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The Philosophy Behind Designer Sex Toys

Doctors around the world acknowledge that sexual activity is good for the body, helping it to function at its best. This philosophy has led several medical professionals to lend their name to different brands of sex toys. Women have made Dr. Berman sex toys the leading brand and their popularity has often been compared to the Fleshlight is for men.
In addition to Dr. Berman toys especially for women, there are several items designed for couples, for example the Liberator Pillow forms. For many women, Dr. Laura Berman is the new "Dr. Ruth" offering savvy, sexually empowering methods that free women from inhibitions that prevent them from fully expressing and enjoying their passion.
These sex toys have been designed with a complete understanding of how a woman's anatomy functions during sexual activity and what areas produce the most pleasure when stimulated. The clitoris and G-spot is the focus of many of these designer sex toys, and the materials used are chosen for their high level of comfort and pleasure.
The major difference as compared to other brands are the complete range of services that complement their use; the Berman Center addresses all types of sexually related problems women experience.
The philosophy behind the sex toys is to assist women to recharge their sex lives. Not simply through the use of Dr. Berman's products but through a re-evaluation of their mindset and body attitude. There are many women who do not experience sexual pleasure with their partners because of outdated and negative beliefs. Women who are part of the "Baby Boomer" generation are especially vulnerable due to the radical shift that came with the "sexual revolution" in the 1960's. The focus of Dr. Berman designer sex toys and support services is to teach women the facts about their body’s sexual function and how to enjoy it.

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