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Public places to use a love egg

7188-Remote_Control_Vibrating_EggThe Secret Service Love Egg is one of the most popular vibrators for women at Love Toys UK. If you’re a first time sex toy user, exactly what can a love egg do? Think of it as a small version of a traditional vibrator which, as the name implies, is shaped like a small egg. Depending on the brand, a love egg can measure anywhere from two to three inches in length, and less than an inch wide.

Love eggs are small enough to be used for vaginal or anal penetration, stimulation of the clitoris of the nipples, and their most popular application is for masturbation. They usually have a remote control so either you or your partner can control the speed and strength of vibrations.

Now, if you would like to get a bit frisky in public, a love egg is a small enough adult toy for you – or you and your partner – to use discreetly. Here are our top five picks on the public places where you can use a love egg:

Under your office desk
If you’re feeling stressed at work and your colleagues are on a break, you can discreetly use a love egg under your office desk for some sexual release.

In the club
Wearing a tight dress at a club? Give the remote control to your partner and have him surprise you with vaginal vibrations while dancing with the crowd!

At a restaurant
If you’re having an intimate dinner at a fancy restaurant, start your lovemaking session by having the foreplay right there. Use a love egg to tease your partner, and the sensual vibrations will look forward to the night ahead.

Inside your car
Cars are a typical place for couples to make out, and it’s discreet enough for you to use a love egg in.

On public transport
If you’re in an empty train or bus, take the most secluded seat and use a love egg on your partner.

These public places are discreet enough – but the mere fact that you’re doing something naughty where you’re not supposed to adds a thrill to the sexual experience of using love eggs.

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