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We could list dozens of reasons for shopping with Magic Moments sex toys, but rather than relying on what we say, we thought we would show you some of the thousands of genuine customer comments we`ve received, so you can judge for yourself. Just scroll down the page to view the full selection. Your views are always welcome, so why not submit your comments about using the link at the bottom of this page..

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We love to receive comments about your sex toys shopping experience which helps us and other customers, so we'd like to invite you to submit your own comments using our feedback form.

Your privacy is guaranteed and any comments used will never include your full name or email address.

Mrs S W, Cornwall says: Very pleased with the confidential service, just placed my second order!
Mr A W, Bucks says: I cannot believe that your service is of such high quality. Superb ordering & delivery service.
Mr S C, Manchester says: Very good service, fast & efficient. Reasonable prices.
Mr A K, West Glamorgan says: The delivery time was excellent & the discreet packaging great.
Mr J L, Yorkshire says: Packaging excellent. Confidentiality extremely important.
Mrs M W, West Glamorgan says: Thank you for the discreet packaging.
Mr N M, Worcestershire says: Very pleased with the way the goods arrived & discreet address of supplier. Thank you.
Miss E S, South Wales says: Thanks for the fast way you delivered my goods. Complete confidentiality.
Mr L W, Bradford says: I have never ordered from a sex toys catalogue before, you have given me the confidence to do so.
Mr P C, Shropshire says: Very good products, nice and discreet postage means i will be ordering again. Great stuff.
Mr C D, Essex says: Complete confidentiality, honest, reliable and trustworthy. That just about says it all.
Mr C K, Blackpool says: Good quick delivery, very discreet and my wife says very satisfying.
Mr D C, Northumberland says: Good firm to deal with, very discreet & secure packaging. Excellent service.
Mrs J C, Liverpool says: Satisfied with quick & very discreet delivery.
Mr D G, Worcs says: I am impressed by your quick & efficent service and excellent packaging.
Mr S P, Glasgow says: Quality / discreet packaging - good quality goods.
Mr N J, Inverness says: I am totally impressed with the presentation and service received from yourselves.
Mr N H, Mid Glamorgan says: Magic Moments offers great value & quality.
Mr K H, Herts says: As a first time buyer from Magic Moments i was pleasently surprised.
Mr D E, Swansea says: Excellent quality & service.
Miss J H, Hartlepool says: Just to say thank you for being discreet!
Mr S M, York says: There is a wide choice of good products.
Mrs V M, Hants says: We were very impressed as to the speed of postage & everything was so discreet.
Mr N D, Merseyside says: Sensational quality, superb choice. Second to none confidentiality.
Mrs A M, Scotland says: You run a very efficent service.
Mr D B, Essex says: I like the way you protect all your goods & the privacy.
Mrs A J, Lanarkshire says: The speed of delivery was first class.
Mr G B, Yorkshire says: I received my parcel in a plain package and the goods inside were great.
Mr B D, Sheffield says: Very pleased with the speedy despatch. Plain, innocuous packaging as promised.
Mr M H, Lancs says: Fast & discreet service.
Mrs A C, Northumberland says: Excellent service and product range - discreet & reliable.
Mr G C, Northants says: Magic Moments are the best. I would just like to say thanks.
Mr C M, Dundee says: Magic Moments is a great company it is discreet - there is no need to feel embarrassed buying goods.
Mr T C, London says: Your confidentiality policy is excellent, which encourages purchasers.
Mr D R, West Midlands says: This is the first time i've used a mail order firm and was delighted with the speed and confidentiality of your service.
Mr R L, Eire says: Very well packaged & discreet. Excellent choice & range offered.
Mr J A, London says: Your packaging is the best and your sense of confidentiality so high.
Mrs L F, Dorset says: Truly satisfied with the quick service & discretion. Good value for money too.
Mr J S, London says: Excellent packaging. Fast delivery times. Great all round service.
Mr D F, Norfolk says: I am totally pleased with Magic Moments & your prices are reasonable, no more shopping at my local sex shop.
Miss A D, Yorkshire says: I'm more than pleased with the discretion. Thank you.
Mr R H, Birmingham says: Fast discreet service, i would recommend Magic Moments to all.
