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Vaginal Balls and the Pelvic Floor

What Every Woman Has to Know

If you'd like to improve your sex life, you need to be familiar with your most sensitive body parts. Being aware of how each part functions gives you free reign on how to make it more sensitive and how to heighten pleasures during sex or masturbation. Here, we will take a look at the role played by women's pelvic muscles during sex, and how a naughty toy like vaginal balls can help enhance sexual pleasure.

What are Pelvic Floor Muscles?

First, let us learn more about pelvic floor muscles. For women, these are the muscles located between your legs. They run the length of the front of the pubic bone, all the way to the base of your spine. The main role of the pelvic floor is to serve as home to your urethra which is the tube that urine comes out of, as well as your bladder. This means that the pelvic floor muscles allow you to control bowel and bladder movement.Vaginal Balls

Over the years, pelvic muscles are bound to get weaker. This is especially true for women who previously gave birth. If your pelvic floor muscles start to get weak, it can result to urinary incontinence. For your bedroom activities, you may also experience reduced sensitivity during sex. So what are you supposed to do to keep your pelvic floor muscles strong?

One exercise that you can do to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles is to squeeze your muscles ten to fifteen times in a row as you sit comfortably. You can feel your pelvic floor muscles getting squeezes, as it is the same muscles use to stop urine mid-flow. Make sure to only focus the motions on your pelvic floor muscles – the tightening up should not extend to your buttocks, thighs or stomach muscles. Hold each squeeze for a few seconds, and rest in between each set.

Delight Yourself in the Pleasures Brought about by Vaginal Balls!

After performing exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, the next thing that you can do is use naughty vaginal balls. These can be bought from any online adult store, and vaginal balls are also called Ben Wa or love balls. What exactly are they? The adult toys are made from silicone, metal or plastic. Once the tiny balls are inserted into the vagina, they will create a stimulating movement to heighten your sexual pleasures.

There are plenty of variations of vaginal balls that you can choose from. There are ones made from soft latex which have a rolling movement inside to increase the sensation. Once you are on the verge of orgasm, have your partner remove the balls one at a time so that you can reach your climax in a mind-blowing manner. There are also vaginal balls made from jelly which provide a ticklish sensation. The soft textures of the balls are a delight to use whether you are indulging in some solo love play or using the vaginal balls with a partner. Take your pick from any of these vaginal balls and once you combine it with exercising your pelvic floor muscles, you are bound to have an experience in bed that you're not bound to forget!

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