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Red Boy Hollow Strap On Penis

Red Boy Hollow Strap On Penis

X Factor Penis Enlarger

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Ultimate Penis Pump & Enlarger

The X Factor Penis Enlarger produces a powerful vacuum using a tough corrugated pump designed to last longer than basic penis pumps or cheaper models.
A trigger handle makes for easier use as you pump and the 12 inch (30 cm) flask allows plenty of room for your penis to grow. A measuring guide lets you monitor your increased size.
You get all the features on this model for a fraction of the price you would expect to pay. A similar system that retails for around £100 offers little more, except for a briefcase to hold your penis enlarger, why pay so much extra for a non functional briefcase?

Your kit comes complete with 3 latex rings, each one a different size allowing you to choose which penis sleeve is most comfortable for you. You simply choose your penis sleeve and place it over the open end of the flask, through which you insert your flaccid penis. Once your penis is inside you squeeze the trigger and air is pumped into the flask creating a vacuum and then watch your penis increase.

You release the vacuum and allow the air to escape, then pump the trigger again to create a vacuum, you repeat this procedure over a period of some 10 minutes to produce your larger erection.
Through continued use on a regular basis, the X Factor penis pump, penis enlargement system will help you to build a firmer, larger and stronger erection.
It is recommended that a water based lubricant is used with this product to help reduce any possible friction and to make your penis pumping more comfortable. Liquid Silk is an ideal lubricant, order code: silk.
Comfortable to hold and easy to operate, this is a great tool to increase the size of your penis.
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Manufacturer ABS
Size 12 Inch Tube
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