Miss E S, Mid Glamorgan says: I think your service is excellent, your products are good and i like your prices.
Mr D L, Hartlepool says: An excellent range of quality products available at competitive prices with excellent delivery service.
Mr A R, Wales says: Excellent product range, good packaging, prompt delivery. I doubt your service could be much improved.
Mrs K W, Devon says: Thank you for the prompt delivery of my plainly packaged parcel.
Mrs Y P, Tyne & Wear says: A very good confidential service.
Mr S S, Dorset says: I find your company very discreet.
Mr J W, Lanarkshire says: Delivery time excellent - Packaging very good.
Mr W S, Essex says: Thank you for sending our order so quickly and discreetly.
Mr P H, Notts says: Response times for orders excellent. Thanks for a prompt efficent but discreet service, will use you again.
Mr P G, Dorset says: Speed of delivery was excellent, especially as it was valentines.
Ms S T, Wales says: The plain packaging is the best thing.
Mrs H R, Lancashire says: The quick delivery was brilliant!
Mr J C, Falkirk says: Second to none service, with discreet packaging.
Mr M W, Somerset says: I find Magic Moments a very good service. Keep up the good work!
Miss S M, Somerset says: Good quality, excellent choice, fast and confidential service.
Mr P C, West Midlands says: Thanks for the prompt discreet service.
Mr A P, Wirral says: First class service. Good packaging, quick delivery.
Mr K P, Irvine says: I think your service is really good and the confidentiality is excellent.
Mr D W, Barnsley says: My Parcel was delivered very fast. I will definately order from Magic Moments in the future.
Mr S R, London says: I have nothing to say bad about MM, i think the service and value for money is second to none.
Mr G R, Leeds says: A first class value for money company.
Mr K W, Plymouth says: I think your products are excellent.
Mr T C, Taunton says: Very good service, well packaged.
Miss J C, Northern Ireland says: Very good service and discreet postage.
Mr N S, Suffolk says: The speed of delivery was excellent & the products arrived in perfect condition and all this at a great price.
Mr R B, Wolverhampton says: Excellent confidential service, we look forward to further purchases.
Miss L T, Scotland says: I was very pleased with how quick my order came and how discreet it was. I will certainly be ordering again.
Mr H P, Sunderland says: Orders are delivered in good condition, very speedy service.
Miss E S, Wales says: I think the products are excellent.
Mrs A C, South Yorks says: It is easy to order from Magic Moments. We both had a lovely time, thanks!!
Mr J M, Worcs says: My orders have always reached me in good quality & in the quickest of times. All i can say is what good value.
Mr M D, Kent says: Swift, discreet postal delivery.
Mr D F, Bucks says: Good service, good to know packages are discreet and confidentiality is a high priority.
Mr L P, Essex says: Thank you for the discretion that comes with the orders.
Mr S C, Hants says: Just keep up the prompt and efficent service!
Miss L R, Norfolk says: I am glad i have found a sex catalogue i feel comfortable ordering from.
Mrs C K, Isle of Man says: I think the level of professionalism and confidentiality are outstanding.
Miss C D, Leicestershire says: Thank you for giving me hours of pleasure!!
Miss D G, Bolton says: The most professional mail order company i've had the pleasure of using.
Miss E F, Lancashire says: I have found the quality and price and ease of service excellent.
Ms L F, Wiltshire says: Your products have helped revive our sexual relationship.
Mrs M H, Durham says: It is easy for me to order from your catalogue in the comfort & privacy of my own home.
Mrs D W, Staffs says: My husband and i have enjoyed the items we ordered. 10/10.
Mrs R K, Sussex says: Its the first time we have ever bought 'sex' equipment, its all perfect. Thanks.
Mr M H, Cambridge says: I am very pleased with the service.
Mr S S, Staffs says: Thank you for improving our sex life, we had so much fun!
Mr B F, Northern Ireland says: Your company is No1! And that's a fact!
Mr R C, Liverpool says: Keep the good work going, you've brought a sparkle to our lives.
Mr C H, Northants says: A big thank you for helping make our sex life more exciting.
Mr D M, Shropshire says: With other companies i didn't always get what i ordered because their stock ran out. But with Magic Moments i get what i order.
