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Men for decades have used a variety of objects to get sexual pleasure, many of these objects have been crudely put together from household items, some 20 years ago it was the norm for men to use whatever they could find to get satisfaction.  Today, there is no need to make or find crude objects as the range of inexpensive male masturbators available will give all the sexual satisfaction men are looking for.

A male masturbator can be anything from a realistic vagina to a penis stimulator, from a penis pump to a sex doll.  The range is enormous and each male masturbator type can produce a different sensation for the penis.  A realistic vagina is as the name suggests, a replica of a real vagina, many fake vaginas are modelled on famous porn stars who have agreed to have a mould made of their vagina and then produced in a realistic skin like material for use as a male masturbator.

Many of the male masturbators that you can buy will have vibration included to make your pleasure more intense, other models include a ribbed or beaded internal shaft that will caress your penis as you thrust in and out.  Some of the more mid-range priced male masturbators include a pump that allows you to tighten the internal vagina wall to give a tighter fit for the penis, whilst others will have two holes, a vagina and an anus to give double the pleasure.

In recent years sex toy manufacturers have recognised the need for male masturbators to have the added bonus of being taken on holiday or for business trips hence the introduction of travel and portable realistic masturbators.  These models are compact in size and are often disguised in some way so as not to alert attention whilst going through customs at an airport for example, a good example of this is the fleshlight which mascarades as a torch!  whilst it doesn`t light up it certainly produces an illuminating effect on your penis.

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