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Where are the Most Exciting Places to Have Sex?

If you’re a newly married couple, you would not want to be apart from each other for a very long time. But as the years on your marriage go on, the busyness of your daily lives and the way that you’re starting a family will take its toll on your sex life. When things start to feel stale in the bedroom, how can you add a bit of spice to it? There are plenty of things that you can do.

First, change things up. If you’ve always done it in the missionary style, other sexual positions will make the experience feel novel again. Second, you can introduce sex toys in the bedroom. If you’re not into bondage, fun adult toys like handcuffs, ticklers, body oil, edible undies or any other tool that you can use will spice things up. Third, you can live out each other’s fantasies. You can each have your turn in living out the other’s deepest, darkest and naughtiest sexual fantasy – and you will never find sex with each other boring again!

Finally, you can change up the venue of where you’re having sex. Sure, the four walls of your bedroom can look like a boudoir if you decorate it with candles, rose petals and scarlet ribbons. But if you have sex in other places where you are bound to be discovered – it adds to the thrill of the act. Here, we will be listing down some of the most exciting places where you and your significant other can do your business!

Take Your Cue from this List of the Most Exciting Places to Have Sex

To get you started, here are some of the most exciting places where you can have sex:
In an elevator.
Elevator sex isn’t popular for nothing. A lot of people have this fantasy of getting it on in the elevator. The fact that it is of doing the deed there, so it’s definitely exciting!

In public restrooms.
When you’re dining at a restaurant and you have a secluded table, your conversation and the way that you flirt with each other already serves as foreplay. How about really acting on your sexual fantasies by getting it on in the restroom? It could be the men’s or women’s restroom – whichever’s not occupied. The popularity of sex in public restrooms is as popular as elevator sex.

In the office.
When all your colleagues and your boss has gone home for the day, you can indulge in a bit of boss-secretary sexual fantasy by getting it on in the office. It could be a really long make-out session or full-on sex – just make sure that you won’t get caught or locked out.

At a movie theatre.
If you think that only teenagers use movie theatres to neck, think again. If you’re catching a quite unpopular film and there are only a few people watching, you can sneak in the back and indulge in some adult entertainment.

At a wedding.
The ambiance of love, the booze and the party makes weddings a popular place for hooking up with members of the entourage or the guests.

On a rooftop.
Be it on broad daylight or amidst the light of the moon, you can use a secluded rooftop as a place for you to have sex.

On the road.
While your significant other is driving, you can tease him mercilessly with naughty touches on the most sensitive parts of his body. If you’re lucky, you can find a secluded area where you can park and get it on.

There are plenty of other exciting places to have sex. As they say, variety is the key to spicing up life – so if your sex life is getting a bit dull, spice it up by getting it on in places other than your bedroom.

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