Mr T B, Devon says: I can only say how happy & pleased i am with the quality of goods, prices & confidentiality of your company.
Mr J B, Sussex says: Thank you for the excellent service.
Mr P W, Beds says: Excellent value and fast service.
Mr D B, London says: Magic Moments provide a very good, quick, value for money service.
Mr G R, Colchester says: Fantastic value for money & first class service.
Mr J S, Essex says: I found this service that you provide very quick, reliable & no complaints from myself.
Mr D B, Bristol says: Good range of products, well layed out catalogue, affordable prices & good delivery service.
Mrs M S, Devon says: I was really impressed by the speed. Suprised to receive it so quickly.
Mr R E, Jersey says: Excellent delivery service.
Mr P W, Beds says: Excellent service and products with fast delivery.
Mr K R, Cornwall says: Thank you for the quick service.
Mr D C, Lancs says: Very good service & fast.
Mr L B, Staffs says: I was impressed by the prompt response to my order.
Mrs A B, Leics says: First Order arrived within 2 days very impressive!!
Mrs J T, Co Durham says: All products obtained for my wife and self have been excellent.
Mr M T, Shropshire says: I would like to thank you for good quality toys my wife is very happy.
Mr W C, Cumbria says: Excellent service every time.
Mrs A G,West Sussex says: We found M M the best all round.
Mr M O, Hants says: Your products and services are excellent.
Mr S T, South Yorkshire says: Out of all online sexshops yours is by far the cheapest and good quality.
Mr K M, Lancs says: Ive never ordered anything before but I was impressed with the speed of delivery.
Mr D G, Pembs says: Excellent service very quick and discreet!
Mr A C, Manchester says: Look forward to ordering from you again, the best service and the products are brilliant.
Miss E S, Wales says: The service you provide is excellent, and the products are good.
Mrs A F, Somerset says: My first ever order from M M which I am very happy with.
Mr R, Hampshire says: Marvellous service, quality products at good prices, keep up the good work, please!!
Mr L B, Essex says: Easy to order quick to supply, great free gifts, quality products.
Mr P H, Hants says: Excellent company.
Mr R P, Oxon says: Very quick and excellent service.
Mr S K, Preston says: Very quick reliable service.
Miss S P, Coventry says: Great catalogue well done.
Mr K J, East Sussex says: You give an excellent service, I will be ordering from you again.
Mr A S, Kent says: Impressed with the prompt replacement of faulty/damaged goods.
Mr R A, Essex says: Excellent quick responce and service excellent value for money.
Mr W B, leeds says: Excellent service.
Mr A M, Cleveland says: The products advertised are excellent.
Mr B B, Somerset says: Brilliant service, have had no problems, most of all excellent company thanks.
Mr I N, Coventry says: Excellent service, good prices.
Mr J S, Isle of man says: Excellent service quality products.
Mr J R, Hants says: Very good products, fast delivery, very good selection, very well satisfied.
Mrs J V, Liverpool says: Magic Moments simply the best.
Mr P B, Essex says: Easy ordering, received goods quickly, very good service.
Mr I M, Derby says: Thank you once again for your efficient service.
Mrs K J, Dyfed says: The service is first class, I have been delighted with all products will continue ordering.
Mr W S, Wirral says: I am most impressed with the speed in which you sent product, and with the product itself.
Mr G M, Berkshire says: Good product descriptions.
Mr S M, Dorset says: Good all round service, fast delivery.
Mr R S, Derby says: I was very pleased with the quick delivery time.
Mr D W, Ireland says: Keep up the good work.
Mr T C, Glossop says: Excellent service.
Mr D D, Scotland says: Both my partner and I loved your lingerie catalogue.
Mr N F, london says: I was very surprised how quickly the items I ordered were delivered.
Mrs L S, Carsile says: Your company name is excellent, and is an excellent description of your products.
Miss M H, Yorkshire says: I am very satisfied with the service you provide.
Miss T O, Ireland says: Your simply the best for me.
Mr R D, Beds says: Very very fast delivery.
Mr D W, Glasgow says: Excellent!!!
Mr C C, Newcastle says: Swift service efficiently done.
Mr I L, Manchester says: I found your service fast and efficient.
Mr P M, Isle of skye says: I am impressed.
Ms J W, lancashire says: service very efficient and quick goods good quality.
