearing latex catsuits or other garments is also the norm. For many, latex and lust go hand-in-hand and these garments rank high on the list of the sex toys they like.

There is also a latex fetish sexual attitude, which holds the perspective that freedom is an illusion and future is pre-determined. Latex fetish gear is commonly worn in BDSM role-play; this high-intensity look gives the wearer a commanding presence that is ideal to reinforce dominance over a submissive partner.

There is no disputing the fact that the latex fetish lifestyle is kinky, some people would even say it’s a bit freaky or extreme. But for many people, this is exactly what they want from the sexual experience. The community of latex fetish is worldwide and encompasses a wide variety of activities from parties and events to movies, publications, services and products. And today, more of this culture is making its way into the mainstream market than ever before. If you have ever worn a rubber garment you have had a taste of the latex fetish lifestyle.

Latex fetish items are available in every type of style that you can imagine and very possibly a few you have never known existed to appeal from the grunge to the connoisseur levels of latex fetishists.

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