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The Benefits You Get from Sex Lubricants

There are times when you will need extra lubrication to enjoy sex. In such cases, you need to use sex lubricants so you can get the satisfaction you want. Sex lubricants are also very helpful if you are using sex toys. These sex toys do not produce natural lubrication so you need to apply sex lubes on them.

Sex lubricants are safer than using ordinary petroleum based oils or jellies. Most sex lubes are water based and do not contain chemicals that could harm your skin. These properties also make sex lubes safe for sex toys. Vibrators, dildos, or sex dolls are made from materials that are sensitive to oil or petroleum based jellies. Ordinary oil, as used for massage, can damage the surface material of your sex toy that is why you have to use special sex lubricants on it.

Using sex lubes is also more convenient. These lubricants are non-sticky and non tacky. This means your sexual encounter, either with a partner or sex toy, will not become messy. That is why you can enjoy sex better if you use specially formulated sex lubricants.

If you want a very handy sex lubricant, the popular slik intimate personal lubricant is best for you. It comes in a small bottle which you can carry anywhere. This lubricant is water based, non tacky, and safe for all types of sex toys.

There are also sex lubricant gels which comes in easy to squeeze plastic tubes. Some of these lubricants have natural ingredients and contains Vitamin E pearls to keep your skin well conditioned. These water soluble lubricants and do not contain fats. They are very safe to use on sex toys also.

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