Mrs C G, Surrey says: Prompt efficient confidential service.
Mr N H, Surrey says: The best adult company.
Mr L C, Staffs says: Excellent im very please, what more could I ask for?
Miss N T, Notts says: I would like to praise you on your efficiency of processing my order.
Mr R M, Wolvs says: Very quick delivery.
Mr J C, Derbyshire says: You have a wide range of everthing, and they are the cheapest ive seen.
Mrs J B, W Midlands says: Your products are superb, I never realised this life existed I am delighted.
Mr N T, Gwent says: Very happy with the service.
Mrs A R, Warwickshire says: Good variety, clear pictures, discreet.
Miss A W, Lancs says: Keep up the good work!!!
Miss S B, Herts says: Very efficient company.
Mr M G, Isle of man says: Delighted with all products.
Mr L J, London says: Your service is fantastic, I am very pleased.
Mr D S, Newport says: I am very pleased with the service provided.
Mrs P W, w Midlands says: We are very impressed with the prices and how quickly we received the catalouge.
Mr R K, Cheshire says: Products are first class.
Mr B L, Milton Keynes says: Excellent.
Mrs J H, Coventry says: Very pleased with service.
Mr J G, Co Durham says: I find your service very fast and reliable and look forward to placing more orders.
Mr A F, Dorset says: A wonderful service.
Mr D F, Kent says: I was impressed by the speed of delivery.
Mr A M, Somerset says: Very good service for customers that like postal shopping.
Miss S B, West Midlands says: Full praises.
Mr N T, East Yorkshire says: Thanks for your quality and speedy delivery.
Mr K P, Cambs says: Very good service.
Mr J P, W.Yorkshire says: Top class in every respect.
Mr D M, Stirling says: Excellent service and confidentiality.
Miss B T, Dyfed says: I am very pleased with the products and service.
Mr D M, Swindon says: Every time I have ordered products from you I am astounded at the speed of receiving items from you.
Mr P C, Lancs says: All your products and prices represent great value for money.
Mrs G H, Eltham says: Your delivery is second to none!
Mr J C, Essex says: Thank you very much for your wonderful service, I am delighted.
Mr P B, Co Durham says: Very satisfied with products, will definitely order again.
Mr E L, Hants says: Good service and good prices, Thank you.
Mr M M, Halifax says: Helped me and my girlfriend enjoy a full and satisfying sex life.
Mr N A, London says: Good delivery service very prompt.
Mr A P, Notts says: Excellent service, quality and fast delivery.
Mr A W, Cheshire says: First time ordering, and I am very impressed with your catalogue, I will stay with you.
Mr F F, Merseyside says: Your products have always been very good.
Mr S P, Slough says: Good quality products at affordable prices.
Mr M R, W.Yorkshire says: My partner and I have both been very satisfied with your company.
Mr D W, London says: Your products have taught me to enjoy myself again.
Miss J D, Fife says: Because its such good value it incourages you to be more experimental and the quality of products is really good.
Mr J D, Dumfries says: Excellent service and prices absolutely 100% thank you there will be more orders.
Mr J S, Cumbria says: A good discreet service providing plenty of choice and value for money.
Mr K T, Northumberland says: Excellent reliable service.
Mr D W, Devon says: Keep up with the excellent job you are doing.
Mr E W, West Yorkshire says: Good to see your British and deliver on all your promises.
Mr K T, Northumberland says: Excellent reliable service.
Mr M D, Basingstoke says: Quality products quick delivery, a happy customer.
Mr I S, Scotland says: The way you conduct your business is first class, well done.
Mr D S, Essex says: Products found to be very good and nice to know that everything is strictly confidential.
Miss K J, Bristol says: I was amazed how fast order came, Impressed with the large range of products.
Mr J H, Warwickshire says: I think you are very reliable, and one can always depend on you.
Mr C R, Coventry says: I have always been pleased with the reliability of your products and your overall service.
Mr N C, Wales says: Very good response to orders, quality products only available.
Miss L M, Cumbria says: I'm really pleased with all my products, and I will be on of your best customers.
Mr I M, North Yorkshire says: M M is a good company, and I wont use any other, your simply the best.
