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Venus Lips Clitoral Stimulator Review

An absolute must have for every girl out there keen to experiment with the power of sex toys and take full advantage of the breaking down of social stigmas towards women using them independently. That’s what we have to say about the Venus Lips Clitoral Stimulator, which provides enthralling vibrating pleasure simultaneously to both the vagina and clitoris. Made with an ultra-safe PVC material, this flexible and easy to operate women’s sex toy promises to give you an almighty bang for your buck with each and every use. Built with a perfectly shaped strong suction cup body and three ecstatically vibrating mini tongues, Venus Lips guarantees that every noise and moan whilst using it comes straight from the naughtiest of cloud nine’s.

It is with this female sex toy’s complete tickling tongues that you’re going to get the most unreal sensations both vaginally and on the clitoris. For even more intense pleasure, firmly press these soft lips against your intimate areas, to generate mind blowing sucking and tingling sensations, mimicking the captivating pleasure given by the strong sucking mouth of your dream boy.

Venus lips looks as sexy as it feels and it’s safe to say that it would stand out with the most opulent and striking sex toys in your current collection. At £12.50, Venus Lips strikes the perfect balance between seduction and affordability and what I like about it the most, is that it’s small enough to easily navigate around all your private areas and with its size - it’s perfect for taking away on holiday or business.

Here’s what Jo, a regular customer to Magic Moments had to say on the sex toy quickly gripping the nation. ‘To this day, Venus Lips remains one of my favourite sex toys. As a girl who regularly fly’s solo (if you know what I mean) I can’t sing the praises of this clitoral vibrator enough.
I’ve been lucky enough in the past to have some partner’s who have been well experienced in going down and after becoming single last summer - I really thought I’d miss it. Step forward Venus Lips, which has filled the void more than capably and helps to alleviate my current sexual frustrations. An absolute go to vibrator that’s worth each and every penny.’

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