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Top sex toys to help with your erection

Erection enhancerMillions of men around the world experience erectile dysfunction problems, or difficulties sustaining an erection during sex. For this, general practitioners may recommend taking Viagra or other erectile dysfunction pills. Sex experts, however, say that adult toys can also help a lot with this problem. If a man experiencing ED finds that a pill does not work for him or if it does, there are a lot of side effects, he just might throw in the towel. But there are actually many types of sex toys that can help you still have an active sex life despite suffering from ED.

Sex Toys for Erection-Related Problems

Whether you're having problems sustaining an erection or if you are hardly getting an erection at all, here are some of the sex toys that you can try out:
* Constriction Bands
Commonly known as cock rings, constriction bands help men who have problems sustaining an erection during intercourse. It works by holding the blood in the shaft off the penis. Constriction bands come in different versions, the most basic of which is a ring of silicone. There are also ones with all the bells and whistles, like a vibrator that also stimulates a woman's clitoris during intercourse. The vibrating sensation also helps with a man's ejaculation.

* Vacuum-Powered Penis Pumps
Penis pumps are basic but still perfectly usable sex toys that help with erectile dysfunction. The contraption works by drawing blood into the penile shaft by creating a vacuum until it becomes erect. After getting an erection, a restricting band can be placed around the base of the penis to keep it hard. Other men use penis pumps to increase the length or girth of their member.

* Vibrators
For men who are able to get an erection but have problems ejaculating, a vibrator definitely helps. Once worn, it stimulates the ejaculation reflex and just like constriction bands, these come in different sizes, shapes and even colours.

* Prostate Stimulators
Finally, there are sex toys like prostate stimulators which are inserted into the anus. It works by stimulating the nerves inside the anus as the tool rubs against the prostate. This can be used alongside other sex toys that help achieve an erection like a constriction band or a penis pump.

Just because you're having difficulties achieving or maintaining an erection does not mean that your sex life has to suffer. With the help of these tools, you can still enjoy sex a lot without having to pop a pill.

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