Mr D M, Staffs says: Just to say I feel your prices are excellent and value for money.
Mr D H, Warwickshire says: Very helpful and low prices are great.
Mrs L D, Gwent says: Brilliant.
Mr K G, Falkirk says: Good product selection and cheap prices, and always quick delivery service.
Mr J C, Scotland says: Very satisfied with all aspects of your business.
Mr S F, Norfolk says: Vertually fautless service, Thank you.
Mr A F, Northants says: The speed in which I received my order was excellent.
Mr S H, Carrickfergus says: Magic Moments are great.
Mr P C, Somerset says: Your delivery service is so quick.
Mr W N, West Yorkshire says: The selection of products is really good, I dont think if could be better.
Mr D M, Merseyside says: Your service and quality compare more than favourably to the competition.
Mr K H, Uckfield says: First class introductory experience.
Mr S S, Birmingham says: The service I received was excellent and also the quality of products.
Mrs A W, West Midlands says: Excellent service.
Mr M K, East Sussex says: Very efficient an easy to use website.
Mrs L G, Hants says: Your have given me and my partner some extra fun Thank you.
Mr P E, Warwickshire says: A first class service, in fact unbelievable, well done.
Miss T R, Leicester says: I think everything about Magic Moments is great.
Mr D R, Sheffield says: We were very impressed on how quickly our first order was dispatched and efficiently.
Mr M D, Essex says: Magic Moments is competitively priced and what you see in the catalogue if what you get.
Mr R T, Hartlepool says: Only praises for excellent service, keep up the good work, well done.
Miss C B, Cheshire says: You offer a very quick and easy service to the public, no embarrasment when paying a great company.
Mr S B, Sheffield says: Easy ordering, satisfied with goods that we have already received.
Mrs G K, Cheshire says: I am pleased with my products and the speedy delivery.
Mr O P, Wilts says: The product I purchased did what it said, have not been so satisfied for ages.
Mr C D, Cumbria says: We have been well satisfied with the quality and price of your products.
Mr S S, Birmingham says: You provide the best products, your catalogues are very clear, very happy with all your services.
Mr R A, Essex, says: Excellent service.
Mr C L, West Midlands says: Good quality and fast service.
Mr P Q, Cleveland says: I was very pleased and impressed, keep up the good work.
Mr E C, Gwynedd says: Very good products quick delivery.
Mr M D, Ireland says: Magic Moments is best adult products supplied, excellent service.
Mr I H, West Yorkshire says: Excellent service and prices, very satisfied customer.
Mr G H, Glasgow says: The quality of the goods are excellent.
Mr E C, Gwynedd says: Service could not be better and quick delivery, very good.
Mr K B, Inverness says: Very impressed with overall quality of goods, and speed of delivery.
Mr S B, Lancs says: Good services, keep it up!!
Mr T W, Middlesbrough says: Excellent service.
Mr S B, Derby says: You have provided a very good service for us, please keep it up.
Mr S O, Wiltshire says: Good service good prices.
Ms M E, Bucks says: Your products do exactly what they say and there is lots of choice, excellent will be using you again.
Miss L C, London says: Great company keep up the good work!!!
Mr R D, Devon says: You provide a good quick confidential service.
Mr J S, Birmingham says: Superb fast response, excellent value for money.
Mr J M, Essex says: Very impressed, reasonable prices, keep up the good work.
Mrs K F, Scotland says: Service is great, will not order from anyone else, recommed you to all our friends.
Mrs S H, Yorkshire says: Goods were delivered promptly and in excellent condition.
Miss N R, Barnsley says: All I can say is that you have an excellent range of stock at unbeatable prices, A1.
Mr R S, Stockport says: Everything is very proffesional.
Mr B T, Clwyd says: Products are the very very very best I have ever got, excellent, brilliant, very satisfying.
Mrs S M, Hartlepool says: I found the goods bought are very pleasing and fun to use.
Mr H W, Kent says: Very impressed by ease of order and prompt delivery.
Mr J L, Gywnedd says: Thank you for your excellent service.
Mr R K, Didcot says: Very helpfull at all time and very pleasant.
Mr I H, Yorks says: You are the best.
Mrs M C, Kent says: I'M very pleased with the products and service.
Mr D M, Aberdeen says: I say your products are very good .
Mr R B, Kent says: Your brilliant.
Mr W J, Dundee says: Great prices, service and delivery perfect.
Miss E G, Armagh says: Your products are excellent, thank you for being Magic Moments.
Mr K G, Manchester says: Delivered on time for suprise birthday pressy, very satisfied.
Mr D D, Carnforth says: Excellent and very reliable, could not go wrong with you.
Mr D T, Essex says: Keep up the good work!
Mrs S F, Cheshire says: I love the choice and the products are really well made.
Mr G H, Kent says: One hundred percent of satisfaction.
MR J M, Lancs says: Excellent value, reliable, fast and confidential delivery.
Mr M A, Cornwall says: I would recommend you without hesitation.
Mr E C, Gwynedd says: Just very satisfied with quality and quick delivery service.
Mr J W, Ireland says: All excellent, this product is marvelous, brilliant.
Miss T D, Yorkshire says: The service is wonderful and I am delighted with the products I have purchased.
Mr T Y, London says: Very cheap and great quality.
Ms F T, London says: Very fast delivery, very impressed, good prices.
Mr T N, Norfolk says: No complaints regarding products I have purchased, only praise as they have brought me endless hours of pleasure.
Mr C M, Bristol says: Keep up the good work, great products.
Mr D M, Aberdeenshire says: The last order I got from you was more than excellent, your Magic Moments is all the companies that I need.
Miss S L, Essex says: Me and my partner think Magic Moments is great, there is so much to choose from.
MR B G, Herefordshire says: Good very happy with your service.
Mr D C, Staffs says: Reliable value for money, speedy delivery.
Mr D C, Northumberland says: Excellent fast discreet service.
Mr J P, Cheshire says: Very good company to deal with, and easy to shop with you, keep up the good work.
Mr P K, Essex says: Very good quick service, will order again.
Mr P B, Hampshire says: Excellent speed of delivery.
Mr S B, Hampshire says: No problems, brilliant.
Mr D R, Aberdeen says: Very satisfied.
Mr D S, Essex says: Keep the good service going.
Mr G H, Edinburgh says: You can depend your goods will be delivered.
Mr D H, Merseyside says: Very impressed, will be buying again in the future.
Mr R D, Essex says: After 10 previous orders, thanks for everything and i would recommend you to anybody.
Mr C C, Merseyside says: This is my fifth order, that says it all.
Mr B M, Blackpool says: This is my 2nd order and so far very pleased and will shop with you again. Thank you.
Mr M S, Notts says: I have every confidence with your company, and will always use you in the future.
Miss W T, Kent says: The order i have just received is my first. I am happy with all aspects of it, especially the price!
Ms R H, Lancs says: After ordering from you several times. And having just tried 2 new companies. I now believe and know you to be the best. Keep it up!
Mr R K, Preston says: Here's to more and better than ever Magic Moments.
Mr J F, Norfolk says: Your the best. I only buy from you.
Mr K T, Bury says: 1st order quite impressed, 2nd order enclosed.
Mr D M, Channel Islands says: I'm glad i choose Magic Moments, I will be ordering again & again!!
Mrs G P, Dorset says: Very pleased with the goods, will order again.
Mr R S, Surrey says: I've had many trouble free years of using your products and i hope many more to come.
Mr G S, Birmingham says: Magic Moments give excellent value and quality products.
Mr R W, Hants says: Please rush my next order and keep up the good work.
Mr H R, Staffordshire says: I cannot praise you enough for your promptness and efficiency.
Mr J B, Lancs says: We are satisfied by your service. Keep up the good work.
Miss S C, Birmingham says: Absolutely brilliant, will order again and will highly recommend.
Mrs L B, Beds says: I have not used ant other company before and i will not now.
Mr K S, Dundee says: Have been more than satisfied every time with the service you provide.
Mr P M, Lincs says: I have found, on both occasions when ordering, the service to be very quick.
Mr J S, Teeside says: I will be using Magic Moments again.
Miss L K, Portsmouth says: I will definately place future orders with Magic Moments.
Ms J B, Cleveland says: Good selection of goods, some items not seen in other catalogues! Free gifts, excellent.
Mr J C, Scotland says: Great prices, superb delivery. I will be making another large purchase soon.
Mr R H, Hampshire says: I can only congratulate you on your service and quality.
Mr S Q, Northants says: Even though i've ordered from other companies before i will order from you again as you are fast and efficient and low prices.
Mr N H, Yorkshire says: We would have no hesitation in ordering again.
Mr P S, Middlesex says: I have only ordered from Magic Moments once, but the service was exceptional.
Mr I D, Herts says: Excellent service with all my past orders.
Mr W B, Paisley says: I am very happy with your service to date, over the many years as a customer.
Mr M H, Dorset says: Very good service, most of my products are bought from you, and i am always satisfied.
Mr B R, Essex says: I think that even though you have been around for a long time your company will continue to blossom.
Miss G H, Hants says: So far, Magic Moments has proven to be reliable, quick and very trustworthy.
Mr K R, Portsmouth says: Ordered from Magic Moments previously and have never had any complaints.
Mrs T C, Cornwall says: Excellent range of products, service and quality very good. You've enhanced our sex life!!!
Mr D M, Glamorgan says: Keep up the good work. We will be ordering again very soon.
Mr F W, Petersfield says: Your response to all of my orders has been brilliant, please keep it up.
Mr R S, Surrey says: You have always given us excellent service and reliability.
Mr P D, Scotland says: This order arrived promptly, as have all my previous orders from your company. Thank you!
Mr C T, Sussex says: I shall only order from your company, first class service and products.
Mr A S, Worcester says: I've ordered from you twice and both times i thought you were the best.
Mr S I, Yorks says: First class service over phone or mail order, have used other companies, but always come back to Magic Moments.
Mr D B, Norfolk says: Your company does such a good job, keep up the good work.
Miss K R, Corby says: After the service i received i won't be going to buy anywhere else. Your great so why change?
Mr C G, Gloucester says: I have used M.M for some years now, i have always been SATISFIED!
Mr T W, Yorkshire says: Just good service given every time.
Mr P H, Hereford says: I have ordered from you many times before and have always been pleased.
Mrs L K, Hull says: I have ordered from MM a few times and consider you to be the best overall.
Mr S F, Yorkshire says: I like your confidential approach to the service you offer.
Mrs S K, Scotland says: Friendly staff, honest about orders & availability, good quality, quick delivery, well recommended to others.
Mr T A, Derby says: Products excellent, staff courteous & professional. A great service!
Mr J H, Lancaster says: Well pleased with products. Speedy delivery. No quibbles on defective items.
Mr C L, Birmingham says: I would like to praise your orderline service, as i found ordering goods by phone not at all uncomfortable.
Mr G W, Wales says: This is the best supplier, your staff, service and products are excellent. Thank you.
Mr J A, Gloucester says: Extremely good service, fair prices, helpful workforce and a good range of products.
Mr P R, Yorkshire says: Your staff are fantastically easy to talk to on the phone.
Mr A B, Cornwall says: Very good service, very nice sales people on the phone, very helpful. Thank you very much.
Mr M S, Lancs says: Good after sales service.
Mr P A, Iraq says: Just to say thank you for cheering up a soldiers tour of Iraq. And the chance to let his wife know he loves her.
Miss L B, Cornwall says: Post office messed up, but MM were very professional in rectifying the problem. Thank you.
Mr M D, Glouscester says: Magic Moments are very proffesional, very helpful and understanding.
Mr K T, Surrey says: Your products have spiced up our sex life so much.
Mr J R, Weymouth says: You are a very good company! When i had a complaint, it was dealt with efficiently and with no problem.
Miss C F, Carnoustie says: When package failed to arrive, problem was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Thank you.
Mrs W G, Staffs says: Excellent service from friendly professional sales staff.
Mrs R N, Belfast says: Very fast delivery and very helpful staff.
Miss V C, Surrey says: People on the telephones are great, delivery time is fantastic and a good range.
Mr R W, Northampton says: As this was the 1st time my girlfriend and i had ordered items, we were very happy with the goods & service.
Mr R M, Somerset says: Staff were very helpful, friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.
Mrs J S, Lancs says: Excellent staff, quick & easy delivery and discreet. Thanks.
Mrs A S, Co Armagh says: Your staff on the telephone are very friendly and helpful.

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